File Title
1 Abnormal hyperactivation in the brain may be an early sign of Alzheimer's
2 Positive messaging plays a key role in increasing COVID-19 mask compliance
3 A new study shows the relationship between surgery and Alzheimer's disease
4 COVID-19 infection in immunodeficient patient cured by infusing convalescent plasma
5 'Aging well' greatly affected by hopes and fears for later life, OSU study finds
6 OSU researchers prove fish-friendly detection method more sensitive than electrofishing
7 Squeezing a rock-star material could make it stable enough for solar cells
8 How to get more electric cars on the road
9 Why older adults must go to the front of the vaccine line
10 When a story is breaking, AI can help consumers identify fake news
11 Researchers develop new graphene nanochannel water filters
12 Study finds genetic clues to pneumonia risk and COVID-19 disparities
13 Study finds bilateral agreements help developing economies spur foreign investment
14 Personalizing cancer care with improved tumor models
15 Medicated drops may help close macular holes, helping some patients avoid surgery
16 Combining best of both worlds for cancer modeling
17 The downward trend: Nature's decline risks our quality of life
18 Dynamic, personalized treatment approach may improve outcomes in gastroesophageal cancers
19 Study updates breast cancer risk estimates for women with no family history
20 Study defines small-cell lung cancer subtypes and distinct therapeutic vulnerabilities for each type
21 New study: nine out of ten US infants experience gut microbiome deficiency
22 Detailed tumour profiling
23 Scientists make pivotal discovery on mechanism of Epstein-Barr virus latent infection
24 Survey: Frequent reports of missed medical care in US adults during the early phase of the COVID-19 pandemic
25 Age-based COVID-19 vaccine strategy that saves most lives prioritizes elderly, modeling shows
26 A closer look at T cells reveals big differences in mild vs. severe COVID-19 cases
27 New combination of immunotherapies shows great promise for treating lung cancer
28 'Attitude of gratitude' keeps older people in Japan feeling hopeful as they age
29 Addiction researchers recount creating virtual recovery meetings during pandemic
30 Vegan diet significantly remodels metabolism in young children
31 New, simplified genetic test effectively screens for hereditary cancers
32 Embedded counseling services can improve accessibility for students, MU study finds
33 Modified pain management strategy reduces opioid exposure to trauma patients, study shows
34 Adaptive optics with cascading corrective elements
35 SHEA releases COVID-19 research agenda identifying gaps in knowledge
36 Hair aging differs by race, ethnicity
37 Seeds transfer their microbes to the next generation
38 Pioneering new technique could revolutionise super-resolution imaging systems
39 Strange colon discovery explains racial disparities in colorectal cancer
40 Turbulence model could help design aircraft capable of handling extreme scenarios
41 Study suggests that gut fungi are not associated with Parkinson's disease
42 Important cause of preeclampsia discovered
43 Climate change puts hundreds of coastal airports at risk of flooding
44 Electron transfer discovery is a step toward viable grid-scale batteries
45 Estrogen receptors in mom's placenta critical during viral infection
46 Abandoned cropland should produce biofuels
47 Burial practices point to an interconnected early Medieval Europe
48 Investigational combo therapy shows benefit for TP53 mutant MDS and AML patients
49 Visual figure discrimination is more closely related to linguistic thinking than generally believed
50 RUDN University neurosurgeon created a method to collect mental activity data of software developers
51 Six-fold rise in brain pressure disorder that affects mostly women
52 The interconnection of global pandemics--Obesity, impaired metabolic health and COVID-19
53 Neuronal recycling: This is how our brain allows us to read
54 Fans of less successful football clubs are more loyal to one another
55 Randomized trials could help to return children safely to schools--study
56 New study on the role of monocytes in sarcoidosis
57 Gastrointestinal surgery can be a cure for type 2 diabetes finds new long-term study
58 A display that completely blocks off counterfeits
59 Diamonds need voltage
60 Smooth touchdown: novel camera-based system for automated landing of drone on a fixed spot
61 Study shows number and variety of issues experienced by staff wearing PPE
62 Size of connections between nerve cells determines their signaling strength
63 Children 'not scared' by PPE, says study
64 Tough childhood damages life prospects
65 Scientists discover how the potentially oldest coral reefs in the Mediterranean developed
66 NUI Galway contribute to significant breast cancer risk genes study
67 CNIO participates in a study that defines the most important genes that increase breast cancer risk
68 Taking sieving lessons from nature
69 Alpha particles lurk at the surface of neutron-rich nuclei
70 Researchers make domestic high-performance bipolar membranes possible
71 How the brain learns that earmuffs are not valuable at the beach
72 Electrons caught in the act
73 Much of Earth's nitrogen was locally sourced
74 Producing green hydrogen through the exposure of nanomaterials to sunlight
75 Designing customized "brains" for robots
76 Search for axions from nearby star Betelgeuse comes up empty
77 Does aspirin lower colorectal cancer risk in older adults? It depends on when they start
78 Ten suggestions for female faculty and staff during the pandemic
79 Pain-relief regimen treats trauma patients with fewer opioid drugs
80 Rethink immigration policy for STEM doctorates
81 COVID-19 is dangerous for middle-aged adults, not just the elderly
82 When it comes to eyewitness accounts of earthquake shaking, representation matters
83 Study suggests coffee temporarily counteracts effect of sleep loss on cognitive function
84 The Lancet and The Lancet Oncology: Global demand for cancer surgery set to grow by almost 5 million procedures within 20 years, with greatest burden in low-income countries
85 Feral colonies provide clues for enhancing honey bee tolerance to pathogens
86 Novel effector biology research provides insights into devastating citrus greening disease
87 The idea of an environmental tax is finally gaining strength
88 Memory fail controlled by dopamine circuit, study finds
89 Better post-surgery care would dramatically improve cancer survival
90 Food insecurity spiked during early months of pandemic
91 Snake sex chromosomes say less about sex and more about survival
92 Developmental origins of eczema and psoriasis discovered
93 Natural hazard events and national risk reduction measures unconnected
94 Mechanism that produces rapid acceleration in clicking beetles identified
95 Having plants at home improved psychological well-being during lockdown
96 Fighting respiratory virus outbreaks through 'nano-popcorn' sensor-based rapid detection
97 Teamwork in a molecule
98 Whole body imaging detects myeloma in more patients, treatment initiated earlier
99 Bone density loss from Anastrozole partially reverses after treatment stops
100 Immunology--Functionality of immune cells in early life
101 Boosted photocatalysis for hydrogen evolution: Reactant supply thru phosphonate groups
102 Researchers demonstrate snake venom evolution for defensive purposes
103 Crystal close up
104 Fish sex organs boosted under high-CO2
105 COVID-19, influenza and suicide fuel increase in deaths among ICE detainees
106 Gold nanoparticles more stable by putting rings on them
107 Could lab-grown plant tissue ease the environmental toll of logging and agriculture?
108 New eco-friendly way to make ammonia could be boon for agriculture, hydrogen economy
109 Pre-surgery chemotherapy is possible for early stage pancreatic cancer patients
110 Opiate overdoses spike in black Philadelphians, but drop in white residents since COVID-19