File Title
1 New Approach Devised to Show How Ghost-Like Neutrinos Helped Shape the Universe
2 Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer Just As Effective Against COVID-19 Virus As Alcohol-Based Versions
3 Using Fabric to "Listen" to Space Dust--Smart Fabric for Cosmic Dust Detectors and Spacesuit Smart Skins
4 Artificial Intelligence Discovers Surprising Patterns in Earth's Biological Mass Extinctions
5 Solving a Long-Standing Mystery About the Sun: How Stored Magnetic Energy Heats Solar Atmosphere
6 World Record: Perovskite/Silicon Tandem Solar Cells on the Magic Threshold of 30% Efficiency
7 Sensor Can Detect Scarred or Fatty Liver Tissue to Help Prevent Liver Failure
8 Vitamin D Could Explain Why Autism Is Three Times More Common in Boys
9 Proxima Centauri C Experiences Earth-Like Conditions in Terms of Stellar Wind
10 Faster and More Efficient Information Transfer Using Antiferromagnetic Rust
11 Solar Orbiter: Turning Pictures Into Physics--Solar 'Campfires,' Space Weather, and Disintegrating Comets
12 New Research Shows Remdesivir Is Likely a Highly Effective Antiviral Against SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19
13 Sleep Mystery Solved With Math: Cytoplasmic Traffic Jam Disrupts Sleep-Wake Cycles
14 Highly Toxic Algal Blooms on the US West Coast Triggered by Ocean Heatwave
15 New Species Discovery 50 Years in the Making: Carolina Sandhills Salamander
16 A Hint of New Physics Observed in Polarized Radiation From the Early Universe
17 Powerful X-rays of the Advanced Photon Source Reveal 1,900-Year-Old Egyptian Mummy's Secrets
18 Rings of Relativity: A Truly Strange and Very Rare Phenomenon
19 Quantum Interference Phenomenon Identified That Occurs Through Time
20 Breakthrough Could Lead to Single-Molecular Systems for Both Diagnosing and Treating Cancer in Real Time
21 Amazing Twist: "Magic" Angle Graphene and the Creation of Unexpected Topological Quantum States
22 NASA's Perseverance Rover Has 5 Hidden Gems Riding Aboard to Mars
23 Astonishing Results When Researchers Examine Uncharted Molecular Language of the Brain
24 Battling COVID-19: Researchers Discover Materials--Activated With UV Light--That Can Kill Coronavirus and Other Viruses
25 K9 Chemistry: A Safer Way to Train Explosives and Narcotics Detection Dogs
26 Surprising Ebb and Flow of Vast Subglacial Lakes Revealed by CryoSat
27 Pioneering Reconstruction Reveals Surprising Insights Into Early Dinosaur's Brain, Eating Habits and Agility
28 Scientists Warn of Likely Massive Oil Spill: Abandoned Tanker Has 4 Times the Amount of Oil As the Exxon Valdez
29 Reading Computer Code Is Not the Same As Reading Language to the Brain
30 NIH Clinical Trial: Baricitinib Plus Remdesivir Shows Promise for Treating COVID-19
31 Ultrasensitive Microwave Detector Developed--Enabling Technology for Next-Generation Quantum Computers
32 First Human Migration From Asia to North America Helped by Warm Oceans
33 Incredible Satellite View of the Moon's Shadow Crossing the Surface of Earth During the Total Solar Eclipse
34 Astronauts Chosen for NASA SpaceX Crew-3 Mission to Space Station
35 Paradigm Shifting--Researchers Discover a Substantial Overlooked Source of Natural CO2
36 Safe Social Distancing Alert: Long Streams of Virus-Laden Droplets Can Trail Behind Infected Individuals
37 Study Shows Drug May Boost Vaccine Protection in Older Adults
38 3D Printers May Be Toxic for Humans--Particles Released Can Infiltrate Deep Into the Lungs
39 How COVID-19 Is Negatively Impacting Those Who Are Not Infected
40 Ancient DNA Continues to Rewrite the 9,000-Year Society-Shaping History of Corn
41 Who's to Blame? How the Media Has Shaped Public Understanding of the COVID-19 Pandemic
42 Researchers Warn: Much of the World May Not Have Access to a COVID-19 Vaccine Until 2022
43 Surprising Connection Discovered Between Prehistoric Dinosaurs and Mammals in Their Teeth
44 Prolonged Exposure to Weedkiller Roundup Can Cause Significant Harm to Keystone Species
45 World's First Gas Sample From Deep Space Returned With Asteroid Ryugu Material From Hayabusa2
46 Space Travel Challenge Solved With Origami
47 Climate Change Drives Babbler Birds Into "Ecological Trap"
48 Kitchen Temperature Superconductivity From Stacked 2D Materials
49 Ravens May Parallel Adult Great Apes in Cognitive Performance by Four Months of Age
50 Iron's in the Fire: Smokeless, Carbon Free Combustion
51 Researchers Uncover Evidence That UV Radiation From Sunlight Reduces COVID-19 Transmission
52 Secret of Australia's Volcanoes Revealed: Why Has the East Coast Had Hundreds of Volcanoes Since the Dinosaur Age?
53 Gene Identified That Could Explain Why COVID-19 Causes No Symptoms in Some and Serious Illness or Death in Others
54 Astronomers Detect Possible Radio Emission From Exoplanet for the First Time
55 The Marangoni Effect Can Be Used to Obtain Freshwater From the Ocean
56 What Caused the Ice Ages? Tiny Ocean Fossils Provide Key Evidence
57 Universality of Human Emotional Expression: The 16 Facial Expressions Most Common Worldwide
58 Natural Nanodiamonds in Oceanic Rocks--Formed Through Low Pressure and Temperature Geological Processes
59 Astronomers Locate the Oldest and Most Distant Galaxy in the Universe--Defines the Very Boundary of the Observable Universe
60 A Shock to the PPE System: New Method for Recharging N95 Masks to Meet COVID Demand
61 New COVID-19 Test Targets Three Viral Genes to Increase Reliability--Could Reduce Virus Spread
62 Electronic Amoeba Analog Computer Finds Swift Solution to the Traveling Salesman Problem
63 Dreaming of a Red Christmas: Festive Silhouettes Spotted Near Mars' South Pole
64 Severe Tropical Cyclone Yasa Bearing Down on Island Nation of Fiji
65 Major Computing Breakthrough: Copenhagen Researchers Can Now Achieve "Quantum Advantage"
66 Scientists Find "Knickpoints" in Greenland That Can Stop Spread of Glacial Thinning
67 What if Dark Matter Doesn't Exist? Unique Prediction of "Modified Gravity" Challenges Dark Matter Hypothesis
68 Microplastics in Our Drinking Water--Significant Source of Microplastics in Human Diet
69 Science's 2020 Breakthrough of the Year: Effective COVID-19 Vaccines
70 Genetically Engineered Organisms: Path Set for Field Trials of Gene Drive Organisms
71 A Little-Known Threat: Infectious Microbes (Harmful Living Bacteria and Fungi) in Wildfire Smoke
72 Potential Weakness in SARS-CoV-2 Discovered--Single Protein Needed for COVID-19 Virus to Reproduce and Spread
73 Ultra-Thin Designer Materials Unlock Elusive Quantum Phenomena With Huge Impact for Quantum Computing
74 Scientists Investigate the Health Risks Raised by Ultra-Processed Foods
75 Astronomers Puzzled by Dark Storm's U-Turn on Neptune, Appearance of New Dark Spot
76 The Arctic's Peculiar Ocean Turbulence Puzzled Scientists for Decades--Now MIT Has an Explanation
77 Fire-Resistant Tropical Forest on Brink of Disappearance--Crucial for Preventing Catastrophic Fire
78 NASA's Mars InSight: 3 Major Martian Mysteries Resolved
79 UCLA Scientists Discover How the COVID-19 Virus Causes Multiple Organ Failure
80 Disguising Key Computer Chip Hardware From Hackers With New Transistor Design
81 Simple and Cost-Effective Extraction of Valuable Rare Metals From Industrial Waste
82 The Outer Planets: Hubble Space Telescopes's Continuing Legacy [Video]
83 High-Speed Atomic Force Microscopy Reveals COVID-19 Surface Transmission Mechanism
84 Pioneering New Test Uses AI to Predict Eye Disease Three Years Before Symptoms
85 World's First Transmission of 1 Petabit/S Using a Single-Core Multimode Optical Fiber
86 Deadly Skin Disease--Affecting Dolphins Worldwide--Tied to Climate Change
87 Counter-Intuitive Quantum Mechanics: State of Vibration That Exists Simultaneously at Two Different Times
88 You Do Not Want to Mess With This Virus--Research Strongly Suggests COVID-19 Virus Enters the Brain
89 Critical Temperature for Tropical Tree Lifespan Revealed--"These Results Are a Warning Sign"
90 Immediate Detection of Airborne Viruses--Such As COVID-19--With a Disposable Pathogen Monitoring Kit
91 New, More Precise Atomic Clock Could Help Detect Dark Matter and Study Gravity's Effect on Time
92 Sustained, High-Fidelity Quantum Teleportation Achieved for the First Time
93 Exploring Earth From Space: Rovaniemi, Lapland [Video]
94 Unexpected Discovery of Star Cluster With Extreme Composition on Outskirts of the Nearby Andromeda Galaxy
95 New "Sea Dragon" Discovered on English Channel Coast by Amateur Fossil Hunter
96 Orion Spacecraft Training Simulator Arrives at NASA's Johnson Space Center
97 Colorado Mountains Bouncing Back From 'Acid Rain' Impacts Caused by Vehicle Emissions
98 President Donald Trump Issues SPD-6: NASA Supports America's National Strategy for Space Nuclear Power and Propulsion
99 Entangled Photons Created 100 Times More Efficiently Than Previously Possible
100 Chemical Research Breakthrough Could Transform Clean Energy Technology
101 Bizarre "Crazy Beast" That Lived Among the Dinosaurs Perplexes Scientists
102 Next Target Asteroid for Hayabusa2 Photographed by Subaru Telescope
103 New Method to Boost Supply of Life-Saving Blood Stem Cells
104 Stretchable Micro-Supercapacitors That Can Harvest Energy From Human Breathing and Motion
105 160 Years Later, Study Shows Charles Darwin Was Right About Why Insects Are Losing the Ability to Fly
106 New Calculation of the Hubble Constant--Rate of Expansion of the Universe--Via Multi-Messenger Astronomy
107 Discovery Provides More Evidence That Saturn's Moon Enceladus Could Support Life in Its Subsurface Ocean
108 Meshing Optics With Electronics: Physics Discovery Leads to Ballistic Optical Materials
109 New Blended Solar Cells With Increased Power Efficiencies and Electricity Generation
110 The Use of Wild Animals--Including Threatened Mammal Species--in Traditional Medicine
111 New Research Shows Water on Mars Not As Widespread as Previously Thought
112 Ghostly Particles Detected That Prove the Secondary Fusion Process That Powers Our Sun
113 NASA James Webb Space Telescope's Sunshield Successfully Unfolds and Tensions in Final Tests
114 Controlling the Speed of Light Bullets
115 Bacterial Strain Uncovered for Producing Bioplastics From Sewage Sludge and Wastewater
116 Recently Discovered Comet Seen Flying Past the Sun During Total Solar Eclipse
117 How the Brain Distinguishes Speech From Noise: New Neural Circuit Identified
118 Hubble Space Telescope Releases Images of 30 Celestial Gems For 30th Anniversary
119 Particle Testing Has Scientists Expecting a New Surge of COVID-19 Infections--Here's Why
120 Improving Our Understanding of the Early Universe With the Most-Distant Astrophysical Object Yet Discovered
121 Machine Learning Boosts the Search for New "Superhard" Materials