File Title
1 Intensified water cycle slows down global warming
2 Study links polar vortex disruption with extreme winter weather
3 Precipitation in central Asia shaped by sea surface temperature over tropical pacific and north Atlantic
4 On the trail of methane sources in Scandinavia
5 Leonardo DiCaprio invests in two lab-grown meat startups
6 Australia asks WTO to rule against Chinese wine tariffs
7 NASA grant aids geography professor's climate research on dryland regions
8 Donkey milk soap soaking up fans in Jordan
9 Floating Dutch cow farm aims to curb climate impact
10 Climate change and its environmental impacts on crop growth
11 The first farmers of Europe
12 Tunisia plants seeds of hope against climate change
13 WTO panel to examine China compliance with grain import tariff ruling
14 UN issues urgent appeal to help drought-hit Afghan farmers
15 Ancient vicuna wool shearing tradition lives on in Peruvian Andes
16 First 3D-bioprinted structured Wagyu beef-like meat unveiled
17 Some plant-based burgers smell more like real beef than others, study shows
18 How satellite maps help prevent another 'great grain robbery'
19 NASA watches water to help grow our groceries
20 NASA at your table: where food meets methane
21 New gene to make plants heat-tolerant in rising temperatures
22 Pig farms accused of defiling Mexico's 'sacred wells'
23 From grey to green: world cities uprooting the urban jungle
24 From Seed to Market: NASA Brings Food to the Table
25 NASA's role in agriculture
26 UN pushes for transformation of global food systems
27 US to crack down on potent class of greenhouse gases
28 UK regulator to tackle false 'greenwashing' claims
29 UK warship makes first Taiwan Strait transit since 2008
30 UK warship makes rare transit through Taiwan Strait
31 Swedish electric car maker Polestar plans $20- billion IPO
32 China calls for limits on 'non-medical' abortions
33 China's Xi warns of 'grim' situation with Taiwan
34 Hong Kong's Tiananmen vigil organiser disbands
35 Agency sounds alert on European air pollution
36 Dutch face more serious climate threat than first thought: king
37 Climate shocks forced over 100,000 to flee home in Burundi: charity
38 Johnson says Glasgow climate talks 'turning point for humanity'
39 Johnson cautious over fulfilling UN climate fund pledges
40 Energy groups agree reporting standard over net zero
41 Britain urges net zero shipping emissions by 2050
42 UK 'ditched' climate pledge to secure Australia trade deal
43 UK watchdog slams government's failed green homes plan
44 What can central banks do to address climate risks?
45 Japan, US to press China on emissions ahead of climate summit
46 China signals steady course after UN climate warning
47 German Greens propose climate veto on all policies
48 Climate activists blockade UBS, Credit Suisse HQs
49 Powering Iraqi homes one switch at a time
50 G20 ministers sign deal but stuck on global warming caps
51 Blasted by flames, California to modernize its power grid
52 Guatemala volcano erupts but no evacuations yet
53 Canaries volcano razes hundreds of buildings as lava creeps to sea
54 Iceland's volcanic eruption the longest in half a century
55 What lies beneath: Volcanic secrets revealed
56 Volcano analysis in real time
57 Even after an eruption, supervolcanoes remain a threat for thousands of years
58 Three months after DR Congo volcano eruption, thousands seeking aid
59 Volcanoes acted as a safety valve for Earth's long-term climate
60 Indonesia volcano erupts, blankets villages in ash
61 Congolese warned not to use toxic 'volcano salt'
62 Minor volcanic eruptions could 'cascade' into global catastrophe
63 Smaller volcanoes can cause bigger disruption, study finds
64 Indonesia's Sinabung volcano erupts
65 Health fears as killer DR Congo volcano spouts ash
66 To predict underwater volcano eruptions, scientist looks at images from space
67 Philippines on alert for another volcano eruption as thousands flee
68 Philippines on alert after Taal volcano eruption
69 Giant eruption of Costa Rica volcano
70 Magma analysis reveals why some volcanoes more dangerous than others
71 Volcanologists take the pulse of DR Congo's temperamental volcano
72 For many evacuees of DR Congo volcano, an uncertain future
73 New study shines light on hazards of Earth's largest volcano
74 Searching for the lost children after DR Congo volcanic eruption
75 DR Congo mulls return to volcano city
76 Defying warnings, inhabitants return to DR Congo's volcano city
77 Exodus from DR Congo volcano city prompts fears of looting
78 DR Congo president says situation 'under control' after volcano eruption
79 'Limnic eruption': DR Congo's volcano nightmare
80 Lake Maracaibo, lightning capital of the world
81 Lightning strike kills 14 in northwest Pakistan
82 Tornado kills two on Sicily island
83 Climate crisis triggers spike in lightning strike deaths in India
84 Weather, climate disasters surge fivefold in 50 years: UN
85 Strikes paralyse hospitals in Guinea-Bissau
86 DR Congo rebel jailed for life for war crimes, environmental harm
87 Wildfire Workshop finds ways NASA Aero Tech can fight fires
88 Climate: summer wildfires emit record amount of CO2
89 California continues to burn
90 Spain says 'monster' fire under control after 7 days
91 Wildfire evacuees tempted not to vote in Canada election
92 California burning: Wildfires heat up governor recall vote
93 The growing threat of wildfires in America
94 August Amazon fires remain near highs under Bolsonaro
95 Siberia's devastating wildfires 'almost' extinguished
96 Myanmar faces 'alarming' risk of escalating civil war: UN
97 Thousands flee Myanmar town after clashes with junta troops
98 EU, US urge Iran to allow UN nuclear watchdog access
99 Iran's nuclear program has crossed 'all red lines': Israel PM
100 Iran says UN nuclear watchdog's claim 'not accurate'
101 UN nuclear watchdog denied 'indispensable' Iran access: IAEA
102 Russia calls on US to 'be more active' to revive Iran nuclear deal
103 Iran still committed to nuclear talks: minister
104 Czechs to replace Soviet-era air defense with Israeli gear
105 How robots can tell how clean is 'clean'
106 A new solid-state battery surprises the researchers who created it
107 Sugar coating opens a path to low cost lithium sulfur batteries
108 New opportunities for light-powered battery and fuel cell design
109 Stanford researchers make rechargeable batteries that store six times more charge
110 An innovative process which prevents irreversible energy loss in batteries
111 Smallest biosupercapacitor provides energy for biomedical applications
112 UK-based consortium established to develop prototype solid-state batteries
113 New technique for large-scale energy storage developed by polymer scientist
114 Europe to boost battery production as electric shift accelerates
115 Fabricating MgB2 superconductors using spark plasma sintering and pulse magnetization
116 Researchers develop new tool for analyzing large superconducting circuits
117 When walked on, these wooden floors harvest enough energy to turn on a lightbulb