File Title
1 New COVID-19 pills may keep recently diagnosed patients out of hospital, company says
2 Former football player's mission to get others vaccinated after almost dying of COVID
3 Ohio health care workers warn of 'astronomical' COVID-19 pediatric surge
4 School board group asks US for help policing threats
5 Daily pill to treat COVID could be just months away
6 Prisons, border wall: How GOP is looking to use COVID money
7 2 Michigan men charged in separate vaccination card schemes
8 COVID-19 infection after vaccination and what to do next
9 US panel backs COVID-19 boosters only for seniors, high-risk
10 Justice Department eyes Texas mask mandate ban in lawsuit from disabled students
11 Why some US Blacks and Latinos remain COVID-19 'vaccine deliberate'
12 How students are able to stay in school despite classmates testing positive
13 Many faith leaders say no to endorsing vaccine exemptions
14 Merck says experimental pill cuts worst effects of COVID-19
15 Nation's most restrictive abortion law back in Texas court
16 Justice Kavanaugh tests positive for COVID, has no symptoms
17 Suit blames baby's death on cyberattack at Alabama hospital
18 Foundations aim to persuade Americans to get vaccinated
19 The Latest: WH: Merck pill 'good news,' vaccine still key
20 Somalia opens nation's 1st public oxygen plant amid pandemic
21 Sri Lanka lifts 6-week virus lockdown amid economic worries
22 Trains packed with commuters as Japan fully ends emergency
23 Ban on 'surprise' medical bills on track for January 1 rollout
24 The Latest: Maine CDC: Rural areas need more COVID testing
25 Congressional members share own abortion stories at hearing
26 JBS Foods cited after worker dies in Colorado chemical vat
27 It's flu vaccine time, even if you've had your COVID shots
28 US stem cell clinics boomed while FDA paused crackdown
29 Big drop in US teen vaping seen with COVID school closures
30 S Carolina court upholds mask ban; trumped by federal ruling
31 Biden vaccine mandate splits US on party lines: AP-NORC poll
32 As deaths rise, vaccine opponents find a foothold in Bosnia
33 Woman who survived 1918 flu, world war succumbs to COVID
34 Am I fully vaccinated without a COVID-19 vaccine booster?
35 Agonizing choices as Dems debate shrinking health care pie
36 Singapore strategy of living with COVID raises concern, hope
37 Masking in classrooms decreases COVID outbreaks, additional research shows
38 Vietnam to end virus lockdown in largest city after 3 months
39 Health workers once saluted as heroes now get threats
40 The Latest: 2nd hospital in Alaska begins rationing care
41 California governor signs laws aimed at homeless crisis
42 Where the LA public school district stands as staff vaccine mandate looms
43 AT&T to require vaccines for 90,000 of its union workers
44 Study highlights difficulty of stopping antidepressants
45 Lawyer: New York governor uses God unfairly in vaccine fight
46 Appeals are mounting in Purdue Pharma bankruptcy settlement
47 Fighting wave of misinfo, YouTube bans false vaccine claims
48 Draghi credits vaccines for Italy's economic recovery
49 Some fear boosters will hurt drive to reach the unvaccinated
50 Head of Dutch pro-assisted suicide group detained
51 France urges WHO chief to keep pledge on fighting sex abuse
52 Slovenia police use water cannons at anti-COVID pass protest
53 Amazon settles with 2 outspoken workers it fired last year
54 Erupting Spanish volcano turns 'more aggressive': officials
55 Workers at Bezos' rocket company allege sexism, safety risks
56 EXPLAINER: What Kilauea's history tells us about its future
57 Native Hawaii fern that was feared extinct is found alive
58 Lava flowing into sea creates delta, expands Spanish island
59 Amazon settles with 2 outspoken workers it fired last year
60 AP: Military units track guns using tech that could aid foes
61 US says ivory-billed woodpecker, 22 other species extinct
62 Takeaways: AP's investigation of military gun tracking tech
63 Lava from La Palma eruption finally reaches the Atlantic
64 Missing moon rock from Apollo 17 mission back in Louisiana
65 US to resume enforcement of unlawful bird deaths by industry
66 Fighting wave of misinfo, YouTube bans false vaccine claims
67 EXPLAINER: Why Facebook is holding off on kids' Instagram
68 Theranos CEO wooed investors while lab director saw trouble
69 Amazon unveils 'Jetsons'-like roaming robot for the home
70 Activision Blizzard settles US workplace discrimination suit
71 Lava from Spanish island volcano rolls slowly toward the sea
72 Young activists bemoan climate inaction, demand more say
73 US aims to relax testing of contaminants at nuke weapon lab
74 Earth-monitoring Landsat 9 satellite launches in California
75 Facebook puts Instagram for kids on hold after pushback
76 Google in court to appeal EU's 2018 Android antitrust case
77 US has enough COVID-19 vaccines for boosters, kids' shots
78 This is why it's so difficult to know how old a lobster is
79 Teams check destruction from Northern California forest fire
80 Israel says US booster plan supports its own aggressive push
81 GLIMPSES: Phone in hand, Barbados PM dials into issues at UN
82 US military eyes prototype mobile nuclear reactor in Idaho
83 Huawei exec resolves criminal charges in deal with US
84 White House steps up work on what to do about thawing Arctic
85 China says all crypto transactions illegal; Bitcoin tumbles
86 Lava spread raises fears of more damage on Spanish island
87 'Vaccine apartheid': Africans tell UN they need vaccines
88 Oldest human footprints in North America found in New Mexico
89 Climate change fuels California emphasis on preventing fires
90 NTSB seeks video, photos of fiery South Florida Tesla crash
91 When prison doors swing open, these mentors open their arms
92 With Merkel leaving, is Macron the new leader of Europe?
93 Why it will cost more to stay warm this winter
94 Can Dubai's opulent World Fair strengthen East-West ties?
95 Missiles and talks: N. Korea wants to reopen lines with S. Korea
96 Reparations milestone: California returns land to Black family
97 US government averts partial shutdown, spending cap still looms
98 Are progressives the bloc of 'no'? They say no.
99 How 'name, image, likeness' rights change the game for NCAA athletes
100 San Jose apologizes for burning down Chinatown in 1887
101 What Washington can agree on
102 Hurricane Ida aftermath: Will power grids get an upgrade?
103 Missing the office rush, downtown businesses work to adapt
104 Unemployment benefits for millions in US have expired. Now what?
105 Why climate change makes fall foliage harder to spot
106 With South's ecosystems at risk, a rally around the longleaf pine
107 Ivory-billed woodpecker falls silent, as 23 species go extinct
108 Rural New Mexicans meet drought with culture of water sharing
109 Facebook pauses Insta for kids as critics call out social risks
110 As US expands internet access, cities wary of being left out
111 Media can be sued for Facebook comments, rules Australian court
112 Tech execs say no to cyberhacks, promise billions in prevention
113 Walking whales: Four-legged fossil shines light on prehistory
114 In era of weather extremes, TV forecasters become climate educators
115 After 13 years, Britney free of father's 'toxic' conservatorship
116 Lights, camera, exhibits: Movie museum debuts
117 The explosive origin of 'hoist by one's own petard'