File Title
1 Scoring system to redefine how U.S. patients prioritized for liver transplant
2 Spilling the beans on coffee's true identity
3 What are the links between violence and mental illness? Update from Harvard Review of Psychiatry
4 Compound from medicinal herb kills brain-eating amoebae in lab studies
5 Saver or spender? People are not as financially responsible as they may think, study shows
6 Study looks at how land acquisitions affect climate change
7 COVID-19 vaccine creates incentive to improve our health
8 Pollinators not getting the 'buzz' they need in news coverage
9 A fly's eye view of evolution
10 Scientists find antibody that blocks dengue virus
11 KU studies show breakfast can improve basketball shooting performance
12 Northern lakes at risk of losing ice cover permanently, impacting drinking water
13 Mathematics explains how giant whirlpools form in developing egg cells
14 The cancer microbiome reveals which bacteria live in tumors
15 Wetland methane cycling increased during ancient global warming event
16 Approximately half of AD dementia cases are mild, one-fifth are severe
17 Flashing plastic ash completes recycling
18 Temple researchers identify cardiac protein that causes different types of heart failure
19 Infection biology: How one pathogen evades the immune system
20 The meat of the matter: Environmental dissemination of beef cattle agrochemicals
21 BU researchers uncover viral small RNAs in mosquito cells
22 NIH scientists study salmonella swimming behavior as clues to infection
23 New insights into the control of inflammation
24 New research in JNCCN highlights dangerous disparities for life-saving cancer screening
25 Researchers at Brazil's space institute discover why lightning branches and flickers
26 Inferring human genomes at a fraction of the cost promises to boost biomedical research
27 How to keep drones flying when a motor fails
28 Getting romantic at home wearing an EEG cap
29 Evolution: Speciation in the presence of gene flow
30 High-sensitivity nanophotonic sensors with passive trapping of analyte molecules in hot-spots
31 Catalysts: worth taking a closer look
32 Workaholism leads to mental and physical health problems
33 Lipid biomarkers in urine can determine the type of asthma
34 TalTech's neuroscientists investigate the causes of a widespread eye disease
35 How will we achieve carbon-neutral flight in future?
36 Evolution in a test tube: these bacteria survive on deadly copper surfaces
37 New molecular structures associated with ALS
38 Seawater as an electrical cable !? Wireless power transfers in the ocean
39 A new study identifies possible biomarkers of severe malaria in African children
40 Limits of atomic nuclei predicted
41 Blue-light stride in perovskite-based LEDs
42 Bacteria carried by mosquitos may protect them against pesticides
43 New studies support blood test for early detection of Alzheimer's disease
44 Copper-indium oxide: A faster and cooler way to reduce our carbon footprint
45 Could we harness energy from black holes?
46 A 'ghastly future' unless extraordinary action is taken soon on sustainability
47 Shine on: Avalanching nanoparticles break barriers to imaging cells in real time
48 CU Anschutz scientists reverse deadly impacts of asthma in mice
49 Astronomers find signature of magnetar outbursts in nearby galaxies
50 Researchers identify nanoparticles that could deliver therapeutic mRNA before birth
51 Medication shows promise for weight loss in patients with obesity, diabetes
52 Robotic swarm swims like a school of fish
53 Imaging technique proves effective in measuring mitochondrial dysfunction in motor neuron disease (MND)
54 Short term low carbohydrate diet linked to remission of type 2 diabetes
55 'Ocean 100': Small group of companies dominates ocean economy
56 Scientists modeled protein behavior of archaeal viruses to crack protein folding mystery
57 Rare star's giant gamma-ray burst GRB 204015A captured close to our home galaxy
58 What does marketing have to do with ill-advised consumer behavior?
59 Can menopause be blamed for increased forgetfulness and lack of attention?
60 Weaker skin barrier leads to faster uptake of chemicals
61 High insulin levels during childhood a risk for mental health problems in adulthood, study suggests
62 Melting icebergs key to sequence of an ice age, scientists find
63 N/A
64 New research reveals early warning sign for heart disease
65 Scientists reveal mechanism that causes irritable bowel syndrome
66 Need to reduce work-related stress? It's a walk in the park
67 Ukraine genome survey adds missing pieces to human diversity puzzle
68 Do as the Romans: Power plant concrete strengthens with time
69 How does your computer smell?
70 Expert prognosis for the planet--we're on track for a ghastly future
71 Earth's terrestrial ecosystems may transition from carbon sinks to carbon sources within decades
72 Taking the lab into the ocean: A fleet of robots tracks and monitors microbial communities
73 Red and green snow algae increase snowmelt in the Antarctic Peninsula
74 Earth to reach temperature tipping point in next 20 to 30 years, new NAU study finds
75 Asian butterfly populations show different mimicry patterns thanks to genetic 'switch'
76 Changes in political administration come with increased danger of international conflict
77 New study suggests that college campuses are COVID-19 superspreaders
78 Wielding a laser beam deep inside the body
79 Combination treatment for methamphetamine use disorder shows promise in NIH study
80 Recurrent GBM brain tumors with few mutations respond best to immunotherapy
81 Recurrent GBM brain tumors with few mutations respond best to immunotherapy
82 Energy harvesting made possible with skin temperature
83 Research reveals how teeth functioned and evolved in giant mega-sharks
84 'Ocean 100': Small group of companies dominate ocean economy
85 Upper ocean temperatures hit record high in 2020
86 Error protected quantum bits entangled
87 Disagreeing takes up a lot of brain real estate
88 Families' remote learning experience during lockdown more positive than widely believed
89 Memory may be preserved in condition with brain changes similar to Alzheimer's disease
90 Columbia engineers first to observe avalanches in nanoparticles
91 Discovery of 'adolescent' skeletal stem cells might someday help prevent osteoporosis
92 Early COVID-19 lockdowns had less impact on urban air quality than first believed
93 Ancient DNA reveals secrets of Game of Thrones wolves
94 Study finds neglected mutations may play important role in autism spectrum disorder
95 The dire wolf was a distinct species, different from the gray wolf, biologists discover
96 Asian butterfly mimics other species to defend against predators
97 The compound that makes chili peppers spicy also boosts perovskite solar cell performance
98 Framework sheds light on nitrogen loss of producing common food items
99 Ovarian cancer cells adapt to their surroundings to aid tumor growth
100 Bio-inspired spiral hydrogel fiber qualified to be surgical suture
101 Dual-shot dynamics and ultimate frequency of all-optical magnetic recording on GdFeCo
102 Towards applications: ultra-low-loss on-chip zero-index materials
103 ADA lowers target HbA1C levels for children with type-1 diabetes
104 Snakes evolve a magnetic way to be resistant to venom
105 New England Journal of Medicine publishes COVID-19 treatment trial results
106 Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine collection highlights 15 years of scientific discovery
107 Extreme fire weather
108 Scholars link diet, dentition, and linguistics
109 Climate change doesn't spare the smallest
110 Scientists uncover new path toward treating a rare but deadly neurologic condition