File Title
1 Almost one-in-three people globally will still be mainly using polluting cooking fuels in 2030, research shows
2 Europe's industrial air pollution costing hundreds of billions: report
3 New model simplifies orbital radar trade-off studies for environmental monitoring
4 Going hyperspectral for CHIME
5 COP26 president denies UK rift over climate
6 Extinction Rebellion attempt Zurich blockade
7 Five billion could struggle to access water in 2050: UN
8 AAC Clyde Space to supply core avionics to Arctic weather satellite
9 Urban heat exposure has increased 3-fold globally since 1980s, study finds
10 Oil-rich Gulf faces prospect of unlivable heat as planet warms
11 US seeks comments on China tariff exclusions amid new trade approach
12 Timeline: The mysterious sinking of the Bugaled Breizh
13 China infrastructure drive traps poor nations with $385 billion 'hidden debt': study
14 Metal tariff talks with US in 'advanced stages': EU official
15 EU leaders seek unity on how to face China and US
16 Sandia-developed solar cell technology reaches space
17 New imaging system reveals solar panel defects even in bright sunlight
18 A new solid-state battery surprises the researchers who created it
19 Solar cells with 30-year lifetimes for power-generating windows
20 PVpallet is ready to rethink solar shipping with game-changing solution
21 Time to shine: scientists reveal at an atomic scale how chlorine stabilizes next-gen solar cells
22 Large wind farms cause different effects for local and regional climates
23 How do wind turbines respond to winds, ground motion during earthquakes?
24 Wind and the sun power Greek islands' green energy switch
25 UK seeks to oust China from Sizewell nuclear plant: FT
26 Augmented reality for testing nuclear components
27 Potential Deployment of BWRX-300 Small Modular Reactors in Poland
28 Polish copper giant signs deal with US firm for small nuclear reactors
29 France pleads EU to see nuclear as Green
30 Seventh nuclear shipment to leave France for Japan
31 Moscow vies for Arctic clout with nuclear icebreaker fleet
32 ITMO researchers create nanoparticle paste to make perovskite solar cells more efficient
33 Crucial step identified in the conversion of biomass to methane
34 S-92 helicopter completes first flight using biofuel
35 Researchers want to breed a sorghum variety that captures more carbon
36 UMD to create sustainable biofuels and bioplastics from food waste with DOE grant
37 Zeolites make for efficient production of pentanoic biofuels
38 Bacteria may hold key for energy storage, biofuels
39 Biofuel potential from wastewater ponds
40 Turning hazelnut shells into potential renewable energy source
41 NASA awards $750,000 in competition to convert carbon dioxide into sugar
42 Faster and cheaper ethanol-to-jet-fuel on the horizon
43 Drink and drive: whisky waste powers Scottish trucks
44 Stinkweed could make a cleaner bio-jet fuel, study finds
45 Catalyzing the conversion of biomass to biofuel
46 California rushes to contain oil spill as wildlife, beaches hit
47 California authorities rush to mitigate impact of major oil spill
48 New Line 3 pipeline ready to move oil from Canada to US: Enbridge
49 Rivals Iran, Saudi held new round of talks in Iraq
50 OPEC sees oil demand growing over next two decades
51 Brent crude price jumps above $80 a barrel
52 US warns against 'manipulation' of Europe gas prices
53 US Coast Guard probes anchor strike over California oil spill: report
54 British military begins deliveries to ease UK fuel supply crisis
55 Greenpeace boats block Dutch Shell refinery
56 Canada's second largest pension fund ending oil investments
57 Road to COP26 climate summit paved with uncertainty
58 1.5íC is the climate goal, but how do we get there?
59 Austria govt. unveils 'eco' tax reform
60 Johnson says UK energy production to go 100% green by 2035
61 COP26 'won't be easy,' UN climate chief admits
62 UCLA bioengineers develop new class of human-powered bioelectronics
63 Volvo Cars announces IPO to raise nearly $2.9 billion
64 Ford speeds to electric with $11.4 billion investment
65 Making self-driving cars safer through keener robot perception
66 Swedish electric car maker Polestar plans $20- billion IPO
67 German climate group takes BMW and Daimler to court
68 Sea pollution after S. Africa riots an 'environmental catastrophe'
69 'Pollution-sniffing' plane scours Belgium's coast
70 What lies beneath: Swiss search for bombs at bottom of Lake Geneva
71 Agency sounds alert on European air pollution
72 WHO says air pollution kills 7 mn a year, toughens guidelines
73 Pentagon orders all civilian employees to be fully vaccinated by November 22
74 Algeria begins Sinovac COVID-19 vaccine production
75 AI could help scientists ID the next virus to jump from animals to humans
76 Pfizer launches mRNA flu vaccine trial
77 Shots in the dark: China sends COVID aid to Myanmar rebels
78 Princeton scientists find 'unique' way to encourage vaccinations, masking
79 In COVID's shadow, HIV on march in Eastern Europe
80 COVID-19 lockdowns revealed significant, cliche gender differences
81 Graphene: 'Miracle material' singled out for COVID conspiracies
82 Making catalytic surfaces more active to help decarbonize fuels and chemicals
83 Making methane from CO2: Carbon capture grows more affordable
84 Adding foreign atoms to graphene does wonders to boost its properties
85 Creation of the most perfect graphene
86 World's largest plant capturing CO2 from air starts up in Iceland
87 Carbon emissions increase along the forest edge, modeling study reveals
88 Enriched bicarbonate electrolytes show promise in combatting CO2 and the greenhouse effect
89 Striking Gold: A Pathway to Stable, High-Activity Catalysts from Gold Nanoclusters
90 Researchers demonstrate technique for recycling nanowires in electronics
91 Foreign businesses in China rattled by 'hostage diplomacy'
92 China clamps down on pop culture in bid to 'control' youth
93 Hong Kong man on national security trial over protest chants
94 UK warned Hong Kong critics to avoid China extradition nations
95 Iron curtain falls on Hong Kong cinema as censors demand cuts
96 Chinese label pulls clothing line over designs; Ex liquor giant head jailed
97 Four refugees who sheltered Snowden find sanctuary in Canada
98 Russian actress, director enter space station to film movie
99 Interstellar research group holds their 7th annual symposium
100 To boldly go: Star Trek's Shatner spacebound with Blue Origin
101 Starfish Space raises $7 million to develop Space Tug
102 NASA adviser blasts lack of congressional action on space traffic dangers
103 Trading space: ESA bolsters European business
104 Join our free online Space2Connect event
105 Space technology rocketing upwards, reports IDTechEx
106 Satellite maker Terran Orbital plans major plant in Florida
107 Study demonstrates Lunar composition mapping capabilities of SwRI-created space instrument
108 Space Force upskilling Guardians with process mapping and automation
109 Cutting-edge drones displayed at show
110 China shows off new drones and jets at Zhuhai airshow