File Title
1 As Taiwan tensions grow, US and China seek right decibel
2 Guinea strongman Doumbouya sacks 44 military brass
3 Sri Lanka drops charges against admiral over killings
4 N. Korean army gives brutal show of 'strength, bravery and morale'
5 Venezuela political prisoner dies of COVID
6 Endurosat and Exolaunch announce launch agreements for Spacex Falcon 9 Rideshare Missions
7 Arianespace to launch GSAT-24 satellite for NSIL with Ariane 5
8 Ariane 6 launch complex inaugurated at Europe's Spaceport
9 China's space refueling vehicle makes debut at Airshow China 2021
10 USNC-Tech team wins contract to develop nuclear thermal propulsion system for NASA
11 Spire Global and SpaceChain announce new partnership
12 Phantom Space announces agreement to build and launch 72 satellite constellation for Ingenu
13 Urban mining for metals flashes forward
14 New model simplifies orbital radar trade-off studies for environmental monitoring
15 Beam diagnostics for future laser wakefield accelerators
16 Planets gone rogue could sustain life
17 Investigating the potential for life around the galaxy's smallest stars
18 How planets may be seeded with the chemicals necessary for life
19 'Planet confusion' could slow Earth-like exoplanet exploration
20 Bare Super-Earths offer clues to evolution of hot atmospheres
21 Cloud-spotting on a distant exoplanet
22 Cloudy days on exoplanets may hide atmospheric water
23 SwRI scientists confirm decrease in Pluto's atmospheric density
24 Hubble shows winds in Jupiter's Great Red Spot are speeding up
25 Mushballs stash away missing ammonia at Uranus and Neptune
26 Giant comet found in outer solar system by Dark Energy Survey
27 Hubble finds first evidence of water vapor on Ganymede
28 New Pacific Ocean circulation findings may hold key to better predicting impact of El Nino and La Nina
29 Senegal's old capital on the frontline against rising sea
30 Climate change threatens the Everglades, Florida's gem
31 Global warming kills 14 percent of world's corals in a decade
32 Scientists uncover rare ancient toilet in what was once royal mansion in Jerusalem
33 A river runs through it: Brussels uncovers hidden waterway
34 Novel functional biochar composites help to treat wastewater
35 Syria water crisis spurs spike in disease: MSF
36 Five billion could struggle to access water in 2050: UN
37 SpaceX satellite signals used like GPS to pinpoint location on Earth
38 Virginia company licenses NASA relative navigation technology
39 Study demonstrates Lunar composition mapping capabilities of SwRI-created space instrument
40 Using the Moon to address digital inequality
41 Airbus backs Dereum Labs to collaborate on lunar resources extraction
42 Exotic mix in China's Moon Rocks
43 Unique asteroid holds clues to early Solar System
44 Dwarf planet Vesta a window to the early solar system
45 Is new finding an asteroid a comet or both
46 Late-time small-body disruptions can protect the Earth
47 Dust collected from a speeding asteroid analyzed with massive accelerator
48 Hyperbolic Mirrors for Earth Observation Satellites
49 MDA releases first details of its next generation commercial earth observation mission
50 Synspective signs launch agreement with Exolaunch to launch 3rd SAR Satellite "StriX-1" on Soyuz-2
51 Process leading to supernova explosions and cosmic radio bursts unearthed at PPPL
52 How to weigh a quasar
53 Researchers reveal a wobbly and flared Milky Way disk based on LAMOST-Gaia data
54 Milky Way is not homogeneous
55 Euclid telescope ready for extreme space environment
56 A new understanding of galaxy evolution with the Roman Space Telescope
57 Extending LIGO's reach into the cosmos
58 NASA confirms Roman Mission's flight design in milestone review
59 Microscopic metavehicles powered by nothing but light
60 Hubble snapshot of "molten ring" galaxy prompts new research
61 Hubble finds early, massive galaxies running on empty
62 Gigantic cavity in space sheds new light on how stars form
63 NASA's Deep Space Atomic Clock completes mission
64 New chip scale atomic clock best yet for extreme environments
65 Scientists recreate cosmic reactions to unlock astronomical mysteries
66 Nobel Physics Prize honours climate work
67 Quantum photonics based on metasurfaces
68 Optically generated quantum fluids of light reveal exotic matter-wave states in condensed matter physics
69 This is what it looks like when a black hole snacks on a star
70 A gem of a lab will bring the world of quantum physics into the light
71 Groundbreaking technique yields important new details on possible 'fifth force'
72 Laser solid-phase synthesis of single atom catalysts
73 Researchers reveal a novel metal where electrons flow with fluid-like dynamics
74 Quantum emitters: Beyond crystal clear to single-photon pure
75 Anchoring single atoms
76 Exploring quantum correlations of classical light source for image transmission
77 Computers help scientists understand the particles that make up atoms
78 Science seeks ancient plants to save favourite foods
79 Grapes of change: French wines adapt to global warming
80 Rice sacks to runway: India's battle to rebrand jute
81 Dry year leaves Syria wheat farmers facing crop failure
82 Hurricane Pamela hits Mexico as a Category One storm
83 Pamela expected to blast into Mexico as hurricane
84 Hurricane Pamela advances on Mexico's Pacific coast
85 California's Alisal Fire burns more than 13,000 acres
86 Thousands evacuated and coal mines shuttered as floods hit north China
87 Some 195 nations back 'Kunming' pledge to protect biodiversity
88 Drought makes its home on the range
89 NASA drought research shows value of both climate mitigation and adaptation
90 Desolate villages face famine in Madagascar drought
91 Western US faces future of prolonged drought even with stringent emissions control
92 Climate change expected to intensify summertime droughts across Europe
93 Drought diplomacy helps boost Israel-Jordan ties
94 Induced flaws in quantum materials could enhance superconducting properties
95 Blockchain technology could provide secure communications for robot teams
96 A robot that finds lost items
97 Towards ultra-low-energy exciton electronics
98 Connecting the dots between material properties and qubit performance
99 New ergonomic photodetector for the trillion-sensor era
100 First observation of energy-difference conservation in optical domain
101 Spintronics: Physicists develop miniature terahertz sources
102 Ultra-efficient tech to power devices of tomorrow and forge sustainable energy future
103 Google lets users factor climate change into life
104 Almost one-in-three people globally will still be mainly using polluting cooking fuels in 2030, research shows
105 Europe's industrial air pollution costing hundreds of billions: report
106 COP26 president denies UK rift over climate
107 AAC Clyde Space to supply core avionics to Arctic weather satellite
108 Urban heat exposure has increased 3-fold globally since 1980s, study finds
109 Nigeria looks to revive ailing palm oil sector
110 US seeks comments on China tariff exclusions amid new trade approach