File Title
1 UC researcher urges caution using remdesivir to treat COVID-19
2 Imaging of ballistic wounds, bullet composition and implications for MRI safety
3 Polysaccharides from red algae affect mice immune systems, say FEFU scientists
4 Sustained cellular immune dysregulation in individuals recovering from COVID-19
5 Study examines the most effective COVID-19 control policies
6 2020-2025 Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend grains at all life stages
7 Army research leads to more effective training model for robots
8 The puzzle of nonhost resistance: why do pathogens harm some plants but not others?
9 College football players underestimate risk of injury and concussion
10 UCLA scientists develop high-throughput mitochondria transfer device
11 Story tip from Johns Hopkins expert on COVID-19
12 Flag leaves could help top off photosynthetic performance in rice
13 Significant disparities in telemedicine use, especially among older and POC patients
14 Electrons hop to it on twisted molecular wires
15 A single gene 'invented' haemoglobin several times
16 Sugars influence cell-to-surface adhesion
17 Scientists turned toxic pesticide into treatment against antibiotic-resistant bacteria
18 An explanation for the lack of blood oxygenation detected in many COVID-19 patients
19 Detective work in theoretical physics
20 Stopping RAS inhibitors tied to worse outcomes in patients with chronic kidney disease
21 Order and disorder in crystalline ice explained
22 Imaging the twilight zone
23 Brain imaging predicts PTSD after brain injury
24 Large transporter protein linked to schizophrenia
25 Protein twist and squeeze confers cancer drug resistance
26 Scientists find the error source of a sea-ice model varies with the season
27 Bionic idea boosts lithium-ion extraction
28 Blood vessel cells implicated in chronic inflammation of obesity
29 DUAL takes AI to the next level
30 Peer-reviewed report on Moderna COVID-19 vaccine publishes
31 How did trauma centers respond to COVID-19? New processes provide care to trauma patients while keeping providers safe
32 Moving due to unaffordable housing may jeopardize healthcare
33 Published data from Moderna COVID-19 vaccine trial show 94.1 percent efficacy
34 Scientists explore deficits in processing speed in individuals with spinal cord injury
35 New research may explain severe virus attacks on the lungs
36 LSU Health New Orleans discovers potential new RX strategy for stroke
37 The map of nuclear deformation takes the form of a mountain landscape
38 A pursuit of better testing to sort out the complexities of ADHD
39 Largest study of Asia's rivers unearths 800 years of paleoclimate patterns
40 Anti-transpirant products unnecessary in cycad propagation
41 Novel public-private partnership facilitates development of fusion energy
42 NIH study uncovers blood vessel damage & inflammation in COVID-19 patients' brains but no infection
43 Higher red cell transfusion threshold offers no advantage for treating preterm infants
44 Frailty is a factor in higher mortality for women awaiting liver transplants
45 Dating apps don't destroy love
46 Allergists offer reassurance regarding potential allergic reactions to COVID-19 vaccines
47 St. Petersburg University scientists discover an ancient island arc in the Kyrgyz Tien Shan
48 Study: in social media safety messages, the pictures should match the words
49 Transfusions with higher red blood cell levels do not improve preterm baby outcomes
50 Study points the way to boost immunotherapy against breast cancer, other solid tumors
51 Combined approach could boost breast cancer immunotherapy, study suggests
52 Discovery boosts theory that life on Earth arose from RNA-DNA mix
53 Device mimics life's first steps in outer space
54 Scientists discover compounds that could have helped to start life on Earth
55 Research identifies Earth's extreme environments as best places for life to grow
56 Key building block for organic molecules discovered in meteorites
57 Fluvial Mapping of Mars
58 Ice-Rich flow features in Martian southern hemisphere reveal effects of recent climate cycles
59 Water on Mars not as widespread as previously thought, study finds
60 New tech can get oxygen, fuel from Mars's salty water
61 Field geology at Mars' equator points to ancient megaflood
62 Heat and dust help launch Martian water into space, scientists find
63 Escape from Mars: how water fled the red planet
64 Water on ancient Mars
65 Study: Mars has four bodies of water underneath surface
66 Nereidum Montes a mountain landscape formed by water, ice and wind
67 Sustained planetwide storms may have filled lakes, rivers on ancient mars
68 Ice sheets, not rivers, carved valleys on Mars, new study says
69 Mud downpours might have formed some of Mars's ancient highlands
70 Mystery of lava-like flows on Mars solved by scientists
71 Salty Liquids on Mars--Present, but not habitable?
72 Surface Hot Springs May Have Existed on Ancient Mars
73 NASA video shows Perseverance rover's planned 'terror' landing on Mars
74 Five hidden gems are riding aboard NASA's Perseverance Mars 2020 rover
75 UK-built rover landing on Martian surface moves one giant fall closer
76 Hear audio from Perseverance as it travels through deep space
77 NASA rover has less than 100 days until reaching the red planet
78 NASA's Perseverance Rover 100 Days Out
79 Ripples in space-time could provide clues to missing components of the universe
80 Baghdad's wristwatch repairman is a timeless treasure
81 New type of atomic clock keeps time even more precisely
82 Advanced atomic clock makes a better dark matter detector
83 Timekeeping theory combines quantum clocks and Einstein's relativity
84 Atomic clocks experience the quantum phenomenon called superposition
85 Zeptoseconds: new world record in short time measurement
86 Signals from distant stars connect optical atomic clocks across Earth for the first time
87 First ever observation of 'time crystals' interacting
88 Simulating quantum 'time travel' disproves butterfly effect in quantum realm
89 NASA Extends Deep Space Atomic Clock Mission
90 When materials differentiate between past and future
91 Physics laws cannot always turn back time
92 Long-distance fiber link poised to create powerful networks of optical clocks
93 Army research leads to more effective training model for robots
94 U.S. Army, Clemson University partner on autonomous vehicle project
95 'Chaotic' way to create insectlike gaits for robots
96 Northrop Grumman invests in Deepwave Digital's AI
97 European space and digital players to study satellite-based connectivity system across EU
98 China begins anti-monopoly probe into tech giant Alibaba
99 How EU and US are trying to rein in tech giants
100 NASA Helps Bring Airport Communications into the Digital Age
101 Lockheed Martin nabs $1.4 billion in F-35 contracts
102 State Department approves $128.1 million aircraft sale to Kazakhstan
103 Five women among 24 graduates of USAF test pilot school
104 X-59 construction reaches halfway point
105 Arianespace orbits the CSO-2 military observation satellite for France
106 Satellites can reveal risk of forced labor in the world's fishing fleet
107 Subsea permafrost is still waking up after 12,000 years
108 Giant A-68A iceberg loses chunk of ice
109 What caused the ice ages? Tiny ocean fossils offer key evidence
110 Faster, greener way of producing carbon spheres