File Title
1 Biosymbiotic Devices: 3D-Printed Personalized, Wireless Wearables that Never Need a Charge
2 Surprising Standing Waves at Edge of Earth's Magnetic Bubble Found in NASA Data
3 Weird and Wonderful: Coral Symbionts Have a Genome like No Other
4 Satellites View Southern California Oil Spill
5 Sustainable Electricity-Free Air Conditioner Can Harness Solar Energy to Reduce Temperatures on Hot Days
6 'Double' Galaxy Mystifies Hubble Astronomers--"We Were Really Stumped"
7 Modernizing Planetary Protection: Less Restrictive "Bioburden" Rules Would Make Mars Missions Simpler
8 MIT Mathematicians Solve an Old Geometry Problem on Equiangular Lines
9 New Sensor Can Detect Valuable Rare Earth Element in Waste Sources
10 The Fish Farms of Hainan Island in the South China Sea
11 We Asked a NASA Scientist: Is Mars Habitable? [Video]
12 China's Chang'e-5 Samples Reveal Key Age of Moon Rocks--First Fresh Lunar Samples in More than 40 Years
13 Concrete World: Engineers to Improve Reinforced Steel to Contain High-Level Nuclear Waste
14 Puzzling Periodicity of a Fast Radio Burst Probed by Two of the Biggest Radio Telescopes in the World
15 Ancient Documents Suggest Italian Sailors Knew of America 150 Years Before Christopher Columbus
16 Even After Mild COVID-19 Infection, Antibodies Protect from Reinfection for Up to Six Months
17 The Science of Sunglint
18 Advanced Housekeeping Keeps Space Station in Tip-Top Shape
19 Weighing Cancer Cells to Personalize Drug Choices and Help with Treatment Decision-Making
20 Asteroid Bennu's Surface Surprised Scientists--Here's the Reason for the Mysterious Lack of Fine Regolith
21 New Evidence: America's First Civilization Was Made Up of "Sophisticated" Engineers
22 The Climate-Driven Mass Extinction No One Had Seen--Until Now
23 Volcanic Eruption Continues at La Palma--Effects Being Felt from Above and Below
24 New Research Calls into Question Popular COVID Test
25 Fastest Orbiting Asteroid Discovered Using the Powerful 570-Megapixel Dark Energy Camera
26 How People Can End Up Living at Airports for Months--Even Years--at a Time
27 Singlet Exciton Fission: Breakthrough for More Efficient Solar Cells and Light-Based Technologies
28 Scientists Develop New "Unbreakable Glass" Inspired by Nature--3x Stronger, 5x More Fracture-Resistant
29 Wildlife Conservation on Ice: Frozen Zoos to Save Animals
30 Twindemic Threat: Ominous Flu Season Paired with COVID--What You Need to Know About Vaccination
31 Cracking a Mystery of Massive Black Holes and Quasars
32 New Treatment Strategies for Severe COVID-19 and Long COVID from Rheumatoid Arthritis Investigation
33 Study Shows Acupuncture Reduces Pain and Opioid Use for Total Knee Replacement Surgery Patients
34 NASA Images of the Week: Rogue Planet, Dangerous Dance, SpaceX & Electric Propulsion
35 Collecting Lithium from Seawater to Meet Demand for Batteries
36 COVID-19 VOCs--Especially Delta Variant--More Virulent than Original Strain
37 Van Allen Radiation Belts: 21 Fun Facts
38 Invisible Galactic Gale: Superwind from Spectacularly Energetic Supernova Explosions
39 Researchers Find Evidence of Link Between Herpes Simplex (Cold Sores) and Neurodegenerative Diseases
40 Resurrecting Quasicrystals: Self-Healing Phenomenon Makes an Exotic Material Commercially Viable
41 Healthcare of the Future: A Cryptography Game-Changer for Biomedical Research at Scale
42 Primordial "Hyper-Eye" Discovered: Astonishing 390 Million-Year-Old Hyper-Compound Eye with 200 Lenses
43 Researchers Find microRNA Warning Signs for Dementia in the Blood
44 What Will the Earth Be like in 500 Years?
45 Wandering Supermassive Black Holes Whizzing Through the Universe
46 NASA's Lucy 12-Year Mission to Jupiter's Trojan Asteroids Launches this Week--How to Watch It Live
47 New Science Shows Earth's Natural Carbon Sinks Hold Vital Power in Climate Fight
48 NASA Perseverance Rover's First Major Successes on Mars--An Update from Mission Scientists
49 Unraveling the Mystery of Touch: Why Certain Body Parts Are So Sensitive
50 Climate Models Can't Reproduce the Early-2000s Global Warming Slowdown--Scientists Explain Why
51 Research Indicates Problematic Marijuana Use Is Correlated with Poorer COVID-19 Outcomes
52 Giant Cosmic Cotton Ball: A Dark Matter Deficient Galaxy
53 Farmed Carnivores May Become Hidden "Disease Reservoirs" Posing Risk to Human Health
54 Astrophysicists Explain Puzzling Results from Gravitational Wave Observatories
55 A Concrete Solution: Recycled Concrete and CO2 from the Air Are Made into a New Building Material
56 Unexpected Radio Signals from Distant Stars Suggest Hidden Planets
57 Superbolts Carry Super Power: Details of a Rare Type of Lightning that Stretches into Space
58 A European Push to the Moon and Beyond
59 Worldwide Decline in Quantity and Diversity of Insects in the Light of Land Use and Climate
60 New Genomics Study Unlocks Secrets of the Past to Help Shape Future of Healthcare for Millions
61 Strange Radio Signals from the Heart of the Milky Way Tantalize Scientists
62 Major 6-Year Search of the Outer Solar System Turns Up 461 New Objects (but No Planet 9)
63 Birds Learn to Avoid Plants that Host Dangerous Insects
64 Discovery Points Toward the Next Revolution in Genome Editing Technology
65 Massive Flying Laboratory Uncovers Secrets of How Marine Life Influences Cloud Formation
66 NASA Searching for Free-Floating Planets Using Artificial Intelligence and Gravitational Microlensing
67 Strong El Nino Drives Nearly 6 Million Children into Severe Hunger
68 NASA Perseverance Mars Rover Images Confirm Jezero Crater Is an Ancient Martian Lake
69 Researchers Link Sleep Quality to Mental Illness Using Wrist Activity Trackers
70 COVID-19 Pandemic Led to Stark Rise in Depression and Anxiety Disorders Globally
71 Vegetarian Giant Tortoise Attacks and Eats Seabird as Horrified Researchers Film
72 Paradox of the Young Weak Sun: Extreme CO2 Greenhouse Effect Heated Up the Young Earth
73 Physicists Have Made the World's Most Precise Measurement of Neutron Lifetime
74 Build Back Smaller? Extinction and Origination Patterns Change After Mass Extinctions
75 $10 Billion Webb Space Telescope Arrives at Europe's Spaceport
76 Growing Climate Solutions: Climate-Smart Agriculture
77 Brain's White Matter Integrity Disrupted in People with Alzheimer's Gene Mutation
78 Spacecraft Propulsion Without Fuel Using Electrodynamic Tethers
79 The Sun Is a Mass of Incandescent Gas: Mars Perseverance Rover's First Solar Conjunction
80 Molecular Information Storage: Storing Data as Mixtures of Fluorescent Dyes
81 With First Martian Samples Packed, NASA Perseverance Rover Initiates Ambitious Sample Return Mission
82 Topological Circuits that Force Photons to Never Bounce Back
83 The Variant Hunters Film: The Story Behind the Race to Sequence the COVID-19 Virus
84 Stellar Fossils in Pristine Meteorites Point to Ancient Stars that Died Before the Sun Formed
85 COVID Patients with High BMI Face Longer ICU Stay and Increased Risk of Death
86 Unexpected Substructures in the Fundamental Components of All Matter
87 Biophysics Researchers Create Mathematical Model that Predicts Best Way to Build Muscle
88 Oxytocin Hormone--Widely Used as an Autism Treatment--Shows No Benefit
89 Genetics and Skeletal Biology Debunks Popular Theory of Native American Origins
90 Fluid Dynamics Shows Why You Should Wear Masks Outdoors to Prevent Coronavirus Exposure
91 Scientists Warn: Sunscreen that Includes Zinc Oxide Loses Effectiveness and Becomes Toxic After 2 Hours
92 James Webb Space Telescope's Journey to Space [Video]
93 Ausome: Non-Toxic Technology Extracts More Gold from Ore
94 Photon-Phonon Breakthrough: A New Way to Combine Two Different States of Matter
95 Planet Discovered that Survived Its Star's Death: A Crystal Ball into Our Solar System's Future
96 COVID-19 Case Estimations from SARS-CoV-2 Genome Mutations
97 Final Piece of Rocket Hardware Added to Artemis I Stack
98 How to Ship the World's Largest and Most Powerful Space Telescope 5,800 Miles Across the Ocean
99 Leprosy Found in Wild Chimpanzees for the First Time
100 Extreme Sea Levels Will Become 100x More Frequent Along Coastlines Across the World
101 NASA's Daring Lucy Mission to Jupiter's Trojan Asteroids Poised to Launch
102 Alisal Fire Rages Near Santa Barbara--Strong Winds Fuel Fast-Moving Fire
103 18-Year Study: Americans Are Eating More Ultra-Processed Foods
105 Organic Semiconductor Nanotubes Used to Create High-Performance Electrochemical Actuator
106 New Findings Suggest Venus Never Had Oceans, Conditions Needed for Life
107 Mito Warriors: New Footage Shows T Cell Assassins Hunting Down and Destroying Cancer Cells
108 Resonance Theory--Could Consciousness All Come Down to the Way Things Vibrate?
109 Persistent "Long COVID" Symptoms Suffered by More than Half of People Diagnosed with COVID-19
110 We Love Lucy--Four Questions with NASA Mission Manager Sherry Jennings