File Title
1 Ecuador proposes debt swap to enlarge Galapagos
2 Self-driving Roboats, developed at MIT, set sea in Amsterdam canals
3 'Becoming Cousteau' plumbs depths of French ocean explorer
4 A lab in the sky: Physics experiment in Earth's atmosphere could help improve GPS performance
5 Humans to blame for warming lakes
6 Antarctic Ozone Hole will persist into November 2021
7 What's going on with the ozone?
8 Satellite images show positive impact of conservation efforts for China's coastal wetlands
9 African team to fly "free" a climate monitoring payload on ISS
10 How the ozone hole influences Antarctic Ice
11 Leicester researchers analyse consequences of China space weapon test
12 AFRL Space Vehicles Directorate holds first Space Cyber Summit
13 US ban on China Telecom is 'malicious suppression,' says Beijing
14 US bans China Telecom over national security concerns
15 Australia's Telstra to acquire Digicel Pacific
16 US and UK research labs collaborate on autonomy and artificial intelligence
17 Key role of the reactor surface in Miller's experiment on the molecular origin of life
18 UK and France reach new agreement on climate change mission
19 Earth's orbit affects millennial climate variability
20 US to galvanize global 'ambition' on climate: officials
21 Drought to downpour: California weather whiplash is climate change sentinel
22 Five climate change myths
23 NASA, FEMA to host Alliance for Climate Action series in October
24 'Never thought we would live like this'--despair for Peru climate casualties
25 UK's Johnson voices concern COP26 'might go wrong'
26 Late bombardment of the Moon revealed
27 Airbus, Air Liquide and ispace Europe launch EURO2MOON
28 International workshop seeks to turn plans for crewed lunar observatory into reality
29 China's lunar samples reveal new type of basalt
30 China's Chang'e-5 mission offers new insights into evolution of Moon
31 Samples from China mission show Moon 'active' more recently than thought
32 Mixing system prototype for future greenhouses on the Moon
33 Using the Moon to address digital inequality
34 An artificial material that can sense, adapt to its environment
35 Vast patches of glassy rock in Chilean desert likely created by ancient exploding comet
36 SwRI-led team produces a new Earth Bombardment Model
37 Astronomers detect signs of an atmosphere stripped from a planet during giant impact
38 Is Planetary Defense PI in the Sky?
39 NASA prepares to fuel James Webb telescope for December 18 launch
40 Kuaizhou lifts off successfully, places satellite in orbit
41 Ten years of Soyuz at Europe's Spaceport
42 Supporting life beyond earth could be possible--thanks to graphene innovation
43 Urgent action needed to reduce uncertainty on CO2 storage prospects
44 In Iceland, CO2 sucked from the air is turned to rock
45 Simple method for converting carbon dioxide into useful compounds
46 Researchers develop catalyst for stable reduction of carbon dioxide
47 Rocky Exoplanets Are Even Stranger than We Thought
48 The Road to Launch and Beyond for NASA's James Webb Space Telescope
49 Need for Larger Space Telescope inspires lightweight flexible holographic lens
50 Gravitational 'kick' may explain the strange shape at the center of Andromeda
51 Towards the detection of the nanohertz gravitational-wave background
52 Simulations in 3D improve understanding of energetic-particle radiation and help protect space assets
53 Carbon nanotubes could help electronics withstand outer space's harsh conditions
54 Viasat and AEVEX Aerospace help US Forest Service using satcoms and infrared mapping to fight fires
55 Climate change main cause of fires in US west: study
56 Wildfires force climate migrants to flee in world's richest country
57 Researchers move closer to controlling two-dimensional graphene
58 Iran says stopped US Navy seizing tanker in Sea of Oman
59 US 'absolutely' has ability to defend Taiwan: top Pentagon general
60 Belgium searches military barracks in far-right probe
61 Iraq's protest movement seeks to find voice in parliament
62 Israeli strikes hit Syria military targets: monitor
63 France calls leaked Macron text 'new low' in Australia subs row
64 India ramps up Himalayan border defences after deadly China clashes
65 Ukraine denies Russia border build-up as defense minister quits
66 S. Africa to get $8.5 billion from rich nations to give up coal
67 Major methane deal at climate summit--without China
68 Slashing methane emissions key for keeping Earth cool
69 Iran rejects Western 'concerns' over nuclear compliance
70 US, European leaders express 'grave, growing concern' over Iran
71 Iran agrees to restart nuclear deal talks in Nov; US urges Iran to show good faith
72 US again warns Iran of 'other steps' but says always prefers diplomacy
73 Iran FM tests positive for COVID at key moment for nuclear talks
74 Pentagon watches possible Russian troop buildup near Ukraine
75 Biden apologizes for Trump exit from climate accord
76 Biden butters up Europeans at G20
77 UK says relationship with Russia 'not the one we want'
78 Greening deserts: India powers renewable ambitions with solar push
79 Sunny but isolated, Cyprus toils to boost green energy
80 Recovery plans still short on renewable energy: IEA
81 Scientists find a way to stabilize a promising material for solar panels
82 First evidence shows solar parks can cool surrounding land
83 Iraq, UAE sign deal on 5 solar electricity plants
84 COP26 leaders vow new drive to save forests
85 Brazil plans combative strategy for climate talks
86 Deployment of giant reflector for forest monitoring satellite Biomass
87 Blinken, in Colombia, unveils Amazon deforestation pact
88 Brazil, Colombia 'united' in defense of Amazon ahead of UN summit
89 Reinventing steelmaking for a green revolution
90 VR technology enables users to see individual cells in human body
91 Marine microbes more effective reducing methane than expected
92 Ecuador proposes debt swap to enlarge Galapagos
93 A lab in the sky: Physics experiment in Earth's atmosphere could help improve GPS performance
94 Technologies and concepts for the satellite navigation systems of the future
95 'Greenwashing' or genuine?: Behind big business' climate promises
96 Twenty-four trillion pieces of microplastics in the ocean and counting
97 Blood samples of residents near 3M plant worry Belgium
98 Environment watchdogs condemn arrest of Ugandan activists
99 3M to pay $99 million to settle dispute over harmful chemicals
100 Leaders commit to 30% methane cut at climate summit
101 Global climate change impact on crops expected within 10 years
102 Origins of modern wheat may provide clues to making it stronger
103 No tilling, no chemicals in S. African farmer's revolution
104 Climate change to force crop switch for small farmers: experts
105 Kiwi boffins aim to clear the air on livestock emissions
106 Algae-feed research for US dairy recieves $10 million funding boost
107 Sri Lanka bans contaminated Chinese fertiliser
108 EU lawmakers back plan for sustainable farming
109 Greenpeace sounds alarm over animal farming in Spain
110 Nigeria looks to revive ailing palm oil sector