File Title
1 Model used to evaluate lockdowns was flawed
2 NTU Singapore study suggests link between word choices and extraverts
3 Do toddlers learning to spoon-feed seek different information from caregivers' hands & faces?
4 Discovery boosts theory that life on Earth arose from RNA-DNA mix
5 COVID-19 news from Annals of Internal Medicine
6 Common brain malformation traced to its genetic roots
7 Surveys identify relationship between waves, coastal cliff erosion
8 Groups of bacteria can work together to better protect crops and improve their growth
9 Neurologists say there is no medical justification for police use of neck restraints
10 Discovery about how cancer cells evade immune defenses inspires new treatment approach
11 One psychedelic experience may lessen trauma of racial injustice
12 New studies suggest vaping could cloud your thoughts
13 The liverwort oil body is formed by redirection of the secretory pathway
14 The evolving role of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) in plastic surgery
15 Quick look under the skin
16 Industry collaboration leads to important milestone in the creation of a quantum computer
17 Heart transplantations: prospects of success increase with larger case volumes
18 Music-induced emotions can be predicted from brain scans
19 Faster, greener way of producing carbon spheres
20 Study identifies distinct sub-types of aggressive tumours to allow for targeted treatment
21 Extremely energy efficient microprocessor developed using superconductors
22 Switching DNA functions on and off by means of light
23 New research makes strong case for restoring Hong Kong's lost oyster reefs
24 HKU chemists develop a new drug discovery strategy for "undruggable" drug targets
25 High-speed atomic force microscopy takes on intrinsically disordered proteins
26 $3.9 million project on self-deleting genes takes aim at mosquito-borne diseases
27 Gut cells sound the alarm when parasites invade
28 Despite recommendations, patients with treatment-resistant hypertension rarely tested for primary aldosteronism [plus additional topic]
29 The brain network driving changes in consciousness
30 Big bumblebees learn locations of best flowers
31 Scientists Identify Gene Responsible for Aging of Human Cells
32 Super-Earth Proxima c Has Earth-Like Stellar Environment, Study Suggests
33 3,000-Year-Old Gold Bead Unearthed in Israel
34 Cretaceous Titanosaur Suffered from Blood Parasites and Severe Bone Inflammation
35 Researchers Develop Hydrogen and Oxygen Harvesting System for Use on Mars
36 Green Mediterranean Diet Better than Original Version, New Study Suggests
37 Researchers Sequence Genome of Tomato's Wild Ancestor
38 ASKAP Radio Telescope Maps Nearly Three Million Galaxies
39 Upper Paleolithic Figurines Showing Women with Obesity May Be Linked to Climate Change
40 Marine Researchers Discover Largest Aggregation of Fishes Ever Observed at Abyssal Depths
41 Study: Early Mars Likely Had Energy Source for Underground Life
42 ESA's Gaia Mission Releases Data on More Than 1.8 Billion Stars
43 12,000-Year-Old Rock Drawings of Ice Age Megafauna Discovered in Colombian Amazon
44 Hubble Observes Rapidly Fading Stingray Nebula
45 Geologists Find Evidence for Giant Underwater Volcano in Alaska's Aleutian Chain
46 Astronomers Capture Deepest Views Ever of Magellanic Clouds
47 Cambrian Deep-Sea Arthropods Had Complex Compound Eyes
48 Scientists Find Single-Celled Microorganisms in Deep, Hot Subseafloor Sediments
49 Hubble Images Beautiful Star-Forming Spiral Galaxy: NGC 1792
50 Paleolithic Humans Deliberately Crossed Ocean to Japanese Islands 35,000 Years Ago: Study
51 Inouye Solar Telescope Captures Its First Image of Sunspot
52 Fossils of New Cynodont Species Found in Brazil
53 Hayabusa-2 Returns Samples of Asteroid Ryugu to Earth
54 Researchers Develop Handheld DNA Sequencer
55 Astronomers Spot Ancient Supernova Remnants in Large Magellanic Cloud
56 Scientists Find Precursor of Prebiotic Chemistry in Three Meteorites
57 Jupiter and Saturn Will Form 'Double Planet' for First Time since Middle Ages
58 Astronomers Find 'Fossil Galaxy' Hidden in Depths of Milky Way
59 Replacing Red Meat with Plant Foods Reduces Coronary Heart Disease Risk, Study Suggests
60 Wild Giant Pandas Roll in Horse Manure to Increase Cold Tolerance
61 First Remote-Touch Probing Birds Appeared in Cretaceous Period
62 Indus Civilization People Ate Mainly Meat and Dairy Products
63 Astronomers Discover New 'Celestial Autobahn' in Solar System
64 Sous-Vide Cooking Increases Beef Protein Digestibility, New Study Finds
65 Stellar Flare-Associated Radio Burst Detected from Proxima Centauri
66 Marine Biologists Discover Possible New Species of Beaked Whale
67 New Ichthyosaur Species Uncovered in England
68 Young Super-Jupiter Circles Its Binary Star Once Every 15,000 Years
69 Eastern Honeybees Use Animal Feces to Protect Their Colonies from Giant Hornets
70 Archaeologists Find Ancient Villages Laid Out Like Clock Face in Amazonia
71 Martian Brines May Not Be as Widespread as Previously Thought
72 Non-Marine Mass Extinctions Occur with Periodicity of 27.5 Million Years: Study
73 Hubble Space Telescope Spots Enormous Einstein Ring
74 115,000-Year-Old Iguana Nest Fossil Found on San Salvador Island
75 Physicists Demonstrate Time Reversal of Optical Waves
76 TESS Discovers Two Small and Warm Exoplanets
77 Land-Dwelling Dinosaur Relatives Bridge Gap to Origin of Pterosaurs
78 4-Months-Old Ravens Parallel Great Apes in Cognitive Skills, Study Shows
79 NASA Releases Stunning Images of 30 Caldwell Objects
80 Paleontologists Reconstruct Neuroanatomy of Triassic Omnivorous Dinosaur
81 Ancient DNA Sheds New Light on Corn Domestication
82 GN-z11 Confirmed as Farthest Galaxy Ever Observed
83 Astronomers Directly Image Brown Dwarf around Nearby Sun-Like Star
84 Cretaceous Dinosaur Had Impressive Mane and Shoulder Ribbons
85 Hubble Monitors Weird Dark Vortex on Neptune
86 Increasing Water Intake May Help Prevent, Treat Metabolic Syndrome
87 LOFAR Detects Radio Emission from Tau Bootis Planetary System
88 Enceladus' Subsurface Ocean Has Various Energy Sources for Microbial Life, Study Suggests
89 Study: Kangaroos Can Intentionally Communicate with Humans
90 Climate Change, Not Mongol Invasion, Destroyed Central Asia's River Civilizations
91 New Research Supports 'Modified Gravity' Theory
92 Astronomers Discover Longest Filament of Intergalactic Gas Yet
93 Abell 2261 May Contain Recoiling Supermassive Black Hole
94 Pythons Lived in Europe as Early as 48 Million Years Ago
95 Subaru Telescope Captures Images of Near-Earth Asteroid 1998 KY26
96 Mars Express Spots Festive Silhouettes near Martian South Pole
97 Hubble Observes Unusual Lenticular Galaxy: NGC 1947
98 Daily Avocado Consumption Improves Gut Health, New Study Suggests
99 Botanist Discovers New Species of Potato Orchid in Madagascar
100 New Meat-Eating Dinosaur Species Found in Brazil
101 CERN Physicists Set Bounds on Mass of Hypothetical Leptoquarks
102 SOHO Observatory Spots Newly-Discovered Sungrazer Comet
103 New Strain of Bifidobacterium May Help Improve Metabolic and Mental Health
104 Fossils of Large-Bodied Crocodile Found in Australia
105 57,000-Year-Old Frozen Remains of Wolf Pup Found in Canada
106 Archaeologists Discover Sixty-Six Roman Military Camps in Spain
107 Fleas are Parasitic Scorpionflies, Genetic Analysis Reveals
108 Astronomers Observe Bright Relativistic Jet from Distant Blazar
109 Possible New Species of Tree Hyrax Discovered
110 99-Million-Year-Old Fossil Flower Found Encased in Burmese Amber