File Title
1 Citizen scientists help create 3D map of local stellar neighborhood
2 The Milky Way primordial history and its fossil findings
3 An astonishing new three-dimensional view of the dense interstellar gas in our Milky Way
4 Earth faster, closer to black hole in new map of galaxy
5 Milky Way family tree
6 Low-orbit, crewed equatorial space control stations
7 Space Force joins U.S. Intelligence Community
8 Skynet 6A passes Preliminary Design Review
9 Northrop Grumman lands $325 million deal for Air Force JSTARS sustainment
10 Defense, Commerce departments join to find 5G solutions
11 France signs agreement to purchase Northrop Grumman's E-2D advanced Hawkeye
12 BAE nabs $4 million to demonstrate new radio system for P-8A Poseidon
13 L3Harris to build Next Generation jammers in $496 million contract
14 NATO checking systems after US cyberattack
15 NASA advancing global navigation satellite system capabilities
16 China sees booming satellite navigation, positioning industry
17 China releases 4 new BDS technical standards
18 Making methane on Mars
19 Orion Ready to Fuel Up for Artemis I Mission
20 Dynetics achieves critical NASA milestone and delivers key data on lunar lander program
21 Blue Origin launches, recovers capsule with more space tourism amenities
22 Virgin Galactic hires two new pilots
23 Company advances plan for private citizen flight to space station
24 Roscosmos teases names of next year's ISS tourist group flight
25 Richard Branson space-bound in early 2021 says Virgin Galactic
26 Glenn's Power Systems Facility has supported Station research for decades
27 Prepping for a spacewalk to install Colka on ISS external hull
28 Northrop Grumman's NG-14 Cygnus Spacecraft completes primary mission to ISS
29 Roscosmos Head reveals likely cause of crack in ISS module hull
30 China to launch core module of space station in first half of 2021
31 NASA awards contract for Cold Stowage II
32 A Martian Roundtrip: NASA's Perseverance Rover Sample Tubes
33 NASA moves forward with campaign to return Mars samples to Earth
34 Three things we've learned from NASA's Mars InSight
35 MOXIE could help future rockets launch off Mars
36 Review board says NASA, ESA ready to pursue Mars sample return mission
37 Muscles, metals, bubbles and rotifers--a month of European science in space
38 SpaceX CRS-21 safely splashes down off the coast of Florida for first time
39 Asteroids vs. microbes
40 Mobility without particulates
41 Washing your clothes can create Arctic microplastic pollution
42 Upside to Rio's low-key New Year party: less trash
43 Novel method reveals small microplastics throughout Japan's subtropical ocean
44 Tunisia cracks down with arrests in Italy hazardous waste scandal
45 Northrop Grumman, Navy agree $406 million settlement over New York pollution
46 China to end all waste imports on Jan 1
47 Researchers find microplastics on top of the world at Everest
48 NASA model reveals how much COVID-related pollution levels deviated from the norm
49 Study reveals how plastic pollution travels everywhere
50 Italy's pollution 'persistently' breaks EU law: court
51 Air pollution fell, plastic use soared during Europe lockdowns
52 Drones that patrol forests could monitor environmental and ecological changes
53 Locals teed off about new Trump golf course in Scotland
54 Air pollution linked to 15 percent of coronavirus deaths: study
55 Death of sea life off Russia peninsula 'caused by algae'
56 Air pollution killed 500k newborns in 2019: global study
57 Air pollution costs Europe cities $190 billion a year: analysis
58 Bottle-fed babies ingest 'millions' of microplastics: study
59 Study first to tally biomass from oceanic plastic debris using visualization method
60 Electric clothes dryers: An underestimated source of microfiber pollution
61 Pay firefighting bill before leaving, Sri Lanka tells stricken oil tanker
62 Senegalese town fights losing battle against trash
63 Mercury concentrations in Yukon River fish could surpass EPA criterion by 2050
64 Lockheed Martin-Built Orion spacecraft is ready for its Moon mission
65 Juno mission expands into the future
66 NASA's Juno Spacecraft Updates Quarter-Century Jupiter Mystery
67 Swedish space instrument participates in the search for life around Jupiter
68 Researchers model source of eruption on Jupiter's moon Europa
69 Radiation Does a Bright Number on Jupiter's Moon
70 JPL meets unique challenge, delivers radar hardware for Jupiter Mission
71 Jupiter's moons could be warming each other
72 With $3 million NASA Grant, UArizona scientists will test Mars exploration drones in Iceland
73 Ingenuity Mars Helicopter recharges its batteries in flight
74 NASA's aeronautics experts help prepare Ingenuity to fly on Mars
75 NASA, Poland to build instrument to study interplanetary space
76 Space Dynamics Lab achieves critical milestone for NASA space weather mission
77 Reconstructing the solar system's original architecture
78 Unveiling the double origin of cosmic dust in the distant Universe
79 Wind bands, jet streams spotted on nearest brown dwarf
80 Deep Dive into a Galaxy Cluster
81 Three flavors are better than one--in ice cream and supernova research
82 Astronomers finally measure polarized light from exoplanet
83 A Tale of Planetary Resurrection
84 Cultivating plant growth in space
85 Space-bred seeds offer valuable opportunities
86 Rice seeds carried to the moon and back sprout
87 Fertilizer made from urine could enable space agriculture
88 Rad dishes in space
89 From capsules to cranberries, NASA helps keep Thanksgiving food safe
90 Crops bred in space produce heavenly results
91 The earliest supermassive black hole and quasar in the universe
92 On the Hunt for a Missing Giant Black Hole
93 Black hole or no black hole: On the outcome of neutron star collisions
94 Final dance of unequal black hole partners
95 RUDN University physicist developed software solution to measure the black holes stability
96 The black hole always chirps twice: New clues deciphering the shape of black holes
97 A RUDN University physicist simplified the Einstein-lovelock theory for black holes
98 Very Large Telescope finds 6 galaxies trapped in web of black hole
99 Cosmic X-rays reveal an indubitable signature of black holes
100 RIT scientists contribute to the first discovery of an intermediate-mass black hole
101 Brazilian researcher proposes universal mechanism for ejection of matter by black holes
102 Chinese space enterprise gears up for record-breaking 40-plus launches in 2021
103 China's space achievements out of this world
104 China's Chang'e-5 orbiter embarks on new mission to gravitationally stable spot at L1
105 Tech show offers transport solutions for COVID-changed world
106 Major CES gadget show turns to tech for virtual salvation
107 Boron Nitride Ceramic--Space Radiation Shielding
108 The use of Titanium on the spacecraft was effective in reducing the load
109 EOS Data Analytics to launch satellite with Dragonfly Multispectral Imagers in 2022
110 'Corals are being cooked': A third of Taiwan's reefs are dying
111 Warming driving Eastern Mediterranean species collapse: study
112 Caspian crisis: Sinking sea levels threaten biodiversity, economy and regional stability
113 Brexit deal puts UK fishermen in uncharted waters
114 NASA advancing global navigation satellite system capabilities
115 Orion Ready to Fuel Up for Artemis I Mission
116 Why do some regions on the dwarf planet Ceres appear blue
117 NASA's first mission to the Trojan Asteroids integrates its second scientific instrument
118 Knowledge of asteroid composition to help avert collisions
119 The Subaru Telescope photographs the next target asteroid for Hayabusa2
120 Asteroid samples leave Japan scientists 'speechless'
121 Black 'sand-like' asteroid dust found in box from Japan probe
122 Dust from the deep sea provides clues to future wind patterns
123 The natural 'Himalayan aerosol factory' can affect climate