File Title
1 Scientists Discover How to Use Antibodies to Control Chemical Reactions
2 Bulge Fossil Fragments: Astrophysicists Discover Primordial Clumps of Gas and Stars Around the Center of the Milky Way
3 Supercomputer Simulations Have Found Why Ions Exist at Higher Temperatures Than Electrons in Space Plasma
4 Sea of Galilee Seen From Space--Source of Religious Inspiration and Intrigue
5 Game Changer Perovskite Can Detect High-Energy Gamma Rays
6 Do I Know You? How Masks Disrupt Facial Perception
7 Faint Remnant Threads: Hubble Captures an Unusual Lenticular Galaxy
8 Rare Skywatching Treat: The "Christmas Star"--Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn
9 Genetic Analysis Reveals Plants Can Be Early Birds or Night Owls Just Like Us
10 Huge Chunk of Ice Breaks Off Giant Iceberg As It Drifts Alarmingly Close to South Georgia
11 Method Invented to "Sketch" Quantum Devices With Focused Electrons
12 Most Realistic View Yet of COVID-19 Coronavirus Spike's Protein Structure
13 Alien Life on Exoplanets: The Upside of Volatile Space Weather
14 Evolution of a Killer: How African Salmonella Made the Leap From Gut to Bloodstream Infections in Humans
15 Scientists Have Found the Most Elaborately Dressed-to-Impress Dinosaur Ever Described
16 Managing Your Emotions: Targeted Brain Stimulation Dulls Social Pain
17 Ecology of Infectious Disease: Researchers Track and Analyze Smallpox Epidemics Over Nearly 300 Years
18 Neutronic Engine: New Engine Capability Accelerates Advanced Vehicle Research
19 What Are the Greatest Risk Factors of Dying From COVID-19? New Research Has Answers
20 Engineers Build Chemically Driven Wheels That "Morph" Into Gears to Perform Mechanical Work
21 Massive Prehistoric Crocodile "Swamp King" Emerges From South East Queensland
22 57,000 Year-Old Wolf Pup Mummy Uncovered in Canadian Permafrost
23 New Material System Developed to Convert and Generate Terahertz Waves for Tomorrow's Technologies
24 A Groggy Climate Giant: Submarine Permafrost Is Still Waking Up After 12,000 Years
25 Mini Antibodies Produced by a Llama and Isolated by Neuroscientists Could Prevent COVID-19 Infection
26 Scientists Discover Genetic Mutations Associated With Early Onset Dementia
27 Astronomers Discover Pair of Lonely Exotic Planet-Like Objects Born Like Stars
28 Climate Change: Oregon's Western Cascades Watershed to Experience Larger, More Frequent Fires
29 NASA Moves to the Next Phase in a Campaign to Return Mars Samples to Earth
30 CMS Detector at the Large Hadron Collider Sets New Bounds on the Mass of Leptoquarks
31 Mapping Out a Transient Atom: First User Experiment Carried Out at European XFEL's Small Quantum System
32 New Testing Shows Masks Not Enough to Stop COVID-19's Spread Without Social Distancing
33 Breakthrough New Imaging Method Views Soil Carbon at Near-Atomic Scales
34 Keeping Up Appearances: Male Fairy-Wrens Show That Looks Can Be Deceiving
35 Scientists Invent New Glue That's Activated by Magnetic Field--Saves on Energy, Time and Space
36 La Nina: The Cooler Sister Returns
37 Largest Earthquakes and Their Tsunamis May Be Directed by Deep, Slow-Slip Action
38 A Closer Genetic Look at the Incredible, Variable Bacteria Living in Your Mouth
39 Colorado River Mystery Solved by University of Oregon Researchers
40 Devastating Impact of Caspian Crisis: Sinking Sea Levels Threaten Biodiversity, Economy and Regional Stability
41 A Blazar in the Early Universe: Details Revealed in Galaxy's Jet 12.8 Billion Light-Years From Earth
42 California Cool Yule Tule
43 Chemists Discover a New Form of Ice
44 Space Station Crew Studies Immunology, Genetic Expression and Space Manufacturing
45 Space Station Crew Studies Immunology, Genetic Expression and Space Manufacturing
46 How the COVID Virus Induces Inflammation, Cytokine Storm and Stress in Infected Lung Cells
47 New Flower From 100 Million Years Ago Brings Sunburst Holiday Beauty to 2020
48 Innovative Experiment Takes "Snapshots" of Light, Stops Light, Uses Light to Change Properties of Matter
49 Remarkable New Species of Snake Found Hidden in a Biodiversity Collection--Occupies Its Own Branch on Snake Tree of Life
50 Wearing COVID-19 Face Coverings Around Kids Doesn't Mask Your Emotions
51 At-Home "Scratch-and-Sniff" Test for COVID-19 May Be Around the Corner
52 Solar Orbiter Spacecraft Prepares for Festive Venus Flyby
53 New Technology Peers at the Electrical Signals Inside Cells--May Inspire New Fields of Research
54 Meteoric Evidence Found for a Previously Unknown Asteroid
55 Real Hope for Vaccine Longevity: New Data Reveals COVID Immunity Lasts Up to 8 Months
56 A Surprisingly Simple Biochemistry Rule Drives the Evolution of Useless Complexity
57 Watch NASA's Exciting Mission Trailer: Perseverance Arrives at Mars
58 Protein Storytelling to Address the COVID-19 Pandemic
59 MIT Discovery Offers New Promise for Nonsilicon Computer Transistors
60 Newly Discovered Greenland Hot Rock Mantle Plume Drives Thermal Activities in the Arctic
61 COVID-19 Severity Affected by Proportion of Antibodies in Immune Response Targeting Crucial Viral Protein
62 Discovery of 66 New Roman Army Sites Reveals Clues About One of the Empire's Most Infamous Conflicts
63 Black Holes Discharge the Energy in Their Powerful Plasma Jets Much Farther Away Than Thought
64 NASA SLS Exploration Upper Stage Passes Critical Design Review
65 HETDEX Dark Energy Experiment Begins Full Operations
66 Great Earthquakes May Be the Cause of the Arctic's Rapid Warming
67 The One Day of the Year to Avoid Surgery--23% Higher Mortality Risk
68 Artificial Intelligence Classifies Real Supernova Explosions With Unprecedented Accuracy
69 Researchers Report That Traditional Model for Disease Spread May Not Work With COVID-19
70 Science Made Simple: What is the Higgs Boson (God Particle)
71 European Space Agency Highlights 2020 [Video]
72 Solving a Mystery: How the TB Bacterium Develops Rapid Resistance to Antibiotics
73 Scientists Chemically Age Quantum Dots in a Test Tube
74 First Global Atlas of How the COVID Coronavirus Interacts With Human Cells
75 Mathematicians Develop a New Decision Making Algorithm
76 Tiny Quantum Computer Solves Real Logistics Optimization Problem
77 Korean Artificial Sun--KSTAR Fusion Reactor--Sets New World Record
78 New Class of Dual-Acting Antibiotics Active Against a Wide Range of Bacteria
79 Two Distinct Different Liquid States of Water Exist, Both Made of H2O Molecules
80 Breaking Bad: How Shattered Chromosomes Make Cancer Cells More Aggressive and Drug-Resistant
81 Astronomers May Have Spotted a Nanoflare on the Sun--First Predicted 48 Years Ago to Solve a Major Mystery
82 LED Developed That Can Be Integrated Directly Into Computer Chips
83 VENUS Apparatus: Device Mimics Life's First Steps in Outer Space
84 Astrophysicists Unveil the Mystery of Fast Radio Bursts
85 Stressed Out Volcanoes More Likely to Collapse and Erupt
86 Building a Quantum Network Using Tiny Nanoscale Nodes
87 AB Aur: A Rosetta Stone for Planet Formation
88 Speeding Toward Improved Hydrogen Fuel Production With a New Nanomaterial
89 Continents Were Weak and Prone to Destruction in Their Infancy
90 This Anti-COVID Mask Breaks the Mold: Rechargeable N95 Mask With a Custom Fit
91 Brains of Binge-Drinkers Have to Work Harder to Feel Empathy for Others
92 NASA Finds What a Glacier's Slope Reveals About Future Greenland Ice Sheet Thinning
93 How Cold War Spy Satellite Images Allow Scientists to Analyze Historical Ecological Change
94 Arachnauts: NASA Sends Spiders to Space for Experimentation--Here's What They Found
95 New Cathode Design Significantly Improves Performance of Next-Generation Battery
96 Vape Flavorings Are Cardiotoxic and Can Damage the Heart
97 Astrophysicists Discover Unfathomably Large Intergalactic Gas Filament
98 A Major Malformation Illustrates the Incredible Plasticity of the Human Brain
99 MIT Professor and Astrophysicist Sara Seager Appointed Officer to the Order of Canada
100 Frozen: Cutting-Edge Technology Reveals Structures Within Cells That Previously Could Only Be Guessed
101 New Understanding of Ionic Interactions With Graphene and Water Could Improve Water Purification Processes and Electric Energy Storage
102 Meet NASA Astronaut & Artemis Team Member Joe Acaba [Video]
103 Newberry Volcano Photographed by Astronaut Onboard the International Space Station
104 Hubble Spots a Bright Bar of Light--What Is It?
105 Study of More Than 1,400 Protein-Coding Genes Resolves Long Standing Mystery in the Evolution of Insects
106 New Forensic DNA Technology to Combat Terrorism--Dust on Boots, Baggage Can Track Down Suspects
107 New Discoveries Will Increase the Effectiveness of Magnetic Fluids in Medicine
108 NASA's AIM Mission Spots First Night-Shining Clouds of Antarctic Summer
109 Creating Chaos: Craters, Cracks, and Collapse on Mars
110 Big Bumblebees Memorize Locations of Best Flowers
111 Discovery Supports a Surprising New View of How Life on Earth Originated
112 Imaging the Twilight Zone: The Brain Network Driving Changes in Consciousness
113 Pneumolysis: High Altitude Specialists Explain COVID-19 Lung Destruction