File Title
1 China to launch latest crewed space mission Saturday morning
2 China's Mars probes suspend explorations due to Sun outage
3 What a blast: The rush of amateur astronauts
4 Life on Mars: simulating Red Planet base in Israeli desert
5 NASA, ULA pursue precision launch for Lucy asteroid mission
6 Russian Soyuz rocket launches 36 new UK satellites
7 GomSpace signs a contract with SpaceAble to enhance the sustainability of Low Earth Orbit
8 Phantom Space announces agreement to build and launch 72 satellite constellation for Ingenu
9 Japanese billionaire Maezawa 'not afraid' ahead of ISS launch
10 Blue Origin launches William Shatner, TV's Captain Kirk, into space and back
11 Hundreds pose nude for Tunick shoot in Israel near Dead Sea
12 Climate change a double blow for oil-rich Mideast: experts
13 Russians return to Earth after filming first movie in space
14 Russian crew return to Earth after filming first movie in space
15 As COP looms, Prince William awards debut Earthshot Prize
16 Lord of the plants: death metal eco-baron rewilds Irish estate
17 'Unintentional gift': US steps into China's bitcoin breach
18 Greta Thunberg says COP26 unlikely to lead to 'big changes'
19 US firm sees 'exciting' moment as space tourism booms
20 Iraq, UAE sign deal on 5 solar electricity plants
21 Sandia-developed solar cell technology reaches space
22 US unveils plans for seven major offshore wind farms
23 EDF offers to build up to 6 nuclear reactors in Poland
24 Anti-missile defences tested to protect 'sensitive' sites: Iran
25 Next Generation Interceptor Program Achieves Critical System Requirements Review
26 Echoing Israel, US hints at force if Iran diplomacy fails
27 N. Korean army gives brutal show of 'strength, bravery and morale'
28 North Korea slams UN over its meeting on missile test
29 North Korea fires anti-aircraft missile in latest test
30 Chemicals in plastic containers, cosmetics linked to risk for earlier death
31 'Pollution-sniffing' plane scours Belgium's coast
32 Europe's industrial air pollution costing hundreds of billions: report
33 Tooth analysis suggests earliest Native Americans came from Siberia, not Japan
34 US Treasury to study climate change's impact on communities
35 'Lot of work' before climate summit, host Britain admits
36 Australian mining giants back net-zero target
37 French cloud computing IPO mints Europe's latest tech billionaire
38 From COVID to cancer: High hopes for 'versatile' mRNA
39 Moscow metro launches face recognition payments
40 Windows, Gates and a firewall: Microsoft's delicate castle in China
41 Sotheby's ramps up NFT operations
42 Embattled Facebook releases new curbs on harassment
43 India's Infosys reports strong quarter, hikes revenue forecast
44 IT outage hits one of Europe's biggest cloud computing groups
45 Apple cuts iPhone 13 output forecast on chip shortage: report
46 Germany unveils first self-driving train
47 Tibet activists arrested in Greece for Bejing Olympics protest
48 China tested new space capability with hypersonic missile: Financial Times
49 Global law firm stops representing HKU in Tiananmen sculpture row
50 China's 'space dream': A Long March to the Moon and beyond
51 Chinese astronauts arrive at space station for longest mission
52 Countries pledge to stop biodiversity loss at key UN summit
53 China central bank says Evergrande risks 'controllable'
54 Prince William tells space tourists: fix Earth instead
55 Interstellar research group holds their 7th annual symposium
56 SpaceX will debut new Dragon capsule for upcoming crew launch
57 'It was unbelievable': Star Trek's Shatner becomes real life astronaut
58 Macron announces 30-billion-euro plan to re-industrialise France
59 Space technology rocketing upwards, reports IDTechEx
60 NASA announces astronaut changes for upcoming Commercial Crew Missions
61 Iran MP says to resume nuclear talks, awaits EU confirmation
62 Iran to resume nuclear talks on Thursday: MP
63 EU diplomatic chief 'ready' to meet Iran on nuclear deal
64 Iran slams UN nuclear agency over Israel 'negligence'
65 Iran says agreed with EU on Brussels nuclear talks 'in days'
66 EU waiting on Washington, Tehran ahead of nuclear talks
67 EU envoy visits Iran with hope to revive nuclear talks
68 Iran warns Israel against 'military adventures'
69 EU envoy on nuclear talks meets Iran deputy minister in Tehran
70 Echoing Israel, US hints at force if Iran diplomacy fails
71 French aerobatics champ makes emergency landing in field
72 Eyeing Russia, US defense chief heads to Black Sea region
73 Erdogan says talks under way with US to buy F-16s
74 Iran's navy says repulses pirate attack in Gulf of Aden
75 Russia says it chased out US navy ship from its waters, Washington denies that
76 EU says rift over with US on French submarines
77 Nitrogen-fixing bacteria help clover plants grow in Mars-like soil
78 Spin test a success, but Ingenuity Flight 14 delayed until after conjunction
79 New model simplifies orbital radar trade-off studies for environmental monitoring
80 In Siberia, a copper mine hopes to become a global energy pivot
81 EPFL engineers introduce a new approach for recycling plastics
82 Researchers reveal a wobbly and flared Milky Way disk based on LAMOST-Gaia data
83 Euclid telescope ready for extreme space environment
84 Extending LIGO's reach into the cosmos
85 Microscopic metavehicles powered by nothing but light
86 Scientists recreate cosmic reactions to unlock astronomical mysteries
87 Iran: Europe must guarantee nuclear deal will be upheld
88 North Korea's Kim says US is 'root cause' of tensions
89 UN rights report warns of N. Korea 'starvation risk'
90 China, India lash out after no progress in Himalayan border talks
91 Fuming France in no hurry to mend Australia ties
92 India counters China in Sri Lanka with $700 million port deal
93 US and Russia launch new round of talks in Geneva
94 As Taiwan tensions grow, US and China seek right decibel
95 Putin says Iraq, Syria militants entering Afghanistan
96 Azerbaijan denies Israel military presence on its soil
97 Iran begins war games near Azerbaijan border
98 US generals say they recommended keeping 2,500 troops in Afghanistan
99 Afghan army collapse took US by 'surprise': Pentagon chief
100 Death by sadness, or the Taliban: LGBTQ Afghans in hiding
101 Solving defense optimization problems with increased computational efficiency
102 Northrop Grumman to design signals intelligence sensor prototype for US Air Force
103 Taiwan-China situation 'most grim' in four decades: minister
104 French senators visit Taiwan despite China protests
105 Czechs sign deal to buy air defense system from Israel
106 Iran urges UN to condemn Karaj nuclear site 'sabotage'
107 Iran urges US to unfreeze $10 billion to show 'intentions'
108 SPY-7 Hybrid Defense program with Japan completes additional capability tests
109 Missile defense booster test may pave way for 'shoot-assess-shoot' capability
110 Russia test fires hypersonic missile from submerged submarine