File Title
1 Could Future COVID Variants Fully Dodge Our Immune System?
2 Interplay Between Magnetic Force and Gravity in Massive Star Formation
3 Bessel Beams: Laser Beam Shaping to Improve Metal 3D Printing
4 Jingle, Pluck, and Hum: Mesmerizing Sounds from Space
5 More than Meets the Eye: Hubble Misses Vast Amounts of Energy
6 NASA Launches Landsat 9 Today: Here's How to Watch Live + 9 Things to Know
7 Extremely Efficient New Method for Removing Heavy-Metal Contaminants from Drinking Water
8 Arctic Sea Ice Extent 26% Greater than Last Year--But Still 12th-Lowest on Record
9 Fire and Brimstone: A Giant Space Rock Demolished an Ancient Middle Eastern City and Everyone in It
10 Researchers Develop a New Way to Control Magnets
11 Capturing the Intricacies of the Brain's Activity at Unprecedented Resolution
12 A Very Rare Discovery: 25-Million-Year-Old Ancient Eagle Ruled the Roost in Australia
13 STAMPScreen Pipeline: Taking the Guesswork Out of Genetic Engineering
14 Drug (Cocaine, Methamphetamine, or Nicotine) Withdrawal Morphs Brain Communication Networks in Mice
15 Global Cancer Risk from Burning Organic Matter Comes from Unregulated Chemicals
16 Researchers Warn: Sunlight Exposure / Vitamin D Guidelines May Need to Be Revised
17 Volcano Powered Climate Change Drove Dinosaurs' Ascent to Dominate Planet Earth
18 Chemical Discovery Gets Reluctant Seeds to Sprout--Could Help Increase Food Supply
19 Dashcam Detective Work Leads to Recovery of Space Rocks from Slovenia Fireball
20 Why Do Some People Develop Severe COVID Symptoms from Novel Coronavirus?
21 Scientists Studied Bird Poop and Found that When Birds Migrate, Their Gut Bacteria Change
22 Stimulating Pressure Points in the Ear Could Help Treat Chronic Abdominal Pain in Children
23 First Corona Lockdown Was a "Live Experiment"--Revealed Big Behavioral Gender Differences
24 Startling Discovery: Archaeologist Helps to Uncover Hidden Neighborhood in Ancient Maya City
25 Dynamic Twists and Supercoiling Loops Can Enable DNA to Adjust Its Function
26 NASA Launches New Mission in "Major Milestone" to Monitor Earth's Landscapes from Space
28 Unraveling Earth's Mysteries: Continental Growth Is Not a Continuous Process
29 Scientists Use Seasonal Variations to Find Water for Future Mars Astronauts
30 Late Pleistocene Humans May Have Hatched and Raised "World's Most Dangerous Bird" 18,000 Years Ago
31 Bees Are Dying in Large Numbers Around the World--Plant Compound May Protect Them from Deadly Virus
32 Theory of Mind: Children Do Not Understand Concept of Others Having False Beliefs Until Age 6 or 7
33 Massive Extinction of Species in the Late Cretaceous Was Not Caused by Extreme Volcanism
34 Running on Empty: Astronomers Solve 12-Billion-Year-Old Mystery of Stalled Galaxies
35 Stanford Reveals Potential of an Overlooked Climate Change Solution
36 Physicists Build Mathematical "Playground" to Study Quantum Information Theory
37 New Drug Shows Promise in Slowing Growth of Bowel Cancer Tumors
38 NASA and USGS Launch Landsat 9 on Atlas V 401 Rocket
39 New Insights into How Metabolism Changes Over the Human Lifespan
40 Two New Species of Large Predatory Dinosaur with Crocodile-Like Skulls Discovered on Isle of Wight
41 Experiments Find that Electrical Sparks Are Possible on Mars
42 Soyuz Crew Ship Docks to New Science Module Port on Space Station
43 Unified Physics Theory Explains How Materials Transform from Solids to Liquids
44 All-Female Crew in Water-Tank Dry Immersion Spaceflight Study
45 AI-Driven Dynamic Face Mask Adapts to Exercise and Pollution Levels
46 NASA's Lucy Mission Prepares for Launch to Study "Fossils" of Planet Formation
47 Wall of Lava Burns a Path Through La Palma
48 Rethinking What Causes Pain: Psychological Treatment Shown to Yield Strong, Lasting Pain Relief
49 Hot "Black Ice"--Come On in, the Water Is Superionic
50 Fossil Footprints Reveal Humans Inhabited North America Over 21,000 Years Ago
51 Beware of Dog Parks: Canine Parasite Has Evolved Resistance to All Treatments
52 New DNA Sensor Quickly Determines Whether Viruses Are Infectious
53 Zaki Syndrome: Scientists Discover Unknown Childhood Genetic Condition and Its Potential Cure
54 Russian Scientists Use Supercomputer to Probe Limits of Google's Quantum Processor
55 How High-Fat Diets Allow Cancer Cells to Go Unnoticed by the Immune System
56 Going Hyperspectral for CHIME--The Copernicus Hyperspectral Imaging Mission for the Environment
57 Fast and Furious Floods from Overflowing Craters Shaped the Surface of Mars
58 Hot Electron Production Using a Short-Pulse, High-Contrast Laser on Cone and Planar Targets
59 Intermittent Fasting Can Help Prevent and Manage Chronic Diseases Such as Diabetes and Heart Disease
60 People with Prior Depression or Anxiety More Severely Affected by COVID-19 Pandemic Disruption
61 AI May Predict the Next High-Risk Virus to Jump from Animals to Humans
62 A Tool to Interrogate a New Class of Reactive Electrophile Drugs
63 Fractal Brain Networks Support Complex Thought--"Amazing Lightning Storm of Connection Patterns"
64 Coral Microbiome (Bacteria, Fungi and Viruses) Is Key to Surviving Climate Change
65 NASA Selects Crew for 45-Day Simulated Trip to a Mars Moon
66 Insect Apocalypse--Study Reveals Drastic Decline of Aquatic Insect Population in Parana River Basin
67 NASA's Webb Space Telescope to Explore Forming Planetary Systems
68 How Common Is Long COVID in Children and How Is It Different than in Adults?
69 You May Need More Vitamin C--New Analysis of Landmark Scurvy Study Leads to Update on Vitamin C Needs
70 Beyond Small Talk: Study Finds People Enjoy Deep Conversations with Strangers
71 Mars Solar Conjunction: What Happens When the Sun Blocks our Signal?
72 Bioengineers Develop New Class of Giant Magnetoelastic Effect Human-Powered Bioelectronics
73 Probing Mysterious "Afterglow" X-Ray Remnants from Extreme Cosmic Bursts of Light
74 Bronze Age Mystery Surprise: Milk Enabled Massive Steppe Migration
75 Solar Conjunction: NASA's Mars Fleet Lies Low with Sun Between Earth and Red Planet
76 Bacteria Could Help Build Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Construction Materials
77 A Highly Effective Laser Network the Size of a Grain of Sand
78 Weight Loss of 15% or More Should Be Central Focus of Type 2 Diabetes Management
79 55% of Police Killings in USA Are Unreported--Black Americans Most Likely to Experience Fatal Police Violence
80 Bayesian Inference for Gravitational Waves from Binary Neutron Star Mergers in 3G Observatories
81 MIT Scientists Zero in on the Origins of Earth's "Single Most Important Evolutionary Innovation"
82 Modern Simulations Could Improve MRIs to More Efficiently Find Disease
83 War in the Gut: How Microbes in the Human Gut Resist the Cholera Bacterium
84 Fight or Flight--Unless Internal Circadian Clocks Are Disrupted
85 Next Ingenuity Mars Helicopter Flight Delayed Until After Conjunction--Here's What Went Wrong
86 Newly Discovered Family of 2D Semiconductors Enables More Energy-Efficient Electronic Devices
87 Stunning Images Captured Using the Glowing Properties of Plant Cells
88 Bleeding Gums Can Be a Sign You Need More Vitamin C
89 Earth Is Dimming--It's Due to Climate Change
90 No, Stress Isn't Always Bad. Here's How to Harness It to Enhance Performance
91 Looking to Lose Weight? New Research Shows Diet Drinks Might Not Be the Sweet Spot
92 Scientists Uncover an Additional Threat to Antarctica's Floating Ice Shelves
93 Mercury Ahead! Spacecraft Will Swoop by the Planet in Exciting Gravity Assist Maneuver
94 Immune Cells in the Brain Join Together to Form Networks to Share the Work
95 Touching the Stars: Astronomers Can Now Hold Stellar Nurseries in Their Hands
96 World First for Artificial Intelligence to Treat COVID-19 Patients Worldwide
97 Debunked: Is the "Placebo Effect" Just a Myth?
98 Solving a Cosmic Conundrum: "Perfect Fluid" Brings Us Closer to Understanding How Our Universe Began
99 The Mysterious Ocean Plastic Sink: Gone with the Rivers
100 Connecting the Dots Between Material Properties and Superconducting Qubit Performance
101 Female Vampire Bats Prefer to Forage for Blood with Friends
102 18 Months of the COVID-19 Pandemic--Are We Doing Anything Right?
103 Hello Mercury! BepiColombo Spacecraft Captures Image During Gravity Assist Maneuver
104 COVID-19 Can Trigger Guillain-Barre Syndrome
105 Asteroid Ryugu Sample Brought Back to Earth Gets a Close-Up Look
106 Staying Young: Scientists Discover New Enzymatic Complex that Can Stop Cells from Aging
107 Wildly Counterintuitive: Dissolved Salt Can Reassemble at Nanoscale
108 More Evidence that Vitamin D Protects Against Severe COVID-19 Disease and Death
109 Stellar Winds, Magnetic Activity, and Evaporating Exoplanet Atmospheres
110 Decoding Human History with Ancient DNA from Extinct Archaic Humans
111 Unplanned Discovery: A Super Material for Batteries and Other Energy Conversion Devices
112 Astronomers May Have Discovered the First Known Planet to Orbit 3 Stars