File Title
1 Scientists Discover the Secret of Galapagos' Rich Ecosystem and Unique Wildlife Habitats
2 Ten "Keys to Reality" From Nobel Laureate Frank Wilczek--Understanding Ourselves and Our Place in the Universe
3 Battery of the Future? Innovative Battery Chemistry Revolutionizes Zinc-Air Battery
4 Alarming New Climate Research: Earth to Reach Critical Temperature Tipping Point in 20-30 Years
5 NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory Spots First Lunar Transit of 2021
6 Important Milestone in the Creation of a Quantum Computer That Uses Transistors As Qubits
7 Sexual Harassment Claims by Less Attractive and Less Feminine Women Perceived As Less Credible
8 NASA's Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover to Capture Sounds From the Red Planet
9 Cure for Blindness in Sight: Retinal Stem Cell Transplant Clears Experimental Hurdle
10 Accounting for the Gaps in the Fossil Record of Ancient Food Webs
11 Seawater Cutting Like a Knife Through Enormous Iceberg: A-68A Being Sliced to Pieces
12 Physicists Find New State of Matter in a One-Dimensional Quantum Gas--"Beyond My Wildest Conception"
13 Towards Exawatt-Class Lasers: New Concept for Next-Generation Ultra-Intense Lasers
14 Lasso Climbing--Scientists Discover Bizarre New Fifth Mode of Snake Locomotion
15 Holographic X-ray Nano-Tomography Reveals How Mother-of-Pearl Self-Assembles Into a Perfect Structure
16 A Tale of Planetary Resurrection in a Triple-Star System With a Skewed Configuration
17 Earth's Global Warming Trend Continues: 2020 Tied for Warmest Year on Record
18 Scientists Identify Contents of Ancient Maya Drug Containers
19 Physicists May Have Found Dark Matter: X-rays Surrounding "Magnificent 7" May Be Traces of Theorized Particle
20 First-Ever Data-Driven Videos Illuminate RNA's Mysterious Folding Process
21 New Theory Proposed to Explain One Dimensional Quantum Liquids Formation
22 Orion Spacecraft Ready to Fuel Up for NASA's Artemis I Mission Beyond the Moon
23 Nanodiamond Sensors Created That Can Act As Both Heat Sources and Thermometers
24 Studying Chaos Phenomena With One of the World's Fastest Cameras
25 Ancient DNA Reveals Secrets of the "Terrifying" Dire Wolf--Famous From Game of Thrones
26 The COVID-19 Pandemic Has Overwhelmed the Health Systems in Brazil
27 HAWC+ Reveals Magnetic Chaos Hidden Within the Whirlpool Galaxy
28 Groundbreaking New One-Step Process for Creating Self-Assembled Metamaterials
29 Exploring Earth From Space: Tanezrouft Basin
30 Pocket-Sized DNA Sequencer Achieves Near-Perfect Accuracy--Could Help Track COVID-19 Virus
31 Magnetic "Highway" Fuels Massive Ejection of Gas and Dust Out of the Cigar Galaxy
32 Scientists Make Pivotal Discovery in Quantum and Classical Information Processing
33 New Bacterial Culture Methods Could Result in the Discovery of Diverse New Species of Microbes
34 Surprising New Study Finds That Without the Right Messaging, Masks Could Lead to More COVID-19 Spread
35 Swarm Satellite Constellation Makes Surprising Discovery About Space Weather
36 Mystery That Baffled Darwin Solved: Clever Strategy Some Flowers Use to Ensure Effective Pollination by Bees
37 Why RNA Vaccines for COVID-19 Raced to the Front of the Pack
38 A Lurking Threat: Beating the "Billion-Dollar Bug" Is a Shared Burden
39 Astronomers Rewind the Clock to Calculate Age of Supernova Blast From Massive Star Explosion
40 Metal Fuels--One of the Most Promising Fuels for the Future?
41 Engineers Create "Living Materials"--Inspired by Symbiotic Culture Used to Make Kombucha Tea
42 NASA Conducts Hot Fire Test of Massive SLS Rocket Core Stage for Artemis I Moon Mission
43 Science Made Simple: What Is Radioactivity?
44 Laundry Lint Can Cause Significant Tissue and DNA Damage Within Marine Mussels
45 Dazzling Array of Complex Shapes Found in Planetary Nebulae Generated by Stellar Winds Interaction With Binary Companions
46 Weird Asymmetry: Nights Warming Faster Than Days Across Much of the Planet
47 Secrets Behind Sunquakes May Lurk Beneath the Solar Surface
48 Awakening After a Sleeping Pill: Man With Serious Brain Injury Temporarily Recovered After 8 Years
49 Like Multiple Wildfires--Why COVID-19 Lasts Longer, Causes More Damage Than Typical Pneumonia
50 Researchers Hot Stock Tip: Avoid This Type of Investment Fund
51 Climate Crisis Calls for Direct Air Capture: Wartime-Level Funding for a Fleet of CO2 Scrubbers
52 Improving LIDAR and GPS: Breaking Through the Resolution Barrier With Quantum-Limited Precision
53 Astronomers Discover Earliest Supermassive Black Hole and Quasar in the Universe--1000x More Luminous Than the Milky Way
54 A Single Gene "Invented" Hemoglobin Several Times
55 Students Returning Home for Christmas May Have Caused 9,400 Secondary COVID-19 Infections Across UK
56 Scientists Investigate Spiritualist Mediums: Why Some People Report "Hearing the Dead"
57 Changing Diets--Not Less Physical Activity--May Best Explain Childhood Obesity Crisis
58 NASA and Japan Formalize Lunar Gateway Partnership for Artemis Program
59 Researchers Discover How the Brain Paralyzes You While You Sleep
60 Chandra X-ray Observatory Studies Extraordinary Magnetar [Video]
61 Unusual Quantum Phenomena: Physicists Observe Competition Between Magnetic Orders
62 U.S. Postal Service to Issue Sun Science Forever Stamps With 10 Spectacular Images From NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory
63 Simulating Evolution to Understand a Hidden Genetic Switch
64 Breakthrough Allows Inexpensive Electric Vehicle Battery to Charge in Just 10 Minutes
65 A 'Super-Puff' Planet Like No Other--As Big as Jupiter but 10 Times Lighter
66 Hubble Reveals Colors of the "Lost Galaxy" in Supreme Detail
67 Stanford AI Technology Detects Hidden Earthquakes--May Provide Warning of Big Quakes
68 Why Breastfed Babies Have Improved Immune Systems--New Research Insights
69 Changing Atlanta: Martin Luther King Jr. Came of Age in One of the Fastest Growing Cities in the United States
70 All 468 Stars in Milky Way Stellar Stream Theia 456 Are Related--"It's Like Finding a Needle in a Haystack"
71 From Automobiles to Armstrong: Cleveland's Urban Layout Has Evolved As Time and Technology Have Advanced
72 Expert: Stop Global Roll Out of 5G Networks Until Safety Is Confirmed
73 3D Map of Cosmic Neighborhood Created With Help From Worldwide Network of Citizen Scientists
74 Rare Quadruple-Helix DNA Found in Living Human Cells With Glowing Probes
75 Swiss Army Knife Nanoparticle Catalyst Can Make Natural Gas Burn Cleaner
76 Parenting Behaviors Associated With Positive Changes in Well-Being During COVID-19 Pandemic
77 Using 100-Million-Year-Old Fossils and Gravitational-Wave Science to Predict Earth's Future Climate
78 Encouraging Results on Ivermectin Clinical Trial for Reducing Mild COVID-19
79 Genetic Testing of Wastewater Can Detect New COVID Variants Before They Are Detected by Local Clinical Sequencing
80 NASA's Lucy Mission to Study Trojan Asteroids
81 Missing Link Found in Process That Leads to an Ice Age on Earth
82 Centuries Old Climate Records Reconstructed From a 600-Year-Old Marine Sponge
83 American Heart Association: Vaping Combined With Smoking Is Likely As Harmful as Smoking Cigarettes Alone
84 Unusually Well-Preserved Genitalia on 50 Million-Year-Old Fossil Assassin Bug
85 All-Purpose Dinosaur Opening--Used for Defecation, Urination and Breeding--Reconstructed for First Time
86 Holy Grail--Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments Reverse Aging Process in First Clinical Trial
87 The Cosmic Dust in Your Bones--NASA's Webb Telescope Will Investigate the Intertwined Origins of Dust and Life
88 Anti-Aphrodisiac: Male Butterflies Mark Their Mates With Repulsive Smell During Sex to "Turn Off" Other Suitors
89 A New View of Small Sun Structures Allows NASA to Explore the Solar Wind Like Never Before
90 New Measurement of the Hubble Constant--Rate of Expansion of the Universe--From Combined Observations of Neutron Stars
91 Free Online App Calculates Risk of COVID-19 Transmission in Indoor Spaces
92 Chemists Invent Shape-Shifting Nanomaterial With Intriguing Biomedical Potential
93 Controlling the Nanoscale Structure of Desalination Membranes Is Key for Clean Water
94 How a Network of Marine Protected Areas Could Help Safeguard Antarctic Penguins
95 Pediatricians' Campaign To Make Microwaves Safer for Children
96 Scientists Map the Odd Structure of the Coronavirus Protein Linked to Immune Evasion and Disease Severity
97 Ancient DNA Reveals Secrets of Legendary "Game of Thrones" Dire Wolves
98 Spreading Like a Virus: False Rumor That 5G Causes COVID-19
99 Daily Rhythms May Impact Our Ability to Fight Disease--Immune System Killer Cells Controlled by Circadian Rhythms
100 Understanding Fire: Saffire-V Ignites New Discoveries in Space
101 Astronomers Have Created the Largest Ever Map of the Sky, Comprising Over a Billion Galaxies
102 Genetic Mutation Discovery Offers Hope for Effective Autism Drugs
103 Hold Up--New COVID-19 Model Shows Little Benefit in Vaccinating High-Risk Individuals First
104 Intoxicating Chemicals in Catnip Don't Just Give Cats Joy--They Help Repel Mosquitoes
105 Ultimate Precision: Scientists Reach Limit of Multi-Parameter Quantum Measurement With Zero Trade-Off
106 New MIT Social Intelligence Algorithm Helps Build Machines That Better Understand Human Goals
107 Spectacular New Species of Bat Discovered in African "Sky Island"
108 Coral Hospital Tool Could Help Safeguard Reefs Facing Climate Change
109 Scientists Use Nanoscale Diamonds to Generate More Efficient Accelerator Beams
110 Anode-Free Zinc Battery Could Someday Provide Large Scale Storage of Renewable Energy
111 Massive Stellar Triples Leading to Sequential Binary Black-Hole Mergers