File Title
1 The Moon's top layer alone has enough oxygen to sustain 8 billion people for 100,000 years
2 NASA outlines challenges, progress for Artemis Moon Missions
3 Astronaut training in the land of volcanoes
4 UNI Bremen involved in AMADEE-20 Mars Simulation
5 Life on Mars: simulating Red Planet base in Israeli desert
6 RadCube reaches out
7 Russia successfully tests 'space radiation shield'
8 Simulations in 3D improve understanding of energetic-particle radiation and help protect space assets
9 SpaceX capsule with crew of four docks with ISS
10 Matthias Maurer arrives at the International Space Station
11 Near-earth asteroid might be a lost fragment of the moon
12 NASA plans crashing spacecraft into asteroid to study Earth-impact defense
13 Fossil fuel support 'insanity,' COP26 told
14 Climate change rocks agricultural commodity markets
15 Governments risk 'trillions' in fossil fuel climate litigation
16 Fossil fuel subsidies 'definition of insanity': US
17 Fossil fuels and finance take centre stage in COP26 final day
18 'No Drama Sharma': UK's low-key COP chief
19 Countries urged to curb fossil fuels on COP26 final day
20 COP26 urges curbs on coal, fossil fuel subsidies: draft text
21 COP26 climate summit gears up for fraught final hours
22 SpaceX capsule with crew of four docks with ISS
23 First rhino horn NFT sold at auction in South Africa
24 Indonesia tech giant GoTo raises $1.3 billion ahead of IPO
25 China's Tencent buys Japanese game designer: report
26 Siemens annual profits up despite supply chain snags
27 Facebook whistleblower 'extremely concerned' by metaverse
28 Europe's battle to curb Big Tech
29 Google loses appeal against EU's 2.4-billion-euro anti-trust fine
30 EU court upholds 2.4-bn-euro anti-trust fine on Google
31 Tencent earnings creep up 3% after China tech crackdown
32 Peter Jackson sells special effects firm in $1.6 billion 'metaverse' deal
33 Cambodia hits back at US sanctions over naval base
34 Asian markets rise on outlook hope but eyes on inflation
35 Alibaba, JD enjoy record Singles Day despite tech crackdown
36 Biden, Xi expected to hold virtual summit on Monday: US media
37 China ruling party leaders pass historic Xi resolution
38 Hong Kong's M+ art museum opens as doubts over creative freedom persist
39 US-China pact welcomed at climate talks
40 China's 'Single's Day' shopping fest subdued by tech crackdown
41 MDA awarded initial design phase contract for lunar rover
42 Webb's Ariane 5 core stage made ready
43 Last call: fly your payload on first Ariane 6 launch
44 Docking the Perseverance robotic arm
45 China releases information of 15 new lunar samples online
46 Hunting for alien planets
47 Tidying up planetary nurseries
48 Circumbinary planet discovered by TESS validates new detection technique
49 Major endorsement for new space mission to find 'Earth 2.0'
50 Roman Space Telescope will help drive new era of cosmological discovery
51 Next Generation Very Large Array strongly endorsed by Decadal Survey
52 Next space telescope should exceed James Webb' s ability to study planets
53 The Road to Launch and Beyond for NASA's James Webb Space Telescope
54 Micro-scale current sheets unleash macro-scale space weather
55 SwRI-Led cubesat to assess the origins of hot plasma in the Sun's corona
56 Gamma ray discovery could advance understanding of ultra-fast outflows
57 Lack of contact from Iran govt. 'astonishing': UN nuclear watchdog
58 Iran ready for 'good agreement' at nuclear talks
59 Macron says France to relaunch construction of nuclear reactors
60 France to host Russian defense, foreign ministers for talks
61 Rolls-Royce launches nuclear reactor business
62 Supporters of pro-Iran groups in Iraq protest against vote 'fraud'
63 US condemns 'unjust' sentence of US journalist in Myanmar, urges release
64 In divided Cyprus, UN sees environment as unifier
65 US journalist detained in Myanmar jailed for 11 years
66 Belarus will 'respond harshly' to attacks: defense chief
67 Myanmar must release all detained journalists 'immediately': UN
68 Iraq to repatriate citizens 'who volunteer' from Belarus
69 Russian movements at Ukraine border 'rather worrying': EU
70 Russian military moves at Ukraine border 'rather worrying': EU
71 Nuclear radiation used to transmit digital data wirelessly
72 Iran say won't sign climate deal while under sanctions
73 Iran launches military drills near strategic oil lanes
74 Climate 'reality check': 2021 global CO2 emissions near record levels
75 US, Iran dispute facts of tanker incident in Sea of Oman
76 From slurry to high-purity hydrogen
77 Major methane deal at climate summit--without China
78 Israeli pipeline firm charged for massive 2014 oil leak
79 Saudi Aramco Q3 profits soar 158 percent on higher oil prices
80 Back in the black: Higher oil prices lift ExxonMobil, Chevron profits
81 Big Oil clashes with US Democratic lawmakers over climate 'disinformation'
82 Canada's new environment minister says no 'secret agenda' on oil
83 Top oil exporter Saudi Arabia targets zero carbon emissions by 2060
84 EU says it needs nuclear and gas for climate fight
85 Three killed in northern China gas explosion
86 Helium: South Africa strikes new 'gold'
87 China and Africa will strengthen cooperation on Beidou satellite system
88 A lab in the sky: Physics experiment in Earth's atmosphere could help improve GPS performance
89 Northrop Grumman completes Hypersonic and Ballistic Tracking Space Sensor CDR
90 US to sell advanced air-to-air missiles to Saudi Arabia
91 Zumwalt destroyers will replace rapid-fire guns with hypersonic missiles
92 China's conducted 100s of hypersonic weapon tests
93 Chinese hypersonic test like a "Sputnik moment': top US general
94 GOP senator wants more cash hypersonic missiles
95 US conducts 'successful' test of hypersonic missile technology
96 LeoLabs Australia announces Aussie Space Radar Project
97 New model simplifies orbital radar trade-off studies for environmental monitoring
98 Biden, Xi expected to hold virtual summit on Monday: US media
99 Brussels pushes for EU reaction force by 2025
100 France to host Russian defense, foreign ministers for talks
101 China ruling party plenary to further cement Xi's grip on power
102 Ukraine denies Russia border build-up as defense minister quits
103 Beijing seals off mall, housing compounds over virus outbreak
104 Chinese city offers cash for clues in COVID 'people's war'
105 Chinese journalist jailed over COVID reports 'close to death'
106 Study: Air flow 'dead zones' in public restrooms may boost spread of COVID-19
107 'Stock up,' China says, amid new COVID outbreak
108 China rejects 'political, false' US report on COVID origins
109 Putin lashes out at G20 over vaccines
110 China cracks down over 'serious' COVID outbreak