File Title
1 NASA's High Bandwidth Laser Communications Relay Demonstration Gears Up for Launch
2 Artificial Intelligence Is Smart, but It Doesn't Play Well with Others
3 Research Breakthrough Could Mean Better Treatment for Most Deadly Form of Brain Cancer
4 Move Over Columbus: Europeans Were Already Active in the Americas 1,000 Years Ago
5 Affordable Saliva-Based COVID-19 Test May Provide at-Home Results in 30 Minutes
6 New Theories and Materials Aid the Transition to Clean Energy: Enzyme Catalysis, Electrocatalysis, and Photoelectrosynthesis
7 Uncovering the Secrets of Ultra-Low Frequency Gravitational Waves and the Early Development of Our Universe
8 Calm Above the Storm: Incredible Green Smoky Swirls of Plasma Seen from Space Station
9 Largest Meat-Eating Predatory Dinosaur of Triassic Period, Actually a Timid Vegetarian
10 Rich Reservoir of Large Organic Molecules Near the Center of the Milky Way
11 Chip-Based Optical Tweezers Levitate Nanoparticles in a Vacuum with an Ultrathin Metalens
12 Strong Evidence that COVID-19 Is a Seasonal Infection--And We Need "Air Hygiene"
13 We Asked a NASA Scientist: Do Aliens Exist? [Video]
14 COVID Delta and Delta Plus Variants Evade the Antibody Response
15 Intense Ivory Poaching Leads to Rapid Evolution of Tuskless African Elephants
16 Evidence of a Giant Impact in Nearby Star System Stripping the Atmosphere from a Planet
17 Ivermectin Is a Game-Changing Nobel Prize-Winning Wonder Drug--But Not for COVID-19
18 Compounding Threats to US Infrastructure Pinpointed by New "Risk Triage" Platform
19 Researchers Warn: Common Antidepressant Should No Longer Be Used to Treat People with Dementia
20 Study of Mice Watching Movies Reveals Brain Circuit that Ensures Vision Remains Reliable
21 Solving a 100-Year Mystery: Astronomers Locate Source of High-Energy Cosmic Rays
22 Fossil Treasure Trove Shows Complex Social Herd Behavior in Dinosaurs 193 Million Years Ago
23 A Balanced Intake of Antioxidants Could Prevent Alzheimer's Disease
24 New Clues to Why Human Brains Decreased in Size 3,000 Years Ago
25 Sulfur Skies Over La Palma--No Signs that Cumbre Vieja Volcanic Eruption Is Calming
26 One Step Closer: Orion Spacecraft Stacked on Top SLS Rocket for NASA's Artemis I Mission
27 How a Tangled Protein Kills Brain Cells, Promotes Alzheimer's Disease
28 2,050-Year-Old Roman Tomb Inspires Durable and Sustainable Building Materials for the Future
29 Catastrophizing: Why We Wake Around 3am and Dwell on Our Fears and Failures
30 A Good Night's Sleep May Lower Infant Obesity Risks
31 C. Difficile--Bacteria that Causes Severe Diarrhea--Is Everywhere
32 Scientists Make Hardened Wooden Knife that's 3x Sharper than Stainless-Steel
33 New Photonic Chip for Isolating Light May Be Key to Miniaturizing Quantum Technology
34 Lunabotics Junior Contest: NASA Challenges Students to Design Moon-Digging Robots
35 Fighting Multiple Sclerosis with Cold, Depriving the Immune System of Its Energy
36 Mayo Clinic: Nurses Think About Suicide More than Other Workers
37 New Earth Bombardment Model: How Asteroid and Comet Strikes May Have Delayed Evolution of the Atmosphere
38 Research Reveals Specific Molecular Mechanism that Controls Transition from Acute to Chronic Pain
39 COVID Vaccination Strategies: When Is One Dose Better than Two?
40 NASA's Mars Perseverance Rover: Studying the Jezero Delta from a Distance
41 New Fundamental Physics? Unexplainable Phenomena from Large Hadron Collider Experiment
42 More Likely to Relapse: E-Cigarettes Don't Help Smokers Stay off Cigarettes
43 Surfside Champlain Towers South Condo Collapse & the Science of Concrete [Video]
44 Planetary Composition: The Planet Does Not Fall Far from the Star
45 AI that Can Learn Cause-and-Effect: These Neural Networks Know What They're Doing
46 Astronomers Discover Infant Planet--One of the Youngest Exoplanets Ever Observed
47 Stunning Satellite Images Show Thailand Swamped by Monsoon Flooding
48 Shape-Shifting Materials with Infinite Possibilities: Totimorphic Structural Materials Can Achieve Any Shape
49 How COVID-19 Social Distancing Creates Pedestrian "Traffic Jams"
50 NASA Issues Update on Lucy Spacecraft and Its Solar Array Problem
51 Spectacular Panoramic Martian Image: The Ridges of "South Seitah"
52 Extreme Drought Affecting Agricultural Lands in the Northern Great Plains
53 Einstein-Developed Treatment Strategy May Lead to Cure for HIV and Other Chronic Viral Infections
54 MIT Engineers Devised a Way to Count Tumor Cells to Shed Light on How Cancer Spreads
55 Giant "Quantum Twisters" May Form in Liquid Light--Remarkable Similarities with Black Holes
56 Intuition Often Lets Us Down--How to Use Probability and Statistics to Find the Real Answers
57 A Vast "Magnetic Tunnel" May Surround Earth and Our Entire Solar System
58 Rapid New Mechanism for Muscle Self-Repair Independent of Stem Cells
59 Skyrmions--Tiny Magnetic Whirlpools--Have a Lot in Common with High-Temperature Superconductors
60 When the Solar Wind Slams into Earth's Magnetosphere, a Surprising Stillness Ensues
61 New DNA Research Shows Humans Did Not Cause Woolly Mammoths to Go Extinct--Climate Change Did
62 Melange Melts: Icy "Glue" May Control Pace of Antarctic Ice-Shelf Breakup
63 New England Journal of Medicine Study: No Risk of Pregnancy Loss from COVID-19 Vaccination
64 New MIT Cancer Treatment Jump-Starts the Immune System
65 NASA Turns to the Cloud for Help with Deluge of Data from Next-Generation Earth Missions
66 First Dinosaur Era Crab Discovered--Fully Preserved in 100-Million-Year-Old Amber
67 Ten Astonishing Mysteries of Venus
68 Stretchy, Flexible LEDs--Made with an Inkjet Printer
69 Physicist Quantifies Amount of Information in Entire Visible Universe
70 New COVID-19 Biomarker Discovery--Can Predict Patient Death or Hospitalization
71 Discovery of New Tiny Fish and Lizard Species in Southwest Arkansas
72 Ancient Traces of Life Discovered Encased in a 2.5 Billion-Year-Old Ruby
73 We Asked a NASA Scientist: Does NASA Know About All the Asteroids? [Video]
74 Scientists Discover New Physical Phenomenon: Complex Braided Structures Made of Skyrmions
75 Ancient Driftwood Tracks 500 Years of Arctic Warming, Currents, and Sea Ice
76 Neutron Stars' Surprising Secrets Revealed by Gravitational Waves
77 Hubble Space Telescope Experiences Deja Vu
78 Neutron Star Collisions Are a "Goldmine" of Heavy Elements--Chief Cosmic Source for Gold, Platinum
79 New Way Discovered to Increase the Effectiveness of Antibiotics Against "Superbugs"
80 Online COVID-19 Risk Calculator Shows Your Personalized Risk of Infection
81 Holistic Optimization: Coupling Power and Hydrogen Sector Pathways to Benefit Decarbonization
82 Antennae Galaxies Collision: ALMA Observatory Celebrates 10 Years of Science
83 NASA OSIRIS-REx Mission Helps Solve a Mystery: Why Are Some Asteroid Surfaces Rocky?
84 NASA's Powerful SLS Rocket Fully Stacked for Artemis I Moon Mission--Liftoff for Deep Space in February 2022
85 Stem Cells Help Lizard Regenerate a Perfect Tail for First Time in More than 250 Million Years
86 Songs of Indri--The "Singing Primates" from Madagascar--Feature "Uniquely Human" Rhythms
87 Controlling Light More Precisely than Ever Before--Using a Material Just Three Atoms Thick
88 First Evidence for a Possible Planet Outside of the Milky Way Galaxy
89 Simple COVID-19 Safety Tips for Trick-or-Treating on Halloween 2021
90 Incredible Images Reveal the Complex Face of Living Bacteria like Never Before
91 The Early Solar System Had a Mysterious Gap Where the Asteroid Belt Is Today
92 Scientists Grow "Mini Brains" in the Lab--Find Potential Treatment Path for Fatal Neurological Disease
93 What You Eat Affects Tumors: Diet May Slow Cancer Growth
94 Something Really Wants Our Attention: One Cosmic Object Emitted 1,652 Fast Radio Bursts in 47 Days
95 Roving with Perseverance: See NASA Mars Rover and Ingenuity Helicopter Models on U.S. Tour
96 COVID-19 Pandemic's Effect on Scientists May Be Long Lasting--Dramatic Decline in New Projects
97 Managing Western US Water Resources in a Low-to-No-Snow Future
98 Dragging Your Feet? How Lack of Sleep Affects the Way You Walk
99 Antibiotic Breakthrough: Scientists Finally Figure Out How Penicillin Kills Bacteria
100 This Pyramid Scheme Could Be Helpful: Controlled Growth of Tetrahedron-Shaped Nanoparticles
101 Licking a Tootsie Roll Sensor to Monitor Your Health
102 A New Family of Electromagnetic Pulses: Skyrmions Can Fly!
103 Intense Extratropical "Bomb Cyclones" Drench US West Coast
104 Over 4 Million Deaths per Year Caused by Obesity: Safe, Non-Invasive Treatments Could Help End Epidemic
105 COVID Vaccine Dosing "Mistake" Leads to Surprising Discovery
106 MIT's New Carbon Nanotube-Based Sensor Can Detect COVID-19 or Other Emerging Pathogens
107 The Carbon Takeback: Affordable Policy that Could Stop Fossil Fuels from Causing Global Warming
108 A Cosmic Powder Keg: When a Stable Star Explodes
109 The Human Immune System Is an Early Riser--Time of Day May Matter for Vaccines and Immunotherapies
110 New Force of Nature? Tantalizing Evidence for New Physics from CERN's Large Hadron Collider
111 Essential Amino Acid Supplements Could Prevent Dementia
112 Bennu and Ryugu Asteroids: Diamonds in the Sky
113 How Plants Act Fast to Fight Off Infections--New Discovery Could Improve Crop Yields and Combat Global Hunger
114 Fossil Dental Exams Reveal How Tusks Evolved--Originated in "Very Weird Animals" Called Dicynodonts
115 A Mysterious Signal Looked like a Sign of Alien Technology--Here's What the Investigation Revealed
116 Coronavirus Waivers Ended: Patients Hospitalized for COVID-19 Now Could Pay Thousands of Dollars
117 Physicists Snap First Image of "Electron Ice"--Predicted More than 90 Years Ago