File Title
1 COVID-19 Tests Not Accurate? New Data Shows Antibodies Used as Severity Markers
2 Did Spies Who Stole the Data from a Pharmaceutical Company to Make Sputnik V Get Support from the Kremlin?
3 Fauci Receives Widespread Criticism for 'Giving Blessing' to Kids for Halloween; Residents Argue 'No One Asked Him'
4 WHO to Investigate Bat Caves and Breeding Farms in Hubei as Possibility of COVID-19 Sources; China Rejects Request for Probe Access
5 UN Asks Moderna to Share Its COVID-19 Vaccine Formula; Pharmaceutical Company Refuses but Plans to Increase Production
6 British Government Criticized for Failing to Act Quickly Amid A Rapid Rise of COVID-19 Cases
7 Gov. Greg Abbott Issues Executive Order that Prohibits Businesses in Texas from Requiring Employees, Consumers to Get Vaccinated Against COVID-19
8 Do Hidden Planets Exist? 4 Unexpected Radio Signals Can Confirm Their Presence
9 WHO Chief Criticizes Use of Vaccine Boosters in More Regions, Saying It's 'Immoral,' 'Unfair'
10 The Roman Empire Conducted Previously Unheard of Genocidal Warfare Against Civilians in Southern Spain During the Punic Wars
11 White House COVID-19 Task Force Urges State Leaders to Be Ready to Roll Out Vaccination Among Kids Next Month
12 Russia, WHO Differ on When Sputnik V Will Receive Approval; COVID-19 Vaccine Demonstrates 70% Efficacy Against Delta Variant
13 Two Centuries Old Shipwrecked Unearthed in Latvia Beach; Design Reveals of Royal Navy Origin
14 Moderna, Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Work Better to Americans Vaccinated with J&J, US Study Claims
15 Moderna's COVID-19 Booster Shot Receives Authorization from FDA; Panel Recommends the Shot to Inoculate People Vulnerable to COVID-19
16 300-Year-Old Drawing by Decorative Artist Tiepolo Found Hidden in Attic at Weston Hall; Auctioneers Say Artwork Values at 250,000 pounds
17 Scientists Find Stone Age Rock Art of a Bird After First Images Seen a Century Earlier by Scholars
18 Bill Clinton Rushed to Los Angeles Hospital After Suffering Infection; Spokesperson Says Ex-POTUS is in Good Spirits
19 Russian Government Refuses to Impose State-Wide Lockdown Following Reports of Over 1,000 Deaths in the Past 24 Hours Due to COVID-19
20 Anthony Fauci Says J&J Should Have Been Double Dose from the Start, Defends Biden Administration's COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate
21 Small Time Crook Shot Dead in 1911 Inspired He-Man's 'Skeletor' More than 50 Years After His Mummy Became a Famous Sideshow Star
22 Long COVID Afflicts More than Half of Those Diagnosed with Pathogen According to New Study
23 FDA Recalls 2 Blood Pressure Medicines, Asks the Public to Stop Taking Them
24 Washington State University Fired Their Highest-Paid Football Coach After He Refused to Get the COVID-19 Vaccine
25 Scientists Study Genetically COVID-19 Resistant Individuals Who May Hold the Key to Better Therapies
26 WW2 Ghost Ships of Iwo Jima Raised from the Sea After Volcanic Tremors Caused the Seabed to Rise
27 Radio Host Caught COVID on Purpose to Achieve Natural Immunity as More Senior Americans Get Booster Shots
28 Allegations of Mass Homicide, Genocide Against Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro Dropped Due to Lack of Consensus
29 NASA's Orion Unmanned Spacecraft is Ready to Journey to the Moon as the First Return in Decades
30 Europe Records Surge of COVID-19 Cases After WHO Warns Pandemic Could Last Until 2022
31 Vladimir Putin Orders Paid Shutdown for Workers Starting October 30 as Russia Tackles Rising COVID-19 Cases, Deaths
32 NFL Agrees to End Race-Based Adjustments in Dementia Testing; Black Players Now Qualified for Monetary Awards in Settlement of Concussion Claims
33 NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Announces New Vaccine Mandate with $500 Incentive for Municipal Workers
34 New at-Home Use COVID-19 Test Kit Analyzes Saliva in 30 Minutes, Provides Results Up to 90% Accuracy
35 70-Year-Old Indian Woman Gives Birth to First Child, Becomes One of Oldest Mothers in the World
36 Pfizer Vaccine Booster Shows 95.6% Efficacy in Phase 3 Trials as Global Rollout of Additional Shots Continue
37 No Plans to Stop Flights from UK, Europe Amid Delta Variant Plus Spread, CDC Says
38 Rise of the Delta Variants Pose a Challenge to Vaccine Antibody Response that Might Evolve More Adaptation to Spike Protein
39 Historians Reveal Letters Penned by Hitler in His Final Days in the Bunker After Getting Lost for More than 70 Years
40 Fishermen Assume They Found the Lost Island of Gold that Sunk About 700 Years Ago
41 New Zealand Records Second-Ever-Highest COVID-19 Daily Cases, Targets 90% Vaccination Rate Before Ending Lockdown
42 Biden Announces New COVID-19 Travel Requirements with Vaccine Mandates for Foreign Visitors, Restrictions for Unvaccinated Americans
43 Moderna Claims Its Vaccine Shows a Robust Neutralizing Antibody Response for Children Between the Ages 6 and 11
44 China's New Vaccine Mandate Requires Children Age 3 to 11 to Get Vaccinated
45 Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey Signs Executive Order to Challenge Joe Biden's COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate, Urges Locals Not to Comply with Federal Effort
46 Shipwreck Diver Releases Images of Titanic's Sister Ship that Fatally Sank, Took 30 Lives
47 Australian Open May Allow Unvaccinated Athletes to Compete After Undergoing a 14-Day Quarantine
48 FDA Advisory Panel Votes in Favor of Granting Emergency Use Authorization for Pfizer's COVID-19 Vaccine for Kids Aged 5-11
49 Social Media Posts Claim Coronavirus Vaccines Cause Adverse Effects as Children Could Become Eligible for Shots
50 National Health Agency Says Fauci Experimented on Monkeys by Torturing, Scaring Them as a Smear Campaign to Discredit Him
51 Archaeologists Discover Human Blood in 1,000-Year-Old Red Paint Used to Decorate Elite Sican Man's Remains
52 Antidepressant Could Reduce Prolonged COVID-19 Hospitalizations, Large Scale Study Reveals
53 Delta Coronavirus Variant Found to Be Highly Transmissible Among Vaccinated Inside Households, Raising Concerns for Approaching Winter Season
54 Brazilian Senate Votes in Favor of Charging President Jair Bolsonaro with Crimes Against Humanity Over His Handling of the COVID-19 Pandemic
55 Chinese Space Agency Showcases New Rocket for Space Tourism with Striking Resemblance to SpaceX and Blue Origin Designs
56 Mark Zuckerberg Breaks His Silence Following Facebook Whistleblower's Claims: It's 'Just Not True'
57 Is the Poseidon Underwater Missile Worth the Trouble Compared to Hypersonic Missile that Gets to the Target Faster?
58 China is Lining Up an Array of High-Tech Weapons to Overcome Taiwan When the Time Comes
59 Why Is Tesla Headquarters Moving to Texas from California? Elon Musk Explains Decision
60 US Air Force Area 52 Top Secret Revealed: Advanced Technology Tests for Nukes, Bombs and Other Practical Real-World Military Applications
61 Chinese Nuclear-Powered Stealth Submarines Could Deploy 12 ICBM if the US Engages the PLA in an All-Out War
62 Singapore's New Robot Police Roams Streets Causing Locals to Fear Dystopian World of Robots
63 France Upgrades its Small, Nuclear-Powered Barracuda-Class Attack Submarine Making it Dangerous to Other Vessels
64 China Develops Terrifying Uncrewed Surface Vessel 'Sea Hunter' with Torpedoes Capable of Sinking US Ships in Future Maritime Conflict
65 Terminator 'Quadruped Robot Dog' Mounted with Sniper Rifles to Replace Human Snipers on the Modern Battlefield
66 US Leads in Cryptocurrency Mining Following China's Ban Earlier this Year; Its Global Share Has also Increased
67 Sukhoi Su-27 Flanker Designed to Face Off the F-15 Eagle During the Cold War
68 Prince William Slams Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk's "Absurd" Space Race, Urges Them to Fix the Planet First
69 China Accomplished Launch of Hypersonic Glide Vehicle into Orbit While the US Develops the Technology, Challenges the Biden Administration
70 Russia Could Overcome the US in Cold War; Kremlin Possesses the Most Extensive Nuclear Warheads Globally
71 Next-Generation Improved Taigei-Class Diesel-Powered Sub Tactically Advances Japanese Defense Force Operations
72 US is Deeply Concerned About a Threat to its Vulnerable Defenses Despite the Chinese Denial of Launching Hypersonic Glide Missiles
73 Russian Jets Intercept US B-1 Bombers Sent Headlong Intentionally into Russian Territory as Tensions Rise Between the Two Superpowers
74 Trump Media and Technology Group and Digital World Acquisition Group Listed on the Nasdaq; Trump to Launch His Social Media Platform
75 Trump Plans Roll Out of New Social Media Site 'Truth Social' Early 2022 After Being Banned from Facebook, Twitter
76 Why All Property Investors Need a Property Manager
77 Egyptian Authorities Detain AI Robot Artist Due to Suspicions of Being a Spy
78 Russia Develops Advanced Ballistic Missile Travelling at Mach 5+ that Hits with Pinpoint Accuracy
79 Military Drill Partnership: China, Russia Conduct First Ever Joint Patrol Showcasing Their Military Warships
80 Russian Navy Planners Foresee Aerial, Underwater Drones as Part of War Strategy in the Future
81 Russian Group Linked to SolarWinds Hacking Still Targeting Global Networks; New Efforts Prove Russia is Undeterred with US Sanctions
82 China Reveals New Stealth Anti-Satellite Weapon; Hypersonic Glide Vehicle Technology Rattles the US
83 NASA Asks the US Government for Budget to Develop Nuclear Powered Rockets to Prevent Chinese Domination of Space
84 Facebook's Former House Staff Sue Mark Zuckerberg and Wife Over Accusations of Harassment and Discrimination
85 Five Essential Weapons of War that a Marine Corps Need to Invade the North Korean Peninsula
86 China Successfully Tests Newly Developed Underwater Explosives that Could Destroy US Ports and Naval Facilities in Asymmetrical Warfare
87 Software Developers Explore Opportunities in Emerging Industries
88 Mark Zuckerberg Changes Facebook's Corporate Name to "Meta" Amid Torrent of Scandals
89 China Builds New Type 003 Aircraft [Carrier] that Will be the Biggest Chinese Carrier When in Service
90 Russia Blocks Investigative Website that Exposes Vladimir Putin's Cleaner-Turned-Millionaire Mistress with $100 Million Fortune
91 Cybercrime: Russian National to Appear in a US Federal Court Over Developing Malware
92 Court Denies Brad Pitt's Petition for Review in Joint Custody Case with Angelina Jolie as Eternals Actress Poses 5 Children at Movie Gala
93 Adolf Hitler's Lost German U-Boat Allegedly Has Dead Nazis Aboard Along with Gold, Treasure
94 Indian Nuclear Missile Test Hits Target Accurately in the Bay of Bengal; Causes Tension Between India and China
95 US Intelligence Agencies Allegedly Failed to Monitor Taliban Movement While American Troops Were Deployed, Documents Reveal
96 Donald Trump's Ally John Eastman Reveals He Was Counting on Former VP Mike Pence to Toss Results of 2020 Election
97 Missing New Jersey Woman Lauren El Cho's Remains Found; Cause of Death Still Pending
98 Joe Biden, Emmanuel Macron Will Meet for the First Time Following Their Clash Over US, UK's Agreement with Australia
99 Joe Biden Holds Lengthy Meeting with Pope Francis in Attempt to Repair US-France Ties
100 US Strengthens Ties with Taiwan Amid China Scare as Beijing Reiterates Firm Opposition to America's Military Contact
101 More than 1 Million Stimulus Checks Worth $875 Will Be Distributed Today; Will You Get One?
102 Which of Queen Elizabeth's Heirs Once Offered to Become a King of Another Country?
103 UN Climate Change Conference 2016: Russia, China Not Attending While US Will Join COP26; Will It End Up in Disagreement?
104 Prince Harry Reportedly Panics Over Queen Elizabeth's Health, Urges Lilibet to Meet the Monarch to Make Amends
105 Putin Calls on Russia's Major Natural Gas Company to Supply More Gas in Austria and Germany
106 Brian Laundrie Likely Dead Two Days After Gabby Petito Was Reported Missing; Authorities Admit to Costly Mistake the Investigation
107 EU Bloc Violates One China Principle Sending Officials After Beijing Push Back, Directed Against the Western Alliance
108 Child Tax Credit 2022: How to Get $7,200 Next Year as Lawmakers Extend the Stimulus Payments
109 Biden Administration Considering to Pay $1 Million Per Migrant Family Separated at the Southern US Border During Trump's Administration
110 Almost All Employees in New York City Protest Outside Mayor's Residence as Vaccine Mandate Deadline Nears
111 Joe Biden Departs for Rome to Meet Pope as the Vatican Changes Live Broadcast Plan and Will Only Provide Edited Footage
112 France Detains 2 Fishing Vessels from Britain After Announcing that It Will Close Ports to Trawlers from the UK
113 Donald Trump and His Administration Accused of Messing Up Their COVID-19 Response; Former Coordinator Says 40 Percent of Deaths Could've Been Prevented
114 Officials Find Bodies of Arkansas Woman, Her Daughter in a Car that's Been Missing Since 1998
115 Russia Survives Energy Crunch with Fossil Fuels; Moscow has the Advantage Over the West that Fears the Kremlin
116 Joe Manchin Blocks Universal Paid Leave After Democrats Failed to Convince Him to Support the Build Back Better Spending and Tax Bill