File Title
1 First Mariana Islanders Came from Philippines, New Study Shows
2 Planetary Researchers Create Map of Early Mars' River Systems
3 New Mineral Discovered in United Kingdom: Kernowite
4 Archaeologists Find Evidence of Neolithic Mega-Tsunami in Israel
5 Scientists Find Remarkable New Snake Species in Philippines
6 CERN Physicists Study Strong Interaction between Omega Hyperons and Protons
7 Jurassic-Period Mammal Had Powerful and Precise Bite
8 Ancient DNA Reveals Genetic History of Caribbean World
9 2,000-Year-Old Fast Food Shop Uncovered in Pompeii
10 Hubble Spots Nearly Face-On Barred Spiral Galaxy: NGC 2217
11 Weddell Seals Can Produce Ultrasonic Vocalizations: Study
12 Almahata Sitta Meteorites Came from Ceres-Sized Asteroid, Study Shows
13 Is All Dark Matter in Universe Made of Primordial Black Holes?
14 Turmeric and Other Exotic Foods Reveal Contacts between Near East and South Asia 3,000 Years Ago
15 New Antibiotics Fight Multidrug-Resistant Gram-Negative Bacteria
16 Birdsong works like a mood booster for humans
17 Quantum insulators may improve speed of digital information transfer
18 China returns moon samples from Chang'e 5 spacecraft
19 SpaceX aborts launch attempt of U.S. government spy satellite
20 Astronomers find universe's longest intergalactic gas filament
21 ULA aims for launch of new Vulcan rocket at end of 2021
22 Neighborhood stability boosts odds of survival for red squirrels
23 Pandemic disrupted commercial fishing in Northeast, study finds
24 Giant mouse relative dubbed 'crazy beast' shared Gondwana with dinosaurs
25 Ice sheet uncertainties could mean models underestimate sea level rise
26 Electromagnetic images help scientists deconstruct ancient Jewish parchment
27 SpaceX launches U.S. spy satellite; Falcon 9 first stage returns
28 Monday night, the longest of 2020, will feature year's final meteor shower
29 Google celebrates 'great conjunction' with new Doodle
30 As planet warms, delay between tree leaf unfolding, flowering grows wider
31 Perfectly preserved wolf pup unearthed from Yukon permafrost
32 Scientists solve key mystery of the human immune response
33 Study details smallpox epidemics in London over three centuries
34 Space tech firm tackles industrial crystals, Jupiter moon probe
35 Scientists estimate carbon stocks trapped in subsea permafrost in Atlantic
36 Cornell to extract energy from cow manure to meet heating demands
37 Ancient DNA suggests people from Philippines may have settled Mariana Islands
38 SpaceX, Blue Origin, Dynetics await NASA lunar lander decision
39 Big-brained mammals tend to be less abundant than their smaller-brained peers
40 NASA video shows Perseverance rover's planned 'terror' landing on Mars
41 Evidence of ancient tsunami uncovered on Israeli coast
42 New radiation vest technology protects astronauts, doctors
43 Elderly hospitalizations spike after hurricanes, study shows
44 Researchers use DNA to track original settlers of Caribbean islands
45 Marsquakes, water on other planets, asteroid hunting highlight 2020 in space
46 Presidential transition, weak funding put 2024 moon landing goal in doubt
47 Space-time ripples could help explain universe's mysterious expansion
48 Study: Mollusks have highest microplastics levels among seafood
49 Large bumblebees memorize locations of biggest, best flowers
50 Self-deleting genes to be tested as part of mosquito population control concept
51 Florida professor predicts Amazon rainforest collapse by 2064
52 Economic data may predict antimicrobial resistance levels in different countries
53 Scientists identify signals of fading consciousness during anesthesia, sleep
54 College football players underestimate concussion, injury risks
55 NASA studies fruit flies to understand astronaut sleep cycles
56 Organic, non-organic meats have similar greenhouse gas impacts
57 Flu cases lower than normal so far this year, COVID-19 likely the reason
58 Study: Most kids with neurological impairment take 10 or more medications
59 Study: High-dose Vitamin D may not prevent falls in seniors
60 Gene therapy for mitochondrial disease shows promise in animals
61 Kids' weight rises when new convenience stores open, study says
62 Study: High blood pressure speeds cognitive decline in middle-aged, older adults
63 1 in 5 with COVID-19 passes it to others in household, data show
64 Sugary drinks' effect on hormones could spur weight gain, study shows
65 Study: Black kids in U.S. have higher risk for death from sepsis than White kids
66 Study: Young Republicans much less likely to wear masks, social distance
67 Too much time on social media may raise risk for depression
68 Study: 1 in 5 U.S. adults subjected to race, gender bias in healthcare system
69 Earlier-in-life diabetes diagnosis increases heart disease risk
70 Nearly half of teens get behind the wheel shortly after a concussion
71 Study: Maintaining heart health in middle age reduces dementia risk
72 Shared nursing home staffs account for COVID-19 spread, study shows
73 Study: Teen vaping rates in U.S. leveling off, but still high
74 Two-thirds in U.S. report high levels of loneliness as pandemic continues
75 Phone apps useful for management of anxiety, depression, study finds
76 COVID-19 pandemic has college kids drinking less, survey suggests
77 Black women at highest risk for heart problems during pregnancy, analysis finds
78 1 in 7 studies in nutrition journals have food industry ties
79 Older adults with Parkinson's disease face twice the risk for suicide
80 Study: Drug may boost thinking skills in people with advanced MS
81 High blood levels of cadmium linked to worse COVID-19
82 Survey: Half of U.S. adults back mandatory COVID-19 shots for schoolchildren
83 Mindfulness techniques may help ease migraine, study says
84 Experts: Prioritize COVID-19 vaccine for those with high exposure to PFAS chemicals
85 One in six U.S. teens used tobacco in 2020, government figures show
86 U.S. drug overdose deaths reach record highs
87 Air pollution may take a toll on the kidneys, Chinese study suggests
88 Researchers discover way to potentially predict seizures in epileptics
89 CDC: Fewer-than-normal flu cases may be due to increased vaccination
90 No link seen between COVID-19, Guillain-Barre syndrome
91 Blood oxygen tests may be inaccurate for Black patients
92 Survey: Half of U.S. adults think worst of pandemic is yet to come
93 Pediatricians' group issues guidelines on early signs of eating disorders
94 Study: COVID-19 rates low among those who have head, neck cancer surgery
95 Survey: Kids' overuse of social media major health concern during pandemic
96 Brain stimulation may reduce depression and PTSD symptoms, study says
97 AI model identifies women at high risk for gestational diabetes, study finds
98 First 10 days after hospital discharge especially risky for COVID-19 survivors
99 Obesity's influence on colon cancer risk may vary by gender
100 Handheld device measures coronavirus contamination indoors, study says
101 Esophageal cancer on the rise among young Americans
102 CDC updates COVID-19 vaccine priority recommendations
103 Model predicts where Lyme disease-carrying ticks will develop
104 Study: 25% of hospital air samples test positive for COVID-19
105 Study: Face masks on adults have limited impact on kids' socialization
106 Out-of-pocket costs jump for people with neurological disorders, study finds
107 Purifying common antibiotic may lower risk of deafness
108 Full-dose blood thinners may harm, not help, COVID-19 patients in ICU
109 Study: Genetic data can help predict IBD risk
110 Winter still carries skin cancer risks for college students, study says