File Title
1 All Living Snakes Evolved from a Few Survivors of Asteroid that Killed the Dinosaurs
2 Infant Formula Websites Overtly Discourage Breastfeeding--Position Formula as Superior to Breastmilk
3 Researchers Engineer a Mini CRISPR Genetic Editing System that Could Be Easier to Deliver into Cells
4 Want to Play Varsity College Sports? A Wealthy Family Helps
5 New DNA-Based Microfluidic Chip Can Be Programmed to Solve Complex Math Problems
6 High-Precision THz Time-Domain Ellipsometry Developed for Wide-Gap Semiconductors
7 MIT Superconducting Magnet Breaks Records--Major Advance Toward Fusion Energy
8 Using Evolutionary Principles to Prevent Antibiotic Resistance
9 Quasi-Equilibrium Phase Coexistence Observed in Supercritical Fluids
10 Exquisitely Preserved Fossils Show What the Ancestral Brains of Arthropods Looked like 500 Million Years Ago
11 Neurologist Explores Link Between COVID and "Brain Fog," Memory Loss and Dementia
12 Immune Signal Promotes Production of Energy-Burning "Beige Fat" that Could Reduce Obesity
13 Astrophysicists Identify "Significant Reservoirs" of Organic Molecules Necessary to Form the Basis of Life
14 Early Warning: DNA Researchers Develop Critical Shortcut to Detect Known and Emerging Pathogens
15 Evolution Now Accepted by Majority of Americans
16 Pulsar Timing Array Explores Mystery Gravitational Waves from Supermassive Black Holes
17 Groundbreaking Research Identifies Likely Cause of Alzheimer's Disease--Potential for New Treatment
18 Medieval Manuscript Fragments Discovered in Bristol Tell of Merlin the Magician from Arthurian Legend
19 Superconductivity Breakthrough: Stepping Stones to "Goldilocks" Superconductors
20 An Ancient Lineage: Indian Wolf Among World's Most Endangered and Distinct Wolves
21 Reproductive Specialist: Link Between Menstrual Changes After COVID-19 Vaccination Should Be Investigated
22 Mending Broken DNA: Researchers Solve Puzzling Biological Search Problem
23 XENON1T Experiment May Have Detected Dark Energy
24 To Cheat or Not To Cheat? Cognitive Control Can Drive Cheaters to Be Honest and Honest People to Cheat
25 Star Attraction: Magnetism Generated by Star-Like Kagome Geometry Arrangement of Molecules
26 Using Astronaut Blood and Space Dust to Make Cosmic Concrete--For Affordable Housing on Mars
27 Climate Change Likely to Abruptly Impact Algae in the Global Ocean
28 Research Reveals Drug Targets for Memory Enhancement--Treatments for Alzheimer's, Schizophrenia and More
29 Unusual Snowfall in Greenland--"A Dramatic End to a Season of Extreme Events"
30 Immunity to COVID-19: Spike Protein Docking Site Is Achilles' Heel of the Coronavirus
31 Nanoengineered Plant Virus Could Protect and Save Your Lungs from Metastatic Cancer
32 Giant Waikato Penguin: School Kids in New Zealand Discover New Species
33 Promising New Stem Cell Treatment for MRSA Superbug Infections
34 ExoMars Orbiter Captures Stunning Image of Volcanic Trenches on Mars
35 Early Humans Used Bone Tools to Produce Clothing in Morocco 120,000 Years Ago
36 Reducing Sugar in Packaged Foods Could Prevent Heart Disease in Millions
37 NASA Confirms Thousands of Massive, Violent Volcanic "Super Eruptions" on Mars
38 California Continues to Burn--More than 7000 Wildfires, Burning Over 900,000 Hectares
39 What's Going on with Earth's Ozone Hole?
40 Groundbreaking Bacteria-Killing Viruses Unite with Antibiotics to Fight Devastating Bacteria Infections
41 Neptune's Vishnu Otter: A New Species Discovered in Germany
42 Researchers Show Homemade COVID Face Masks Work--Effectiveness Varies Depending on Design
43 Scientists Realize Noiseless Photon-Echo Protocol--Key to Long-Distance Quantum Communication
44 Startup Colossal Biosciences Wants to Bring Woolly Mammoths Back from Extinction--It Might Not Be Such a Bad Idea
45 COVID-19, Who to Vaccinate First Among Workers? Lessons from the Italian Crisis
46 AI Reveals Walking Patterns of Movement Disorders Shared Among Worms, Mice, and Humans
47 When Organoids Meet Coronaviruses: Assessing Potential COVID Drug Targets
48 People with Autism Have Increased Risk of COVID-19
49 Fire Encroaching on Giant Sequoias--California's Natural Treasures Threatened
50 Primordial Black Holes the Size of an Atom: What New Experimental Evidence Suggests
51 Auroraspectacular: Timelapse Video Made by Astronaut on International Space Station
52 Coral Reef Cover, Biodiversity, and Fish Catches Have Declined by Half Since the 1950s
53 Several FDA-Approved Drugs Could Be Repurposed to Treat People Infected with COVID-19
54 Primate Mothers Sometimes Carry Their Dead Babies with Them for Months--Here's Why
55 How Do Bats Resist COVID? Insights Could Lead to New Treatments for Humans
56 What You Eat May Affect Risk and Severity of COVID-19
57 Do You Think You're Exclusively Straight? Influencing People's Perceptions of Their Sexual Orientation
58 We Asked a NASA Scientist: Could Microbes Survive a Trip to Mars? [Video]
59 Pioneering and Highly Accurate Approach to Clocking Electron Movements Inside an Atom
60 NASA to Announce Landing Site on Moon for Artemis Lunar Robotic Rover
61 Fireproof and Comfortable Cotton: Protective Fabric Without Formaldehyde
62 NASA Selects Five U.S. Companies--Including SpaceX and Blue Origin--for Artemis Lunar Lander Concepts
63 New Polymer Can Boost Solar Cell Performance
64 Astronomers Solve 900-Year-Old Cosmic Mystery Surrounding Famous Chinese Supernova of 1181AD
65 The Human Cell Atlas: AI Helps to Spot Single Diseased Cells
66 Orphan Risks: Elon Musk's Tesla Bot Raises Serious Concerns--But Probably Not the Ones You Think
67 FDA Panel Voted 16-2 to Deny Authorization of Pfizer's COVID Vaccine "Booster" Shot to the General Public
68 National Radio Astronomy Observatory Congratulates Winners of Breakthrough Prize Awards
69 Hundreds of Cape Fur Seals Entangled in Fishing Lines and Nets Every Year--Causing Horrific Injuries and Painful Deaths
70 Extensive Chemical Composition Mapping Reveals Carbon-Rich, Organic Birth Environments of Planets
71 400,000 Years Ago, Ancient Humans Turned Elephant Remains into a Surprising Array of Bone Tools
72 Layered Graphene with a Twist Displays Unique Quantum Confinement Effects in 2-D
73 Subtle Cloud Shadows Cue Mini-Migrations
74 Microbial Molecule Turns Plants into Zombies: The Curse that Might Contain a Cure
75 Lipitor May Be Effective Treatment for Ulcerative Colitis
76 Spice (Synthetic Marijuana) Withdrawal Symptoms More Severe than Cannabis
77 5 Hazards Astronauts Face in Human Spaceflight
78 More than 1 in 10 COVID-19 Patients Were Infected After Hospital Admission in First Pandemic Wave
79 Don't Miss the Harvest/GRAIL Moon + Other Notable Celestial Events
80 Science Made Simple: What is Nanoscience?
81 Interactive Web Experiences: Take a 3D Spin on Mars and Track NASA's Perseverance Rover
82 Personalized Advice: How to Prevent and Treat High Blood Pressure with Exercise
83 Droplets Loaded with Coronaviruses Last Far Longer than Previously Thought
84 Exploring Earth from Space: Maharloo Lake, Iran [Video]
85 Gopher Biofluorescence Discovered: Underground Species Has a Secret Glow
86 Hijacked by Arousal: How a Racing Heart May Alter Decision-Making Brain Circuits
87 NASA's Ingenuity Helicopter Flies at a Lower Altitude than Ever Before--Captures a Mars Rock Feature in 3D
88 Top 11 Reasons for COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy--First: Mistrust of Government
89 Strategies to Meet Future Water Demands and Improve Drought Resiliency Identified in Upper Missouri River Basin Study
90 This Is What It Looks like When a Black Hole Snacks on an Unlucky Star
91 Seaweed Farms in River Estuaries Can Significantly Reduce Nitrogen Concentrations and Prevent Environmental Pollution
92 Plants Didn't Evolve Gradually--They Evolved Complexity in Two Dramatic Bursts 250-Million-Years Apart
93 Reddening Clusters and Constellations: Hubble Captures Densely Packed Sparkling Starfield Near the Center of the Milky Way
94 Australian Wildfires Triggered Massive Algal Blooms in Southern Ocean--Raises New Questions About Oceanic Carbon Uptake
95 Non-Viral COVID-19 Nasal Vaccine Candidate Effective at Preventing Disease Transmission
96 Creating Liquid Shapes that Are Nearly Impossible to Find in Nature: Physicists Make Square Droplets and Liquid Lattices
97 New Research Shows Regular Exercise May Lower Risk of Developing Anxiety by Almost 60%
98 Mysterious "Empty Sky" Gamma-Ray Puzzle Solved--May Lead Astrophysicists to Unravel Dark Matter
99 Smart Shirt Uses Flexible Carbon Nanotube Fibers to Keep Tabs on the Heart
100 Scientists: We Should Focus on Fitness Over Weight Loss for Obesity-Related Health Conditions
101 New Medicine Shows Promise in Treating Early-Stage Breast Cancer
102 Kids Eating Fast Food More Often Since Pandemic--Parents Say They're Too Stressed to Cook
103 Deadwood Releasing 10.9 Gigatons of Carbon Every Year--More than All Fossil Fuel Emissions Combined
104 Isotope Analysis Reveals a Fundamental Reason Why Mars Has No Liquid Water on Its Surface Today
105 Finally, A Statistical Fix for Archaeology's Radiocarbon Dating Problem
106 Hard Single-Molecule Magnets for Data Storage: Tetranuclear Rare Earth Metal Complexes with Giant Spin
107 Dangerous Paradox: Physical Activity May Hasten Build-Up of Heart Attack Risk Factor
108 Sodom and Gomorrah? Evidence that a Cosmic Impact Destroyed a Biblical City in the Jordan Valley
109 Strange Electron Behavior Surprises Solid State Physicists
110 Elephants Benefit from Having Older Siblings--Especially Sisters