File Title
1 Zebra stripes, leopard spots: frozen metal patterns defy conventional metallurgy
2 New tool removes chemotherapy drugs from water systems
3 Money matters to happiness--perhaps more than previously thought
4 New computational tool reliably differentiates between cancer and normal cells from single-cell RNA-sequencing data
5 Lasers & molecular tethers create perfectly patterned platforms for tissue engineering
6 Vermont's BIPOC drivers are most likely to have a run-in with police, study shows
7 Eliminating microplastics in wastewater directly at the source
8 Synthesis of potent antibiotic follows unusual chemical pathway
9 Timing is of the essence when treating brain swelling in mice
10 'Babysitters' provide boost to offspring of elderly birds
11 Mount Sinai researchers build models using machine learning technique to enhance predictions of COVID-19 outcomes
12 How cells move and don't get stuck
13 Low-carbon policies can be 'balanced' to benefit small firms and average households
14 Low-carbon policies can be 'balanced' to benefit small firms and average households--study
15 Successive governments' approach to obesity policies has destined them to fail
16 New method to assist fast-tracking of vaccines for pre-clinical tests
17 New discovery in breast cancer treatment
18 New management approach can help avoid species vulnerability or extinction
19 Personalized brain stimulation alleviates severe depression symptoms
20 A 'super-puff' planet like no other
21 Stop global roll out of 5G networks until safety is confirmed, urges expert
22 Fried food intake linked to heightened serious heart disease and stroke risk
23 Simple, cheap test can help save lives from colorectal cancer
24 Latch, load and release: Elastic motion makes click beetles click, study finds
25 Inexpensive battery charges rapidly for electric vehicles, reduces range anxiety
26 Smart vaccine scheme quick to curb rabies threat in African cities
27 Green med diet cuts non-alcoholic fatty liver disease by half--Ben-Gurion U. study
28 UCI researchers: Climate change will alter the position of the Earth's tropical rain belt
29 Many parents say teens with anxiety, depression may benefit from peer confidants at school
30 Primary care physicians account for a minority of spending on low-value care [plus additional topic]
31 The brain region responsible for self-bias in memory
32 A new archaeology for the Anthropocene era
33 Where COVID-19 hit hardest, sudden deaths outside the hospital increased
34 Protected areas vulnerable to growing emphasis on food security
35 Appearance, social norms keep students off Zoom cameras
36 Rush researchers demonstrate success with new therapy for COVID-19
37 Do simulations represent the real world at the atomic scale?
38 Constructing termite turrets without a blueprint
39 How to train a robot (using AI and supercomputers)
40 Worker safety goes beyond human error
41 Exploration of toxic Tiger Rattlesnake venom advances use of genetic science techniques
42 Unlocking 'the shape of water' in mechanisms of antibiotic resistance
43 Astronomers dissect the anatomy of planetary nebulae using Hubble Space Telescope images
44 NASA explores solar wind with new view of small sun structures
45 Even a small amount of gender bias in hiring can be costly to employers
46 Land deals meant to improve food security may have hurt
47 Individual and organizational capacity to change can reduce health care workforce burnout
48 Fastener with microscopic mushroom design holds promise
49 New COVID-19 model shows little benefit in vaccinating high-risk individuals first
50 Light-controlled Higgs modes found in superconductors; potential sensor, computing uses
51 Brain cell network supplies neurons with energy
52 Counting elephants from space
53 Where do our minds wander? Brain waves can point the way
54 Disease threatens to decimate western bats
55 Researchers discover mechanism behind most severe cases of a common blood disorder
56 Fatty acid may help combat multiple sclerosis
57 New research finds connection: Inflammation, metabolism and scleroderma scarring
58 Set clear rules for vaccinating health care workers against SARS-CoV-2
59 Canadian researchers create new form of cultivated meat
60 Study in twins identifies fecal microbiome differences in food allergies
61 Research news tip sheet: Story ideas from Johns Hopkins Medicine
62 New clues help explain why PFAS chemicals resist remediation
63 Acidification impedes shell development of plankton off the US West Coast
64 Light-induced twisting of Weyl nodes switches on giant electron current
65 Scientists to global policymakers: Treat fish as food to help solve world hunger
66 Research finds tiny bubbles tell tales of big volcanic eruptions
67 A new carbon budget framework provides a clearer view of our climate deadlines
68 Mystery of Martian glaciers revealed
69 State responses, not federal, influenced rise in unemployment claims early in the pandemic
70 Study identifies a nonhuman primate model that mimics severe COVID-19 similar to humans
71 Scientists reveal structure of plants' energy generators
72 Study finds COVID-19 attack on brain, not lungs, triggers severe disease in mice
73 With a little help from their friends, older birds breed successfully
74 Moffitt researchers identify how cancer cells adapt to survive harsh tumor microenvironments
75 Lack of physical exercise during COVID-19 confinement may lead to a rise in mortality
76 Spike proteins of SARS-CoV-2 relatives can evolve against immune responses
77 How dietary choice influences lifespan in fruit flies
78 Fishing out the bad apples: Novel quantitative method to assess the safety of food
79 A little friction goes a long way toward stronger nanotube fibers
80 Routine thoracic surgery safe during COVID-19 pandemic
81 Alcohols exhibit quantum effects
82 Russian chemists developed polymer cathodes for ultrafast batteries
83 Benvitimod cream: a new topical treatment for plaque psoriasis
84 Drinking during COVID-19 up among people with anxiety and depression
85 Story tips: Volcanic microbes, unbreakable bonds and flood mapping
86 Blockchain technology to optimize P2P energy trading
87 Geisinger researchers find sex is not an independent risk factor for stroke mortality
88 Report shows alcohol consumption linked to portion of cancer incidence and mortality
89 Geisinger research identifies genetic risk factor for stroke
90 Loneliness hits young people harder during lockdown
91 Dartmouth researchers pilot FLASH radiotherapy beam development for treatment of cancer
92 Loss of smell is the best sign of COVID-19
93 Specific genes increase the risk of bedwetting
94 Improving long-term climate calculations
95 Aphids suck: Invasive aphid found on Danish apple trees
96 A sea of rubbish: ocean floor landfills
97 Clocking electron movements inside an atom
98 New biomaterials can be 'fine-tuned' for medical applications
99 Genetic rewiring behind spectacular evolutionary explosion in East Africa
100 Experimental evidence of an intermediate state of matter between a crystal and a liquid
101 New study shows correlation between teen obesity and mental health issues
102 Psychological well-being declined during second wave of the pandemic--especially for men
103 Rescuers at risk: emergency personnel face trauma and post traumatic stress symptoms
104 New method heals skeletal injuries with synthetic bone
105 Solar activity reconstructed over a millennium
106 Could "Power Walking" fuel the energy revolution? India is ready to step up
107 Scientists present novel approach for monitoring freshwater health
108 New negative pressure ventilator requiring fewer staffing resources developed in fight against COVID-19
109 ALS study reveals a unique population
110 Online courses reinforce inequalities