File Title
1 Can we ever be safe in space
2 For reasons by Vivaldi
3 All-female crew in water-tank spaceflight study
4 NASA announces astronaut changes for upcoming Commercial Crew Missions
5 Russian crew arrives at space station to film first movie in orbit
6 Russian crew blast off to film first movie in space
7 NASA TV coverage set for Russian film production mission launch
8 Soyuz docks to new Nauka module port at ISS
9 US must prepare now to replace International Space Station
10 Space men at work
11 NASA Announces 60 Teams for 2022 Student Launch Competition
12 China plans to build special site for weekly launch of Long March 8 rockets
13 NASA seeks input from potential partners on next generation astromobile
14 DLR is developing a Launch Coordination Center
15 Glasgow Prestwick Spaceport announces Launch Partner
16 NASA's SLS passes key review for Artemis I mission
17 Aerojet Rocketdyne completes Space Launch System rocket engine test series
18 NASA readies for future Artemis Moon Missions with rocket engine test series
19 Blue Origin accused of 'toxic' work culture, compromising safety
20 Thomas Pesquet takes commanding role on Space Station
21 Lasers to probe origin of life on a Moon
22 China's Chang'e-4 completes 1,000 days on far side of moon
23 University teams demonstrate 'cool' new technologies for the Moon, Mars
24 Masten Space Systems partners with AdaCore to land on the Moon's South Pole
25 Highly porous rocks responsible for Bennu's surprisingly craggy surface
26 Late-time small-body disruptions can protect the Earth
27 'Mini Psyches' give insights into mysterious metal-rich near-earth asteroids
28 Study finds evidence of the origin of metal-rich near-earth asteroids
29 NASA's Lucy science mission will fly by eight asteroids
30 Asteroid sample brought back to Earth gets a close-up look at Brown
31 China kicks off UN biodiversity summit, virtually
32 UN summit to tackle 'unprecedented' biodiversity threats
33 In Egypt's Red Sea, corals fade as oceans warm
34 UK cracks down on climate change activists before UN summit
35 AFP among winners of Covering Climate Now awards
36 Turkey parliament ratifies Paris climate agreement
37 Google lets users factor climate change into life
38 Johnson vows 'long overdue' revamp of UK's post-Brexit economy
39 Nobel Physics Prize honours climate work
40 Physics Nobel: deciphering climate disorder to better predict it
41 Induced flaws in quantum materials could enhance superconducting properties
42 UCLA bioengineers develop new class of human-powered bioelectronics
43 Fabricating MgB2 superconductors using spark plasma sintering and pulse magnetization
44 Researchers develop new tool for analyzing large superconducting circuits
45 Blockchain technology could provide secure communications for robot teams
46 A robot that finds lost items
47 How robots can tell how clean is 'clean'
48 Elon Musk's Tesla Bot raises serious concerns--but probably not the ones you think
49 Actuator discovery outperforms existing technology
50 Humanoid robots catch the eye of humans when interacting
51 Towards ultra-low-energy exciton electronics
52 Connecting the dots between material properties and qubit performance
53 New ergonomic photodetector for the trillion-sensor era
54 First observation of energy-difference conservation in optical domain
55 Spintronics: Physicists develop miniature terahertz sources
56 Ultra-efficient tech to power devices of tomorrow and forge sustainable energy future
57 Researchers use gold film to enhance quantum sensing with qubits in a 2D material
58 Berkeley and Caltech team up to build quantum network testbed
59 Russian physicists mix classical light with half a photon on a qubit
60 New US military branch gets its own intelligence wing
61 Scandal-hit NSO backs international spyware rules
62 US siblings under China exit ban head home after Huawei deal
63 A 15-user quantum secure direct communication network
64 Facebook boosts fight against conspiracies and violent groups
65 Myanmar anti-coup protesters attack more cell towers
66 The foreign legion of YouTubers defending China
67 Cybersecurity seen as rising risk for airlines after 9/11
68 France to boost cyber warfare force
69 China rolls out new data law over 'national security' fears
70 Solving defense optimization problems with increased computational efficiency
71 Superfans lie low as China cracks down on 'false idols'
72 Next Generation Interceptor Program Achieves Critical System Requirements Review
73 Global missile defense from space got more affordable
74 US House approves $1 billion for Israel's Iron Dome
75 Anger as US progressives object to Israeli Iron Dome funding
76 SPY-7 Hybrid Defense program with Japan completes additional capability tests
77 Netherlands completes deal to buy PAC-3 missile defense units
78 U.S. Army conducts live fire test of its first Iron Dome Defense System Battery
79 Hurricane Ida could cost insurers $30 billion: Swiss Re
80 At least 9 dead as cyclone lashes Oman, Iran
81 Two reported dead as cyclone slams into eastern India
82 Delta-X helps with disaster response in wake of Hurricane Ida
83 Science seeks ancient plants to save favourite foods
84 'Mad' Israeli quest to revive ancient dates bears fruit
85 Nigeria looks to revive ailing palm oil sector
86 Sri Lanka stops 'tainted' fertiliser import from China
87 Climate change and its environmental impacts on crop growth
88 Wolf hunting ban pits farmers against conservationists in Spain
89 Grapes of change: French wines adapt to global warming
90 EU says Facebook, YouTube remove less hate speech
91 GM aims to double revenues, debut mostly hands-free auto in 2023
92 Streaming site Twitch confirms hack
93 Singapore patrol robots stoke fears of surveillance state
94 Scandal-hit NSO backs international spyware rules
95 Facebook wants US monopoly suit tossed due to bias
96 eFootball fiasco symptom of growing rush to bring out games
97 Graphene: 'Miracle material' singled out for COVID conspiracies
98 In the face of neurotechnology advances, Chile passes 'neuro rights' law
99 CIA steps up spying contest with China with new unit
100 China kicks off UN biodiversity summit, virtually
101 Asian markets track Wall St. rally as US default averted, for now
102 French senator calls Taiwan a 'country' in visit China protests
103 Biden, Xi planning 'virtual bilateral' meeting by end of year: W. House
104 IMF board meets with Georgieva amid data manipulation probe
105 Taiwan minister warns China military tensions highest in decades
106 Markets fall as inflation, default fears compound virus worries
107 French senators visit Taiwan despite China protests
108 China's Mars probes suspend explorations due to Sun outage
109 Building a home in the sky
110 China opens Shenzhou-12 return capsule at ceremony