File Title
1 New research offers glimpse into early human development
2 Operator: Impact from release of Fukushima water minimal
3 Australia aims to protect, promote critical technologies
4 After record low, monarch butterflies return to California
5 US holds huge crude sale in Gulf coming off climate pledges
6 Twitter rolls out redesigned misinformation warning labels
7 New Mexico governor thanks oil and gas, cheers hydrogen plan
8 Bill Gates venture picks Wyoming city for sodium nuke plant
9 Ohio retirement fund sues Facebook over investment loss
10 Russian test blamed for space junk threatening space station
11 Navy officer guilty of hiding ties to Chinese businessman
12 'Watered-down hope': Experts wanted more from climate pact
13 Ice on the edge of survival: Warming is changing the Arctic
14 UN experts review plans for release of Fukushima plant water
15 Earth's 1st continents may have appeared 750 million years earlier
16 SpaceX launches 53 Starlink satellites into orbit
17 Tesla driver's complaint being looked into by US regulators
18 Amazon workers in New York withdraw petition to unionize
19 Man who went to space with Shatner dies in plane crash
20 Fight over US wolf protections heads to federal courtroom
21 Chinese shoppers spend $139 billion during Singles' Day fest
22 Japan's Toshiba spins off energy, computer device units
23 Can world's climate target and India's development coexist?
24 AP analysis: Exposure to extreme heat has tripled since 1983
25 SpaceX delivers new crew of 4 to station, 'glorious sight'
26 SpaceX crew launch marks 600 space travelers in 60 years
27 UN chief says global warming goal on 'life support'
28 Rivian rockets past GM to become 2nd most valuable carmaker
29 Indonesia, UK discuss future technology and cybersecurity
30 China, US pledge to increase cooperation at UN climate talks
31 After Twitter poll, CEO Musk sells off $5 billion in Tesla shares
32 Tesla driver killed in fiery crash hit 90 mph, report says
33 US sues Uber, saying wait fees discriminate against disabled
34 Climate finance isn't charity, says Indian minister at COP26
35 Hospital staff play 'Halloween bingo' with points for spotting spiking victims
36 Bourke St. victims and relatives sue Victoria Police, claiming negligence
37 Pike River mine tragedy: Bodies found nearly 11 years after disaster, leaving open door for prosecutions, families hope
38 'MAGA is punching back,' says Steve Bannon in podcast return
39 Queen Elizabeth II hosts in-person reception after health fears
40 Brexit Britain in race to 1TRILLION pounds of exports--ambitious new masterplan to 'unleash' UK
41 Sturgeon faces new battle with Boris over Shetland oil field--SNP breaks ranks to defy UK
42 Chloe Swarbrick:'Two birds, one stone. Economic efficiency, even.'
43 Neale Jones: A clearer picture of inside a lobbyist's world
44 I was followed home by a creep who offered me 100 pounds for sex--every woman can relate
45 UK snow weather forecast: Britain braced for 1cm an HOUR of snow as deep frost hits
46 Market close: Spectre of inflation overhangs NZ sharemarket
47 CDL property sales hit $2.5 billion for first 9 months of year, more than for whole of 2020
48 Retail boost helps lift S&P 500
49 Relief for some and dismay for others as HS2 extension set to be shunted into sidings
50 COVID-19 outbreak in US party town shows how the pandemic could end
51 US to buy enough of Pfizer's COVID-19 antiviral pills for 10 million people
52 Mike Tyson 'died' on a psychedelic toad venom trip and advocates it
53 US capital to lift indoor COVID-19 mask mandate
54 Xi-Biden meeting: Visa curbs on journalists to ease, agreement to work towards arms control talks
55 Paralysed otter pup dies after fight with other otters
56 Collective global action and technology key to tackling climate crisis: Bloomberg forum panel
57 Pigeon-control efforts among 20 projects that received municipal services awards
58 Opinion: 'Woke' Went the Way of 'P.C.' and 'Liberal'
59 Opinion: 'Everyone's a Suspect.' Six Former Israeli Soldiers Speak on Their Time in Hebron.
60 Opinion: Democratic Socialists Need to Take a Hard Look in the Mirror
61 Opinion: Social Media Is Polluted with Climate Denialism
62 British fighter jet crashes in Mediterranean as pilot ejects
63 Beto O'Rourke Is Running for Governor of Texas
64 US, UK and EU will help fund South Africa's coal phaseout, offering a model for the developing world
65 Biden announces new methane rules and launches global pledge to slash planet-warming emissions
66 Stargazers in Chile's Atacama Desert search for alien life and 'dark energy'
67 John Kerry says COP26 is 'bigger, more engaged, more urgent' than past climate summits
68 More than 100 countries agree to end and reverse deforestation by 2030 at COP26
69 Astronauts have a taco taste test using first chile peppers grown in space
70 Israeli minister who couldn't attend COP26 due to wheelchair access issue accepts UK leader's apology
71 Biden urges optimism at climate summit, even though 'there's a reason for people to be worried'
72 Exclusive: Boris Johnson talks up COP26 climate deals but stumbles on Attenborough mask controversy
73 Manchin outlines main concerns over Biden agenda but says deal possible by Thanksgiving
74 EPA orders Michigan town to improve its water quality to protect residents from lead exposure
75 China vs. US: Who can lead the change in combating climate crisis?
76 More than 1 million people apply to enter Beijing's COVID-free Olympic bubble
77 Biden finds wins abroad easier to come by than at home
78 Nigeria is oil rich and energy poor. It can't wait around for cheaper batteries
79 Global finance pledge could mean $100 trillion for the climate. Now for the hard part
80 Here's the answer to your holiday supply-chain worries
81 Greta Thunberg says she's going 'net-zero' on cussing after COP26 sing-along
82 An ancient fireball turned miles of the world's driest desert into glass
83 First on CNN: Rep. Hoyer introduces $9 billion bill to meet Biden's COP26 deforestation pledge
84 The world is not adapting fast enough to the climate crisis, UN reports
85 Cuba is cracking down on critics. This unlikely dissident says he'll protest anyway
86 An Italian couple thought they were being burgled. Then they found a bear on their balcony
87 'Historic breakthrough': 20 countries say they will stop funding fossil fuel projects abroad
88 Humanity needs to ditch coal to save itself. It also needs to keep the lights on.
89 Gasoline prices are soaring. OPEC and Russia aren't coming to the rescue
90 Striking Alabama mine workers bring protest to New York City
91 Australia's Great Barrier Reef will survive if warming kept to 1.5 degrees, study finds
92 We don't need empty speeches: Teens call out world leaders
93 GOP push to shake label of climate crisis denier runs into Trump
94 What happened when the royal ecowarriors descended on COP26
95 Manchin casts a shadow over potential US action at international climate summit
96 What Biden's sweeping social safety plan might include--and what it likely won't
97 Greta Thunberg slams COP26 as a 'failure' at youth protest in Glasgow
98 Delhi pollution levels soar after residents defy Diwali fireworks ban
99 Global day of action to demand climate justice
100 The Dutch are masters at taming water. Climate change is teaching them to just let it flood
101 Reality check: Here's what the COP26 deals actually mean for our future climate
102 Americans should expect to pay higher heating costs this winter, Granholm says
103 Koalas are dying from chlamydia, and climate change is making it worse
104 New high-resolution climate model predicts more extreme weather events in the future
105 Scotland wants to rewild its famous wilderness
106 Fossil fuel companies have over 500 people at COP26, more than any single country, report says
107 The next front in Facebook's misinformation battle: climate change
108 Obama swipes at Trump for 'four years of active hostility' on climate in Glasgow speech
109 China is building mock versions of US military ships in the desert
110 Miryam Vargas Teutle, a Nahua woman from the Cholulteca region of Mexico, said she came to COP26 to raise awareness about the suffering of her people.
111 Greenpeace Germany sues Volkswagen over carbon emissions targets
112 Bill Nye teams up with White House to highlight how Biden's economic agenda will help combat climate crisis
113 Reporter's notebook: From the climate front lines to COP26, the gap is wide between talk and reality
114 Honda exec: The Democrats are playing favorites with their new EV proposal
115 GE is splitting into three companies
116 Turning crop waste to fertilizer could fight air pollution in India
117 California Gov. Gavin Newsom says he canceled trip to climate summit after an 'intervention' from his kids