File Title
1 Sistine Chapel of the Ancients Discovered: Amazon Rock Art Shows the Rainforest's Earliest Inhabitants Living With Giant Ice Age Animals
2 NASA Building SLS Core Stages for Second, Third Artemis Moon Missions
3 Synthetic Microswimmers: Inanimate Microparticles Display Complex Behavior
4 An Escape Route for Seafloor Methane: Puzzling Leakage From Frozen Layers Explained
5 Hitting the Quantum "Sweet Spot": Best Position for Atom Qubits in Silicon to Scale Up Atom-Based Quantum Processors
6 Highly Efficient Spintronics Memory Offers High Speeds at Low Power
7 New COVID-19 Test Uses a Smartphone Camera and CRISPR Genetic Technology
8 MIT's ABRACADABRA Instrument: Pulling the Secrets of Dark Matter Out of a Hat
9 Making Plastic More Recyclable Through Chemical and Biological Processes
10 Hera Team Congratulates Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency on Hayabusa2's Asteroid Sample Return
11 False Widow Spider Bites Can Transmit Harmful Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria
12 New Cyberattack Can Trick Scientists Into Making Dangerous Toxins or Viruses
13 New 3D-Printed Microlenses With Adjustable Refractive Indices--Poised to Improve Imaging, Computing and Communications
14 Fast-Moving Gas Flowing Away From Young Star Caused by Icy Comets Being Vaporized
15 New Software Cuts Time, Cost From Gene Sequencing
16 See the Motion of 40,000 Stars in the Sky Over the Next 1.6 Million Years
17 Food Replicator: Researchers Create Ingredients to Produce Food by 3D Printing
18 A New Way to Synthesize Hydrocarbons Could Reduce CO2 Emissions and Slash Costs of Chemical Manufacturing
19 New Insights Into Why COVID-19 Infects Some Animals, but Not Others
20 iGenomics: The World's First DNA "Tricorder" in Your Pocket
21 Australian Study Finds "High Level" of COVID Vaccine Resistance
22 Novel Form of Alzheimer's Protein Found in Spinal Fluid Indicates Stage of the Disease
23 Meteorites Reveal Chaotic Early Solar System Collisions Resembled "Asteroids" Arcade Game
24 Engineers Designing More Responsive SARS-COV-2 Wastewater Testing to Monitor COVID-19 Spread
25 Ethereal Orange Glow Radiates From Heart of Stellar Forge
26 Stunning Discovery: Bonefish Dive 450 Feet "Deep" Into the Abyss to Spawn
27 U.S. Army Outbreak Investigation Reveals "Super-Spreader" Potential of Andes Virus
28 Strong Results for Advanced Universal Flu Vaccine in Clinical Trials
29 Smarter Traffic Signs With Doppler Radar, Traffic and Weather Sensors for Real-Time Driver Alerts
30 New Battery Is 10 Times More Powerful Than State of the Art, Flexible and Rechargeable
31 Harnessing Quantum Properties to Create Single-Molecule Devices--Circuit Just 6 Nanometers Long
32 Asteroid Ryugu Sample Collected in Space and Delivered to Earth--Now NASA Astrobiologists Prepare to Probe It
33 Swift Action Needed to Save Critically Endangered Tasmanian Parrot
34 Cold Quasar Forming New Stars in Spite of Active Galactic Nucleus Puzzles Astronomers
35 Legal Experts: Most Countries Are Violating International Law During the COVID-19 Pandemic
36 Astronomical Instrument Hunts for Ancient Metal--Looks at Quasars to Explore the Origin of the Iron in Your Blood
37 Scientists Look to Animals and Find Out What May Make Certain People More Vulnerable to COVID-19
38 Shuttering Fossil Fuel Power Plants by 2035 May Cost Less Than Expected
39 New U.S. Research Confirms COVID-19 Complications: Lung, Kidney and Cardiovascular Issues
40 Solving a Paradox to Uncover Key Clues About Our Solar System's History
41 Breaking the Power and Speed Limit of Lasers: New Fast, Powerful Compact Laser Invented
42 Detecting COVID-19 in Less Than 5 Minutes With a Paper-Based Electrochemical Sensor
43 Microorganism Developed to Turn Discarded Cardboard Boxes Into Biodiesel
44 Massive Overcontact Binary Stars May Explain Massive Black Hole Merger Puzzle
45 COVID Face Shields No Match for Sneeze Vortex Rings
46 Sound Projectors Deliver Audio to People Where They Want It for Virtual Reality
47 Lab-Grown Human "Mini-Brains" for Testing Autism Spectrum Disorder Treatments
48 NASA to Study Ryugu Asteroid Sample Collected by Japan's Hayabusa2 in New Astromaterials Research Lab
49 Computational Model of a Human Lung Cell Predicts Cellular Drug Targets Against COVID-19
50 Exotic Low-Mass Fields: Dark Matter Messengers From the Depths of the Universe
51 Cluster of Islands in Alaska Could Be Single Gigantic Interconnected Volcano
52 Despite Their Acute Sense of Hearing, Dogs May Never Learn That Every Sound of a Word Matters
53 A COVID-19 Vaccine Playbook: What to Expect and When (Taking Effect, Duration, Returning to Normal Life)
54 Sunspot Cycle 25 Starts With a Bang: Could Be One of the Strongest Since Record-Keeping Began
55 Columbia Researchers Warn: Several U.S. Populations and Regions Exposed to High Arsenic Concentrations in Drinking Water
56 Evolution May Be to Blame for High Risk of Advanced Cancers in Humans--"Gene Has Gone Rogue"
57 Unique Process Developed for Producing "Ultrastrong Coupling" Between Light and Matter
58 Phase III Clinical Trial Success: Oxford COVID-19 Vaccine Is Safe and Protects Against Disease
59 Ethics Questions on Human Challenge Trials for COVID-19 Vaccines
60 Using Red Blood Cells, Light, and a Honey Bee Peptide to Deliver Therapeutic Proteins to Specific Areas of the Body
61 Stellar Flares With a Chance of Radio Bursts: Space Weather Discovery Puts "Habitable Planets" at Risk
62 Eye Position Affects Your Auditory Spatial Attention--Where to Look to Improve "Cocktail Party" Listening
63 New Insights Into the Origins of Flight From Ancient Archaeopteryx Fossil
64 Science of Building Sandcastles Mysteriously Explained for 150 Years by the "Kelvin Equation" Is Finally Understood
65 Sifting Out Gravitational Waves From Just After the Big Bang to Understand the Conditions of the Early Universe
66 NASA Successfully Powered Up Core Stage of the Massive SLS Rocket in Green Run Test
67 Honey Bees Use Animal Dung to Fend Off Giant "Murder" Hornets
68 Mysterious Prehistoric "Sea Dragon" Discovered on English Channel Coast Is Identified As New Species
69 Which COVID Face Masks Are Best for Speech Intelligibility and Student Comprehension?
70 Neurologic Complications From COVID-19 Are Common--Even in Moderate Cases of the Disease
71 Breaking the Rules of Chemistry Unlocks New Reaction--With Applications From Creating New Drugs to Food Production
72 T-ray Imaging Technology Reveals What's Getting Under Your Skin
73 Supernova Surprise Creates Elemental Mystery--Most Important Reaction in the Universe Can Get a Huge and Unexpected Boost
74 Deep-Sea Volcanoes: Biological Hotspots Are Windows Into the Subsurface
75 Batteries Mimic Multilayer Geometry of Mammal Bones for Structural Stability
76 NASA and Boeing Target New Launch Date for Next Starliner Test Flight to Space Station
77 New Clue to "Planet Nine"--Hubble Pins Down Weird Exoplanet With Far-Flung Orbit
78 Global Extinction Risk Assessment: Nearly One-Third of Oaks Are Threatened With Extinction
79 Transforming the Structure of Atoms Into Sounds, Giving Each Element Its Own Unique Musical Scale
80 Trained Sniffer Dogs Might Be Able to Detect People Infected With COVID-19
81 Natural Sweetener Stevia May Lead to a Gut Microbial Imbalance
82 Delivering Incredible Data--First Results From Copernicus Sentinel-6 Satellite Surpass Expectations
83 U.S. Army Developed Algorithms Improve Quadrotor Drone Performance
84 Ferrets, Cats, Civets, and Dogs Most Susceptible to SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus Infection After Humans
85 Here Are the 18 Astronauts NASA Selected to Form the Artemis Team--Eligible for Early Moon Missions
86 Shocking Adaptations and "Spooky Interactions" Discovered in Electric Fish of Brazil's Amazon
87 Researchers Discover That Global Mass Extinctions of Land-Dwelling Animals Follow a 27-Million-Year Cycle
88 Control of Powerful Plasma Accelerators Improved With Artificial Intelligence
89 Geoscientists Analyze Zircon to Trace Origin of Earth's Continents
90 Hubble Discovers a Strange Exoplanet That Resembles the Long-Sought "Planet Nine"
91 Split Wave: Researchers Develop Component for Neuromorphic Computer
92 Why RNA Vaccines for COVID-19 Raced to the Front of the Pack
93 Honey Bees Unusual Defense Against Giant Hornet Attacks: Animal Poop
94 Genetic Discovery Leads to Potential New COVID-19 Treatments
95 The Original Story of Flight: Pterosaur Precursors Discovered That Fill Gap in Early Evolutionary History
96 Progress Toward a Universal Theory of Glass Formation
97 ESA/NASA Solar and Heliospheric Observatory Celebrates a Quarter-Century in Space
98 New Research Shows Every Week of COVID Lockdown Increases Harmful Binge Drinking
99 Fragments of Energy--Not Waves or Particles--May Be the Fundamental Building Blocks of the Universe
100 This Week in NASA History: Apollo 17 Lands on Lunar Surface
101 Unexpectedly Low Rate of COVID-19 Among Certain Groups of Doctors Compared to Other Medical Staff
102 Genomes Offer New Insights Into Fascinating Fig-Wasp Symbiotic System
103 Arches of Chaos: New Superhighway Network Discovered to Travel Through the Solar System Much Faster
104 Robot Fleet Dives in "Marine Snow" for Climate Answers
105 Simulating Meteors With ASMODEUS (All-Sky Meteor Optical Detection Efficiency Simulator)
106 Chemistry of Life: Key Building Block for Organic Molecules Discovered in Meteorites
107 Researchers Discover How the COVID-19 Virus Hijacks and Rapidly Damages Human Lung Cells
108 Pizza Can Help Address the Dark Matter Mystery, Point to New Physics Beyond the Standard Model?
109 Direct Solar Steam Generation: Harvesting the Sun's Energy for Clean Drinking Water
110 A Hard Look at Obscured Seyfert Galaxies
111 Quarter-Century Jupiter Mystery Gets Deeper and Wider With New Data From NASA's Juno Spacecraft
112 Portable Saliva-Based Smartphone Platform Could Rapidly Expand COVID-19 Testing
113 Breakthrough in Nuclear Physics: Strong Interaction Between Stable and Unstable Particles
114 How Does Our Brain Separate the Factual From the Possible?
115 Special Genes Behind the Pressure Sensor of the Venus Flytrap
116 Relaxing Inside the International Space Station's Window to the World
117 Where to Sit in a Car and Which Windows to Put Down to Prevent COVID-19 Transmission
118 A New Clue to the Timeline of Human Evolution
119 Christmas Cookie Conundrum: The Ever-Elusive Riddle Even Math Experts Have Given Up on Solving