File Title
1 The next generation of glowing plants
2 RNA-targeting enzyme expands the CRISPR toolkit
3 Novel approach reverses amblyopia in animals
4 Study: Global cancer risk from burning organic matter comes from unregulated chemicals
5 A new method for removing lead from drinking water
6 Toward a smarter electronic health record
7 Using AI and old reports to understand new medical images
8 Scientists identify the cause of Alzheimer's progression in the brain
9 Study: Indoor air cleaners fall short on removing volatile organic compounds
10 LEDs and smartphone screens could be made from next-generation glass
11 Study finds the SARS-CoV-2 virus can infect the inner ear
12 Creating dynamic symmetry in quantum systems
13 Jupiter: mission unveils the depth and structure of planet's shrinking red spot and colourful bands
14 3 Questions: Investigating a long-standing neutrino mystery
15 Engineers devise a way to selectively turn on RNA therapies in human cells
16 Making machine learning more useful to high-stakes decision makers
17 Climate change misinformation fools too many people--but there are ways to combat it
18 Carbon nanotube-based sensor can detect SARS-CoV-2 proteins
19 Dragging your feet? Lack of sleep affects your walk, new study finds
20 Solid, liquid, or gas? Technique quickly identifies physical state of tissues and tumors
21 Artificial intelligence sheds light on how the brain processes language
22 How to know if a country is serious about net zero: look at its plans for extracting fossil fuels
23 Tiny swimming creatures can create big currents in lake water--new research
24 S-acylation enhances COVID-19 infection
25 Neutron star collisions are a "goldmine" of heavy elements, study finds
26 Hubble Captures Striking New Image of Spiral Galaxy NGC 2903
27 Human Brains Decreased in Size 3,000 Years Ago, New Study Says
28 Super-Jupiter Found Circling Very Young, Very Low Mass Star
29 Scientists Find Link between Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Blood Triglyceride Levels
30 Astronomers Observe 'Rosetta Stone of Supernovae'
31 VLT Focuses on Spiral Galaxy NGC 5248
32 Researchers Discover Gene Network that Drives Color Variation in Bumblebees
33 Signal of Interest from Proxima Centauri Was Not Alien Technosignature, Astronomers Say
34 Mangrove Tree Genome Sequenced
35 LiDAR Reveals 478 Olmec and Maya Ceremonial Complexes in Mexico
36 Indri Lemur Songs Have Categorical Rhythm, New Study Shows
37 2,000-Year-Old Amethyst Seal Found in Israel
38 Study: Green Tea Catechins Extend Health- and Lifespan, Reduce Fat Content in Model Organism
39 Marine Biologists Identify New Species of Beaked Whale
40 Spitzer Spots 'Godzilla-Like Nebula'
41 Giant Panda's Unique Black-And-White Coat Provides Effective Camouflage, New Research Confirms
42 New Galaxy Protocluster Discovered in Early Universe
43 Extremely Rare Shelley's Eagle Owl Photographed in Wild for First Time
44 Babies of Cretaceous Giant Pterosaurs Outcompeted Adults of Smaller Pterosaur Species: Study
45 Warped Accretion Disk Spotted around Stellar-Mass Black Hole
46 Meet Homo bodoensis, New Species of Human Ancestor
47 Patagonian Birds Hunt for Truffles, Too
48 Hubble Observes Red Giant Star CW Leonis
49 Astronomers Measure Amount of Carbon and Oxygen in Hot Jupiter's Atmosphere
50 SpaceX is resolving toilet spills in its capsules before it launches another crew for NASA
51 How to map a fly brain in 20 million easy steps
52 Here is a guide to climate jargon you may come across next week
53 Gabon plumbs carbon mystery of its mighty mangrove trees
54 Endangered whale population sinks close to 20-year low
55 Fossil of giant scorpion that lived 400 million years ago discovered in China
56 Malaysian gynaecologist creates 'world's first unisex condom'
57 Jupiter's monster storm not just wide but surprisingly deep
58 Solar wing jammed on NASA spacecraft chasing asteroids
59 Study finds California condors can have "virgin births"
60 How did elephants and walruses get their tusks? It's a long story
61 Brazil's greenhouse gas emissions rose 9.5 percent in 2020 with Amazon deforestation: study
62 Roman tomb reveals secrets of ancient concrete resilience
63 To err is human; to mistakenly bite is baby white shark
64 10 UNESCO forests emit more CO2 than they soak up: study
65 Will a geomagnetic storm hit Earth tonight?
66 Indonesian researchers breed 'good' mosquitoes to combat dengue
67 Shark Vision Confirms Mistaken Identity May Explain Why Sharks Bite Humans
68 Proba-1 Celebrates 20th Birthday in Orbit--Still Fully Operational
69 Ripple Resonance: Economic Losses from Weather Extremes Can Amplify Each Other Across the World
70 Timing Is Everything: Stanford Research Reveals Why the Right Sequence of Policies Is Critical to Slow Deforestation
71 Blowing Up the Universe: BICEP3 Tightens the Bounds on Cosmic Inflation
72 Planetary Defense: Nuclear Explosion Can Disrupt Hazardous Asteroid to Protect the Earth
73 Certain Proteins--Such as Bacterial Toxins and the COVID Vaccine--Pass Through Cell Walls "Like a Magic Trick"
74 Help Train NASA's Rovers to Better Explore Mars--Here's How
75 Taking the Pulse of Flies: Fly Hearts Respond to Danger the Same Way Human Hearts Do
76 Forget Me Not: Target Identified for Preventing and Reversing Alzheimer's and Related Dementias
77 The Greatest Origin Story of All: NASA Webb Space Telescope--29 Days on the Edge [Video]
78 Living Descendant of Sitting Bull Confirmed by Analysis of DNA from Legendary Native American Leader's Hair
79 Godzilla Nebula: A "Monster" Star-Forming Region Spied by NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope
80 Burning, Tingling and Pain in Your Feet? You May Have Small Fiber Neuropathy
81 Study Finds Listening to Music Near Bedtime Is Disruptive to Sleep
82 We're Filmmakers Who Work with Firearms: This Is What's Important in On-Set Safety
83 AI Links COVID-19 Brain Changes to Alzheimer's Disease-Like Cognitive Impairment
84 Scientists Measure the Atmosphere of a Planet in Another Solar System 340 Light-Years Away
85 Atomic Scale "Lasagna" Controls Heat Flow at the Nanoscale
86 Marine Carbon Sequestration: New Research Delves into Fate of Ocean Carbon
87 On-Water Creation of Conducting MOF Nanosheets for Future Sensors and Energy Devices
88 Plants from Plastics: Transforming Bio-Based Polymers into Fertilizer
89 NASA's New $10 Billion Webb Space Telescope Will Reveal the Supermassive Black Hole at the Heart of the Milky Way
90 Giant Pandas' Distinctive Black and White Pattern Provides Effective Camouflage
91 Carbon Nanotubes Could Help Electronics Withstand Outer Space's Damaging Cosmic Radiation
92 How Does Our Brain Navigates Cities? Choosing the "Pointiest" Path, Not the Shortest
93 Lowering Your Blood Insulin Levels Could Lower Risk of Getting COVID-19
94 PTSD Symptoms Vary Depending on Phase of Menstrual Cycle
95 How Diet and Lifestyle Modifications May Lower Risk of Lethal Prostate Cancer
96 Strange Black Hole Discovered in Milky Way with a Huge Warp in Its Accretion Disc
97 The Early Bird Gets...the Truffle? Birds Hunt for Fungi, Too
98 When a Massive Wildfire Tears Through a Landscape, What Happens to the Wildlife?
99 NASA's Lucy Stable in Cruise Mode--Problematic Solar Array Is 75% to 95% Deployed
100 NASA's Ingenuity Mars Helicopter Flies Again
101 Resolving the "Muddle in the Middle"--Experts Name New Species of Human Ancestor
102 What's Causing the Mysterious Radio Waves Coming from the Heart of the Milky Way?
103 COVID-19 Shielding Less Effective than Hoped
104 Mega-Comet Will Get as Close as Saturn in 2031
105 NASA's Juno Probe Offers First 3D View of Jupiter's Atmosphere, Inner Workings of Great Red Spot
106 Hubble Space Telescope Spotted Something Scary [Video]
107 New Low-Gravity Simulator Design--Promises to Break New Ground for Future Space Research and Habitation
108 Substantial Antarctic Ozone Hole in 2021--Due to Cold Stratospheric Conditions
109 Need for Giant Space Telescope to Discover Exoplanets Inspires Lightweight Flexible Holographic Lens
110 New Way to Generate Light Through Pre-Existing Defects in Semiconductor Materials
111 Potentially Habitable Exoplanets: How to Find Hidden Oceans on Distant Worlds with Chemistry
112 People Weren't So Lazy Back then: How Americans Changed Over the Last 200 Years