File Title
1 CISA issues sweeping federal directive for government cybersecurity
2 Final decision on Georgia spaceport permit delayed yet again
3 SpaceX launch delayed due to astronaut 'minor medical issue'
4 Robots hit the streets as demand for food delivery grows
5 The Latest: Japan PM promises strong push for emission cuts
6 'Ordinary people suffer most': China farms face climate woes
7 Faith groups increasingly join fight against climate change
8 Major cities really matter: Mayors demand climate action
9 Amid US sanctions, Huawei highlights uses for 5G technology
10 Autonomous vehicle maker Nuro secures $600 million for expansion
11 Giant 'corpse plant' draws crowds in Southern California
12 Leaders vow to protect forests, plug methane leaks at COP26
13 Hope after wildfire: Tiny sequoias could grow into giants
14 The Latest: UK sets net-zero plan for its financial sector
15 Zillow to stop home-flipping amid pricing 'unpredictability'
16 Yahoo pulls out of China, citing 'challenging' environment
17 Facebook to shut down face-recognition system, delete data
18 Bangladesh's villages bear the brutal cost of climate change
19 Ash from erupting volcano forces Spanish islanders indoors
20 4 LatAm nations create fishing-free corridor in east Pacific
21 DoorDash adds safety features to help protect drivers
22 Investors bet big on climate fight but motives questioned
23 The Latest: Britain's government: 'end of coal is in sight'
24 Globe bounces back to nearly 2019 carbon pollution levels
25 EXPLAINER: Why are foreign tech firms pulling out of China?
26 Undersea 5.7 earthquake shakes part of eastern Indonesia
27 AP PHOTOS: A slow motion burial awaits in volcano no-go zone
28 Is it green, or forever toxic? Nuclear rift at climate talks
29 Are COVID-19 boosters the same as the original vaccines?
30 From space, astronaut sounds the alarm about climate crisis
31 Bees, sheep, crops: Solar developers tout multiple benefits
32 Several countries pledge to phase out heavily polluting coal
33 SpaceX crew launch bumped to next week; astronaut on mend
34 The Latest: Activists give Poland 'Fossil of the Day' award
35 Search for life on other worlds tops astronomy to-do list
36 Uber Q3 loss widens on investment losses, revenue up 72%
37 US government works to 'cocoon' old nuclear reactors
38 Optimism from climate talks: Warming projections down a bit
39 Restoring Mexico's mangroves can shield shores, store carbon
40 Pfizer says COVID-19 pill cut hospital, death risk by 90%
41 Clean up your mess, young people tell climate talks
42 State Department offering up to $10 million reward for information on leaders of DarkSide ransomware group
43 The Latest: Greta Thunberg calls UN climate talks a failure
44 NASA's Juno spacecraft flew over Jupiter's Great Red Spot twice. This is what it found out
45 Discarded tires in the oceans are trapping hermit crabs, with no way out
46 Mummies found buried in boats in a China desert have unexpected origins
47 Scarier than a ghost? Black holes are regions in space where gravity is so strong that nothing can escape
48 Astronauts have a taco taste test using first chile peppers grown in space
49 Baby seals share a rare vocal ability with humans, study finds
50 An ancient fireball turned miles of the world's driest desert into glass
51 Identifying 'habitable worlds' is a top priority for astronomers in the decade ahead
52 Fireballs may be visible as meteor shower peaks tonight
53 Element found in our teeth detected for the first time in galaxy 12 billion light-years away
54 First ancient fossil of Homo naledi child found in the Cradle of Humankind
55 300 million-year-old fossil skeleton in Utah could be the first of its kind
56 'We believe nature has a soul': CNN Hero's offer of rice inspired people in Bali to collect tons of plastic for recycling
57 More than 12 million global deaths are associated with environmental risks every year, Pan American health official says
58 Thousands of dead sea creatures are washing up on English beaches
59 Joe Manchin has made millions from coal. His ties are now facing examination as Democrats scramble for a climate and economic agreement
60 White House prepares to roll out climate actions to help meet Biden's goals, with or without Congress
61 Biden's last chance to rescue America's world standing
62 With 100 days until the Winter Olympics, Beijing races to control growing COVID outbreak
63 Nearly 1,000 of Florida's beloved manatees have died this year as toxic algae blooms choke off their food source
64 Taiwan's President confirms US troops are training military on the island
65 Home heating prices are skyrocketing, and there's nothing Biden can do about it
66 What does 'net zero' mean? Our climate change glossary will help you sound smart
67 India says it's a 'victim' of global warming 'not a contributor' as it rejects net zero emissions target
68 5 things to know for October 28: Biden, Congress, COVID-19, China, UK-France
69 Here's what's in the $1.75 trillion economic plan Biden will try to sell to his party
70 Biden heads to Europe with his economic agenda--and his presidency--in the balance back home
71 China submits new 'disappointing' emissions pledge to UN
72 DNA reveals unexpected origins of enigmatic mummies buried in a Chinese desert
73 Oil executives testify about climate disinformation
74 The memory of Trump is hanging over Biden's Europe trip like a dark cloud
75 Misinformation is the invasive species of 2021
76 Forecasters predict one of the biggest tidal flood events of the past two decades
77 Mesmerizing wildlife images from the British Ecological Society photo competition
78 Remains found in California desert identified as those of missing Lauren Cho
79 House Democrats again delay infrastructure vote amid party divisions
80 House committee intends to subpoena fossil fuel companies for documents about climate disinformation
81 Former Blackhawks head coach Joel Quenneville resigns position with Florida Panthers
82 Obama returns to the world stage to boost Biden and reassure leaders after four years of Trump
83 UK wants to be the first major economy to force companies to reveal climate risks
84 'I have trouble envisioning the future beyond a year'
85 These World Heritage Forests have gone from removing carbon from the atmosphere to emitting it
86 'God love ya': Warm relationship between the world's most powerful Catholics on display as Biden and Pope Francis meet
87 Supreme Court to review EPA's ability to regulate greenhouse gases and address climate crisis
88 DC-Baltimore region braces for tidal flooding that could be the worst in two decades
89 Travel to Hawaii during COVID-19: What you need to know before you go
90 What is COP26 and can it avert a climate catastrophe?
91 After widespread flooding, no relief yet for the DC metro area as 14 million people remain under alerts
92 After touch-and-go negotiations, climate emerges as big winner in Biden's economic framework
93 Flooding destroyed his home four times in three years. This is the reality of climate change for India's poor
94 New Zealand says it will cut greenhouse emissions by 50% by 2030 as COP26 starts
95 Coastal flooding may continue in DC metro area as 12 million people remain under alerts
96 Why investors should pay attention to COP26 climate talks
97 What Biden's sweeping social safety plan might include--and what it likely won't
98 NHL commissioner expressed 'sincere regret' to Kyle Beach in aftermath of sexual abuse allegation
99 The absence of key world leaders hangs over Biden's first G-20
100 Biden says international support for him is strong despite domestic struggles
101 Oman: 9 reasons to visit this amazing desert destination
102 G20 agrees on key climate goals around global warming limits and coal financing, but lacks firm commitments
103 From Angkor Wat to Havana, the travel destinations reopening soon
104 2% of Elon Musk's wealth could help solve world hunger, says director of UN food scarcity organization
105 'Indigenous people have the knowledge': Conservation biologist Erika Cuellar on restoring the planet
106 Mel Brooks' prophetic warning
107 COP26 climate talks off to an ominous start after weak G20 leaders' meeting
108 What is COP26? How the pivotal UN conference could avert global climate 'catastrophe'
109 Joe Biden wants America to lead the world against the climate crisis. That goal faces a big test this week.
110 John Kerry and his team downplay expectations for UN climate conference with Congress mulling Biden's agenda
111 Biden apologizes to world leaders for Trump's exit from Paris accords
112 Brazil brings big green plans to COP26. But its track record is dismal
113 Access to clean, safe water is essential in the fight against climate change
114 World leaders meet for 'last best chance' COP26 climate talks in Glasgow
115 What's different about this world climate summit
116 Robert Redford: What I see when I think about the future