File Title
1 Japan Space Agency: Why We're Exploring the Moons of Mars
2 National Ignition Facility Examines the Performance of Various Materials as Fusion Fuel Ablators
3 New Artificial Intelligence Tool Accelerates Discovery of Truly New Materials
4 Futuristic Solar Electric Thrusters Makes NASA's Psyche Spacecraft Go
5 What if Just a Single Airborne Particle Was Enough to Infect You?
6 Ancient DNA Extracted from Human Bones Rewrites Early Japanese History--Modern Day Populations Have Tripartite Genetic Origin
7 NASA's VIPER Moon Rover to Land Near Nobile Crater at the Lunar South Pole
8 Prematurely Aged or Overworked Stem Cells Could Be Major Factor in Chronic Lung Disease
9 NASA's Delta-X Mission Helps with Disaster Response in Wake of Hurricane Ida
10 Solved: Charles Darwin's Mysterious Short-Beak Enigma
11 Princeton Researchers Discover New Way to Encourage COVID Vaccinations and Masking
12 Smartphone App Helps Tackle Fear of Spiders Using Augmented Reality
13 Stopping Coronavirus Replication: Inhibiting Targets of SARS-CoV-2 Proteases Can Block Infection
14 Antidote Developed for Nerve Agent Poisoning
15 Coral Reef Biodiversity Predicted to Shuffle Rather than Collapse as Climate Changes with Ocean Warming and Acidification
16 A Mathematical Equation Can Uncover Your Preferences via Brain Activity and Mood
17 Viability of Large-Scale Hydrogen Storage in Geologic Formations
18 Moon's Tycho Crater Revealed in Intricate Detail--Powerful New Radar Technology Will Reveal Secrets of the Solar System
19 Promoting Wellbeing During COVID-19 Restrictions: Spending Time Outside and Getting Quality Sleep
20 FDA: Why You Should Not Use Ivermectin to Treat or Prevent COVID-19
21 Burrowing Beach Mice Seek Shelter at NASA's Kennedy Space Center
22 New Target Discovered for Increasing Plant Oil Content--Applications in Bioenergy, Chemical Engineering, and Nutrition
23 Llama Antibodies Have "Significant Potential" as Frontline COVID-19 Treatment--Simple Nasal Spray
24 Sonic Hedgehog Protein Pathway Stimulation Could Help Treat Parkinson's Disease
25 Physicists Solve a Perplexing Nano-Scale Mystery that Could Help Prevent Overheating in Electronics
26 Modern Activities Follow the Contours of Ancient Teotihuacan City
27 NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts: Visionary Technology Could Pioneer the Future in Space
28 Astronomers Have Discovered a Gigantic Sphere-Shaped Cavity in Space
29 Brain Cells Decide on Their Own When to Release "Feel Good" Pleasure Hormone
30 Methamphetamine-Involved Overdose Deaths Nearly Tripled in the United States Between 2015 to 2019
31 New COVID-19 Treatment for People with Diabetes Shows Early Promise
32 Archaeological Evidence Shows Early Homo sapiens in Europe Faced Subarctic Climates
33 Dead Galaxies Mysteriously Ran Out of Fuel to Make Stars in the Early Universe
34 Greenery May Be the Secret to Slowing the Biological Aging Process--At Least for Women
35 Lunar Crater Named After Black Arctic Explorer Matthew Henson
36 New Engine Design Could Muffle Roar of Fighter Jets--U.S. Navy to Test on F-18 Super Hornets
37 Winged Microchip Is Smallest-Ever Human-Made Flying Structure--The Size of a Grain of Sand
38 Bat Guts Become Less Healthy from Diet of "Fast Food" from Banana Plantations
39 Harnessing the Power of the Sun on Earth: Major Advance in Stellarator Performance for Fusion Energy
40 NASA's InSight Mars Lander Detects Three Big Marsquakes
41 Blueprint for Robust Artificial Tissues: Synthetic Hydrogel Mimics Lobster Underbelly's Stretch and Strength
42 Scientists Build Embryo-Like Structures from Human Stem Cells
43 The Future of NASA [Video]
44 NASA: 2021 Arctic Summer Sea Ice Is 12th-Lowest on Record
46 The Next Generation of Nanobionic Light-Emitting Plants
47 Researchers Translate Insect Defense Chemicals into Eerie Sounds--Listen Now
48 A New Approach for Recycling Plastics
49 I Get Blood with a Little Help from My Friends: Vampire Bats May Coordinate with "Friends" Over a Bite to Eat
50 Polynesian Genetic Ancestry Linked to Obesity, Heart Failure and Diabetes in Native Hawaiians
51 Right Light on the Mother's Belly May Be Important to Fetal Brain Development
52 Ancient Footprints Provide Evidence of Human Activity in the Americas Thousands of Years Earlier than Thought
53 The Nanophotonics Orchestra Presents: Twisting to the Light of Nanoparticles to Reveal "Forbidden" Colors
54 First Light from Sun-Watching Sunstorm CubeSat
55 So-Called "Junk" DNA Is Essential, Plays a Key Role in Speciation
56 Peering into the Moon's Shadows: AI Provides Sharper Images of Lunar Craters that Contain Water Ice
57 Potentially Devastating Natural Hazards Threaten 57% of US Structures
58 Artificial Intelligence Uncovers "Genes of Importance" in Agriculture and Medicine
59 Artificial Intelligence Tool Improves Accuracy of Breast Cancer Ultrasound Imaging
60 Lab Grown 3D Tumor Models Could Improve Treatment for Pancreatic Cancer
61 Ultra-Potent Antibody Against Multiple COVID-19 Variants Discovered
62 New High-Performance Solid-State Battery Surprises the Engineers Who Created It
63 Magnetic Structures Observed Near Supermassive Black Hole
64 Everyday Exposure to Obesity-Promoting Chemicals Represents a Significant Risk to Public Health
65 Looming Extinction Crisis: If Endangered Primates Disappear, So Will Their Parasites. That's Actually a Problem
66 Next Generation Reservoir Computing: A New Way to Solve the "Hardest of the Hard" Computer Problems
67 Scientists Are First in the World to Watch Plants "Drink" Water in Real-Time
68 Earless Worms Can "Listen"--Sense Sound Waves Through Their Skin
69 Something Big Just Crashed into Jupiter!
70 Blowing Up Over 20 Different Medieval Gunpowder Recipes
71 Combo Therapy Cuts Risk of Heart Attacks and Strokes by More than 50%
72 Invisible Colors: Why Astronomers Use Different Radio Bands to Observe the Universe
73 New Extremely Energy-Efficient Optical "Transistor" Speeds Up Computation Up to 1,000 Times
74 Plant Patch Enables Continuous Monitoring for Crop Stress and Diseases
75 Physicists Find "Magnon" Origins in 2D Magnet--Could Prove Useful for Encoding Information
76 3D Printed Vaccine Patch Offers Vaccination Without a Shot--Outperforms Needle Jab in Boosting Immunity
77 Potential Remnants of Original Dinosaur DNA Discovered in Exquisitely Preserved Dinosaur Cells
78 The Changing Climate's Snowball Effect--Can New Technologies Help?
79 Maya Rulers Transformed Cities, Put Their Personal Stamp on Monumental Complexes
80 Could Low-Altitude Magnetic Reconnection Power Jupiter's Polar Aurorae?
81 NASA's Perseverance Rover Cameras Capture Mars like Never Before--"A Huge Piece of Everything"
82 Child's Play: Are Tibetan Hand and Foot Traces from 200,000 Years Ago the Earliest Example of Parietal Art?
83 MIT Biologists Identify New Targets for Cancer Vaccines
84 Framework for Engineering Living Cells Inspired by the Math that Describes How Bubbles Form in a Glass of Champagne
85 Carbon Dioxide Reactor Synthesizes Martian Fuel
86 New Estimate Makes Groundwater--Not Ice Sheets--Earth's Largest Water Reservoir on Land
87 Delirium Is a Common Consequence of Severe COVID-19--Cognitive Impairment Could Be Lasting
88 Computer Science: How Quickly Do Algorithms Improve?
89 Exploring Alien Planets: New Cereal Box-Sized Spacecraft Has Mighty Goals
90 Southern California Under Smoke--Groves of Giant Sequoias Threatened by Intense Fires
91 NASA Releases Interactive Graphic Novel "First Woman: NASA's Promise for Humanity"
92 Space Biology, Dragon Packing and Station Traffic Fill ISS Crew Schedule
93 Cumbre Vieja Lights Up the Night--Astronaut Photo Captures Volcanic Eruption from Space
94 Bizarre New Species of Dinosaur Had Armor Unlike Anything Seen Before
95 Untangling the Formation of Planetary Systems with Heavy Hydrogen
96 DNA Found in Poop Helps Scientists Learn About Elusive Fox Species
97 Contrary to Theory, Binge-Eating Is Not Caused by Stress-Induced Impulsivity
98 NASA Chief Scientist to Retire
99 Lake Powell--The Second Largest Reservoir in the United States--Reaches New Low
100 In a Gene Tied to Growth, Scientists See Glimmers of Human History
101 Lucy Is Going to Space--To Explore Time Capsules from the Birth of Our Solar System
102 Physicists Probe Light Smashups to Guide Future Research Beyond the Standard Model
103 Hubble Captures Stunning New Image of Palomar 6
104 Dutch Neanderthal's Face Revealed
105 Astronomers Identify Remnant of Historical Supernova SN 1181
106 New Jurassic Pterosaur Unearthed in Chile
107 Mars Too Small to Be Habitable, New Study Suggests
108 Researchers Solve Charles Darwin's Short-Beak Enigma
109 NASA Announces Landing Site for VIPER Lunar Rover
110 Scientists Observe Biofluorescence in Burrowing Mammals for First Time
111 Ancient DNA Reveals Tripartite Origins of Japanese People