File Title
1 Smoking Mountain--An Outburst From Popocatepetl Volcano in Mexico
2 COVID-19: What Black Americans, Women and Conservatives Have in Common
3 Sharing Leftover Meat May Have Contributed to Early Dog Domestication
4 Extraordinary Diversity: Unusual Sex Chromosomes of Platypus, Emu and Duck
5 Analysis of Ancient DNA Reveals Asian Migrations and Plague Outbursts
6 When Galaxies Collide: Hubble Showcases 6 Magnificent Galaxy Mergers
7 Cutting COVID-19 Infectious Period--Even by Just 1 Day--Could Prevent Millions of Cases
8 The Sun in 2020: 366 Daily Images by ESA's Proba-2 Satellite
9 Plastic Pollution Is Everywhere: Research Reveals How It Travels
10 InEnTec: Turning Trash Into Valuable Chemicals and Clean Fuels
11 New Genetics Research Reveals How Earth's Oddest Mammal Got to Be So Bizarre
12 NASA's Lucy Mission to the Trojan Asteroids Integrates its Second Scientific Instrument
13 NASA Astronaut Gets a Good GRASP on Gravity
14 Cornell University to Extract Energy From Manure to Heat the Campus
15 It's Not Too Late! 102 Species at Risk of Extinction Can Be Saved
16 Microbes That Feed on Hydrogen Living Beneath Glaciers--But Where Is the Hydrogen Coming From?
17 Hidden Symmetry Could Be Key to Ultra-Powerful Quantum Computers
18 Slimy Microbes Discovered That Could Help Keep Coral Reefs Healthy
19 Scientists Discover a Way to Control the Immune System's "Natural Killer" Cells With "Invisible" Stem Cells
20 New State of Matter Discovered by Scientists: Liquid Glass
21 NASA Extends Exploration for Juno and InSight Planetary Science Missions
22 Kilauea's Lava Lake Returns--Hawaii's Most Active Volcano Is Erupting Again
23 Bacteria Can Tell the Time With Internal Biological Clocks
24 Detecting COVID-19 Antibodies in 10-12 Seconds With a 3D Printed Test Chip
25 Pareidolia: Seeing Recognizable Shapes in the Cosmos
26 NASA Selects 4 Astrophysics Missions to Study Universe's Secrets
27 Online Tool Identifies COVID-19 Patients at Highest Risk of Deterioration
28 Scalpel-Free Alternative to Brain Surgery: Focused Ultrasound Offers New Promise for Parkinson's Disease
29 Specially Designed Metal-Organic Framework for Safer, Cheaper Natural Gas Storage
30 E-cigarette Warning: Vaping Triggers Inflammation in the Gut
31 3D-Printed "Artificial Muscle" Inspired by Color-Changing Octopus Skin
32 Cygnus Space Freighter Departs International Space Station
33 Pioneering Computational Model of Entire SARS-CoV-2 Virus Responsible for COVID-19
34 MIT Uses Neutrons in Drive to Improve Energy Storage in Supercapacitors
35 Graduate Student's BADASS Code Has Astronomical Benefits
36 Deepening Astronomical Mystery: On the Hunt for a Missing Giant Black Hole
37 Natural Reward Theory: A New Foundation for Biology?
38 MIT Deep-Learning Algorithm Finds Hidden Warning Signals in Measurements Collected Over Time
39 New Discovery on the Mysterious Family Life of Notorious Saber-Toothed Tiger
40 Lack of Sleep Could Be a Problem for Artificial Intelligence
41 How to Mitigate the Impact of a COVID Lockdown on Mental Health
42 Scientists Develop New Gene Therapy Strategy to Delay Aging and Extend Lifespan
43 Light-Based Processor Chips Advance Machine Learning
44 Frosty Scenes in Martian Summer Captured by ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter
45 Meet NASA Astronaut & Artemis Team Member Matthew Dominick [Video]
46 Socked in Stratovolcano: Astronaut on ISS Captures Incredible View of Uninhabited Atlasov Island
47 Nanocrystals With Unique Surface Texture That Eradicates Bacteria Biofilm
48 Sea Stars May Be "Drowning"--Organic Matter, Bacteria Doom Starfish to Oxygen Depletion
49 Electron Paramagnetic Resonance: A Non-destructive Method for Analyzing Ancient Egyptian Embalming Materials
50 Treating Neurodegenerative Diseases From Glaucoma to Alzheimer's: New Discovery on How to Protect Neurons and Encourage Their Growth
51 7 Things to Know About the NASA Perseverance Rover About to Land on Mars
52 Quantum Entanglement of Electrons Using Heat
53 How Whale Poo Is Powering the World's Rainforests
54 Initial Severity of COVID-19 Is Not Associated With Later Respiratory Complications
55 Why Declining Antibodies Don't Spell Disaster for Long-Lasting COVID-19 Immunity
56 Chandra Studies Extraordinary Magnetar: Fastest Spinning and Possibly the Youngest Magnetar Known
57 Spied by Satellite: Phytoplankton Factory in the Argentine Sea
58 Stanford's Single-Dose Nanoparticle Vaccine for COVID-19
59 Striped or Spotted? Planetary Scientists Solve a Brown Dwarf Mystery
60 Fluoride to the Rescue? A Big Leap Forward in Addressing Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria
61 Sculpted in Sculptor: An Incredibly Beautiful Barred Spiral Galaxy
62 The "Last Eden?" First Human Culture Lasted 20,000 Years Longer Than Thought
63 New Evidence Discovered of Health Threat From Chemicals in Tobacco and Marijuana Smoke
64 Exposure to Common Food-Borne Pathogen Linked to Rare Brain Cancer
65 Seeing the COVID-19 Pandemic From Space
66 Cosmic Neon Lights: Strange New Type of Star Revealed in X-ray Light
67 Reshaping Coastal Louisiana: Barataria Bay Is Slowly Slipping Away
68 Key Step Toward Cleaner, More Efficient Mass-Production of Hydrogen From Water
69 This Galaxy Is Witnessing a Truly Extreme Event--Galaxy Mergers Could Limit Star Formation
70 Scientists Discover Bizarre New Mode of Snake Locomotion--"Nothing I'd Ever Seen Compares to It"
71 Galaxy-Sized Observatory Sees Hints of a Unique Signal From Gravitational Waves That Warp the Fabric of Space and Time Itself
72 Milky Way's Dark Side Revealed by Measurements of Pulsar Acceleration
73 Spikes in Cardiovascular Deaths Shown to Be an Indirect Cost of COVID-19 Pandemic
74 Innovative Study Shows Small Towns Are Bigger Than We Think
75 Gut Microbiome May Influence COVID-19 Severity and Immune Response--Also Implicated in "Long COVID"
76 High Levels of Persistent Chemicals Detected in Drinking Water in Several Chinese Cities
77 Ultrasound "Drills" and Nanodroplets and Prove Effective at Tackling Tough Blood Clots
78 It's Not in the Brain: Why Independent Cultures Think Alike When It Comes to Categories
79 New Climate Change Research: Future Too Warm for Baby Sharks
80 Boosting a Natural Cellular Process to Protect Lungs From Ventilator-Induced Injury
81 New Research Shows Poor Gut Health Connected to Severe COVID-19--Probiotics May Help Patients
82 The Universe Is Getting Hot, Hot, Hot--Temperature Has Increased 10-Fold Over the Last 10 Billion Years
83 Large Clinical Trial Testing Combination Monoclonal Antibody Therapy for Mild/Moderate COVID-19
84 Climate Change Reduces the Abundance and Diversity of Wild Bees
85 Gravitational Wave Search Finds Tantalizing New Clue: Unexplained Fluctuations in Space-Time
86 Massive Snowfall Blankets Spain--Heaviest Snowfall in the Region in 50 Years
87 Disposable Helmet Designed to Retain Cough Droplets, Minimize COVID-19 Transmission
88 Most Distant Quasar Discovered Sheds Light on How Supermassive Black Holes Grow
89 Can You Exercise Too Much? Researchers Look for the Limit of Cardiovascular Benefits From Exercise
90 Peeking Inside Human "Mini-Brains" to Understand the Brain, Study Disease and Test New Medicines
91 Surprising Discovery of Unexpected Quantum Behavior in Insulators Suggests Existence of Entirely New Type of Particle
92 Accidental Awareness (Temporary Consciousness) More Frequent Than Expected During Obstetric Surgery
93 Newton's Principia: A Story of Lost and Stolen Books and Scrupulous Detective Work Across Continents
94 Native Biodiversity Collapse in the Eastern Mediterranean--Most Native Species Are Going Locally Extinct
95 Righting a Wrong, Nuclear Physicists Improve Precision of Neutrino Research
96 New Horizons Spacecraft Data Shows There Are Far Fewer Galaxies in the Universe Than Previously Thought
97 College Campuses Are COVID-19 Superspreaders--Local Campus Outbreaks Rapidly Spread Across the Entire County
98 Genetic Diversity Project Adds Missing Pieces to Human Diversity Puzzle
99 Upper Ocean Temperatures Hit Record High in 2020--Poses "A Severe Risk to Human and Natural Systems"
100 Pioneering Research Reveals How Teeth Functioned and Evolved in Giant Mega-Sharks
101 SpaceX Demo 2 Mission Launches into History
102 Fatal Attraction: Bats With White-Nose Syndrome Prefer Deadly Habitats Despite the Consequences
103 Mount Fuji's Missing Snow--Japan's Iconic Mountain Looks Different
104 Stunning Martian Panorama Celebrates NASA's Curiosity Rover's 3,000th Day on Mars
105 New Research Finds Colleges Can Prevent 96% of COVID-19 Infections Without Vaccines
106 Humans Face a "Ghastly Future" Unless Extraordinary Action Is Taken Soon on Sustainability
107 A Faster, Cooler Way to Reduce Our Carbon Footprint: Copper-Indium Oxide
108 Can We Harness Energy From Black Holes? Columbia Research Shows How Energy Could Be Extracted
109 Error Protected Quantum Bits Entangled: A Milestone in the Development of Fault-Tolerant Quantum Computers
110 First Nanomaterial Developed That Demonstrates "Photon Avalanching"--Extreme Nonlinear Optical Behavior and Efficiency
111 A Star Dying Soon After the Beginning of the Universe Could Be Disrupting Mobile Phone Reception Today
112 Giving Computers a Keen Sense of Smell--Researchers Create a Biohybrid Olfactory Sensor
113 Predicting a "Silent Killer"--New Early Warning Sign for Heart Disease Discovered
114 Madrid Snowbound--Stunning Satellite Image Captures Heaviest Snowfall in 50 Years
115 Spain's chilly blanket--Spain Heavy Snowfall Satellite Image