File Title
1 DOJ opens environmental justice probe of Alabama health departments, the first under 1964 law
2 Meet Hong Kong's 'ghost net hunter' who is saving the city's sea life
3 US oil companies are in no rush to solve Biden's gas price problem
4 Higher gas prices and heating costs will hurt low-income families the most this winter
5 Read the full COP26 draft agreement
6 The RealReal CEO: Fashion is polluting our planet. We need regulation to make it stop
7 Boris Johnson appeals to delegates to 'get on and do it' as COP26 climate talks stall. Here's where the deal stands
8 World is on track for 2.4 degrees of warming despite COP26 pledges, analysis finds
9 Top automakers won't commit to selling only zero-emission cars by 2040
10 Judge gives final approval of $626 million settlement for people affected by Flint water crisis
11 China surprises climate summit with pledge to work with US, but doesn't budge on climate goals
12 Toxic foam coats sacred river in India as Hindu devotees bathe in its waters
13 Young people call for fossil fuel non-proliferation treaty as delegates spar over coal, oil and gas
14 Subaru unveils the Solterra, its first all-electric car, developed with Toyota
15 Veterans exposed to burn pits will get expanded health care support, White House says
16 China and India among 22 nations calling for key section to be cut from COP26 agreement
17 This Colorado community was proof an all-electric, net-zero future is possible. Now that vision is under siege
18 These companies are using oceans and rivers to generate electricity
19 The 'floating hotel' rusting away in North Korea
20 Dubai ruler says UAE to host COP28 climate conference in 2023
21 The climate crisis is messing with birds' body shapes
22 New Delhi braces for emergency measures as toxic smog worsens
23 Overtime for COP26 as deep divisions remain over key issues around money and markets
24 India and Iran say no to including fossil fuels in climate agreement
25 COP26 climate deal includes historic reference to fossil fuels but doesn't meet urgency of the crisis
26 There are 9 political types in the US. Which are you?
27 COP26 ended with the Glasgow Climate Pact. Here's where it succeeded and failed
28 Was COP26 successful? Here's how climate summits make a difference
29 Why COP26 leaves me furious--and searching for hope
30 Shell ditches the Dutch and moves HQ to London in share overhaul
31 The travelers who are turning their backs on airplanes
32 Bitcoin falls as China takes aim once again at 'extremely harmful' crypto mining
33 James Cameron's plea to protect the ocean twilight zone
34 How Biden's infrastructure funding will help the US prepare for future climate disasters
35 Family rescued after days stranded in Australian desert
36 This city had its hottest day on record this summer. 140 days later, it had its wettest
37 Dying to be green: Are mushroom coffins the secret to an eco-friendly death?
38 Why the Biden administration is reopening oil and gas leasing in the Gulf of Mexico
39 Area burned by wildfires could increase by as much as 92% by 2040s in Sierra Nevada, study finds
40 Washington town sees 75% of homes damaged by floodwaters
41 Europe was already facing a winter gas crisis. The risks just got even bigger
42 While countries wrangle over who should pay for the climate crisis, a community on Lagos Island is being swallowed by the sea
43 Italy's eco-friendly Expo pavilion is made using orange peel and coffee grounds
44 National Geographic reveals its top destinations for 2022
45 Vikings were in the Americas exactly a thousand years ago
46 Tiny crab preserved in 100-million-year-old amber lived among dinosaurs
47 Explosive star death witnessed by Hubble could help develop an early warning system
48 Some elephants are evolving to have no tusks as a response to brutal poaching
49 Dinosaur fossil from a supposed huge carnivore actually belongs to something else
50 The moment domesticated horses changed the course of human history is now revealed
51 Vikings explored the Americas long before Christopher Columbus
52 Scientists discover trace of ancient life in a 2.5 billion-year-old ruby
53 These lemurs could win a Grammy for their rhythmic singing abilities
54 Why do only mammals have tusks? Study traces their surprising origins
55 NASA discovers first possible planet outside our galaxy
56 A new dinosaur species was discovered decades after its bones were excavated
57 Hidden black hole discovered in our neighboring galaxy
58 A rare 'cotton candy' lobster named Haddie was caught in Maine this week
59 The most powerful telescope ever built is about to change how we see the universe
60 Bread baking, fresh strawberries claim top spots in NASA's Deep Space Food Challenge
61 You asked, we answered: NASA's new telescope and the search for clues about our universe explained
62 Migrants in Belarus challenge Europeans to show their values
63 In a step forward, China and US ease restrictions on journalists
64 Not 'friendly banter': Former English cricket star exposes racism
65 Fearing authoritarianism, young Peruvians battle constitutional change
66 As Europe works to stay warm this winter, can Russia help?
67 Where Rep. Pramila Jayapal got her spine
68 Paul Gosar, censure, and the further decline of civility in Congress
69 'Public face' of January 6 riot sentenced to 41 months in prison
70 Biden and Xi 'meet' and agree: US-China competition, not conflict
71 Defiant Bannon uses arrest as platform against Biden
72 How do we really know what's true?
73 Why Africa's bright spots catch US attention
74 What's different for these Iran nuclear talks
75 Worker shortages: Is access to child care a key solution?
76 Inflation at 30-year high. Where it goes next is (partly) up to you.
77 Economics 101: More college classes bring moral debates to the surface
78 'A struggle and a journey': Report shows US economy recovering
79 Supply chain delays mean walnuts may not make the holiday table
80 The tales trees tell--from history to climate change
81 In Mexico, locals invest in mangroves to help cool the planet
82 On climate, a fraught Plan B: Carbon capture helps, but not enough
83 As sea ice melts, will the Arctic become a different place?
84 Data on a warming planet: What's at stake in global climate summit
85 Facebook whistleblower says metaverse adds more privacy concerns
86 Could 3D printing help solve the housing crisis?
87 Robots roll to the rescue amid surging demand for food delivery
88 After Facebook Papers, how will Congress regulate social media?
89 Facebook Papers reveal slow growth, lack of relevance to youth
90 Russian missile test pushes space junk swirling near astronauts
91 Beyond 'Trail of Tears': Tracing Indigenous land dispossession in US
92 No more tusks in Mozambique? Poaching alters elephant evolution.
93 NASA's asteroid hunter Lucy soars into sky with diamonds
94 Finding the words: African translators aim to decolonize science
95 Venus, Serena, and their father: 'King Richard' biopic is an ace
96 When strangers become links in a chain of compassion
97 Authors who made their mark with made-up words
98 A foodie delight, 'Julia' shows how one chef influenced America
99 She tabled the discussion of a 'moot point'
100 'America's Librarian' knows why people turn to libraries in times of need
101 Kitchen alchemy: Recipes to add to the repertoire
102 Clinton and Penny's 'State of Terror' catapults a powerful woman into risk-taking
103 Louise Erdrich, Minnesota, and me
104 The gilded pages that brought light to the Dark Ages
105 Staff shortages and long waiting times plague KZN health, report finds
106 5 easy upper body moves to keep you moving and recovering faster
107 How your genes influence whether a certain type of exercise works for you--new research
108 COVID antibodies found in breast milk after vaccination
109 How to help kids with 'long COVID' thrive in school
110 Seven tips for choosing healthier drinks, and avoiding that hangover