File Title
1 The Northwest Passage is thawing. Will US, Canada sail its waters together?
2 'Ecocide': Climate lawyers say Amazon deforestation is a crime
3 How this year's Nobel Prize-winning economists shaped the field
4 Leaded gas dies. And carbon-free fusion power inches closer.
5 Czech ruling party sees surprise defeat in election, imperiling Babis
6 Nonpartisan redistricting? Reform efforts meet reality.
7 After 30 months, the Boston Marathon gets its 'comeback story'
8 Data privacy is a big public concern. Will Congress answer with a law?
9 Famine in Ethiopia: Is the world averting its eyes?
10 Dodging debt disaster, US Senate votes to extend borrowing
11 Due vigilance for global corporations
12 Figuring out who we are
13 Truth-telling and a path to healing
14 Making the most out of opportunities to grow
15 Why Iraq enjoys a calm election
16 'Just keep it flowing.' Three people working to untangle supply chain.
17 Cereal politics: Kellogg workers go on strike at all US plants
18 Hurricane Ida aftermath: Will power grids get an upgrade?
19 Pandemic took bite out of US economy. Yet millions escaped poverty.
20 Missing the office rush, downtown businesses work to adapt
21 One Western town's solution to wildfires? Community.
22 How cities are preparing subways for the next big storm
23 Can Gov. Newsom wean California off oil drilling after spill?
24 Solar energy is a new cash crop for farmers--when the price is right
25 Should the EU ban fossil fuel ads? Climate groups say yes.
26 Facebook introduces controls for kids. Is it enough?
27 Can $1 trillion infrastructure package ease racial digital divide?
28 Facebook's 'snow day': Massive outage reveals world's dependence
29 'Profit over safety'? Facebook whistleblower reveals identity.
30 Facebook pauses Insta for kids as critics call out social risks
31 Finding the words: African translators aim to decolonize science
32 Actors in space: Russians, Capt. Kirk lift off to new heights
33 Physics Nobel rewards trio for contributions to climate models
34 Trailblazing tourist spaceflight circled globe before Atlantic splashdown
35 Walking whales: Four-legged fossil shines light on prehistory
36 How tongue twisters delight word lovers across the globe
37 'Mass' filmmaker explores forgiveness and reconciliation after tragedy
38 'No Time to Die' offers Bond fun, but what's next for 007?
39 From beetles to clouds, finding happiness in nature's surprises
40 How the 'bootstrap' idiom became a cultural ideal
41 Figuring out who we are
42 How does this scientist approach climate conversations? She acts 'from love.'
43 Tanzanian Abdulrazak Gurnah awarded Nobel literature prize
44 Mary Beth Meehan's photos dissolve distances between people
45 Amor Towles creates an American road trip of epic proportions
46 Q&A with Les Standiford, author of 'Battle for the Big Top'
47 Can we ever be safe in space
48 NASA announces astronaut changes for upcoming Commercial Crew Missions
49 NASA Announces 60 Teams for 2022 Student Launch Competition
50 China plans to build special site for weekly launch of Long March 8 rockets
51 NASA's SLS passes key review for Artemis I Mission
52 Aerojet Rocketdyne completes Space Launch System rocket engine test series
53 NASA readies for future Artemis Moon Missions with rocket engine test series
54 Thomas Pesquet takes commanding role on Space Station
55 Lasers to probe origin of life on a Moon
56 Empowering Artemis with communications and navigation interoperability
57 Putin says Russia aiming for carbon neutrality by 2060
58 EU floats ban on Arctic fossil fuel exploitation
59 Star Trek's Shatner space-bound with Blue Origin
60 California's Alisal Fire burns more than 13,000 acres
61 What a blast! The rush of amateur astronauts
62 Asian Development Bank boosts climate financing target by $20bn
63 World's clean energy transition 'too slow': IEA
64 Under-pressure New Zealand sets out carbon-zero plan
65 EU holds world's largest 'green bond' sale
66 India's Infosys reports strong quarter, hikes revenue forecast
67 IT outage hits one of Europe's biggest cloud computing groups
68 Apple cuts iPhone 13 output forecast on chip shortage: report
69 Germany unveils first self-driving train
70 Digital technology: friend or foe against climate change?
71 California restricts gagging for employee complaints
72 Facebook bans sales of Amazon conservation areas on its apps
73 China fines food delivery giant Meituan for monopolistic behaviour
74 Chinese central bank boss vows to further fintech crackdown
75 Google to stop pairing ads with climate change misinformation
76 US biggest bitcoin miner after China crackdown: study
77 Asian traders move cautiously ahead of inflation release
78 CORRECTED: Danish artist hires lawyers to reclaim Hong Kong Tiananmen statue
79 China exports see surprise jump despite power crunch
80 Illegal streams, merch bonanza: Squid Game craze hits China
81 IMF cuts China growth forecast for 2021 and 2022
82 China pledges $233 million to global biodiversity fund
83 Storms force Hong Kong to shutter twice in a week
84 NASA scientist looks to AI, lensing to find masses of free-floating planets
85 Eutelsat raises its shareholding in OneWeb
86 Simulating space on Earth: NASA receives hardware for testing satellite servicing tech
87 Arkisys unveils first spacecraft element for the Port in Pasadena
88 China's Mars probes suspend explorations due to Sun outage
89 Rare micrometeorite may have originated from a Ceres-like asteroid
90 'Mini Psyches' give insights into mysterious metal-rich near-earth asteroids
91 Study finds evidence of the origin of metal-rich near-earth asteroids
92 NASA's Lucy science mission will fly by eight asteroids
93 First European map of the insulating effect of forests
94 Australia's Daintree rainforest returned to Indigenous owners
95 US firefighters optimistic over world's biggest tree
96 Death stalks Colombian defenders of nature
97 First Copernicus satellite exceeds design working life
98 UAE spacecraft to explore asteroid belt after Mars success
99 SBIRS GEO-6 Space Vehicle completes production
100 Global missile defense from space got more affordable
101 Lockheed Martin opens intelligent, advanced hypersonic strike production facility
102 US envoy says possible Iran won't return to nuclear deal
103 Anti-missile defences tested to protect 'sensitive' sites: Iran
104 EDF offers to build up to 6 nuclear reactors in Poland
105 EU envoy to visit Iran Thursday amid nuclear talks push
106 UN rights report warns of N. Korea 'starvation risk'
107 North Korea's Kim blames US for tensions
108 Couple accused of selling US nuclear secrets appears in court
109 Macron announces 30-billion-euro plan to re-industrialise France
110 Iran on agenda in Israeli PM's visit to Putin