File Title
1 Third Chinese city placed under COVID lockdown
2 China locks down city of four million over COVID cases
3 Scientists appeal for immediate climate action at COP26
4 China, US unveil surprise climate pact at COP26 summit
5 US-China pact welcomed at climate talks
6 Orbital Assembly Corporation promote space hotels in LEO for investment
7 Virgin Galactic announces Q3 2021 financial results
8 Off-world colony simulation reveals changes in human communication over time with Earth
9 Virgin Galactic has sold 100 more space tickets
10 Russia will fly four tourists into space in 2024
11 Harris to announce first National Space Council meeting in nearly a year
12 SwRI, UTSA to study hypersonic separation events with $1.5 million grant
13 NASA's big new moon rocket is stacked, awaiting launch
14 New agreement between Virgin Orbit and ANA Holdings sets the stage for 20 Launcherone flights from Japan
15 Crew Dragon Endeavour recovered after a successful splashdown
16 ISS astronauts return to Earth in SpaceX craft after 6-month mission
17 China's Mars orbiter enters remote-sensing orbit
18 NASA sending Mars helicopter back to where it all started
19 Chinese astronauts' EVAs to help extend mechanical arm
20 Astronaut becomes first Chinese woman to spacewalk
21 Discovering exoplanets using artificial intelligence
22 New model will help find Earth-like Exoplanets
23 Tread lightly: 'Eggshell planets' possible around other stars
24 Syria reservoir dries up for first time
25 Industrial fishing over the past century appears to have broken a law of nature
26 Tuvalu minister films climate speech standing in ocean
27 Humans guilty of breaking an oceanic law of nature
28 Lionfish--an invasive menace terrorizing Venezuela's coast
29 US federal judge awards $626 million payment to Flint residents over lead poisoning in water supply
30 WTO chief hails 'important step' towards elusive fishing deal
31 NASA pushes back crewed Moon landing to 2025 or later
32 NOAA's next-gen weather satellite, built by Lockheed Martin, moves closer to launch
33 Small but Mighty NASA Weather Instruments Prepare for Launch
34 Warming temperatures increasingly alter structure of atmosphere
35 Student's research upends understanding of upper atmospheric wind
36 Space data helping Earth adapt to challenges of climate change
37 SpaceX deploys 53 Starlink internet satellites from Falcon 9 rocket
38 A large asteroid will pass by Earth this week--should we worry?
39 Lunar-like material found on the Earth quasi-satellite (469219) Kamo oalewa
40 Curiosity powers on with extra energy for Martian science
41 DART on Target--Six Questions with Mission Manager Clayton Kachele
42 Feeling the heat: Fusion reactors used to test spacecraft heat shields
43 Integrating hot cores and cool edges in fusion reactors
44 UK Space Agency funds further research into new laser-based satellite communications system
45 Eutelsat joins the 'Net Zero Space' initiative to combat space debris
46 ISS changes orbit to avoid collision with Chinese debris
47 Tiny grains, severe damage: Hypervelocity dust impacts on a spacecraft produce plasma explosions and debris clouds
48 After Glasgow, world needs urgent action to stave off catastrophe
49 S. Africa hails 'successful' coal 'phase-down' deal
50 Drought forces Iraqi farmers to leave their land
51 Thunberg denounces COP26 deal, UN chief warns 'catastrophe' close
52 COP26 strikes hard-fought deal but UN says 'not enough'
53 COP26 deal 'a big step forward': UK's Johnson
54 COP26 outcome hinged on handful of key issues
55 COP26 deal clinched as nations rally to compromise
56 Coal creation mechanism uncovered
57 Australia's coal country looks to a less sooty future
58 Australia vows to sell coal 'for decades'
59 Coal workers feel pain of France's climate goals
60 Bulgaria coal miners brace for 'disaster' as phaseout looms
61 A personalized exosuit for real-world walking
62 Giving robots social skills
63 They'll lead the robots out
64 Teaching robots to think like us
65 LEONARDO, the Bipedal Robot, Can Ride a Skateboard and Walk a Slackline
66 One giant leap for the mini cheetah
67 Surgical robot with DLR technology on the market
68 A personalized exosuit for real-world walking
69 Ahead of China talks, US says goal to prevent Taiwan invasion
70 Taiwan says China capable of air, sea blockade of island
71 European delegation urges more interactions with Taiwan
72 Europe "standing" with Taiwan, visiting delegation says
73 Russia sees US, NATO Black Sea drills as 'serious challenge': Putin
74 Northrop Grumman meets first-stage rocket motor milestone for Ground Based Strategic Deterrent Program
75 India tests ballistic missile with 5,000 km range
76 COP26 strikes hard-fought deal but UN says 'not enough'
77 World needs trillions to face climate threat: draft UN report
78 Delhi shuts schools as government considers 'pollution lockdown'
79 Clashes flare again over Tunisia landfill site
80 Israel start-up offers virtual 'Clean Coins' for garbage
81 Emission reductions from pandemic had unexpected effects on atmosphere
82 Tunisian dies after inhaling tear gas at landfill protest
83 Toxic foam covers India's sacred Yamuna river
84 Residents, activists cry foul over stinking garbage in Tunisia's Sfax
85 Beijing shuts roads, playgrounds amid heavy smog after coal spike
86 Art of trash: feting S. Africa's overlooked waste pickers
87 Hunting for marine plastic
88 Report: Fine particles in air cause 4M premature deaths a year
89 'Greenwashing' or genuine?: Behind big business' climate promises
90 Twenty-four trillion pieces of microplastics in the ocean and counting
91 Amazon deforestation hits monthly record in Brazil
92 Deforestation drives increasingly deadly heat in Indonesia: study
93 Climate change and fires: Bolivia's forests in peril
94 Damaged Amazon rainforest teetering on the brink
95 From the Amazon to Scotland, forest leaders united in hope
96 How climate change is muting America's famous fall foliage
97 Facebook whistleblower: 'I want to start a youth movement'
98 Iconic corporate names breaking up in trend to boost value
99 China donates 500,000 more vaccine doses to Syria
100 Honduras president backs Taiwan on visit to island
101 Australian reporter refused Hong Kong visa in latest media blow
102 Chinese dissident artist defies Beijing in Italian show
103 NOAA's next-gen weather satellite, built by Lockheed Martin, moves closer to launch
104 Carbon dioxide monitoring satellite given the shakes
105 Korea Maritime and Ocean University shows new paths to capturing atmospheric greenhouse gas
106 Planet vs. people as Panama's mangroves are turned into coal
107 Medical experiments in space
108 Unveiling the steady progress toward fusion energy gain
109 Researchers at the brink of fusion ignition at national ignition facility
110 Calling all "fusioneers"! New US fusion energy website launches
111 Harnessing hot helium ash to drive rotation in fusion reactors
112 Meter-scale plasma waveguides push the particle accelerator envelope
113 Visualizing the microscopic world of fast ions in fusion devices
114 Queen Elizabeth suffers 'sprained back'
115 Mars--or Arrakis