File Title
1 Elections 2021: DA defends posters placed in Phoenix telling residents 'The ANC called you racists'
2 Facebook and Instagram going dark a reminder to small businesses they need multiple platforms
3 Coach David Mackenzie faces disciplinary hearing after claims of inappropriate behaviour emerge
4 COVID-19 infection may prompt Guillain-Barre syndrome
5 Change what South African men think of women to combat their violent behaviour
6 What is active recovery? (And do I really have to do it?)
7 Eskom is now the world's worst-polluting power company, according to data analysis
8 SA has launched its digital COVID-19 vaccine certificate with QR code--here's how it works
9 Soap wars: Lifebuoy's rival finally succeeds in quashing infection protection claims
10 Discovery will offer a 'hospital' in your own home from January. Here's how it works
11 You should now find locally grown avocados on SA shelves all year, no matter the season
12 COVID-19: J&J files for US authorisation of booster shots for 18s and above
13 Boris Johnson's envoy meets Taliban in Afghanistan
14 UPDATE / Man arrested front of US Supreme Court--a day after new term began
15 Facebook whistleblower to say former employer an 'urgent threat' to US
16 Post-colonial theorist Mbembe helping with Africa-France summit
17 Macron wants 'calming down' in Algeria relations
18 Grace Mugabe challenges Zimbabwe court order to exhume husband's body
19 Independent theatres can create access to the arts
20 We picked 20 street style looks from Paris Fashion Week to sprinkle a little inspo on your mood board
21 Friend takes couple's dog on 2,700 km trip over 4 days for special bouquet delivery for their wedding
22 REVIEW: 2021 Mini Cooper SE: Is SA's cheapest electric car worthy of its R680k price tag?
23 Survival of the fittest: What does climate change mean for the future of South Africa's youth?
24 When to have sex, and ten more fascinating facts about conception
25 Preparing for the fourth COVID-19 wave: 'There's no one-size-fits-all answer'
26 Living with long COVID
27 When working out makes you sick to your stomach: What to know about exercise-induced nausea
28 Merck pill seen as 'huge advance,' raises hope of preventing COVID-19 deaths
29 OPINION: Mental Health: How are we doing? What do we need to do?
30 Apple posted a short film narrated by Steve Jobs on the 10th anniversary of his death
31 Instagram boss said it felt like a 'snow day' as Facebook outage brought work to a halt
32 Facebook employees reportedly couldn't access conference rooms, other systems because of outage
33 The bike bag bosses / Part 2
34 Getting comfortable with Ciovita's bib shorts
35 Blood and mud at a Paris-Roubaix for the ages
36 Unmarried father may register child under his surname without mother's consent
37 Sponsored: Part 1: Capturing the value in packaging waste
38 Why accounting firms need to become digitally savvy
39 Carbon neutral motor oil the way of the future for SA motorists
40 COVID-19 vaccine myths debunked: Get the facts here
41 We can't banish COVID-19. But we can end the pandemic with vaccinations
42 COVID-19 hospitalisations increase among unvaccinated pregnant women, study finds
43 EDITORIAL: Spotlight on mental health
44 Fear of needles keeping you from getting a COVID-19 shot? Researchers are testing other options
45 Cold showers are said to be good for you--here's what the evidence shows
46 SA's COVID vaccine drive--5 problems and solutions from rural South Africa
47 OPINION: medicine!
48 COVID-19 smell loss can have profound effects on your life, from weight change to intimacy barriers
49 COVID-19: How to respond to vaccine hesitancy
50 Is your cough COVID-related? Stellenbosch University researchers say there's a way to tell
51 OPINION: International Day of Older Persons--Creating awareness and enhancing support for older persons
52 Ivermectin for COVID-19: Researchers warn that meta-reviews are amplifying bad and fake data
53 Hubble Captures Stunning New Image of Palomar 6
54 Dutch Neanderthal's Face Revealed
55 Astronomers Identify Remnant of Historical Supernova SN 1181
56 New Jurassic Pterosaur Unearthed in Chile
57 Mars Too Small to Be Habitable, New Study Suggests
58 Researchers Solve Charles Darwin's Short-Beak Enigma
59 NASA Announces Landing Site for VIPER Lunar Rover
60 Scientists Observe Biofluorescence in Burrowing Mammals for First Time
61 Ancient DNA Reveals Tripartite Origins of Japanese People
62 Astronomers Find Huge Spherical Cavity in Milky Way Galaxy
63 Scientists Sequence Genome of Atlantic Puffin
64 Early Universe's Massive Galaxies Had Very Little Amounts of Star-Forming Gas, Study Says
65 Radio Astronomers Snap High-Resolution Image of Tycho Crater
66 ALMA Spots Two Dust-Obscured Galaxies in Early Universe
67 Hoverflies Navigate with 'Time-Compensated Sun Compass'
68 Bipedal Dinosaurs Wagged Their Tail while Running, New Study Reveals
69 Study: Vampire Bats Prefer to Hunt with Socially Bonded Roostmates
70 InSight Detects Three Strong Marsquakes
71 Astronomers Study 'Molten Einstein Ring' in Detail
72 23,000-Year-Old Human Footprints Discovered in New Mexico
73 Mantle beneath Earth's Continents Experienced Large-Scale Heating Two Billion Years Ago
74 Fossil of Earliest Known Ankylosaur Unearthed in Morocco
75 Dark Energy Camera Focuses on Fornax Cluster
76 Hubble Looks at Active Spiral Galaxy: NGC 5728
77 Ancient DNA Analysis Sheds New Light on Origin of Etruscans
78 CERN Physicists Measure Masses of Exotic Indium Nuclei
79 Paleontologists Find Chromatin Threads in Fossilized Dinosaur Cartilage
80 Israeli Archaeologists Uncover Second Temple Period Quarry
81 Hubble Measures Horizontal Winds in Jupiter's Great Red Spot
82 Physicists Study Superionic Water's Phase Behaviors
83 Prehistoric New Guineans May Have Collected Cassowary Eggs to Hatch and Rear Chicks
84 Paleontologists Find 25-Million-Year-Old Eagle-Like Bird Fossil in Australia
85 New Ultrahot Jupiter Contains Iron in Its Atmosphere
86 Study: Dislike of Brassica Vegetables Is Written in Oral Microbiome
87 Triassic Volcanic Eruptions Helped Dinosaurs Take Over Earth
88 Tunguska-Sized Impact Destroyed Jordan Valley City 3,670 Years Ago
89 Kea Parrots Treat Physical and Virtual Worlds as Continuous and Equivalent, Study Shows
90 Archaeologists Discover 1,800-Year-Old Teotihuacan-Style Citadel in Tikal
91 Oxygenic Photosynthesis and Living Lineages of Cyanobacteria Evolved in Archean Eon, Study Suggests
92 Lake Breach Floods Eroded Surface of Early Mars, Study Says
93 Paleontologists Discover Two New Species of Spinosaurid Dinosaurs
94 New Species of Freshwater Crayfish Discovered in Australia
95 Study: Sunlight Filtering through Venusian Clouds Could Support Earth-Like Photosynthesis
96 The world's deadliest bird was raised by people 18,000 years ago
97 US says ivory-billed woodpecker, 22 other species extinct
98 Regulations on gene edited crops to be eased in England
99 China to launch rocket in 2028 capable of sending crewed probe to moon
100 Scientists come closer to solving Caribbean seaweed mystery
101 Meet the giant bird-eating centipede found on a tiny island near Australia
102 Two new dinosaur predators discovered in England's Isle of Wight
103 Less vibrant fall colours: How climate change is affecting leaves
104 Missing moon rock from Apollo 17 mission back in Louisiana
105 Native Hawaii fern that was feared extinct found alive
106 India backs move to designate East Antarctica, Weddell Sea as Marine Protected Areas
107 AI may predict next high-risk virus to jump from animals to humans
108 Merck's experimental COVID-19 pill cuts risk of death, hospitalisation by 50%
109 How human exploitation dwindled Caribbean shark communities, a study finds out
110 Can we bring back the woolly mammoth?
111 This parasite turns plants into zombies
112 European-Japanese space mission gets first glimpse of Mercury
113 'Living seawalls' bring back biodiversity to Sydney Harbour
114 Losing your hair? You might blame the great stem cell escape
115 Climate change is devastating coral reefs worldwide, major report says