File Title
1 Hospitals must help their own COVID long-haulers recover, experts argue
2 Rotten egg gas could guard against Alzheimer's disease
3 Study finds risk factors linked to COVID-19 mental health impacts for college students
4 Spatial distribution of planktonic ciliates in the western Pacific Ocean: Along the transect from Shenzhen (China) to Pohnpei (Micronesia)
5 New study shows mental health of ICU staff should be immediate priority
6 New humanized mouse model provides insight into immunotherapy resistance
7 New small antibodies show promising effects against COVID-19 infection
8 'Bespoke' analysis of DNA packaging sheds light on intricacies of the fundamental process
9 A bucket of water can reveal climate change impacts on marine life in the Arctic
10 Scientists have synthesized an unusual superconducting barium superhydride
11 New technology reveals fast and slow twitch muscle fibers respond differently to exercise
12 Turbulent dynamics in the human brain could revolutionize the understanding of its functionality
13 New functions of integrin and talin discovered by an international research network
14 New promising antibodies against SARS-CoV-2
15 Rising health risks mean stronger regulations needed for smokeless tobacco
16 SUTD develops new model of influence maximization
17 Low fitness linked to higher psoriasis risk later in life
18 The three days pregnancy sickness is most likely to start pinpointed
19 UK government must urgently rethink lateral flow test roll out, warn experts
20 Fossils' soft tissues helping to solve puzzle that vexed Darwin
21 New taxonomy of non-skeletal rare disorders with impact on bone
22 MicroLED neural probe for neuroscience
23 Companies should invest in human capital to remain competitive in a dynamic environment
24 Protection against corona: 82 percent ventilate more frequently
25 How anorexia nervosa alters body awareness
26 Characteristics of severe thunderstorm and lightning activity in the Beijing metropolitan region
27 Groundwater drives rapid erosion of the Canterbury coastline, New Zealand
28 Making hydrogen energy with the common nickel
29 Like plants do: non-classical photosynthesis by earth's inorganic semiconducting minerals
30 Sustainable transportation: clearing the air on nitrogen doping
31 Hope for children with rare heart condition: novel stem cell therapy to save the day
32 The earliest supermassive black hole and quasar in the universe
33 iCeMS makes highly conductive antiperovskites with soft anion lattices
34 Another common cold virus? Modeling SARS-CoV-2's progress through the ages
35 Nanosheet-based electronics could be one drop away
36 No disassembly required: Non-destructive method to measure carrier lifetime in SiC
37 Master designers: Architects of the brain revealed
38 High levels of clinician burnout identified at leading cardiac centre
39 FAU develops simplified COVID-19 diagnostic method to ramp up widespread testing
40 Food insufficiency linked to depression, anxiety during the COVID-19 pandemic
41 Enhanced oral uptake of exosomes opens cell therapy alternative
42 Protecting lungs from ventilator-induced injury
43 The odd structure of ORF8: Mapping the coronavirus protein linked to disease severity
44 Healthcare Nutrition Council leads the way on medical food discussions
45 Higher live birth rates found after transferring fresh rather than frozen embryos...
46 Poor gut health connected to severe COVID-19, new review shows
47 DiosCURE to develop highly specific single-chain antibodies against SARS-CoV-2
48 Comprehensive characterization of vascular structure in plants
49 Quasar discovery sets new distance record
50 Grey camouflage 'better than zebra stripes'
51 Study reveals accidental awareness in women having pregnancy-related (obstetric) surgery under general anaesthesia is more frequent than expected
52 The changing paradigm of next-generation semiconductor memory development
53 One small alcoholic drink a day is linked to an increased risk of atrial fibrillation
54 New study of Earth's crust shows global growth spurt three billion years ago
55 Future too warm for baby sharks
56 Monash University leads breakthrough against antibiotic-resistance
57 Climate change reduces the abundance and diversity of wild bees, study finds
58 Singing a tumor test song
59 Most distant quasar discovered sheds light on how black holes grow
60 Immune system killer cells controlled by circadian rhythms
61 Tweaking AI software to function like a human brain improves computer's learning ability
62 New humanized mouse model provides insight into immunotherapy resistance
63 Why independent cultures think alike when it comes to categories: It's not in the brain
64 Endocrine Society recommends government negotiation and other policies to lower out-of-pocket costs
65 Conflict between divorced parents can lead to mental health problems in children
66 Record drop in cancer mortality for second straight year due to improved lung cancer treatment
67 Can sodium-ion batteries replace trusty lithium-ion ones?
68 Gut microbes may antagonize or assist in anorexia
69 Disposable helmet retains cough droplets, minimizes transmission to dentists
70 No limit to cardiovascular benefits of exercise, study finds
71 Survey finds Americans may delay medical appointments, emergency care during pandemic
72 Tissue stiffness likely drives immune responses in many chronic diseases
73 Wearable electronics for continuous cardiac, respiratory monitoring
74 Long-range energy transport in perovskite nanocrystal films
75 NYUAD study finds fragmented sleep patterns can predict vulnerability to chronic stress
76 Males of all ages more affected by COVID-19 than females, study finds
77 Eastern and central China become brighter due to clean air action
78 Diffractive networks light the way for optical image classification
79 Expanding the biosynthetic pathway via retrobiosynthesis
80 Scientists are a step closer to developing 'smart' stem cells--made from human fat
81 Researchers identify promising model for studying human aging
82 Penned release of green geckos has potential to help preserve threatened native species
83 Giant map of the sky sets stage for ambitious DESI survey
84 Illinois residents value strategies to improve water quality
85 Doubling the number of known gravitational lenses
86 Pulsed ultraviolet light technology to improve egg safety, help poultry industry
87 Stats on HIV among men who have sex with men could help resolve China's epidemic
88 Age matters in identifying maltreatment in infants and young children with fractures
89 Depression and stress could dampen efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines
90 Inpatient mammograms can reduce disparities in breast cancer screening rates
91 Shedding light on the secret reproductive lives of honey bees
92 Studying chaos with one of the world's fastest cameras
93 MIND and Mediterranean diets associated with later onset of Parkinson's disease
94 Tiny molecules with a big impact
95 Resilience to climate change?
96 Scientists discover new 'spectacular' bat from West Africa
97 Pivotal discovery in quantum and classical information processing
98 In new Skoltech research, 'e-nose' and computer vision help cook the perfect chicken
99 Study suggests compound protects myelin, nerve fibers
100 Study find physical weathering of rock breakdown more important than previously recognized
101 Mothers of children with Autism found to have significantly different metabolite levels
102 Density of marijuana retailers linked to higher use among young adults
103 OR Medicaid expansion helped more women access insurance coverage for abortion services
104 Nanotechnology prevents premature birth in mouse studies
105 Study: Many summer camps don't require childhood immunizations
106 NASA missions unmask magnetar eruptions in nearby galaxies
107 Rare quadruple-helix DNA found in living human cells with glowing probes
108 A niche for the eye
109 Raman spectroscopy shows promise for diagnosing oral cancer
110 Superheroes, foods and apps bring a modern twist to the periodic table