File Title
1 New PROM for Crohn's Perianal Fistula Has Clinical, Research Potential
2 Frailty Likely Contributes to Gender Gap in Liver Transplant Wait-List Mortality
3 Review Suggests Racial Disparities in Receipt of ER Diagnostic Imaging
4 Anaphylaxis Cases After COVID Vaccine Rising But Still Rare: CDC
5 IDSA Panel Updates Guidelines on COVID Molecular Diagnostic Tests
6 New 'Super COVID' Strains Could Upend Life Again in the US
7 Pandemic Packed a Year of Distress Into 1 Month
8 Feds to Start Using Pharmacies to Ramp Up Administration of COVID Vaccines
9 Early Use of High-Titer Plasma May Prevent Severe COVID-19
10 New Data Strengthen Case for Prechemotherapy Statins
11 Dexamethasone Harmful in Chronic Subdural Hematoma
12 Another Lot of Extended-Release Metformin Is Recalled in the US
13 EU Regulator Approves Moderna Vaccine as Fears Grow Over Virus Variants
14 EU May Soon Approve Extra Doses From Vials of Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine: Source
15 How the EU Filled Its Basket in COVID-19 Shopping Spree
16 Slow Vaccine Rollout Stokes Tensions Among EU States
17 US Regulators Ignored Workers' COVID-19 Safety Complaints Amid Deadly Outbreaks
18 US Sets COVID-19 Hospitalization Record as States Ramp Up Vaccination Efforts
19 China Plays Down WHO Concern About Delay in Coronavirus Team's Trip
20 Pizza-Sized Boxes and Paying a Premium: Israel's COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout
21 Red Tape Slows Vaccine Rollout in French Nursing Homes, Frustrating Medics
22 Canadian Care Home Residents Challenge Delay of Second COVID-19 Vaccine Shot
23 Governors Scramble to Speed Vaccine Effort After Slow Start
24 PDAC: Tumor Reduction After Neoadjuvant Therapy May Predict Postsurgical Survival
25 Annual WCC Visits Significantly Limit Asthma Worsening
26 Don't Routinely Stop RAS Inhibitors in Advanced Kidney Disease
27 No Increase Seen in Children's Share of COVID-19 Burden
28 Osteoporosis Prevalence in PsA Similar to General Population
29 Sinovac Vaccine Shows 78% Efficacy in Brazilian Trial, Details Sparse
30 High Hydroxychloroquine Blood Level May Lower Thrombosis Risk in Lupus
31 COVID Likely the Third-Leading Cause of Death in US, CDC Says
32 In Los Angeles and Beyond, Oxygen Is the Latest COVID Bottleneck
33 Surge in Arizona, World 'Hot Spot,' Puts Focus on Governor
34 Moderna CEO: Vaccine Will Likely Work for 'a Couple of Years'
35 When Is Bilateral ITA CABG Better Than a Single-ITA Approach?
36 Loss of Smell Reported in 86% of Mild COVID Cases
37 Leukemia: New Adverse Event With PARP Inhibitors in Cancer
38 Early, Large LDL Reduction Tied to Lowest Event Rates After MI
39 Illinois Is First in the Nation to Extend Health Coverage to Undocumented Seniors
40 Children's Hospitals Grapple With Wave of Mental Illness
41 Fatigue, Brain Fog Most Common in 'Long COVID'
42 Supplemental Oxygen During Childbirth May Not Be of Value to Babies
43 Newborns Benefit From Skin-to-Skin Contact With Father After C-Section
44 Breastfeeding, Rooming-in Can Be Practiced by Mothers With SARS-CoV-2
45 Vitamin D Supplements Don't Impact Growth or Rickets in Stunted Children
46 Brain Damage in Necrotizing Enterocolitis Tied to IFN-Gamma-Releasing T Cells in Mice
47 Over Half of COVID Transmission May Occur via Asymptomatic People
48 Eye Changes May Identify Parkinson's Disease
49 How One Health System Balances COVID Surge, Vaccination Drive
50 Heavy Drinking by Teens May Affect White Matter Integrity
51 Residency Report Shows New Specialty Data, USMLE Score Changes
52 Physician Harassment Common on Social Media, Study Suggests
53 After 48 Years, NCI Aims to Track Breast Cancer Recurrences Change to SEER Eventually Planned
54 Hospitalization Risk Four Times Higher in Blacks With T1D, COVID-19
55 Guidance Issued on COVID Vaccine Use in Patients With Dermal Fillers
56 Expert Offers Clinical Pearls on Leg Ulcer Therapy
57 Dupilumab Curbed Itch Intensity, Frequency in Children With Severe Eczema
58 AAP Issues New Guidelines for Diagnosing, Managing Eating Disorders
59 As Olympics Loom, Japanese Approval of Moderna's COVID-19 Vaccine Unlikely Till May
60 CureVac Strikes COVID-19 Vaccine Alliance With Bayer
61 Chinese City of 11 Million Stops People Leaving in Bid to Contain COVID
62 US Toughens Ban on 'Abhorrent' Female Genital Mutilation
63 US Vaccine Rollout Should Have Been Better, Fauci Says
64 California Bypasses Tough Nurse Care Rules Amid Virus Surge
65 First-Line Infliximab Beneficial in Kids With Moderate-to-Severe Crohn's
66 PPI Use Often Continues After Intensive-Care Discharge Despite Lack of Indication
67 Novel Point-of-Care Test to Distinguish Bacterial From Viral Infection Moves Closer to Clinic
68 Differences in Right vs. Left Colon in Black vs. White Individuals
69 US Active Surveillance Rates for Low-Risk Prostate Cancer Vary by Location
70 Biden's First Order of Business May Be to Undo Trump's Policies, but It Won't Be Easy
71 COVID-19 Immunity Could Last Longer Than 8 Months, Study Says
72 Bedside EEG Test Aids Prognosis in Brain Injury Patients
73 US Tops 4000 COVID-19 Deaths Reported in 1 Day
74 JAMA Journal Retracts Its First Paper, on Exercise and Heart Disease
75 Study Confirms Key COVID-19 Risk Factors in Children
76 Pfizer Vaccine Appears to Work Against Variant, Research Shows
77 Ticking All the Right Boxes for Same-Day Discharge PCI
78 FDA Warns of False Negative COVID Tests From Virus Mutations
79 Sickle-Cell Trait Did Not Independently Elevate CHD Risk in Meta-Analysis
80 Positive Data on Vutrisiran in hATTR Amyloidosis With Polyneuropathy
81 FDA Chief: Agency Kept Independence With Science as Its 'North Star'
82 HPV Throat Cancer and Oral Sex at Younger Age, Multiple Partners
83 Large Study Links Brown Fat With Lower Rates of Cardiometabolic Disease
84 Statin Use Tied to Better Outcomes in Men With Prostate Cancer Starting Androgen-Deprivation Therapy
85 Racial Disparities in Cardiovascular Outcomes for Pregnant and Postpartum Women
86 Denmark Developing Digital COVID-19 'Vaccine Passport'
87 South Korea Unveils Inflatable Isolation Ward for COVID-19 Patients
88 EU Says It Has Secured Nearly Half of Pfizer's 2021 Global Output of COVID-19 Shots
89 Haunted by Forced Sterilizations, Peruvian Women Pin Hopes on Court Hearing
90 Germany Reports Record COVID-19 Deaths, Concerns About New Variant Grow
91 Mexico City Hospitals 'Completely Saturated' as COVID-19 Surges
92 South Africa Testing Vaccines on Variant, Hopes for Results Within 2 Weeks
93 WHO Tells Rich Countries: Stop Cutting the Vaccines Queue
94 Capivasertib May Be Helpful Against Tumors With Rare AKT Mutation
95 Radiotherapy for Rectal Cancer Linked to Risk for Later Malignant Gynecological Neoplasms
96 Treating Everyone 60 and Older With Early Hypertension Cost-Effective
97 Baseline Body Surface Area May Drive Optimal Baricitinib Response
98 Black Doctor Fired From Med School After Discussing Racism
99 Reports of New US COVID-19 Variant Are Inaccurate, CDC Says
100 Data Call for Biologics Trials in Undertreated Juvenile Arthritis Subtype
101 US Sets Weekly COVID-19 Records, Lags in Vaccine Rollout
102 Distinct Signature in Breast Tumors From Black Patients
103 One-Week Radiotherapy Standard for Early Invasive Breast Cancer
104 Whole-Pelvis Radiotherapy for High-Risk Prostate Cancer
105 Capitol Riot Likely a Superspreader Event
106 Positive Topline Data for Lilly's Donanemab in Early Alzheimer's
107 California Is Desperate, but Volunteer Health Corps Dwindles
108 Is Your COVID Vaccine Venue Prepared to Handle Rare, Life-Threatening Reactions?
109 Left-handed Cardiology Trainees Face Unique Challenges
110 One Ambulance Ride Leads to Another When Packed Hospitals Cannot Handle Non-COVID Patients
111 Feds Authorize $22 Billion to Boost Vaccine Rollout
112 Biden Gets Second Dose of Vaccine as Team Readies COVID-19 Plan
113 CVD Deaths Increased, Imaging Decreased During Pandemic
114 China Study Says Wuhan COVID Infections 3 Times Higher Than Official Figure
115 HCV Declines Level Off in HIV+ Men Who Have Sex With Men
116 College Football Players May Underestimate Their Risks of Concussion or Injury
117 Unauthorized Immigrants Have Fewer Health Expenditures Than US Citizens
118 Pediatric Sensorineural Hearing Loss Management Inconsistent in US
119 Need for Speed in Vaccines Heaps Pressure on Health Teams
120 Updated ACC Decision Pathways Embrace New HF Treatments
121 New Developments in Thyroid Cancer
122 Independent NPs: What's the Evidence?
123 FDA Finalizes Guidance for Power Morcellators in Gynecologic Surgery
124 State-by-State Guide to COVID Vaccine Information
125 Going Big: US Dispensing Shots at Stadiums and Fairgrounds