File Title
1 James Webb Space Telescope: An Astronomer on the Team Explains the "First Light Machine"
2 Ultrashort Flashes of Light--Separated Only by Quadrillionths of a Second--Combined Precisely and Quickly
3 Glitches Send Hubble Space Telescope into Safe Mode--NASA Team Investigating
4 Harvard Neuroscientists Explore the Science of Acupuncture
5 Upgrading the Space Station's Cold Atom Physics Laboratory with Mixed Reality
6 Breaking: Analysis of Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Effectiveness for Preventing COVID-19
7 You and Your 27 Friends Will Kill Someone--Premature Deaths Caused by Consumption
8 Sweet Spots for Fishing Driven by Movement of Plankton Between Tropical Marine Ecosystems
9 One in Twenty Achieve Remission from Type 2 Diabetes--Understanding the Factors Involved Could Help Others
10 NASA Warns: Global Climate Change Impact on Crops Expected Within 10 Years
11 Quantum Physicists Set "Ultrabroadband" Record with Entangled Photons
12 New Insights into Heat Pathways Advances Understanding of Fusion Plasma
13 We Asked a NASA Scientist: What Are the Trojan Asteroids? [Video]
14 Tidal Stream Power Can Generate 11% of UK's Electricity Demand and Aid Drive for Net-Zero
15 Increased Global Flood Risk Due to Intense Frequency of Extreme Ice Melting in Greenland
16 Insomnia Is a Potential Risk Factor for Highly Fatal Brain Aneurysm Rupture
17 Harnessing Thor's Hammer: Forensic Science Is Unlocking the Mysteries of Fatal Lightning Strikes
18 Training Microbes to Make Sustainable, Carbon-Neutral Fuel
19 Ancient Exploding Comet Likely Source of Vast Glassy Rock Patches in Chilean Desert
20 Hungry Caterpillars Can Alter Carbon Emissions on a Huge Scale
21 Quillwort Genome Could Hold Secrets to Make Crops Use Water or Carbon Dioxide More Efficiently
22 Syphilis Eludes Immune Attack by Shuffling DNA in a Single Gene
23 Baby Seals Can Change Their Tone of Voice--And May Help Unravel the Mystery of Speech
24 Superconductivity: Scientists New Tricks for Finding Better Materials
25 Three Ways to Reduce the Carbon Footprint of American Food
26 Water--a Requirement for Life as We Know It--Detected in a Galaxy Far, Far Away
27 New Test Determines Antibiotic Resistance in Less than 90 Minutes
28 New Study Evaluating How a History of COVID-19 May Affect mRNA Vaccine Response
29 Scientists Discover a Novel Therapeutic Target to Treat Fatty Liver Disease
30 Securing Data Transfers with Relativity: Information Cannot Travel Faster than the Speed of Light
31 World's Largest Whales Eat 3x More than Previously Thought, Amplifying Their Role as Global Ecosystem Engineers
32 Autonomous Robotic Rover Provides New Insight into Life on the Deep Abyssal Seafloor
33 Mapping Annual Wildfire Probabilities Across the State of California
34 NASA's Juno Spacecraft Reveals What's Happening Deep Beneath Jupiter's Colorful Belts
35 Rare Boomerangs Discovered in South Australia Reveal a Diverse Past
36 Signs of Alzheimer's Disease Detectable Before Significant Symptoms Are Obvious
37 Artificial "Brain" Reveals Why We Can't Always Believe Our Eyes--And Explains Some Perplexing Optical Illusions
38 Extending LIGO's Reach into the Cosmos with New Mirror Coatings for the Gravitational-Wave Observatory
39 29 Days on the Edge: The Road to Launch and Beyond for NASA's James Webb Space Telescope
40 Deep Learning AI Explained: Neural Networks
41 Unlike Anything in Our Solar System: Rocky Exoplanets Are Even Stranger than We Thought
42 A Guide to Solar Flares: What Does It Take to Be X-Class?
43 Mars Perseverance Rover: Driving Farther and Faster with Autonomous Navigation and Helicopter Scouting
44 Solving the Krill Paradox: Researchers Find Whales Eat (and Poop) Far More than Previously Thought
45 Physicists Discover How DNA Molecules Self-Assemble: Laws of Nature Harnessed to Create "Smart Materials"
46 Gamergate: Single Molecule Controls Unusual Ants' Switch from Worker to Queen-Like Status
47 Discovery in a Galaxy Over 12 Billion Light-Years Away--Reveals How Element Found in Our Bones Is Forged in the Universe
48 Researchers Identify Proteins in the Coronavirus that Can Damage Blood Vessels
49 Surprisingly Smart Artificial Intelligence Sheds Light on How the Brain Processes Language
50 1,000 Years of Glacial Ice Reveals Unexpected Evidence of "Prosperity and Peril" in Europe
51 Stanford Phase-Change Memory Could Pave the Way to Ultrafast, Energy-Efficient Computing
52 SpaceX Crew-3 Launch Delayed Until at Least Next Week--NASA May Bring Crew-2 Astronauts Home First
53 MIT Chemical Engineers Hunting a "Jekyll-and-Hyde" Molecule
54 Aquatic Fungus Has Already Wiped Amphibians off the Map--Now Threatens Survival of Terrestrial Frogs
55 NASA Selects Landing Site on the Moon for Ice-Mining Lunar Drill
56 COVID Alpha Variant Detected in Dogs and Cats--Pets Had Acute Onset of Cardiac Disease, Including Severe Myocarditis
57 New Machine-Learning System Gives Robots Social Skills
58 Are There Disinfection Byproducts in that Cup of Tea? Many Unknown DBPs with Uncertain Health Effects
59 TRAPPIST-1: How Flat Can a Planetary System Get?
60 Time Until Alzheimer's Dementia Symptoms Appear Can Be Estimated via Brain Scan
61 Ventilation Matters: Engineering Airflow to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19
62 Planetary Defense: NASA Prepares to Launch DART to Deflect Asteroid with Kinetic Impact
63 First-of-Its-Kind Wearable Glucose Monitoring Device--No Needles Required
64 New RNA Strategy Against Treatment-Resistant Prostate Cancer Identified
65 Researchers Call for Therapeutics to Treat Cholesterol Cousins Called Ceramides--Linked to Many Health Problems
66 Mysterious "Superbubble" Hollows Out Nebula in Stunning New Hubble Image
67 A Child of Darkness: First Partial Skull of Homo naledi Child Found in Cave Near "Chaos Chamber"
68 Fractured Artificial Rock Helps Crack a Strange 54-Year-Old Fluid Mystery
69 Latest Research on Violent Video Games Finds No Link to Real-Life Violence
70 Viruses Are Both the Villains and Heroes of Life as We Know It--Nature's Powerhouses for Genetic Innovation
71 Drinking Alcohol to Stay Healthy? Here's What the Latest Science Says
72 Innovative New Way to Generate Visible Light
73 Hypervelocity Dust Impacts on a Spacecraft Produce Plasma Explosions and Debris Clouds
74 Astronomers Spot a Moon-Forming Disk Around a Super-Jupiter Exoplanet
75 The Scariest Things in the Universe Are Black Holes--Here's Why
76 NASA Lucy Spacecraft Update: Instruments Powering On and Working Normally
77 NASA's SpaceX Crew-2 Astronauts Returning to Earth--Watch It Live
78 Engineering a New Toehold for RNA Therapeutics, Cell Therapies, and Diagnostics
79 Earth from Space: Shetland Islands in the Northern Isles of Scotland [Video]
80 Sex and the Symbiont: Can Algae Hookups Help Corals Survive Climate Change?
81 Hubble Is in Safe Mode Again--Here Are the Steps NASA Is Taking to Investigate
82 Neuroscientists Are Unraveling the Mystery of Why We Overeat
83 Over 80% of Deer in Study Test Positive for COVID--They May Be a Reservoir for the Virus to Continually Circulate
84 NASA Technology Innovations Will Help US Meet Sustainable Aviation Goals
85 Conspiracy Theorists Exploited COVID-19 Science--Here's How
86 Building an Innovative Cross-Border Dark Matter Experiment Deep Underground--During a Pandemic
87 Don't Miss: Partial Lunar Eclipse, Venus, Saturn, and Jupiter--November 2021 Skywatching Tips from NASA
88 Catastrophic Australian Fires Fueled Unprecedented Blooms in the Far South Pacific
89 Tangles in DNA Strands Can Help Predict Evolution of Mutations
90 What You Need to Know About Asteroids and Other Near-Earth Objects
91 Supercomputer Simulations Explain Massively Powerful Black Hole Jet--Confirms Einstein's Theory of General Relativity
92 MIT Researchers Discover Gene Linked to Cognitive Resilience in the Elderly
93 Sustainably Mining Rare Earth Elements from Fertilizer Byproduct
94 Melt: Expedition to the Gorner Glacier [Documentary Video]
95 We Asked a NASA Scientist: What Are Lagrange Points? [Video]
96 Evidence of Prehistoric Human Activity Discovered on Falkland Islands
97 How the Sun Affects Asteroids in Our Solar System
98 Another Problem with Daylight Saving Time: Increased Risk of Hitting Deer on the Road
99 This Curious Device Could Usher in GPS-Free Navigation
100 Black Holes May Gain Mass from the Expansion of the Universe Itself
101 Optimal Blood Pressure Helps Our Brains Age Slower--Lower Risk of Heart Disease, Stroke and Dementia
102 First Experimental Reconstruction of a Bloch Wavefunction
103 Animals Died in "Toxic Soup" During Earth's Worst Mass Extinction--a Warning for Today
104 New Nanobody COVID Vaccine Design Is Easier to Make, Doesn't Need Cold Storage
105 Glancing into a Nuclear Mirror: Aluminum-26 Unveils the Hearts of Dying Stars
106 To Understand Human Cognition Scientists Look Beyond the Individual Brain to Study the Collective Mind
107 Virus-Killing Air Filtration System Unveiled--Innovative Nanomaterial Destroys Viruses, Including Coronaviruses
108 Unboxing the $10 Billion James Webb Space Telescope [Video]
109 Hubble Spots a Cosmological Curiosity
110 NASA and USGS Release Stunning First Images from New Landsat 9 Spacecraft
111 Compact Fusion Power Plant Concept Uses State-of-the-Art Physics to Improve Energy Production