File Title
1 Empowering Artemis with communications and navigation interoperability
2 NASA scientist looks to AI, lensing to find masses of free-floating planets
3 First planet to orbit 3 Stars discovered
4 'Planet confusion' could slow Earth-like exoplanet exploration
5 Eutelsat raises its shareholding in OneWeb
6 GomSpace signs a contract with SpaceAble to enhance the sustainability of Low Earth Orbit
7 Phantom Space announces agreement to build and launch 72 satellite constellation for Ingenu
8 Simulating space on Earth: NASA receives hardware for testing satellite servicing tech
9 Arkisys unveils first spacecraft element for the Port in Pasadena
10 Student experiments float over New Mexico
11 Severe droughts dry up dreams of Turkish farmers
12 Rice sacks to runway: India's battle to rebrand jute
13 Dry year leaves Syria wheat farmers facing crop failure
14 NASA software helps weather forecasting around the globe
15 Jet stream changes could amplify weather extremes by 2060s
16 Fires, floods, flying insects: 10 recent climate-fuelled disasters
17 Three dead in landslide, flooding as cyclone lashes Oman
18 Kenya drought leaves 2.4 million at risk of hunger by November: WFP
19 Seven killed in Indonesia landslide
20 In first, ocean drone captures footage from inside hurricane
21 Tornado damages Australian homes, power lines
22 Thai flood victims 'start from zero' after killer storm
23 'Too much water': floods wreak misery in South Sudan
24 6.1-magnitude quake rattles Japan, no tsunami risk
25 Global warming kills 14 percent of world's corals in a decade
26 Aerosols released from Australian bushfires triggers algal blooms
27 Climate change threatens the Everglades, Florida's gem
28 Physics Nobel: deciphering climate disorder to better predict it
29 'Lot of work' before climate summit, host Britain admits
30 Australian mining giants back net-zero target
31 Protection of Antarctica waters must be increased: NGOs
32 Understanding Antarctic ice historic changes could reveal future changes
33 Rise and shine at Concordia Research Station in Antarctica
34 Earth is dimming due to climate change
35 NASA satellites show how clouds respond to arctic sea ice change
36 Study links polar vortex disruption with extreme winter weather
37 Precipitation in central Asia shaped by sea surface temperature over tropical pacific and north Atlantic
38 On the trail of methane sources in Scandinavia
39 Venezuelan couple goes all out for smiling but endangered sloths
40 How geology and climate shape biodiversity
41 A river runs through it: Brussels uncovers hidden waterway
42 Novel functional biochar composites help to treat wastewater
43 Syria water crisis spurs spike in disease: MSF
44 New filtering method promises safer drinking water, improved industrial production
45 The world in a drop of water: DNA tool transforms nature tracking
46 In Venezuela, a village on stilts slowly succumbs to mud
47 New U.N. tool designed to enhance flood prediction, disaster planning
48 Volcano evacuees face huge reconstruction challenges
49 Ringside seat for fearful villagers as Canaries volcano spews fire
50 Canaries lava peninsula doubles in size as wind change raises risk
51 Dinosaurs' ascent driven by volcanoes powering climate change
52 Guatemala volcano erupts but no evacuations yet
53 Canaries volcano razes hundreds of buildings as lava creeps to sea
54 Volcano lava destroys 320 buildings on Spanish island
55 Toxic gas fears as Canary Islands volcano lava nears sea
56 Japan issues alert after volcano erupts
57 What lies beneath: Volcanic secrets revealed
58 Two stranded humpback whales rescued in Argentina
59 Human whistled languages may help decipher dolphin communication
60 Faroe Islands mass dolphin slaughter casts shadow over tradition
61 Outcry as Faroe Islands slaughter 1,400 dolphins in a day
62 Do tourist boats stress out whales? Researchers find out
63 Dutch probe mystery porpoise deaths
64 US announces new fishing regulations to save endangered whales
65 Baby orca dies in New Zealand after fruitless search for mother
66 Speeding ships killing endangered N. Atlantic right whales: study
67 Foe to friend: Fishermen join fight to save endangered Pakistan dolphin
68 Carcasses reveal movement, feeding patterns of Sowerby's beaked whales
69 Southern Africa considers extending Mozambique military mission
70 Malawi army escorts fuel amid trucker strike
71 Nigeria military responds to civilian air strike casualty claims
72 Surge of killings in eastern DR Congo, says UN
73 Algerian army chief accuses Morocco of 'conspiracies'
74 Iran-SKorea row worsens over oil billions frozen by US sanctions
75 Iran expects nuclear talks in Vienna to restart within days
76 US reveals nuclear bomb numbers after Trump blackout
77 Iran urges UN to condemn Karaj nuclear site 'sabotage'
78 N. Korea pursues weapons despite COVID blockade: UN report
79 US hopes to restart Iran talks but cites 'alarming' nuclear progress
80 Hypersonic missiles: the alarming must-have in military tech
81 Iran says foresees nuclear talks resuming by early November
82 Iran to launch Arak nuclear research reactor 'within year'
83 New Guinea PM vows reform before handing power back to civilians
84 US troops secretly training Taiwanese since last year: report
85 Three foreigners held over missing data at Bulgaria arms plant
86 Guinea PM pledges to stick to junta transition plan
87 NATO says had to react to Russian 'malign activities'
88 France-US subs row should not cause 'rift' at NATO: Stoltenberg
89 No illusions over NATO ties after expulsions: Kremlin
90 S. Korea court backs transgender soldier who killed herself
91 Fast-rising politician pushes rebirth of war-scarred Iraqi city
92 Nobel Physics Prize honours climate work
93 Quantum photonics based on metasurfaces
94 Optically generated quantum fluids of light reveal exotic matter-wave states in condensed matter physics
95 North Korea fires 'missile,' insists on right to weapons tests
96 Induced flaws in quantum materials could enhance superconducting properties
97 Blockchain technology could provide secure communications for robot teams
98 Urban mining for metals flashes forward
99 In Siberia, a copper mine hopes to become a global energy pivot
100 New spin on space research
101 China unveils gravitational-wave research center in Guangdong
102 NASA awards SBP professor $2 million to study flies in space
103 Exploring quantum gravity--for whom the pendulum swings
104 Singapore patrol robots stoke fears of surveillance state
105 Google lets users factor climate change into life
106 China orders energy firms to secure supplies amid power crisis
107 Power cuts roil China, threatening growth and supply chains
108 Major corporations urge Brazil to boost climate pledges
109 UN redoubles green energy push to save climate, boost electricity
110 Germany's climate militants fight for parliamentary seats