File Title
1 Licking a Tootsie Roll Sensor to Monitor Your Health
2 Shark Vision Confirms Mistaken Identity May Explain Why Sharks Bite Humans
3 Proba-1 Celebrates 20th Birthday in Orbit--Still Fully Operational
4 Ripple Resonance: Economic Losses from Weather Extremes Can Amplify Each Other Across the World
5 Timing Is Everything: Stanford Research Reveals Why the Right Sequence of Policies Is Critical to Slow Deforestation
6 Blowing Up the Universe: BICEP3 Tightens the Bounds on Cosmic Inflation
7 Planetary Defense: Nuclear Explosion Can Disrupt Hazardous Asteroid to Protect the Earth
8 Certain Proteins--Such as Bacterial Toxins and the COVID Vaccine--Pass Through Cell Walls "Like a Magic Trick"
9 Help Train NASA's Rovers to Better Explore Mars--Here's How
11 Forget Me Not: Target Identified for Preventing and Reversing Alzheimer's and Related Dementias
12 The Greatest Origin Story of All: NASA Webb Space Telescope--29 Days on the Edge [Video]
13 Did a Black Hole Eating a Star Generate a Neutrino? New Research Casts Doubt
14 Living Descendant of Sitting Bull Confirmed by Analysis of DNA from Legendary Native American Leader's Hair
15 Godzilla Nebula: A "Monster" Star-Forming Region Spied by NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope
16 Burning, Tingling and Pain in Your Feet? You May Have Small Fiber Neuropathy
17 Study Finds Listening to Music Near Bedtime Is Disruptive to Sleep
18 We're Filmmakers Who Work with Firearms: This Is What's Important in On-Set Safety
19 AI Links COVID-19 Brain Changes to Alzheimer's Disease-Like Cognitive Impairment
20 Scientists Measure the Atmosphere of a Planet in Another Solar System 340 Light-Years Away
21 Atomic Scale "Lasagna" Controls Heat Flow at the Nanoscale
22 Marine Carbon Sequestration: New Research Delves into Fate of Ocean Carbon
23 Astronauts Often Experience Back Pain--Leading to Treatment Insights for Those of Us on Earth
24 On-Water Creation of Conducting MOF Nanosheets for Future Sensors and Energy Devices
25 Plants from Plastics: Transforming Bio-Based Polymers into Fertilizer
26 NASA's New $10 Billion Webb Space Telescope Will Reveal the Supermassive Black Hole at the Heart of the Milky Way
27 Giant Pandas' Distinctive Black and White Pattern Provides Effective Camouflage
28 Carbon Nanotubes Could Help Electronics Withstand Outer Space's Damaging Cosmic Radiation
29 How Does Our Brain Navigates Cities? Choosing the "Pointiest" Path, Not the Shortest
30 Lowering Your Blood Insulin Levels Could Lower Risk of Getting COVID-19
31 PTSD Symptoms Vary Depending on Phase of Menstrual Cycle
32 How Diet and Lifestyle Modifications May Lower Risk of Lethal Prostate Cancer
33 Strange Black Hole Discovered in Milky Way with a Huge Warp in Its Accretion Disc
34 The Early Bird Gets...the Truffle? Birds Hunt for Fungi, Too
35 When a Massive Wildfire Tears Through a Landscape, What Happens to the Wildlife?
36 NASA's Lucy Stable in Cruise Mode--Problematic Solar Array Is 75% to 95% Deployed
37 NASA's Ingenuity Mars Helicopter Flies Again
38 Resolving the "Muddle in the Middle"--Experts Name New Species of Human Ancestor
39 What's Causing the Mysterious Radio Waves Coming from the Heart of the Milky Way?
40 COVID-19 Shielding Less Effective than Hoped
41 Mega-Comet Will Get as Close as Saturn in 2031
42 NASA's Juno Probe Offers First 3D View of Jupiter's Atmosphere, Inner Workings of Great Red Spot
43 Hubble Space Telescope Spotted Something Scary [Video]
44 New Low-Gravity Simulator Design--Promises to Break New Ground for Future Space Research and Habitation
45 Substantial Antarctic Ozone Hole in 2021--Due to Cold Stratospheric Conditions
46 Need for Giant Space Telescope to Discover Exoplanets Inspires Lightweight Flexible Holographic Lens
47 New Way to Generate Light Through Pre-Existing Defects in Semiconductor Materials
48 Potentially Habitable Exoplanets: How to Find Hidden Oceans on Distant Worlds with Chemistry
49 Interband Collective Excitations: Twisted Bilayer Graphene Dances with Light
50 Dogs Learn About Word Boundaries in Speech as Human Infants Do
51 A Particle Physics Experiment May Have Directly Observed Dark Energy
52 Strange Animals that Lived Before the Dinosaurs Reveal the Evolutionary Origin of Tusks
53 Honeybees Use Social Distancing to Protect Themselves from Parasites
54 Rabbits the Size of Horses--Why Not?
55 Pioneering New Cell Treatment Could Combat Aging
56 Satellite Observations Near Key U.S. Ports Show Unusual Shipping Activity and Backlogs May Be Affecting Air Quality
57 5D Optical Storage: High-Speed Laser Writing Could Pack 500 Terabytes into CD-Sized Glass Disc
58 We Asked a NASA Technologist: Is There Oxygen on Mars? [Video]
59 Scientists Target Next Pandemic with Powerful New "Map" to Victory Over Viruses
60 Breakthrough Listen: Mysterious Signal "From" Proxima Centauri Probably Not Alien Civilization
61 Early Dinosaurs Were Social and Lived in Herds--May Have Been Key to Their Success
62 Earth's Magnetosphere: Protecting Our Planet from Harmful Space Radiation
63 Scientists Find Strange Black "Superionic Ice" that Could Exist Deep Inside Other Planets
64 Needle-Free COVID-19 Vaccine Shows Promise--Protection via a Single Pain-Free "Click"
65 Hubble Space Telescope Celebrates Halloween with A Glowering Carbon Star
66 Resistance to Cancer Therapy Determined by Differences in T Cells' Functional State
67 Exploring the Mysterious Origins of Extreme Cosmic Light Flashes that Outshine Entire Galaxies
68 Making Air Travel Greener, with Some Help from Space
69 RNA Control Switch: Engineers Devise a Way to Selectively Turn on Gene Therapies in Human Cells
70 Time for the Flu Shot? The Surprising Connection Between Influenza and Fatal Heart Attacks
71 Sun Releases a Powerful Burst of Radiation--An X1-Class Solar Flare
72 Scientists Identify the Cause of Alzheimer's Progression in the Brain--Very Different than Previously Thought
73 Sustainable, Plant-Based Jet Fuel Could Reduce Emissions by 68%
74 New COVID-19 Danger Revealed: SARS-CoV-2 Virus Can Infect the Inner Ear
75 Space Debris: Feel the Burn--Designing Satellites to Fall Apart
76 Mysterious Physics Still Unexplained: MicroBooNE Experiment Shows No Hint of Sterile Neutrino
77 Hubble Spots Massive Space "Pumpkin"
78 Genetics Discovery Reveals How Legumes Give Oxygen to Symbiotic Bacteria in Their Roots
79 Halloween on the Hudson: Sleepy Hollow, a Headless Horseman, and Tectonic Collisions
80 Innovative Chip Resolves Quantum Headache--Paves Road to Supercomputer of the Future
81 Scientists Identify How Two People Controlled HIV After Stopping Antiretroviral Therapy Treatment
82 Deadly Fungal Outbreak in Marine Mammals--It Came from Humans
83 Hubble Watches a Cosmic Bat Shadow "Flapping"
84 Ancient DNA Reveals How the Ancestors of Modern Horses Migrated
85 Increased Temperatures Contributed to More than 200,000 Cases of Kidney Disease in 15 Years in Brazil Alone
86 What Parents Should Know About the COVID-19 Vaccine and Kids--Timing, Side Effects, and Testing
87 Methane Observatory Launched to Boost Action on Powerful Climate-Warming Greenhouse Gas
88 Are We Alone in the Universe? NASA Calls for New Scientific Framework in Search for Extraterrestrial Life
89 European Space Agency Moves Forward with Destination Earth
90 Mysteries Abound: NASA Studying the Edge of the Sun's Magnetic Bubble
91 NASA Delays SpaceX Crew-3 Launch to the International Space Station
92 Hear and Feel BepiColombo Spacecraft's First Tastes of Mercury Science
93 2021 Antarctic Ozone Hole 13th-Largest--Will Persist into November or Even December
94 Astronomers May Have Discovered the First Extragalactic Planet
95 Low-Cost Antidepressant Fluvoxamine Saves Lives of COVID-19 Patients--"Powerful Weapon Against the Virus"
96 Active Sun Unleashes Powerful X-Class Solar Flare [Video]
97 Searching for Dark Matter with a Detector Larger than We Can Build on Earth
98 Hubble Captures Brilliant Cosmic Fireworks
99 MicroBooNE Experiment: Investigating a Long-Standing Neutrino Mystery
100 Student Cracks the High-Dimensional Quantum Code--Reveals Hidden Structures of Quantum Entangled States
101 Ancestors of Whale Sharks in Panama May Come from Distant Waters Around the World
102 New Material Derived from Trees Could Pave Way for Better, Safer Batteries
103 Using Microbes to Make Martian Rocket BioFuel on Mars
104 Breaking: Incidence of Blood Clot in Brain After Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 Vaccination
105 New Method Accurate Maps Brain Activity Despite Uncertainties in Patient Head Structure
106 How Bread Wheat Got Its Gluten: DNA Detective Work Uncovered an Obscure Ancestor of Modern Bread Wheat
107 Works Well with Robots? The Way Robots/AI and Humans Interact
108 Unlocking the Technology to Produce Unbreakable Composite Glass Screens
109 Genetic Goldmine Uncovered for Plant Survival in One of the Harshest Environments on Earth
110 Amazon and Caltech Partner to Create New Quantum Computing Hub
111 Signs of Dementia Are Written in the Blood: 33 Metabolic Compounds May Be Key to New Treatments
112 Zinc Supplements May Help to Stave Off Respiratory Infections Such as Colds, Flu, and COVID-19
113 Vitamin D Deficiency Can Impair Muscle Function
114 Uncovering the Surprising Secrets Behind Earth's First Major Mass Extinction
115 COVID-19 Vaccine Effectiveness Against the Delta Variant in Adolescents
116 Astronaut "Medical Issue" Delays NASA's SpaceX Crew-3 Mission--Not Related to COVID-19
117 New Nutrition Research: 10 Features of a Heart-Healthy Eating Pattern
118 Avoiding Shortcut Solutions in Artificial Intelligence for More Reliable Predictions
119 How Long Does a Neutron Live? Physicists Make Most Precise Measurement Yet