File Title
1 Nazi Leaders Sent Five-Man Team on Covert Mission to Find the Source of the Aryan Race
2 Chankillo Observatory in Peruvian Desert Dates Back to 2,300-year-old, Used by Ancients to Track Yearly Seasonal Movements
3 Joe Biden COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Plan Faces Blowback as FDA Rejects Proposal to Give Every Vaccinated Americans Extra Shot
4 Are Bat Immune Responses to the SARS-CoV-2 Key to New Curative Therapies for Eradicating COVID-19?
5 Japanese Islands Inhabited by Ancient Kofun People Changing Its History as Researchers Discovers Third Culture
6 Chinese Ancient Lion City Submerged in Man-made Lake in the 50's; Archaeologists Likened Ruins to Atlantis
7 Trump Alleges Coronavirus Leaked from China as Classified Intelligence Reports Numerous Body Bags Seen Outside Wuhan Lab
8 Honey Bees Attacked and Killed South African Penguins by Stinging Their Eye for Unknown Reason that Baffles Experts
9 India Will Continue to Export Vaccines After Stopping in April to Prioritize Its Own Population
10 'Havana Syndrome' Diplomats Pressure Blinken of Worsening Effects of Stigma and Disbelief as Symptoms Observed in CIA Official
11 Study Suggests that Severe COVID-19 Causes Delirium in Patients During and After Infection
12 Ancient City Tall el-Hammam Decimated by Tunguska-like Explosion, Theorized as Biblical Sodom
13 Rumors Claim AIDS Treatment Was Leading Cause of Deaths; Criticizes Fauci's Recommendations
14 FDA to Authorize a Booster Dose of Pfizer-BioNTech's COVID-19 Vaccine for 65 and Older
15 R.1 Variant Evades Antibodies Created by Vaccines; New Mutation Detected in 47 States
16 50-Pound Wild Rabid Beaver Attacks 73-Year-Old Man During Leisurely Swim in a Pond; Victim Claims He had Been Swimming There Since the 1970s
17 Massive Maya Pyramid Found in El Salvador is One of Oldest Natural Disaster Shelters Built in the Past
18 Education Secretary Encourages State Governors to Mandate Eligible Students to Get Vaccinated
19 COVID-19 Vaccine Apartheid: African Leaders Condemn Disparity in United Nations General Assembly
20 Archaeologists Accidentally Found Charred Remains of Church in Jamestown that Proves Rebellion of Nathaniel Bacon in 1676
21 Consortium of Scientists Develop Two-Step Process that Would Make Water, Oxygen Available on the Moon
22 Joe Biden Vows to Provide Pfizer COVID-19 Booster Shots After CDC Signals Green Light to 60 Million Vulnerable Americans
23 Researchers Find Highly Potent Monoclonal Antibodies that Resists Recent COVID-19 Strains, Thwarts Infections Better
24 Salmonella Outbreak Stretches Across the US; CDC Continues to Investigate the Food Source
25 Footprints Found in New Mexico Proves Human Presence in the Americas that Pre-dates 13,000-Years Rewrites Known History
26 Low, Middle-Income Nations to Receive 1 Billion Doses of Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine, Pfizer CEO Says
27 Australia Eases Lockdown on Vaccinated Residents in Sydney Amid Plans to Reopen Economy Before Year Ends
28 CDC Director Supports Allowing Children to Trick-or-Treat on Halloween with Certain Restrictions
29 Archaeologists Discover Almost 10,000 Skeletons in Hidden Medieval Graveyard in the City of Hull with Mysterious Finds
30 Kids Could Get Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine by October but Their Dosage Will Be Different from Adults; Here's Why
31 New York Vaccine Mandate Goes into Effect, Forcing Healthcare Workers to Get Inoculated Amid Staffing Shortages
32 Is it Possible for a Mutant COVID-19 Strain to Evade Vaccine Antibodies Through Evolutionary Changes?
33 Greta Thunberg Mocks World Leaders for Inaction Against Climate Change that Threatens Future Generations
34 Arkansas Governor Allows State's Public Health Emergency for COVID-19 to End; Clarifies that the State Still Feels the Effects of Pandemic
35 Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Detects Deadly Rabbit Disease for the First Time; What Is RHDV2?
36 Riverboat Abner O'Neal Shipwreck Exposed After Submergence in Missouri River More than 130 Years Ago
37 Chinese Defector Charges Beijing Guilty of Inhuman Bio-weaponizing Experiments on Unwilling Test Subjects
38 Washington State Faces Uncertainty Over the Future of COVID-19 Pandemic Despite Data Showing Hospitalization, Case Rates Declining
39 NASA Refuses to Rename Its $10 Billion Technological Marvel; the James Webb Telescope Launches in December
40 Jawbone Discovered in Sulawesi Dated to 25,000-Years Ago Might Point to Ancient Human Ancestors from Australia and Asia
41 Transdermal Microneedle Patch Improves Immune Responses Now an Option for COVID-19 Vaccine Instead of Inoculation Using Needles
42 Nazi Doctor Called 'The Angel of Death' Saves Death Camp Inmates from Gas Chamber Executions to Become Lab Subjects
43 Vaccine Mandates Boost Inoculation Rates Amid Opposition, Requests for Bans
44 4,000 Year-Old Bull Geoglyph in Russia Outdates Other Ancient Monuments by Several Thousand Millennia Causing A Stir Among Scientists
45 Vaccine Mandate: New York County's Chief Medical Examiner Refuses to Get COVID-19 Vaccine; Human Bodies Subject of Autopsies Relocated to Another Hospital
46 Research Indicates Vitamin D Helps Deal with COVID-19 as Alternative to Prevent Infection and Disease
47 Fauci Draws Criticism After Suggesting It's 'Too Soon to Tell' if Christmas Gatherings Would Be Allowed Amid Entry of New Anti-Viral Drug
48 Turkish Settlement from 11,000-Years-Ago Built Both Karahantepe, Gobekli Tepe; Archaeologists Says Findings Show Similarities in Ancient Culture
49 COVID-19 Could Cause Guillain-Barre Syndrome and Induce Nerve Damage, Study Says
50 New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern Admits Country Can No Longer Maintain Zero-COVID Goals Amid Lagging Vaccination Rates
51 Russia Presses Bid for WHO's Approval of Sputnik V Vaccine as Country Grapples with 3 Times More COVID-19 Cases During Last Fall
52 Chinese Space Agency Showcases New Rocket for Space Tourism with Striking Resemblance to SpaceX and Blue Origin Designs
53 Russian Officials Struggle Amid Triple COVID Cases, Deaths; Authorities Blame Low Vaccination Rate for Crisis
54 WHO Director General Endorses the Roll Out of the World's First Malaria Vaccine After 30 Years of Research
55 Merck's COVID-19 Pill Reportedly Reduces Risk of Hospitalizations, Deaths: Is it a Game-Changer or Just Another Tool?
56 Unknown Roman Temple Found in Lebanon Dates Back 5,000 Years with Geometric Reliefs Dedicated to an Unknown Deity
57 Studies Find Waning Immunity from Pfizer Vaccine as More Regulators Show Support for Booster Shots
58 New Zealand to Stop Pursuing Zero COVID Strategy; PM Jacinda Ardern Plans to Transition to 'Living with the Virus' Approach
59 Researchers Say the Unvaccinated Can Get Reinfection from COVID-19, Disregard Natural Immunity in Favor of Immunization
60 Merck Announces Supply and Purchase Agreement with Singapore on Its Antiviral Pill; Pharmaceutical Company Seeks Approval from US FDA
61 14-Year-Old 'Selfie' Star Gorilla Ndakasi Dies in Caretaker's Arms After Years of Deteriorating Health
62 Tomb of Nestor's Cup Reveals Mystery as Researchers Found the Ashes Tells a Different Story from 2,800 Years Ago
63 New Technique to Refine Rare Earth Metals
64 Elevated Blood Pressure Linked to Decline in Brain Health
65 'Living Medicines' to Destroy Dangerous Biofilms
66 Evidence of human activity 400,000 years ago in Saudi Arabia
67 Research on Cannabis Patches and Topical Lotions to Manage Symptoms of Parkinson's Disease
68 DNA Gives Clues to the Mystery of 'Skeleton' Lake
69 After Mass Extinction, All Modern Snakes Evolved from Only a Few Survivors
70 A 24,000-Year-Old Rotifer from the Siberian Arctic is Alive & Thriving
71 Tylenol During Pregnancy Linked to Developmental Disorders
72 Unclogged: Constipation Drug May Stimulate Memory and Cognition
73 Good News for Coffee Lovers: A New Study Finds Caffeine Does Not Impact Breast Cancer Risk
74 The Anti-Cancer, Copper-Binding Compounds Found in Fish
75 The Synergistic Mystery of the Entourage Effect
76 Gamma-Ray Burst from Distant Galaxy May Have Been Space Junk
77 A School-based Approach to Combatting Adolescent Obesity
78 Saving the Georgia Peach from Climate Change
79 Extended approval for a drug to treat children living with HIV
80 Computational Crystal Ball Predicts Which COVID Variants Are More Dangerous
81 New Research Shows Relations Between Testosterone, Competition, and Competitive Endurance
82 A 3D-Printed COVID Vaccine Patch?
83 Color-Changing Slides Improve Accuracy in Cancer Diagnosis
84 Dual Threat: CAR T Cells Modified to Target Two Neuroblastoma Antigens
85 Chemistry and Magic: Identifying the Oldest Records of Merlin the Magician
86 Signs of Huntington's Disease in Early Embryonic Development
87 2021's Nobel Prize in Physics Recognizes Foundational Work in Climate Science
88 New Sensor Could Detect Antibiotics in Your Breath
89 Ubirajara Ownership Dispute Leads to Retraction of Dino Paper
90 The Future is Fungi!
91 Researchers Propose Pathway to Plastics Free of Carbon Emissions
92 Idle Thoughts Indicate Mental Health Status
93 Portable Sensor Could Help Diagnosis Heart Attacks Quickly
94 Inflammation Overload Triggers 'Microclots' in COVID Long-Haulers
95 In a First, Researchers Find a Planet Orbiting Three Stars
96 Insects & Spiders Seem to Carry & Spread Antibiotic Resistance
97 Drug repurposing for COVID-19
98 Monkey Gene Snares Viruses, Inspires Future Antivirals
99 Genetic Mutations May Not be Related to the Aging Process
100 Guillain-Barre Syndrome After COVID-19 Infection
101 U.S. Declares Ivory-billed Woodpecker, Several Other Species Extinct
102 Studies Reveal Synaptic Disruptions in Schizophrenia
103 Predicting Progression-Free Survival in a Melanoma Study
104 People Prefer Deeper Conversations Over Small Talk with Strangers
105 Zaki syndrome--Pediatric Disorder & Potential Treatment ID'ed
106 Oil Slick Washing Ashore in Southern California
107 Using a New Approach to Assess Aging & the Microbiome
108 Merck's COVID-19 Drug Halves Risk of Death in Mild & Moderate Cases
109 Why Did a Town Start Putting People on Trial for Witchcraft?
110 A Tumor-Suppressor Gene Plays a Role in the Circadian Rhythm