File Title
1 Peering into the Moon's shadows with AI
2 What's behind Africa's increasing drive to launch satellites
3 Nigeria's military crackdown puts squeeze on bandit gangs
4 Come on in, the water is superionic
5 Cloud-spotting on a distant exoplanet
6 Planets form in organic soups with different ingredients
7 SpaceX satellite signals used like GPS to pinpoint location on Earth
8 Northrop Grumman's LEO satellite payload for DARPA revolutionizes positioning, navigation and timing
9 Life support cooked up from lunar rocks
10 Gloomy moonscape for rover test
11 Thunberg rallies climate activists for German vote 'of a century'
12 UN redoubles green energy push to save climate, boost access
13 Dozens of climate activists arrested at UK port protest
14 Thunberg tells Germans 'no party' doing enough on climate
15 UK court jails blind Paralympian for gluing self to plane
16 Candidates stump as Thunberg rallies for German vote 'of a century'
17 Climate activists block access to busy UK port Dover
18 WHO says air pollution kills 7 mn a year, toughens guidelines
19 Thunberg to join mass German climate strikes before vote
20 US urges greater ambition as UN Security Council tackles climate
21 Disabled people can now use Android phones with face gestures
22 EU says US tech talks going ahead despite French anger
23 Twitter courts influencers with bitcoin tips and NFT craze
24 Suspects identified in Macron vaccine data leak
25 Facebook seeks to defend itself after scathing reports
26 Myanmar shutdown marks grim year for web freedom
27 Huawei executive reaches plea deal in US court: report
28 Stocks retreat, bitcoin down on China cryptocurrency crackdown
29 CORRECTED: China's central bank rules all crypto transactions are illegal
30 Chinese game makers vow to cut effeminacy, limit underage players
31 Equity markets struggle as Evergrande silence fans uncertainty
32 Eurozone exposure to Evergrande 'limited': Lagarde
33 CORRECTED: The rise and demise of Chinese property firm Evergrande
34 Ex-head of Chinese liquor giant Moutai jailed for life for bribery
35 Chinese label pulls clothing line over 'inappropriate' designs
36 The Biomass satellite and disappearing 'football fields'
37 Earth from Space: Maharloo Lake
38 Exolaunch to facilitate launch of Lunasonde's Gossamer Satellite Constellation
39 Carbon dioxide reactor makes Martian fuel
40 DLR is developing a Launch Coordination Center
41 NASA's InSight finds three big marsquakes, thanks to solar-panel dusting
42 NASA's Perseverance rover cameras capture Mars like never before
43 Gigantic cavity in space sheds new light on how stars form
44 How to weigh a quasar
45 NASA adviser blasts lack of congressional action on space traffic dangers
46 Space Health Institute Releases Postdoctoral Fellowship Solicitation
47 Studying thermophoresis in space
48 Toward better space health: Understanding the effects of microgravity on P-glycoprotein
49 Affordable housing in outer space: Scientists develop cosmic concrete from space dust and astronaut blood
50 Smart T-shirt measures astronauts' vital signs
51 Xplore receives $2 million contract from NSIC to accelerate Xcraft Platform Development
52 Iran still committed to nuclear talks: minister
53 World 'better place' 25 years after nuclear test-ban treaty
54 N. Korea leader's sister demands South drop 'hostile policies': KCNA
55 At UN, West frustrated by slow pace with Iran
56 Polish copper giant signs deal with US firm for small nuclear reactors
57 US says 'no indication' Iran wants to return to nuclear deal talks
58 Chinese jets fly near Taiwan as Beijing opposes island's trade deal bid
59 US, Iran edge closer to resuming nuclear talks: experts
60 EU says Iran ready to resume nuclear talks at 'early date'
61 France's EDF in talks with GE to buy nuclear turbine ops
62 Rwanda president visits troops fighting Mozambique insurgency
63 UK seeks smoother waters with France after subs row
64 Opponents of ex-Guinea leader publish transition govt. blacklist
65 France says UK's Johnson offered to 're-establish cooperation'
66 Fifth migrant dies on Poland-Belarus border
67 Myanmar's biggest cities hit by power outages
68 All-female crew in water-tank spaceflight study
69 Simultaneous presence in space surges to historic maximum of 14 people
70 US must prepare now to replace International Space Station
71 Russian Gov't allocates $60Mln to build Soyuz for tourist flights
72 Glasgow Prestwick Spaceport announces Launch Partner
73 Solar electric propulsion makes Psyche spacecraft go
74 NASA awards Orion Main Engine contract for future Artemis missions
75 SKorea plans to launch solid-propellant space launch vehicle in 2024, Defense Ministry says
76 DLR agrees cooperation with Spanish start-up Pangea Aerospace
77 SpaceX all-civilian orbital crew completes historic mission
78 NASA offers new website to look at Mars rover images
79 Mars habitability limited by its small size, isotope study suggests
80 Small stature limits Mars' ability to hold water, study finds
81 EPFL engineers introduce a new approach for recycling plastics
82 Researchers find a new way to control magnets
83 Cloudy days on exoplanets may hide atmospheric water
84 Webb Telescope to explore forming planetary systems
85 Report: Global warming is causing 'unprecedented changes' to oceans
86 Battling to 'replant' Albania's threatened marine forests
87 Australia nuclear sub deal will help peace in Indo-Pacific: UK PM
88 Enhanced BeiDou short message service displayed at int'l summit
89 Tycho Crater revealed in intricate detail
90 Artemis rover to land near Nobile region of Lunar south pole
91 Dashcam detective work leads to recovery of space rocks from fireball over Slovenia
92 Intensified water cycle slows down global warming
93 NASA satellites show how clouds respond to arctic sea ice change
94 Joining forces for Aeolus
95 Synspective signs launch agreement with Exolaunch to launch 3rd SAR Satellite "StriX-1" on Soyuz-2
96 What's going on with the ozone?
97 Hubble snapshot of "molten ring" galaxy prompts new research
98 Hubble discovers hydrogen-burning white dwarfs enjoying slow aging
99 A new understanding of galaxy evolution with the Roman Space Telescope
100 Hubble finds early, massive galaxies running on empty
101 Have we detected dark energy
102 Rerun of supernova blast expected to appear in 2037
103 NASA prototypes new tracking tag for sea otters and other wildlife
104 Bees kill dozens of endangered penguins in South Africa
105 UNESCO announces 20 new biospheres in 21 countries
106 Hoverflies navigate using sun and body clock
107 US urges greater ambition as UN Security Council tackles climate
108 Climate shocks forced over 100,000 to flee home in Burundi: charity
109 US to crack down on potent class of greenhouse gases
110 UK regulator to tackle false 'greenwashing' claims
111 Indonesia court finds president negligent over pollution in landmark case