File Title
1 Biogen CEO: 'Major bottleneck' still limits Alzheimer's drug
2 Walgreens begins testing drone delivery in Texas
3 Flooding in Venice worsens off-season amid climate change
4 Volcano in southern Japan erupts with massive smoke column
5 Study: Fossil fuel plans would far overshoot climate goals
6 Microsoft says it warned Bill Gates about flirting in 2008
7 COVID-19 and pregnancy: Women regret not getting the vaccine
8 UK courts green investment to fuel carbon-cutting plans
9 China says moon rocks offer new clues to volcanic activity
10 Chinese users have mixed feelings about LinkedIn departure
11 Automakers step up pace on electric vehicle battery plants
12 Data shows ship crossed over oil pipeline that ruptured
13 US formally removes Colorado River fish's endangered status
14 China calls missile launch 'routine test' of new technology
15 Facebook plans to hire 10,000 in EU to build 'metaverse'
16 Nun imprisoned over peace activism, Megan Rice, dies at 91
17 Russian filmmakers land after shoot aboard space station
18 University offers to rehire prof acquitted of ties to China
19 NASA's asteroid hunter Lucy soars into sky with diamonds
20 New crew docks at China's first permanent space station
21 China's Shenzhou-13 spacecraft docks for 6-month mission
22 Company behind Tether 'token' fined $41 million by US regulators
23 California OKs new protections for leatherback sea turtles
24 White House targeting economic risks from climate change
25 Japanese billionaire gets ready for December space mission
26 With latest mission, China renews space cooperation vow
27 Lava flow from Spanish island volcano likened to a tsunami
28 TSMC plans chip plant in Japan, says supply shortages easing
29 Microsoft shutting down LinkedIn app in China amid scrutiny
30 Q&A: La Nina's back and it's not good for parts of dry West
31 Dozens of US nuclear lab workers sue over vaccine mandate
32 Lucy in the sky: Spacecraft will visit record 8 asteroids
33 Dutch climate scientist Geert Jan van Oldenborgh dies at 59
34 Strongest quake since volcano erupted shakes Spanish island
35 China set to send 3 astronauts on longest crewed mission yet
36 Wildfire rages in Southern California coastal mountains
37 WHO honors Henrietta Lacks, woman whose cells served science
38 Lava from volcano on Spain's La Palma forces 800 to evacuate
39 US regulators seek answers from Tesla over lack of recall
40 Energy agency urges bigger global push to cut emissions
41 US high court won't block vaccines for Maine health workers
42 Chicago police union takes fight against vaccine mandate to court as some hold-out cops sent home without pay
43 New York City mayor announces COVID-19 vaccine mandate for municipal workers
44 Children's mental health crisis a 'national emergency,' pediatric groups declare
45 Gates Foundation to spend $120 million on access for COVID-19 pill
46 Southwest: We won't put unvaccinated workers on unpaid leave
47 San Francisco shuts burger spot for not checking vaccination
48 WHO: Europe the only region with rise in COVID-19 last week
49 Why breakthrough COVID deaths can be misunderstood
50 Union Pacific and its unions sue each other over vaccine
51 White House details plans to vaccinate 28M children age 5-11
52 Why COVID boosters weren't tweaked to better match variants
53 Florida chief fired for not forcing firefighter vaccinations
54 UK encourages booster jabs, resists new virus restrictions
55 Pig-to-human transplants come a step closer with new test
56 Russians to stay off work for a week as virus deaths rise
57 FDA official: Booster announcements coming Wednesday
58 Serbia introduces evening COVID passes amid infection surge
59 Auditor: Iowa's privatized Medicaid illegally denies care
60 Virus: Morocco suspending UK, Germany, Netherlands flights
61 Czech Republic imposes new restrictions as infections soar
62 US Labor Department warns 3 GOP states over COVID rules
63 Taliban agree to new polio vaccination across Afghanistan
64 Businesses nervously await fine print of vax-or-test rule
65 Alabama only state to limit media to 1 witness at execution
66 US Homeland Security secretary tests positive for COVID
67 Texas nurse convicted of killing 4 men with air injections
68 South African regulator rejects Russia's COVID-19 vaccine
69 Vaccinations help protect families: National Institutes of Health
70 US expected to authorize mix-and-match COVID booster shots
71 Income test for Medicare dental under debate; gets pushback
72 As deaths rise, Russian doctors despair at low vaccine rate
73 Bulgaria makes virus pass mandatory for indoor venues
74 Romania hits record infections, deaths amid vaccination lag
75 USDA rethinks approach to controlling salmonella in poultry
76 US regulators lay out plan for over-the-counter hearing aids
77 UK faces calls for 'Plan B' with virus cases high and rising
78 Alabama veterans board wants inquiry into chemical exposure
79 Latvia to impose nearly monthlong lockdown as COVID spreads
80 Harris argues for Biden climate agenda at sinking Lake Mead
81 New Zealand hits virus high, pushes vaccination as way out
82 Group decries sentencing of Oklahoma woman for miscarriage
83 Mexico City lowers pandemic alert to lowest level
84 Russia's virus infections over 8 million; daily deaths high
85 Powell's age and cancer bout left him vulnerable to COVID
86 Medical examiner called to Florida park at center of Brian Laundrie search: Updates
87 Biden admin. backs down on tracking bank accounts with over $600 annual transactions
88 Ex-Alitalia flight attendants strip off uniforms in protest
89 Former '400 Mawozo' hostages describe ordeal as Haiti gang demands $17 million ransom for kidnapped missionaries
90 Trump golf course under investigation by Westchester DA
91 Parkland shooter addresses court as he pleads guilty in high school massacre
92 As White House announces vaccine plan for kids 5-11, states prepare for complex rollout
93 Johnson & Johnson looking to bankruptcy to resolve 40,000 baby powder cancer suits
94 Donald Trump versus 'Electric Avenue"s Eddy Grant
95 Atlanta police: Woman, killer dead after high-rise shootout
96 Queen accepts medical advice to rest, cancels N Ireland trip
97 Giuliani associate decides not to testify at criminal trial
98 Russians to stay off work for a week as virus deaths rise
99 Ex-soldiers protest in Guatemala to get civil war payment
100 Husband charged with killing wife who vanished in January
101 Police: Man fatally shoots 2, wounds 2, then kills himself
102 Teen held in officer's death says he wanted to kill himself
103 Pope praises freedom of children after boy gets a skullcap
104 Gabby Petito died by strangulation: Medical examiner
105 Gabby Petito case: Timeline of travel blogger's disappearance
106 Senate Republicans expected to once again defeat voting rights reform bill
107 January 6 committee plays to GOP concerns over Trump: The Note
108 January 6 committee recommends holding Bannon in contempt
109 Biden focuses on climate, families in trimmed $2 trillion plan
110 White House defends Rahm Emanuel's ambassadorial nomination against liberal backlash