File Title
1 Does Exercise Accelerate Atherosclerosis?
2 When a Meteor Destroyed an Ancient City, It May Have Inspired Biblical Tales
3 Study Suggests Cell Reprogramming Can Repair Heart Attack Damage
4 Is morality all about taste?
5 Revealing the Age of Lobsters with DNA
6 DNA Gives Clues to the Mystery of 'Skeleton' Lake
7 A New Understanding of Japanese History Through Genetics
8 Kidney Failure in COVID Survivors
9 Researchers Find the Source of Gamma Rays in the 'Empty' Sky
10 Skin Condition Linked to Sex Hormone Gene
11 A 24,000-Year-Old Rotifer from the Siberian Arctic is Alive & Thriving
12 Inflammation Promotes Pancreatic Cancer Progression
13 Ribosomes Make Proteins & Now We Know How Ribosomes Are Made
14 Caught on Tape: Immune Cells Migrating from the Gut to the Brain
15 How Many Nasty Germs Are in Chewed Gum? Ig Nobel Winners Found Out
16 An Established Ovarian Cancer Antigen Presents a Promising Therapeutic Target
17 The (Not So) Secret to a Happy Life: Fruits, Vegetables, and Exercise
18 Medication May Build Up in Gut Bacteria, Impacting the Drug & Microbiome
19 Under Pressure: Physicists Discover New Property of Black Holes and Quantum Gravity
20 Your T-Shirt Could Soon Tell You if Your Heart Is OK
21 Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Cannabis--a Quality of Life Question
22 Clinical Trial of CRISPR-Based HIV Treatment Set to Begin
23 A New DNA Editor Hidden in a Microbial Jumping Gene
24 Houses on Mars Held Together with Astronaut Blood?!
25 Cancer Genes Might Aim for the Immune System, Not Growth Promotion
26 New Glaucoma Drainage Implant Safe and Effective at Reducing Intraocular Pressure
27 XENON1T Physicists May Have Directly Detected Dark Energy
28 Trapped! An Immune Cell Tag Team Takes Down Bacteria.
29 How a Bacterial Molecule Turns Plants to 'Zombies'
30 Experts Urge Pregnant Women to Use Caution with Acetaminophen
31 Reducing Sugar in Packaged Foods May Protect Millions from Disease
32 Lifesaving TheraSpheres--glass microbeads can target and destroy colorectal tumors
33 LIBRA-Seq ID's a Potent Antibody to Fight COVID-19
34 Eating Foods High in Omega-3 Fatty Acids Could Help People with Bipolar Disorder
35 Newly Identified Cell Type is Linked to Chronic Skin Disorders
36 Skin Microbiome Analysis Gets Cleaned Up
37 Whole Genome Sequencing for Cancer Diagnostics
38 Increasing Production of Aquatic "Blue" Foods Promotes Sustainable Access to Healthier Diets
39 Single-cell Proteomics Prevails Over DNA and RNA Sequencing
40 Mining Metal from Microbes in Space
41 Ancient Humans Rarely Chose Cousins as Mates
42 Enhanced Hamster Cells as Super Drug Factories
43 Curbing Adverse Cardiovascular Outcomes Through Influenza Vaccination
44 How Light Therapy Could Help People with Alzheimer's Disease
45 Nanomedicine and the Future of Stroke Management
46 Researchers Develop a New Method for Analyzing How Ketamine-Induced Anesthesia Affects the Brain
47 Rift Valley Fever's Infectious Secret is Revealed
48 A shot for sore eyes: a novel injectable drug to treat age-related vision loss
49 Antibiotics and Viruses Team Up to Kill Drug-Resistant Bugs
50 Cell Therapy Scrubs Tumors, Spares Transplanted Organs
51 Climate Change Is Already Bad for Corn Production. Weeds Make It Worse.
52 How Smell Triggers Memory in the Brain
53 New Type of Artificial Heart Tested in Several Patients Shows Promise
54 New face mask prototype can detect COVID-19 infection
55 Inspiring Hope during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month
56 How Stem Cells May Aid in the Treatment of MRSA
57 Medical Opinions Are Often Divided, but Tech Can Bring Them Together
58 Towards a Gene Therapy for Heart Regeneration
59 I'm Crying. You're Crying. Viewers' Brains Sync During Engaging Stories
60 A Human Embryo Model is Made from Stem Cells
61 Glowing Gophers? Bioluminescence Discovered in These Rodents
62 Mapping the Spread of COVID-19 in Africa Using Genomics
63 A Better Gene Therapy Delivery System for Treating Muscle Diseases
64 The FDA approves drug to treat a bad cholesterol in children
65 Commercial Fusion Energy Could be Within Reach, Thanks to the World's Most Powerful Magnet
66 Gender-affirmation Surgery in Transgender Patients--Evidence for Regret?
67 Cannabis Use and Exercise--a Dire Need for High-quality Evidence
68 Oxygen Levels Are Dropping in the Ocean, Affecting Fish Ecosystems
69 City Solutions--Green Rooftops in Urban Spaces
70 Amyloid from the Liver May Contribute to Alzheimer's
71 Scientists Create Tiny Replicas of the Pancreas to Study New Drugs
72 Optical Imaging in Tissue with Near-Infrared Dyes
73 American Astronomical Society Commits to Open Access Journals
74 Nasal Drugs Show Promise for Slowing Parkinson's Disease
75 Black College Football Players More at Risk of Heart Conditions
76 We've Killed Half the World's Coral
77 WHO Recommends Antibody Treatment for High Risk COVID-19 Patients
78 Kleefstra Syndrome Reversed in Mouse Model After Birth
79 Regular Exercise Linked to Huge Reduction in Anxiety Risk
80 Routine Blood Test May Show Link Between Schizophrenia and Cardiovascular Disease
81 Farming Fish Sustainably
82 The FDA approves the first and only oral treatment for a certain non-small cell lung cancer.
83 Using UAVs to Study the Environment
84 Protecting the Mango Plant with Signal Interference
85 Nearly 90% of Amazonian Plants and Animals Have Been Affected by Wildfires
86 Genetic Mutation Improving Protein Translation Found to Slow Aging
87 Nudging Closer to a Sustainable Future
88 Images of Healthy Foods with A Lot of Likes on Social Media Influence Eating Habits
89 Scientists harness human protein to deliver molecular medicines to cells
90 Machine learning discovers new sequences to boost drug delivery
91 New device can diagnose COVID-19 from saliva samples
92 New method opens the door to efficient genome writing in bacteria
93 Mapping the cellular circuits behind spitting
94 Brain's "memory center" is needed to recognize image sequences, but not single sights
95 The environmental toll of disposable masks
96 Memory-making involves extensive DNA breaking
97 Microscopy technique makes finer images of deeper tissue, more quickly
98 Researchers develop a method for rapid, accurate virus detection
99 Some brain disorders exhibit similar circuit malfunctions
100 As novel sights become familiar, different brain rhythms and neurons take over
101 A comprehensive map of the SARS-CoV-2 genome
102 Anesthesia doesn't simply turn off the brain--it changes its rhythms
103 Biologists discover a trigger for cell extrusion
104 Synthetic gelatin-like material mimics lobster underbelly's stretch and strength
105 Cancer cells soften as they metastasize, study suggests
106 A safer way to deploy bacteria as environmental sensors
107 Mice naturally engage in physical distancing, study finds
108 Tiny particles power chemical reactions
109 How metals work together to weaken hardy nitrogen-nitrogen bonds
110 Chemists boost boron's utility
111 Researchers construct molecular nanofibers that are stronger than steel
112 Vaccination by inhalation
113 Nanoparticles can turn off genes in bone marrow cells
114 Bio-inspired, blood-repelling tissue glue could seal wounds quickly
115 Synthetic biology circuits can respond within seconds