File Title
1 Blue Origin accused of 'toxic' work culture, compromising safety
2 DARPA'S Hypersonic Air-breathing Weapon Concept achieves successful flight
3 SKorea plans to launch solid-propellant space launch vehicle in 2024, Defense Ministry says
4 DLR agrees cooperation with Spanish start-up Pangea Aerospace
5 ESA Council agrees resolution on Ariane 6 and Vega-C exploitation and future space transportation
6 DLR Lampoldshausen prepares P5 test stand for the technologies of the future
7 NASA selects crew for simulated trip to a Mars Moon
8 Buttes on Mars may serve as radiation shelters
9 NASA's Mars simulation hopefuls face tough application process
10 NASA plans yearlong Mars simulation to test limits of isolation
11 Building a home in the sky
12 China opens Shenzhou-12 return capsule at ceremony
13 China's cargo craft docks with space station core module
14 China brings astronauts back, advances closer to "space station era"
15 Chinese astronauts return to earth after 90-day mission
16 Chinese astronauts complete three-month space mission
17 Space exploration priority of nation's sci-tech agenda
18 Heavy bombardment experienced by the planets in the early Solar System
19 Australia's skies ruled by eagle-like raptor 25 million years ago
20 New Zealand schoolchildren discover new species of giant penguin
21 Paleontologists find massive half-billion-year-old fossil species in Canadian Rockies
22 When land rises, bird and mammal evolution speeds up
23 Tipping points in Earth's system triggered rapid climate change 55 million years ago
24 The dawn of modern reptiles
25 The giant jurassic dinosaur Allosaurus was a scavenger, not a predator
26 Galileo ground control segment ready for full operational capability
27 France lops meter off Mont Blanc's official height
28 Phantom Space announces agreement to build and launch 72 satellite constellation for Ingenu
29 RockSat-X team witnesses experiment launched into space
30 Tiny satellites will address sizeable questions in space science
31 ASU-developed ShadowCam is incorporated into Korean spacecraft
32 Oscar the Qube
33 'Lot of work' before climate summit, host Britain admits
34 Countdown to COP26: AFP coverage note to clients
35 Thunberg leads climate march at Milan youth summit
36 Australian mining giants back net-zero target
37 UN chief warns of 'hellish future' ahead of key climate summit
38 Youth at climate talks frustrated yet defiant
39 Draghi says Italy pushing for G20 1.5íC commitment
40 Keep up climate pressure, UN chief tells youth
41 Virgin Galactic cleared to launch after US closes safety probe
42 Graphene: 'Miracle material' singled out for COVID conspiracies
43 In the face of neurotechnology advances, Chile passes 'neuro rights' law
44 US, EU pledge joint action on tech issues, semiconductors, China
45 EU, US look to repair relations at tech summit
46 US, EU seek to boost cooperation through tech
47 Elon Musk wants US regulators to let cryptocurrency 'fly'
48 Metal tariff talks with US in 'advanced stages': EU official
49 Activision Blizzard to create compensation fund for workplace harassment victims
50 US to press for semiconductor relief at EU tech meeting
51 Disabled people can now use Android phones with face gestures
52 Taiwan rebukes China over record fighter jet incursion
53 Superfans lie low as China cracks down on 'false idols'
54 China launches investigation into former justice minister
55 Record 38 Chinese jets enter Taiwan defense zone on National Day
56 China sends 25 jets into Taiwan's defense zone on National Day
57 China orders energy firms to secure supplies amid power crisis: report
58 Asian markets track Wall St. plunge on debt, rates worry
59 Myanmar anti-coup resistance drags military into bloody stalemate
60 Blinken denounces jailings after China frees Canadians
61 India counters China in Sri Lanka with $700 million port deal
62 FAA clears Virgin Galactic to resume flights after investigation
63 Lake breach flooding played big role in Martian geography
64 Scientists use seasons to find water for future Mars astronauts
65 Small stature limits Mars' ability to hold water, study finds
66 NASA's Lucy science mission will fly by eight asteroids
67 Asteroid sample brought back to Earth gets a close-up look at Brown
68 China's Chang'e-4 completes 1,000 days on far side of moon
69 University teams demonstrate 'cool' new technologies for the Moon, Mars
70 Masten Space Systems partners with AdaCore to land on the Moon's South Pole
71 Study finds photosynthesis in Venus' clouds could support life
72 'Planet confusion' could slow Earth-like exoplanet exploration
73 Webb Telescope to explore forming planetary systems
74 Observations in stellar factory indicates start of planet production
75 Mercury ahead
76 Scientists recreate cosmic reactions to unlock astronomical mysteries
77 Euclid telescope ready for extreme space environment
78 A new understanding of galaxy evolution with the Roman Space Telescope
79 NASA selects partners for Geostationary and Extended Observations Sounder Phase A Studies
80 National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency funds Phase 4a of MagQuest Challenge
81 MDA releases first details of its next generation commercial earth observation mission
82 Synspective signs launch agreement with Exolaunch to launch 3rd SAR Satellite "StriX-1" on Soyuz-2
83 TROPICS pathfinder satellite produces global first light images and captures Hurricane Ida
84 Allen Coral Atlas completes map of the world's coral reefs using satellite imagery
85 Sandia-developed solar cell technology reaches space
86 New imaging system reveals solar panel defects even in bright sunlight
87 Scientists explore the physics of perovskite, a material with many potential technological applications
88 Time to shine: scientists reveal at an atomic scale how chlorine stabilizes next-gen solar cells
89 High-efficiency perovskite tandem solar cells using cross-linked layers
90 WTO rules for US in Chinese solar tariff dispute
91 Sandia uncovers hidden factors that affect solar farms during severe weather
92 North African sun offers green hope but state role key
93 Beyond Earth Releases Space Solar Power Report
94 University of Surrey awarded new funding for perovskite solar cell research
95 The dream artificial photosynthesis technology ventures from the laboratory
96 Solar cells combining perovskite, silicon capture more of the sun's energy
97 Harnessing sunlight to fuel the future through covalent organic frameworks
98 Solar power and desalination to be efficiently linked for first time in new project
99 Surrey researchers working to find suitable solvents for perovskite inks
100 Print perovskite solar cells
101 Japan ups 2030 renewables goal in draft energy policy
102 North Korea fires anti-aircraft missile in latest test
103 Blinken says ball in Iran's court on nuclear deal
104 Iran to set date in 'weeks' to return to nuclear talks
105 US, Russia hold 'productive' arms control talks in Geneva
106 US, Russia launch discreet new round of talks in Geneva
107 Argentine ex-president to be questioned over sunk sub 'espionage'
108 US urges Turkey not to buy more Russian arms
109 US names Al-Qaeda commander killed in Syria
110 Iran begins war games near Azerbaijan border
111 Hundreds of Iraqis rally to mark protests anniversary
112 Myanmar junta unlikely to grant regional envoy meeting with Suu Kyi: spokesman