File Title
1 Devonian Phacopid Trilobites Had Unique Hyper-Compound Eyes
2 Predatory Instinct is Main Reason why Domestic Cats Regularly Hunt Wild Prey, Study Suggests
3 Free-Floating Exoplanets with Subsurface Oceans Could Sustain Life
4 Researchers Discover 17 New Genes that Promote or Prevent Obesity
5 Astronomers Capture Beautiful Image of Two Interacting Galaxies
6 Giant Ammonites Once Thrived on Both Sides of Atlantic
7 BepiColombo Makes Its First Gravity Assist Flyby of Mercury
8 Massive Planets May Be Orbiting Young Triple Star GW Orionis
9 New Tick-Borne Virus Discovered in Japan
10 Researchers Sequence Genome of Blue Crab
11 Pluto's Nitrogen Atmosphere is Condensing as Dwarf Planet Moves Away from Sun
12 Eocene Grass Spikelet Found Preserved in Baltic Amber
13 New Horned Dinosaur Species Identified in New Mexico
14 Astronomers Spot Comet in Solar System's Main Asteroid Belt
15 Natural Plant-Derived Compound Reduces Neurotoxicity in Alzheimer's Brain, Study Says
16 Paleontologists Find Ancient Tardigrade in Dominican Amber
17 Ionized Calcium Detected in Exotic Atmosphere of WASP-76b
18 Worm Mothers Provide Milk-Like Fluid for Their Offspring
19 Two New Species of Venomous Snakes Discovered
20 New Small-Sized Carnivorous Dinosaur Unearthed in Wales
21 New Tree Species Discovered in Amazon Rainforest
22 Huge Hippos Roamed Britain One Million Years Ago
23 Asteroids with Highly Porous Rocks Lack Fine-Grain Regolith: Study
24 Darwin's Ground Sloth was Opportunistic Omnivore, Study Says
25 Previously Unknown Mass Extinction Occurred 30 Million Years Ago in Africa and Arabia
26 Hamilton's Object: Hubble Observes Unique Gravitational Lensing Configuration
27 2,700-Year-Old Private Toilet Unearthed in Israel
28 Perseverance Finds Ancient Delta-Lake System, Flood Deposits in Martian Jezero Crater
29 Hubble Looks at Stunning Starburst Spiral Galaxy
30 Daily Mental Training Reduces Chronic Stress, New Study Shows
31 Fossils of Giant Sea Scorpion Found in China
32 Scientist Discovers New Species of Carnivorous Marine Snail
33 Is Junk DNA What Makes Human Brain Unique?
34 Astronomers Find Strange Source of Radio Waves near Milky Way's Center
35 Milanese Friar Knew about North America 150 Years before Columbus Voyage, Researchers Say
36 Researchers Measure Isotopic Ratios in Presolar Stardust Grains
37 Red Blood Cells Act as Tiny Electrodes, New Research Shows
38 LOFAR Detects Coherent Radio Emission from 19 Red Dwarfs
39 1,500-Year-Old Winemaking Facility Unearthed in Israel
40 Astronomers Capture Images of 42 Large Main-Belt Asteroids
41 Liquid Gallium Shown to Break Down Carbon Dioxide
42 Scientists Demonstrate Optomechanical Quantum Teleportation
43 Chandra Observes Distant Remnant of Type Ia Supernova
44 Physicists Measure Neutron Lifetime with Unprecedented Precision
45 Astronomers Detect 1,652 Fast Radio Bursts from Source in Distant Dwarf Galaxy
46 Hubble Finds Water Vapor on Trailing Hemisphere of Europa
47 Ancestors of Primates and Marsupials May Have Left Trees to Survive End-Cretaceous Extinction
48 Jupiter-Mass Exoplanet Found Orbiting White Dwarf
49 Study: Photosynthesizing Microorganisms Can Produce Oxygen in Brain Blood Vessels of Tadpoles
50 Hubble Spots Beautiful Pair of Interacting Galaxies
51 NASA's Lucy Spacecraft Launches to Study Jupiter's Trojan Asteroids
52 New Species of Onion Discovered in India
53 New Technique to Refine Rare Earth Metals
54 Elevated Blood Pressure Linked to Decline in Brain Health
55 The Anti-Cancer, Copper-Binding Compounds Found in Fish
56 Akathisia Awareness: A Closer Look
57 DNA Can Reveal Treatments for Lung Cancer in 'Never-Smoked' Patients
58 Temperature Perception Seems to be Different in Males & Females
59 Food and the Microbiome: Using Bioinformation Tools to Personalize Diet and Nutrition Plans
60 Who Were the Etruscans? A Genetic Study Provides Some Answers
61 Wearable Patch Creates Electricity from Simple Body Motion
62 Different Cancer Types Metastasize to Specific Regions of the Brain
63 Martian Rocks Show Signs of Long-Term Water Erosion
64 Small RNAs are Influential in Bacteria, Including Pathogens like V. Cholerae
65 A Genetic Risk Factor is Shared by Alzheimer's and Severe COVID-19
66 Revealing the Efficient Enzymes of Methane-Producing Microbes
67 Major Landmark in a 100-Year Search for a Malaria Vaccine
68 Cancer Drug Helps Alzheimer's Mice Remember
69 Tiny Fragments of RNA in the Blood Signal Dementia Risk
70 Is It the Junk [DNA] that Makes Our Brains Human?
71 A New Way of Administering Deep Brain Stimulation May Increase Therapeutic Effect Duration in Parkinson's Disease
72 Atopic Dermatitis: A Harbinger of Autoimmune Diseases?
73 Preventing future pandemics--Scientists developing broadly protective vaccines against coronaviruses
74 Fighting Back Against Harmful Algal Blooms
75 Low-Dose Aspirin as Preventive Medication? Recommendations Have Changed
76 How Bacteria Can Work as a Kind of Antibiotic Therapy
77 A New Approach to Detecting Fraudulent Food
78 NASA Plans to Bring Mars Rocks Back to Earth
79 The Nobel Prize in Chemistry
80 Post-traumatic Stress Disorder and Stroke: Far More than Meets the Eye
81 Facial Cues and Context Clues: Autistic Children May Overly Rely on Facial Expressions to Judge Emotion
82 Oh, the Good Old Days! Nostalgia May Help Us Through Hard Times
83 Mechanism of Resistance to Colorectal Cancer Treatment Uncovered
84 RSV Infections Can Modify Host Immune Gene Activity
85 'Bio-Betters' Form the Next Wave of Cancer Therapies
86 Leprosy Has Been Detected in Wild Chimpanzees for the First Time
87 Cancer-Sniffing Worms: The Future of Diagnostics?
88 The Physics of Insect Swarms
89 Urbanization A Key Factor in Insect Population Decline
90 Cutting Edge Tools Change Our View of the Nuclear Pore Complex
91 Cannabis Use for Migraine Relief--New Horizons
92 Itchy, red, dry eyes? FDA approves monthly implant for allergic conjunctivitis
93 Over Half of Patients Infected in the Pandemic Experience 'Long COVID'
94 Anti-seizure properties found in the Cannabinoid CBGA
95 Oxytocin Therapy Shows No Benefit for Autistic Children
96 Genes Seem to Significantly Impact the Results We Get from Exercise
97 The Art of the Smize: Study Shows Eyes are More Active in Smiling Behind a Mask
98 Microtubules Found to Act as Mechanosensors
99 Harmless Microbes Can be Pressured to Turn Bad
100 Genes that Cause Disease Seem to Prevent Beneficial Adaptations
101 Flu Vaccination Significantly Reduces Risk of Cardiac Events
102 How Do People Feel About Facial Recognition Tools in Healthcare?
103 AI: The Future of Medtech
104 The History of Immunotherapy: Toxins, Targets & T Cells
105 How Have the Fukushima & Deepwater Horizon Disasters Impacted Wildlife?
106 Learning More About the Molecular Basis of Appetite
107 A Decade After Gene Therapy, SCID Patients Are Doing Well
108 Unusual Signals are Emitting from the Direction of the Milky Way's Center
109 New Climatic Data from China Sheds Light on the Emergence of the Dinosaurs
110 Bugs Tell Scientists How Polluted Waters Are
111 Emerging Research on Delta 8 THC
112 Reducing Jet Fuel Emissions Using Plant-Based Fuel