File Title
1 Simple Blood Test Developed for Early Detection of Alzheimer's Disease
2 Scientists Find Protein that Indicates Whether Emotional Memories Can Be Changed or Forgotten
3 Maintaining Efficient Solar Panels: New Imaging System Reveals Defects Even in Bright Sunlight
4 Time Crystals: "Back to Basics" Approach Helps Unravel New Phase of Matter
5 Using Synthetic Biology to Shed Light on "Biological Dark Matter"
6 Part of the Universe's Missing Matter Found Thanks to Very Large Telescope
7 NASA Readies for Future Artemis Moon Missions with SLS Rocket Engine Test Series
8 Optically Generated Quantum Fluids of Light Reveal Exotic Matter-Wave States in Condensed Matter Physics Breakthrough
9 Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet Pass on to Families of Patients Who Follow It
10 BepiColombo Captures Stunning Mercury Images During Close Gravity Assist Flyby
11 Antimicrobial Coating for Orthopedic Implants Prevents Dangerous Bacterial Infections
12 Arctic Sea Ice at Highest Annual Minimum Extent Since 2014
13 Even Mild Cases of COVID-19 Leave a Mark on the Brain--And It's Not Yet Clear How Long It Lasts
14 Can We See Quantum Nonlocality at the Macroscopic Scale?
15 Scientists Find a New Way to Reverse Immune Suppression in Cancer Tumors
16 NASA Confirms Roman Space Telescope Mission's Flight Design in Milestone Review
17 Scientists Discover New Method from Nature for Installing Sulfur into Complex Molecules
18 Scientists Recreate Cosmic Reactions to Unlock Astronomical Mysteries of Exploding Stars
19 Gene for Sex Hormone Synthesis May Play Key Role in Eczema
20 Physicists Reveal Prethermal Discrete Time Crystals as Classical Phases of Matter
21 Metals Supercharge Method to Bury Billions of Tons of Harmful Carbon Dioxide Under the Sea for Centuries
22 Mini Psyches Give Insights into Mysterious Metal-Rich Near-Earth Asteroids that Could One Day Be Mined
23 Breakthrough Research Makes Recycling Lithium-Ion Batteries More Economical
24 Physicists Create New Technique to Control Qubits--The Building Blocks of Quantum Computing
25 NIAID Issues New Awards to Fund "Pan-Coronavirus" Vaccines--Primary Focus on Potential Pandemic-Causing Viruses
26 Hubble Captures a Dangerous Dance Over 100 Million Light-Years from Earth
27 Scientists Discover New Science of the Body's "Second Brain"--New Leads to Treat Irritable Bowel Syndrome
28 Smaller Brains: Earlier Onset of High Blood Pressure Affects Brain Structure--May Increase Dementia Risk
29 20% of Adults Have High Levels of Heart Enzymes After Any Surgery--Monitoring Advised
30 Depression Rates Tripled and Symptoms Intensified During First Year of COVID-19 Pandemic
31 Stunning Satellite Image Shows Lava Burning a Path to the Sea from La Palma Volcano
32 Federal Officials Seize Spices and Food Additives from a Florida Warehouse
33 Tense Decision-Making as CDC Joins FDA in Recommending Pfizer COVID-19 Booster Shot for Certain Populations
34 Researchers Discover Evidence of a Major Coronavirus Epidemic 20,000 Years Ago
35 One in 10 People Frequently Experience Abdominal Pain When They Eat Meals
36 Scientists (Discover?) that "Magic Mushroom" Anti-Depressive Psychedelic Affects Perception of Music
37 Warping of Planet's Crust: Melting of Polar Ice Shifting Earth Itself, Not Just Sea Levels
38 Experiments Show Quantum Computers Can Be Better than the Sum of Their Parts
39 Region of "Super Corals" Discovered Thriving in Extremely High Levels of Carbon Dioxide
40 Ketone Supplements May Protect and Improve Brain Health in People with Obesity
41 NASA's Psyche Spacecraft to Explore Unique Asteroid for Clues to Early Solar System
42 Hidden Mangrove Forest Deep in the Heart of the Yucatan Peninsula Reveals Ancient Sea Levels
43 Lunar Landers Could Blast Deposit Instant Landing Pads as They Arrive at the Moon
44 Late Persistence of Human Ancestors at the Margins of the Monsoon Zone in India
45 Overload of Inflammatory Molecules "Trapped" in Micro Blood Clots May Cause Long COVID Symptoms
46 New Study Reveals Lung Cell Roles in Pulmonary Immunity--Essential to COVID-19, Pneumonia, Lung Cancer, Asthma and COPD
47 Leading Supercomputing Center Marks Two Decades of Powering Discoveries Across Science and Engineering
48 Hands-On Meets "Minds-On"--New Research Shows Learning Is More Effective When Active
49 Directed Energy Weapons Shoot Painful but Non-Lethal Beams--Is Similar Technology Behind the Havana Syndrome?
50 Scientists Developed an Experimental Vaccine Against Rheumatoid Arthritis--"Totally Disappeared"
51 Researchers Record the Breaking of a Single Chemical Bond--"Amazing"
52 Artificial Intelligence Can Quickly and Accurately Rule Out Cancer in Dense Breasts
53 Spider Silk Is Supposed to Have "Healing Properties"--Scientists Debunk the Myth
54 Vitamin D Supplements Not an Effective Treatment for Painful IBS Symptoms
55 Scientists Use Occultation Event to Confirm Decrease in Pluto's Atmospheric Density
56 Color-Coded Nutrition Labels and Warnings Linked to Healthier Food Purchases
57 A Team of Mathematicians and Physicists Discover How Apples Get Their Shapes
58 NASA to Launch Double Asteroid Redirection Test Mission--Preventing a Hazardous Asteroid from Striking Earth
59 Scientists Surprised to Find Primate Neurons Have Fewer Synapses than Mice in Visual Cortex
60 New Research on Genetically Susceptible Mice Shows THC/Cannabis Causes Birth Defects
61 One in Seven Cancer Patients Missed Out on Potentially Life-Saving Operations During COVID Lockdowns
62 New Species of Tardigrade (Water Bear) Discovered in 16 Million-Year-Old Dominican Amber
63 October 2021 Skywatching Highlights from NASA--Two Brilliant Stars Vying for "Pole" Position
64 Extreme Exoplanet--An Ultra-Hot Jupiter Where It Rains Iron--Even More Exotic than Originally Thought
65 What Antibody Response Level Protects Against COVID-19 Death?
66 Researchers Uncover Underlying Mechanisms Behind "COVID Toes"
67 Higher Risk for COVID Breakthrough Infections in People with Substance Use Disorders
68 NASA's Lucy Mission to Explore the Jupiter Trojan Asteroids--"It's Almost like We're Traveling Back in Time"
69 Exposure to Road Traffic Noise and Air Pollution May Raise Heart Failure Risk
70 Experimental "Living Medicine" Created to Treat Drug-Resistant Infections
71 Supercomputers Reveal the Secrets of How X Chromosomes Fold and Deactivate
72 Mushballs--Giant, Slushy Hailstones--Stash Away Missing Ammonia at Uranus and Neptune
73 World's Smallest Brain-Inspired Computer--So Small that It Can Harvest Its Energy Itself
74 Mystery of Manu--a Strange Tree in the Amazon Rainforest Left Scientists Scratching Their Heads for 50 Years
75 Change of Command: ESA Astronaut Thomas Pesquet Takes Over as Space Station Commander
76 Neuroscientists Built an Ultra Detailed Map of the Brain Motor Cortex, from Mice to Monkeys to Humans
77 Satellite Captures Stunning Gravity Waves Over La Palma from Cumbre Vieja Eruption
78 A Centuries-Old Physics Mystery? Solved
79 Muscle Regeneration: Massage Doesn't Just Feel Good, It Makes Muscles Heal Faster and Stronger
80 For Unvaccinated, COVID Reinfection Is Likely--"Can Happen in Three Months or Less"
81 Scientists Infuse Bacteria with Silver Nanoparticles to Improve Power Efficiency in Fuel Cells
82 Promising News for Weight Loss Drug Development: Scientists Discover 14 Genes that Cause Obesity
83 Significant Threat to Individuals and Society from Growing Climate Anxiety
84 Enzymatic Synthesis: Our DNA Is Becoming the World's Tiniest Hard Drive
85 Two-Dimensional Hybrid Metal Halide Device Allows Control of Terahertz Radiation
86 Power of Stem Cells Harnessed to Create Human Cartilage Tissue
87 Unprecedented View of a Single Catalyst Nanoparticle at Work Under Reaction Conditions
88 The Hidden US COVID-19 Pandemic: Orphaned children
89 Placebo Effect May Explain Reported Benefits of Psychedelic Microdosing
90 Commercial Crew Shake-Up: NASA Reassigns Two Astronauts from Boeing Starliner to SpaceX Crew Dragon
91 Extinct Ground Sloth--Mylodon darwinii--Likely Ate Meat with Its Veggies
92 Social Distancing: Not Just for Humans--How Diseases Spread in Mountain Gorillas
93 Poor Oral Health May Impact COVID-19 Severity, Especially for Heart Patients
94 New Fundamental Limit of Trapping and Exploiting Light at the Nanoscale
95 Watching SARS-CoV-2 Spread in Animal Models in Real Time Using New "Reporter Viruses"
96 New NASA/ESA Mars Sample Return Campaign Artist's Concept
97 Natural Compound in Basil May Protect Against Alzheimer's Disease
98 The Unusual Suspects: Mysterious Case of the Aquarium's Disappearing Anti-Parasitic Medicine
99 Scientists Create Strange Material that Can Both Move and Block Heat
100 Consuming Wild Meat Instead of Domesticated Livestock Reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions
101 What's Behind California's Dramatic Surge of Large Fires?
102 Working Overtime: NASA's Deep Space Atomic Clock Successfully Completes Mission
103 Tiny "Dragon"--Mysterious New Species Is Oldest Meat-Eating Dinosaur Found in UK
104 Harnessing the Power of Nature to Improve Anti-Cancer Therapy
105 Human Sustainability Challenges: Deep Roots of the "Anthropocene" Can Be Found in Tropical Forests
106 Sedimentary Repositories Suggest Environmental Variability Driven by Changes in Earth's Orbit
107 We Used Science to Make Better Pizza: Small Chemistry Tweaks with Amazing Results
108 COVID-19 Stay at Home Orders Brought Uptick in Child Abuse--Increase in Physical Abuse Injuries
109 Novel Machine Learning Technique to Identify Structural Similarities and Trends in Materials
110 NASA's Mars Perseverance "Kodiak" Moment--Jezero Crater's Lake Is More Complicated and Intriguing than Thought
111 Deep Brain Stimulation Research Shows Promising Results for Treating Parkinson's Disease
112 Regenerating Cells that Propagate Heartbeats
113 The Strange Afterglow of a Gamma-Ray Burst--Unusual Features Challenge Models
114 Neural Network Helps Predict New Drug Combinations to Fight COVID-19
115 Zeolites' Isotopes Defy Nature--New Potential for Carbon Capture and Storage
116 Can Consuming Cocoa Help Us Age Better?
117 New Vaccination Strategy Developed that Could Prevent Future Coronavirus Outbreaks
118 Innovative Experiment Reveals the Complex Dynamics of Stem Cell Tethers and Slings
119 California's Surge of Large Wildfires: A Multi-Dimensional Fire Challenge
120 Kagome Lattice Superconductor Reveals a Complex "Cascade" of Quantum Electron States