File Title
1 How to Evaluate a Chemistry Tutor for Your Child
2 Zebrafish Teach Us More About Predictions
3 Smartphone Technology Could Help Predict Cannabis Intoxication
4 Understanding How the Gut Microbiome is Affected by Temperature
5 SnapTec--Single-handed operation for fast and safe sample handling
6 Making the Most of Your NGS Data: Understanding Metrics for Target-enriched NGS
7 Illegal Cannabis Grow Sites Could be Poisoning Threatened Animals
8 Concerning New Evidence Regarding Cannabis Use During Pregnancy
9 Exosome delivery of an anti-HIV drug to the brain
10 Malaria Parasite Seems to be Evolving to Evade Diagnostic Tests
11 How Babies Look at Objects Linked to Future Autism Diagnoses
12 Stick-on Diagnostic Patch Inspired by Beetles
13 You Can Take Food Security into Your Own Hands by Growing Microgreens
14 Gut Microbiota Influences Colon Cancer Development
15 New Evidence on the Association between Nitrogen Dioxide Emissions and Cardiovascular Disease
16 Images of Healthy Foods with A Lot of Likes on Social Media Influence Eating Habits
17 When a Meteor Destroyed an Ancient City, It May Have Inspired Biblical Tales
18 Study Suggests Cell Reprogramming Can Repair Heart Attack Damage
19 How one Facebook worker unfriended the giant social network
20 Marie Antoinette's censored letters decoded using X-rays
21 Hydropower decline adds strain to power grids in drought
22 New river of lava threatens even more buildings on La Palma
23 Nevada among last states to add rapid tests to virus tally
24 EXPLAINER: How global deal stems corporate use of tax havens
25 Mexican science board tells researchers: don't criticize
26 Impact of forest thinning on wildfires creates divisions
27 White House proposes tech 'bill of rights' to limit AI harms
28 Smart robots do all the work at Nissan's 'intelligent' plant
29 Elon Musk says Tesla will move HQ from California to Texas
30 Ex-CEO who oversaw doomed nuclear project sentenced
31 Barry Diller's IAC buying magazine co Meredith for $2B
32 Strong earthquake in southwest Pakistan kills at least 23
33 Spanish volcano eruption shuts airport, area still 'tense'
34 Australia wants Facebook held liable for anonymous comments
35 Can I get the flu and COVID-19 vaccines at the same time?
36 Ankle monitor GPS used to find wife's body, arrest husband
37 Nobel in chemistry honors 'greener' way to build molecules
38 Australian defamation review to examine Facebook liability
39 Woman plans to help fellow Rwandan amputees get prosthetics
40 Physics Nobel rewards work on climate change, other forces
41 Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram suffer worldwide outage
42 COVID spike pushes Alaska's health care system to brink
43 New Mexico governor thanks oil and gas, cheers hydrogen plan
44 Corps of Engineers considers nature-based flood control
45 Outage highlights how vital Facebook has become worldwide
46 The top iPhone and iPad apps on App Store
47 UAE to launch probe targeting asteroid between Mars, Jupiter
48 Windows 11 rolls out to PC users--but not all of them
49 Trading apps move to get a live person to hear your problems
50 La Palma island's volcano roars again, spewing thicker lava
51 GM building giant battery development lab in Detroit suburb
52 2,700-year-old toilet found in Jerusalem was a rare luxury
53 Vineyards, farms across EU raided in labor abuse crackdown
54 Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram suffer worldwide outage
55 Facebook explains app outage after services are restored
56 Japan counts on Asian market to help shift to green energy
57 2 win medicine Nobel for showing how we react to heat, touch
58 The Latest: Fauci says fine to trick-or-treat this year
59 Advocates, lawmakers push hospitals to help more with bills
60 Doctors claim Brazil hospitals gave dodgy COVID-19 care
61 Texas abortion law foes target lawmakers' corporate donors
62 Once hailed as heroes, health care workers now face a rash of violence
63 Brazilians seek pre-pandemic normalcy as deaths top 600,000
64 GOP doc dispenses sketchy medical advice on virus immunity
65 EXPLAINER: The Texas abortion law's swift impact, and future
66 Texas clinics cancel abortions after court reinstates ban
67 The Latest: Alabama Gov. Ivey extends help for hospitals
68 Thousands march in Rome to protest workplace vaccine rule
69 Russians flock to Serbia for Western-made COVID-19 vaccines
70 Russia hits new virus death record as autumn surge persists
71 US appeals court lets Texas resume ban on most abortions
72 Living with long COVID: 'I feel like I am on a long road to recovery'
73 Health officials report uptick in children's rare COVID-related inflammatory syndrome following delta surge
74 San Francisco to welcome cruise ships after 19-month hiatus
75 Nursing home owner appeals 7 license revocations after Ida
76 Brazil tops 600,000 virus deaths amid doubts about delta
77 Boosters, employer mandates drive increase in US vaccines
78 The Latest: Pennsylvania virus cases rise among vaccinated
79 Anxiety, depression fluctuated with COVID-19 waves: Study
80 Vaccine mandate for police? NYC looking at 'all options'
81 Coronavirus deaths in Russia hit new record
82 Colorado woman who won't get vaccinated denied transplant
83 In California, inconsistent school COVID rules are the norm
84 Los Angeles County sheriff won't enforce vaccine mandate
85 Portugal to stamp out anti-gay prejudice in blood donations
86 UK to offer new vaccine shots to Novavax trial volunteers
87 New FDA chief can't come soon enough for beleaguered agency
88 Slovenia denies excessive police force against protesters
89 Finland joins other Nordic nations in curbing Moderna shots
90 With COVID-19 mandates rolling out, what to know about religious exemptions
91 Texas judge says abortions can resume, but future uncertain
92 Biden, a convert to vaccine mandates, champions compliance
93 Abortions resume in some Texas clinics after judge halts law
94 Texas clinics resume abortion services after 6-week ban paused
95 Marines: Pandemic contributed to tragedy of troops' drowning
96 What to expect as US weighs COVID shots for younger kids
97 US health experts urge flu shots to avoid 'twindemic'
98 The Latest: Biden makes economic case for vaccinations
99 Pfizer's request to OK shots for kids a relief for parents
100 Russia hits a new record for COVID-19 infections this year
101 EXPLAINER: The Texas abortion law's swift impact, and future
102 Pfizer seeks FDA authorization of COVID-19 vaccine for children ages 5 to 11
103 When might your kid be able to get vaccinated? Here's what the rollout of COVID-19 shots for ages 5 to 11 might look like
104 OPINION: When I is replaced by We, illness becomes wellness
105 Dr. Sanjay Gupta: Pandemic proofing your life is not what you think
106 Johnson & Johnson asks FDA to authorize COVID-19 vaccine booster shots
107 COVID vaccine certificates a tool to enable vaccinated people to access opportunities, says minister
108 OPINION: Climate emergency risks becoming a mental health emergency
109 OPINION: The over-criminalisation of HIV transmission does more harm than good
110 For many, depression comes after COVID infection. But these patients respond well to antidepressants