File Title
1 NASA, SpaceX delay ISS mission again for medical issue
2 Building planets from protoplanetary disks
3 How to find hidden oceans on distant worlds? Use chemistry
4 SwRI-Led cubesat to assess the origins of hot plasma in the Sun's corona
5 Pathfinding experiment to study origins of solar energetic particles
6 Major step in UK contribution to space mission to study solar wind
7 Amazon to launch two Project Kuiper satellites next fall
8 NEOM Tech and Digital Holding Company and OneWeb sign $200 million JV for satellite network
9 Space business opportunities in the Netherlands
10 Hubble remains in safe mode, NASA team investigating
11 Major Artemis engine part arrives at Stennis for certification testing
12 Climate change main cause of fires in US west: study
13 COP26 leaders vow new drive to save forests
14 NASA, SpaceX delay ISS mission again for medical issue
15 Brazil pledges higher greenhouse emissions cuts
16 World leaders urged to 'save humanity' at climate summit
17 Ecuador proposes debt swap to enlarge Galapagos
18 Queen Elizabeth calls for joint action on climate crisis
19 India to hit net-zero climate target by 2070: Modi
20 Biden, Indonesia's Widodo tell Myanmar junta to release prisoners
21 'Digging our own graves': COP26 leaders told take climate action
22 Putin calls for boost to drone arsenal with AI
23 Yahoo, Fortnite exit China as tech crackdown bites
24 Yahoo pulls China services as regulatory crackdown bites
25 Gaming giant Epic pulls Fortnite from China over crackdown
26 Amazon-backed EV startup aims for valuation above $50bn
27 Tinder courts video-lovers with mystery series
28 India jumps on NFT craze with Bollywood star Bachchan's auction
29 Bollywood superstar Nawazuddin Siddiqui to quit streaming shows
30 Roblox begins gradual return online after two-day outage
31 China firms in the dock over murky DR Congo gold mining ops
32 Three Chinese hostages in Mali rescued after escape
33 US Navy finds damaged nuclear sub hit underwater mountain
34 Most markets retreat, with Fed decision in focus
35 China eases power crunch with boost to coal production
36 New roles, combined offices for NASA Administrator Leadership Team
37 BICEP3 tightens the bounds on cosmic inflation
38 Astronomers discover massive galaxy 'shipyard' in the distant universe
39 Groundbreaking findings in hunt for new neutrinos in the universe
40 Geraldine Naja, Director of Commercialisation, Industry and Procurement
41 Trading space: ESA bolsters European business
42 Uncovering the secrets behind Earth's first major mass extinction
43 Tiny pterosaurs dominated Cretaceous skies
44 Some of the world's oldest rubies linked to early life
45 Dinosaurs may have lived in social herds as early as 193 million years ago
46 Dinosaurs may have lived in 'social' herds 193 million years ago
47 Heavy bombardment experienced by the planets in the early Solar System
48 ESA and NASA launch revolutionary open-source platform
49 The silent build-up to a super-eruption
50 3 dead, 3 missing after avalanche on Ecuador volcano
51 Who let the dogs out? Mystery disappearance grips Spain volcano isle
52 Japan's Mount Aso volcano erupts
53 People seek to rebuild lives after DR Congo volcano eruption
54 Experts say Canary Islands eruption not close to ending
55 Volcano evacuees face huge reconstruction challenges
56 Better climate data through ten times more accurate satellite navigation
57 Physicists discover how particles self-assemble
58 Scientists spot rare neutrino signal for big physics finding
59 Upgrading the Space Station's Cold Atom Lab with mixed reality
60 IU physicists lead world's most precise measurement of neutron lifetime
61 NASA, SpaceX reschedule Crew-3 launch due to weather
62 NASA sending four astronauts to ISS on Sunday
63 War in Space is Coming
64 Capabilities growth shows why US sees China as pacing challenge
65 Senators: U.S. aims to stay on top in international space race
66 Air Force Materiel Command reaches IOC as servicing major command for USSF
67 AFRL presents results from DSX spacecraft experiments
68 Raymond calls for increased military space cooperation with South Korea
69 Space Force, Purdue partner on STEM education, innovation
70 Space Force selects more than 900 personnel to transfer FY22
71 Space Force upskilling Guardians with process mapping and automation
72 MIT, US Space Force to explore opportunities for research and workforce development
73 Xplore receives $2 million contract from NSIC to accelerate Xcraft Platform Development
74 U.S. Space Force presents new dress uniforms
75 Guardians begin migration to Space Force CACs
76 US Navy finds damaged nuclear sub hit underwater mountain
77 Iran FM tests positive for COVID at key moment for nuclear talks
78 US nuclear sub struck uncharted seamount
79 Iran rejects Western 'concerns' over nuclear compliance
80 US, European leaders express 'grave, growing concern' over Iran
81 US targets Iran's drone program with sanctions
82 India tests ballistic missile with 5,000 km range
83 Iran agrees to restart nuclear talks as pressure grows
84 US urges Iran to show 'good faith' in talks resumption
85 Iran says agrees to restart nuclear deal talks in Nov
86 Baghdad pays Kuwait another $490 million in war reparations
87 Iraq court sentences two to death for killing protester
88 Iraq president skips COP26 citing security issues at home: aide
89 Former US diplomat and hostage negotiator meets Myanmar junta chief
90 Trial of Myanmar's Suu Kyi nears closing arguments: source
91 International mediation underway to end Sudan crisis: UN envoy
92 Making space travel inclusive for all
93 Could Russia's Zeus TEM be a gamechanger for India's space ambitions
94 Humidity caused corrosion of Starliner capsule valves, Boeing, NASA say
95 Boeing aims for unmanned Starliner test flight in first half of 2022
96 Russian film crew says shooting in space a 'huge challenge'
97 Nanoracks, Voyager Space, and Lockheed Martin to develop commercial space module
98 NASA looks beyond SpaceX, Boeing contracts for space station commutes
99 Kuaizhou lifts off successfully, places satellite in orbit
100 Ingenuity Mars Helicopter Flight 14 Successful
101 Bio-inspired autonomous materials
102 Concrete: the world's 3rd largest CO2 emitter
103 Shape-shifting materials with infinite possibilities
104 Stronger than spider silk: Bagworm silk enables strong conducting fibers
105 Smart material switches between heating and cooling in minutes
106 The New York 'canners' recycling discarded bottles to survive
107 Energy-efficient separation of a greenhouse gas: New study from Pusan National University
108 Emerging optics advances next-generation AR/VR displays
109 One in three young kids uses social media, use of parental controls spotty
110 Are we alone in the Universe? NASA calls for a "New Framework"