File Title
1 Through the Eyes of Underwater Creatures: Wearable, Whole-Body Sensing Networks
2 Meet the Penis Worm: These Widespread Yet Understudied Sea Creatures Deserve Your Love
3 NASA's New Earth Science Mission to Study Storms, Impacts on Climate Models
4 Through the Nuclear Looking Glass: Probing Fundamental Physics of Atoms and Neutron Stars
5 Vice President Kamala Harris Visits NASA to See Vital Climate Science Work
6 Ancient Penis Worms Invented the "Hermit Crab" Lifestyle 500 Million Years Ago
7 Photocatalysis Evaluation: Proton Transfer Between Titania Surface and Dye Observed
8 Reproductive Sciences Experts Discover Gene Crucial to Sperm Cell Production
9 Breakthrough "Smoking Gun" Discovery in Power Consumption in Electronic Devices
10 Why the COVID-19 Delta Variant Spreads So Easily and Infects People So Quickly
11 Archaeologists Discover Almost 500 Ancient Ceremonial Sites in Southern Mexico
12 Clever Combination of Quantum Physics and Molecular Biology
13 Researchers Boost Human Mental Function with Brain Stimulation--Could Treat Mental Illnesses
14 Land Ahoy: First Continents Bobbed to the Surface of Earth 500 Million Years Earlier than Thought
15 NASA SpaceX Crew-2 Astronauts Conduct First-Ever "Fly Around" from Inside Crew Dragon
16 NASA's SpaceX Crew-2 Splashdown--Astronauts Safely Return to Earth
17 Aavia: Setting a New Standard for Hormone Health
18 Splashdown! NASA SpaceX Crew-2 Astronauts Safely Return from International Space Station
19 Climatic Drivers of Honey Bee Disease Revealed in New Study
20 Lack of microRNA Molecule in Red Blood Cells Causes Vascular Damage in Type 2 Diabetes
21 Hubble Team Successfully Recovers Advanced Camera for Surveys, Investigation Continues
22 Something Big Happened to the Planet a Million Years Ago
23 Investigating the Spins of Binary Black Hole Mergers to Uncover How They Formed and Evolved
24 10-Year Astronomy Plan Calls for Massive New Observatory to Study Exoplanets and Black Holes
25 Neutral Particles a Drag on Disruptive Plasma Blobs in Fusion Power Reactors
26 Powerful New Tool Can Peer into the Vast Genetic Library Inside of Your Cells
27 NASA Research: Climate Change and Its Environmental Impacts on Crop Growth
28 Cold Bone: New Dinosaur Species Discovered that Lived on Greenland 214 Million Years Ago
29 Harvard Scientists Study Worms that Glow in the Dark to Learn the Secrets of Regeneration
30 Hubble Spies Cleopatra's Eye in the Sky
31 See and Hear a Giant "Murder" Hornet Attack on a Beehive
32 Kjer Glacier, then and Now--Dramatic Change in the Past Few Decades
33 A Triple Treat from Large Hadron Collider: Three J/[Nu] Particles Emerging from a Single Collision Between Two Protons
34 Astronomers Discover Disk Around Young Super-Jupiter Which May Form Moons
35 Scientists Discover New Physics Missing from Existing Models of Magnetic Reconnection
36 NASA Outlines Challenges, Progress for Artemis Moon Missions--Human Landing No Earlier than 2025
37 Giant Hornet Attacks Cause Honeybee Alarm Buzz in Hives--"I Literally Could Not Believe What I Was Hearing"
38 Webb Space Telescope's Ariane 5 Rocket Core Stage Ready
39 Fast Evolution Can Lead to Nowhere: Rapidly Evolving Species More Likely to Go Extinct
40 Sitting More Is Linked to Increased Depression and Anxiety--"Sneaky Behavior"
41 Massive "Tsunami" of Gravitational Wave Detections Breaks Record
42 Capuchin Catacombs: Solving the Mysteries of Palermo's Child Mummies
43 Domestic Cats Drive Spread of Potentially Deadly Toxoplasma Parasite to Wildlife
44 NIH Scientists Identify Mechanism that May Boost Infectivity of COVID Variants
45 Critical Link Discovered Between Dietary Fat and the Spread of Cancer
46 Stellar Contradiction: Solar Systems like Ours May Be Quite Rare
47 Creating Time Crystals Using New Quantum Computing Architectures
48 Non-Opioid Compound Developed that Provides Innovative Pain Relief
49 Climate Crisis: New Research Shows Humans to Blame for Warming Lakes
50 Anti-Inflammatory Diet: What You Eat Could Maintain Cognitive Health, Lower Risk of Dementia
51 Earth's Atmosphere Reacted in Surprising Ways to Emission Reductions from COVID Pandemic
52 Ultra-Sensitive Deep Radio Images Reveal Thousands of Star-Forming Galaxies in Early Universe
53 New Species of Iguanodontian Dinosaur Discovered on Isle of Wight
54 NASA's SpaceX Crew-3 Astronauts Blast Off for International Space Station
55 Global Temperature Reconstruction Over Last 24,000 Years Show Today's Warming "Unprecedented"
56 Preliminary Evidence Suggests Coronavirus Jumped from Animals to Humans Multiple Times
57 Docking the Robotic Arm on NASA's Mars Perseverance Rover
58 New Computer Program Can Read Any Genome Sequence and Decipher Its Genetic Code
59 Black Hole Discovered Lurking in Star Cluster Outside Our Galaxy
60 Common Household Noises Can Cause Stress and Anxiety for Your Dog--Some Sounds Are Painful
61 New Insights into the Dynamic Inner Structure of the Neutron
62 NASA's Ingenuity Mars Helicopter--Start of the Return Journey
63 Near-Earth Asteroid Kamo'oalewa Might Be a Lost Fragment of the Moon
64 First Light from Landsat 9--See Its Stunning First Images of Earth
65 Exercise Linked to Better Mental Health--Less Anxiety and Depression
66 First Observation of Inhomogeneous Electron Charge Distribution on an Atom
67 Underground Tests Dig into How Heat Affects Nuclear Waste Containers in a Salt-Bed Repository
68 We Asked a NASA Scientist--Did Mars Ever Look like Earth? [Video]
69 Biomarker Discovered that Predicts Type 2 Diabetes Many Years Before Diagnosis
70 NASA SpaceX Crew Dragon Endurance Docked to the Space Station
71 COVID-19: The Older You Are, the More Antibodies You Have--Better Protection Against Delta Variant
72 Cosmic Kiss Mission Begins as Astronaut Matthias Maurer Arrives at the Space Station
73 International Space Station Crew Welcomes Four New Members
74 DAVINCI: NASA's Deep Atmosphere Venus Investigation of Noble Gases, Chemistry and Imaging
75 Climate Change Reveals Military History: Melting Glaciers Recently Exposed Artifacts of War in the Alps
76 Hubble Space Telescope Is Back Online--Partially
77 Indoor Air Purifiers Fall Short on Removing Volatile Organic Compounds--And Produce Their Own Pollutants
78 Strange Quasiparticles--Called Anyons--May Be Useful in Future Quantum Computers
79 Regenerative Medicine Breakthrough: "Dancing Molecules" Successfully Repair Severe Spinal Cord Injuries
80 MIT Engineers' Major Advance in Creating a New Family of Semiconductor Materials
81 Replication Proteins--New Target for Next-Generation COVID-19 Vaccines
82 A Large Asteroid Will Pass by Earth this Week--Is It a Threat to the Planet?
83 Stanford Uses AI to Make Holographic Displays Look Even More like Real Life
84 Hubble Captures the Unusual Shredded Remains of a Massive Cosmic Explosion
85 Unexpected Discovery: Vascular Defects Appear to Underlie the Progression of Parkinson's Disease
86 Scientists May Have Unlocked Function of Mysterious Structure Found on Neurons in the Brain
87 Study Finds Massachusetts Gun-Control Legislation Had No Effect on Violent Crime
88 Simulating Galaxy Formation in Mesmerizing Detail for Clues to the Universe
89 Cloudscapes Over Sumatra: Gorgeous Astronaut Photo Captures Thunderheads and Anvil Clouds
90 Sustainable, Biodegradable, Vegan Glitter that's Just as Sparkly--From Your Fruit Bowl
91 Low-Frequency Intermittent Fasting Helps Fight Inflammation
92 Depression and Anxiety Worsened During COVID Pandemic, Putting Patients at Higher Heart Disease Risk
93 Penicillin Significantly Slows Devastating Impacts of Rheumatic Heart Disease in Children
94 Black Holes Have Tantrums, and Scientists Have Finally Captured the Gamma Rays from Such Ultra-Fast Outflows
95 A New Era of Cosmological Discovery: NASA's Roman Space Telescope to Unravel the Secrets of Dark Energy and Dark Matter
96 Major Global Study Reveals Risk of Early Breast Cancer Spreading to Other Parts of the Body
97 Thawing Permafrost Could Release Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria and Undiscovered Viruses
98 Fat Cells Play a Central Role in Cognitive Decline and Neurodegeneration
99 Cosmic Ripples in Space and Time: Largest Number of Gravitational Wave Detections to Date
100 Team of Experts Approve Do-It-Yourself Artificial Pancreas for People with Type 1 Diabetes
101 Humans Had Significant Role in the Extinction of the Woolly Mammoth
102 Cheers! Better Beer from CRISPR Gene-Edited Barley
103 Death of a Sun-Like Star: Hubble Images Colorful Planetary Nebula
104 Juno Spacecraft Reveals Jupiter's Great Red Spot Extends Deeper than Expected into Giant Planet
105 New Supercomputer Simulations Provide Clue to Missing Planets Mystery
106 Mapping the Mouse Brain in Intricate Detail, and by Extension, the Human Brain Too
107 Exploring Earth from Space: Cancun, Mexico Captured in Stunning Satellite Image
108 State-of-the-Art Climate Model Shows that Venus Could Never Have Had Oceans
109 What's Killing Galaxies? Solving a Long-Standing Mystery in Astrophysics
110 Quantum Material's Unconventional Spin Behavior Proves Theoretical Predictions
111 Cholesterol-Lowering Statins Linked to Reduced Risk of Death from COVID-19 in Major Study
112 Fossil Treasure Trove: Earliest Evidence of Complex Social Behavior in Dinosaurs
113 Fusion Breakthrough: At the Brink of Fusion Ignition at National Ignition Facility
114 Recreating Deep-Earth Conditions to See How Iron Copes with Extreme Stress and Pressure
115 Adding Sound to Quantum Simulations: Creating a Lattice of Light and Atoms that Can Vibrate