File Title
1 A 24,000-Year-Old Rotifer from the Siberian Arctic is Alive & Thriving
2 The FDA approves drug to treat a bad cholesterol in children
3 Italy's 'Smart Bay' seeks to tackle Mediterranean climate change
4 Little fluffy clouds may help save Australia's Great Barrier Reef
5 NASA launches Landsat 9 satellite to boost climate change monitoring
6 Volcanic eruptions helped dinosaurs dominate Earth
7 California's wildfires had an invisible effect: High carbon dioxide emissions
8 Made for mission life of 6 months, India's Mars probe completes 7 years in orbit
9 Dark future? Climate change fuels higher heat, flood threats for children
10 Arctic warming may be linked to shifting weather patterns in North America
11 Two COVID vaccine pioneers win 2021 Lasker Awards in medicine
12 Exotic brown trout threatening native Himalayan fish species: study
13 Where did watermelon come from? Study solves the mystery of fruit's origin
14 Low-lying nations implore faster action on climate at UN
15 Good friends and fresh blood: the social life of a vampire bat
16 Ancient footprints push back date of human arrival in the Americas
17 Researchers detect malaria resistant to key drug in Africa
18 Genetic study reveals how ancient seafarers settled vast Polynesia
19 Arctic sea ice hits annual low, but it's not as low as recent years
20 Nanobodies from llamas can potentially treat COVID-19: study
21 Southwest U.S. drought, worst in a century, linked to climate change: NOAA
22 Inspiration4 crew had 'challenges' with the toilet, says Elon Musk
23 Taking the 'shame part' out of female anatomy
24 NASA splits human spaceflight unit in two, reflecting new orbital economy
25 COVID-19 virus evolving to get better at becoming airborne, study shows
26 Scientists in Singapore transform fruit leftovers into antibacterial bandages
27 When giraffes fight, they are honorable
28 Have you seen tardigrades walk? Scientists decode why they trot like insects
29 When north met south: Photographers capture trippy night sky
30 Chinese astronauts safely return to Earth after three-month-long mission to build space station
31 Moroccan cave yields oldest clues about advent of human clothing
32 Who gets sick in Space? Orbital tourists may offer better clues
33 Day 1 in a high orbit around Earth for Inspiration4 crew
34 Ozone hole over Antarctica larger than usual, scientists say
35 Meet S. jaisalmerensis, a new Jurassic era shark from Rajasthan
36 Chinese astronauts leave space station module for Earth
37 First all-civilian crew launched into orbit aboard SpaceX rocket ship
38 A cancer survivor, a geoscientist: Meet the crew of the first all-civilian spaceflight
39 Moderna COVID-19 vaccine produces lasting immune response, study finds
40 Six feet distance may not be enough to prevent viral transmission indoors: study
41 'Flying Dragon' roamed the southern skies too, scientists say
42 J&J reports promising Ebola vaccine data
43 Bruce is a parrot with a broken beak. So he invented a tool.
44 Scientists potty train cows to use 'MooLoo'
45 Blood plasma therapy doesn't help seriously ill COVID-19 patients: Study
46 Lab-grown fish fingers anyone? Get ready for cell-cultured seafood
47 Scientists scramble to harvest ice cores as glaciers melt
48 Milkweed butterflies are more murderous than they look
49 How math solved the case of the volcanic bombs that didn't explode
50 DNA of a female hunter-gatherer, buried 7,000 years ago in Indonesia, reveals population history of SE Asia
51 Scientists find duck mimicking phrase 'You bloody fool'
52 Conservation body calls for global moratorium on deep-sea mining
53 Upside-down rhinoceros research wins satiric Ig Nobel Prize
54 Researchers complete first-ever detailed map of world's coral reefs
55 South Korean researchers create chameleon-like artificial "skin"
56 Meet Titanokorys gainesi, one of Earth's largest predators 500 million years ago
57 Rising global temperatures likely to impact Komodo dragon populations: Ecologist Tim Jessop
58 Study identifies three prominent heatwave prone regions in India
59 IIT Jodhpur launches initiative to conserve, restore Thar desert
60 Ecuador eyes new Galapagos marine reserve to limit commercial fishing
61 What are dugongs, where is India's first dugong conservation reserve?
62 The grooviest cocoons in the insect kingdom
63 'I've got it': NASA confirms Perseverance has captured its first Mars rock samples
64 IISER-Bhopal scientists sequence genome of Giloy plant
65 Climate change pushes New Zealand to warmest recorded winter
66 Indigenous leaders push new target to protect Amazon from deforestation
67 More sharks, rays threatened with extinction: IUCN report
68 Reuniting an orphan elephant and her mom, perhaps, with DNA and luck
69 New study shows how Arctic warming can cause severe winter weather
70 Cannibal toads, a weird addition to Australia's wildlife
71 Don't look now: How a robot's gaze can affect the human brain
72 China develops prototype miniature helicopter for Mars missions
73 Once green prehistoric Arabia drew early humans from Africa
74 Edmond H. Fischer, Nobelist in key discovery about cells, dies at 101
75 Below a pyramid, a treasure trove sheds new light on ancient Mexican rites
76 How scorpion tails do the bend and twist
77 Satellites spot oceans aglow with trillions of organisms
78 Birds of prey face global decline from habitat loss, poisons
79 Researchers find a cave full of bones. Who put them there?
80 Fossils seized in police raid demystify a prehistoric flying reptile
81 Expedition discovers island believed world's northernmost
82 What we know about climate change and hurricanes
83 1,000-year-old remains tell the story of Finland's non-binary warrior
84 Researchers discover 3 supermassive black holes merging together in nearby universe
85 Novel AI tool to help predict Arctic sea ice loss
86 Female hummingbirds avoid harassment by looking like males
87 Express Science Quiz: On Black Holes
88 Ginkgo leaves help scientists decipher ancient climates
89 Fossil of previously unknown four-legged whale found in Egypt
90 Mexico City taps solar energy to clean up historic Aztec-era canals
91 Interview: Battery pioneer Akira Yoshino on Tesla, Apple and the electric future
92 Hurricanes get names. What about heat waves?
93 Heart inflammation risk boosted slightly by vaccine, more by COVID-19, says study
94 It looks like bird dung, but it's really a predatory spider
95 'Totally surprising and rather horrifying': giant tortoises eat baby birds
96 Taking the pulse of the ocean's comb jellies
97 Brace for new crop diseases steered by climate change, says study
98 China's Mars rover soldiers on after completing initial program
99 AI helps identify existing drugs that can kill SARS-CoV-2
100 Pesticide vs. bacterioplankton: Who will win the battle?
101 Japan aims to bring back soil samples from Mars moon by 2029
102 How rattlesnakes use high-frequency rattling to create an illusion of closeness
103 Have you seen the crystal structure of bleach?
104 Hidden in plain sight, a new snake with a 'bindi' on its nape found in Assam
105 Express Quiz: On the latest IPCC report
106 Cancer patients' own cells used to 3D print tumours to test treatments
107 This brain remained intact in a 310 million-year-old fossil
108 Can we save the Owens pupfish?
109 Antibodies elicited by COVID-19 vaccination effective against delta variant: study
110 Well-preserved skeleton sheds light on culture in ancient Pompeii
111 What if you could become invisible to mosquitoes?
112 'Where are the moths?': Researchers create global risk index for pollinator decline
113 New plant species named after Kerala's Communist leaders
114 Babies and toddlers spread coronavirus in homes more easily than teens: Study
115 Can simple leaves become compound leaves? Study reveals how genes influence leaf architecture
116 IIT researchers develop smart road monitoring system to prevent crashes