File Title
1 Democrats struggle to define bills they can't agree on: The Note
2 Former President Bill Clinton leaves hospital following blood infection
3 Policies at southern border pushing migrants to take greater risks, advocates say
4 Young Afghan woman, separated from family in US, pleads for help getting out
5 US regulators weigh whether people can mix COVID booster shots
6 CDC releases 2021 holiday guidance to prevent spread of COVID-19
7 Independent FDA panel votes to authorize booster shots for Johnson & Johnson vaccine
8 What's causing America's massive supply-chain disruptions?
9 US Capitol Police officer charged with obstruction related to January 6 attack
10 First lady Jill Biden stumps in New Jersey, Virginia to help elect Democratic governors
11 Democrats take fight vs. Trump to Virginia: The Note
12 Ex-Boeing test pilot indicted for fraud in 737 Max probe
13 Youngkin calls pledge to flag 'carried' at January 6 rally 'weird and wrong'
14 Independent FDA panel votes to authorize Moderna booster for seniors and high-risk Americans
15 Biden embraces Trump accords, but struggles with his withdrawal from Iran nuclear deal amid growing threat
16 In 2020, 62% of police deaths were caused by COVID: One officer's story
17 Trump renews threats to GOP over election lies: The Note
18 US pushes diplomacy, prepares sanctions as Ethiopia launches new offensive in brutal war, risking famine
19 Biden pushes 24/7 port operation ahead of expected Christmas supply crunch
20 Justices divide sharply on reinstating Boston Marathon bomber death sentence
21 Mayorkas calling for end to ICE raids shows diversity of Biden's cabinet, experts say
22 Declarations of independence show limits to party unity: The Note
23 Podcast: 'The Dropout: Elizabeth Holmes on Trial'
24 As stocks soar to historical highs, some experts say conditions ripe for correction
25 Tens of thousands demonstrate in Rome against neo-fascists
26 Bitcoin tops $66,000, sets record as crypto goes mainstream
27 Lawmakers say Amazon reps, including Jeff Bezos, misled or 'may have lied to Congress'
28 Fed survey finds economy facing supply chain, other drags
29 Stocks rise on Wall Street, S&P 500 hovers near record high
30 WHO: Europe the only region with rise in COVID-19 last week
31 Biogen CEO: 'Major bottleneck' still limits Alzheimer's drug
32 Pig-to-human transplants come a step closer with new test
33 Workers fed up with nights, weekends seek flexible schedules
34 $650 million plan would give Los Angeles Zoo flashy transformation
35 Gates Foundation to spend $120 million on access for COVID-19 pill
36 Union Pacific and its unions sue each other over vaccine
37 Former Calif. regulator tapped to run highway safety agency
38 New York City activists, residents awarded $1 million prize
39 United posts $473 million 3Q profit on federal pandemic aid
40 Facebook paying fine to settle US suit on discrimination
41 Vulnerable nations lay out demands for climate talks
42 P&G raising prices to offset higher commodity, freight costs
43 New skyscraper lab will test elevators high above Atlanta
44 US regulators lay out plan for over-the-counter hearing aids
45 Energy crunch hits global recovery as winter approaches
46 J&J hikes 2021 profit forecast, COVID-19 vaccine sales grow
47 UK faces calls for 'Plan B' with virus cases high and rising
48 UK music streaming faces scrutiny from competition watchdog
49 UK courts green investment to fuel carbon-cutting plans
50 US home construction declines 1.6% in September
51 Greece vows to link Egypt's energy grid to European Union
52 Spain makes it easier for young migrants to legalize status
53 US conducts 'successful' test of hypersonic missile technology
54 North Korea accuses US of 'double standards' over SLBM test
55 Israel expects 2,000 rockets a day in any war with Hezbollah: army
56 China tested new space capability with hypersonic missile
57 South Korea launches first domestic space rocket but mission fails
58 China says recent test was spacecraft not missile
59 Successful static firing test with DLR involvement
60 US and UK research labs collaborate on autonomy and artificial intelligence
61 Lockheed Martin continues development of Terrestrial Layer System for army tacticals
62 Seeing through the Fog of War
63 NASA Turns to the Cloud for Help with Next-Generation Earth Missions
64 AMOS' compact hyperspectral instrument "ELOIS" to onboard a microsatellite soon
65 Working towards a Digital Twin of Earth
66 DARPA moving SSITH safeguards closer to practical use
67 The climate project that changed how we understand extreme weather
68 OECD nations to ban export credits for coal power
69 Climate activists rally to pressure post-Merkel government
70 Flying green will be more expensive
71 Energy debate heats up at EU leaders' summit
72 US intelligence services see security threat in climate change
73 UN chief 'very worried' over possible COP26 failure
74 Blinken, in Colombia, unveils Amazon deforestation pact
75 Chile's 'flowering desert' a window on effects of climate change
76 US seals agreement to end European digital taxes
77 Amazon faces new union organizing push in US
78 US to withdraw punitive tariffs after agreement on EU digital taxes
79 New name for Facebook? Critics cry smoke and mirrors
80 Micron plans $150 billion push on domestic chip manufacturing, research
81 Alibaba shares soar after Jack Ma reported on Europe trip
82 Climate: Removing CO2 from the air no longer optional
83 US lawmakers probe whether Amazon misled Congress
84 French cloud computing IPO mints Europe's latest tech billionaire
85 US says 'no change' in Taiwan policy after Biden defense vow
86 Pentagon chief sidesteps issue of US 'commitment' to defend Taiwan
87 Hong Kong judge rejects activists' jail-over-bail request
88 Beijing launches new mass testing wave after four COVID cases found
89 Italian city defies China bid to scrap dissident's show
90 Biden says US would defend Taiwan against China invasion
91 43 countries call on China to respect Uyghur rights
92 China hounds Taiwan with 'greyzone' war plane incursions
93 US to curb hacking tool exports to Russia, China
94 NASA looks beyond SpaceX, Boeing contracts for space station commutes
95 Boeing aims for unmanned Starliner test flight in first half of 2022
96 Russia's Soyuz spacecraft lands in Kazakhstan after ISS mission
97 NASA announces winners of Deep Space Food Challenge
98 Recreating "real food meals" as small cubes that taste like candy
99 Rhea Space Activity Receives USAF Contract to Enhance Domain Awareness in Cislunar Space
100 China's lunar samples reveal new type of basalt
101 China's Chang'e-5 mission offers new insights into evolution of Moon
102 Mixing system prototype for future greenhouses on the Moon
103 NASA challenges students to design moon-digging robots
104 Astronomers detect signs of an atmosphere stripped from a planet during giant impact
105 Is Planetary Defense PI in the Sky?
106 Did a cosmic impact destroy an ancient city in the Jordan Valley
107 DART arrives at Vandenberg for a late November launch
108 Highly porous rocks responsible for Bennu's surprisingly craggy surface
109 NEID Spectrometer Lights Up Path to Exoplanet Exploration
110 Researchers call for armchair astronomers to help find unknown hidden worlds